OVRMMO1: First Day

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The VRMMO Activities of a Certain Old Man
Author: Shiina Howahowa

初日|| The First Day

… … It was unexpectedly soon.
The day that I myself can experience the “VRMMO”.

I’m a man by the name of Tanaka Daichi, 38 years old this year.

At this age I still can’t stop gaming. Even my parents have advised me to cut it out already.
Though I don’t have any grudges with them over it.

I’m just a hopeless game addict, no questions about it.

I mean, games are absolutely terrific.
Because even if you’re 38, in the game world you can run as fast as you want and jump as high as the sky.

“Why would just that make it so great?” There are people out there who’ll ask that.
But as age creeps up on you, you’ll realize that your body starts to dull.
Like, most professional baseball players or Olympic athletes, even with long careers, retire in their mid-30s. It’s like that, well … some exceptions … … exist.
In my teens, I never thought that my body would grow so dull … … but this is reality.
Basically I’ve become an old man … … I don’t like it, but I get it.

Now then, the intro’s gone a bit too long, from here let’s do the VRMMO intro.
To start off, the title of the game is [One More Free Life Online], and like the straight-forward title suggests1 the idea is to have fun playing another life inside the game.
The day before last the Open Beta ended, and in another 10 minutes is the Official Start.

The game’s basis is … a skill-leveling styled MMORPG.
Without a base level, characters grow by increasing Skill Lv’s to  increase their char’s strength … … anyway it’s a skill-based MMO.
At the beginning I get a choice of 10 skills. As I grow stronger I can take other skills “to some extent”.
“To some extent” meaning, when a skill reaches a certain level you can consume the exp points to learn new skills2… … according to the Beta Testers. If you randomly pick skills without a plan you can become a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none.
This type of thing is an MMORPG classic.

Stuff like “Demon King Subjugation”, the so-called “Grand Quests”, doesn’t exist.
Live your “one more life” as freely as you want to.
There’s monsters, there’s crafting, and “chatting” each other up is all good.

Now it’s about time for it to begin.
I hope to be spared the expected MMORPG first day server lag.

… … looks like it’s begun smoothly. They didn’t skimp on the server.

Now then, time to make a character.
First the chara name is … …  it’s simple but “Earth” is fine, since I’m “Daichi”. (大-big 地-earth = Daichi)
And, well, a cool name just isn’t coming to mind.

Character appearance is … 19 years old thereabouts. Height is around 176cm.
I won’t go with anything other than black eyes and black hair. It’s just my thing. And then … … the appearance is a little uncool.
“Beautiful women and handsome men are characterized by their perfect symmetry.”
I’ve heard that from somewhere, so it’s just a little bit but I’ve adjusted it.
Also the nose shouldn’t be too high …… .
The gender is of course male … … or actually you can’t change it. Looks like they decided misrepresenting your gender is “No Good”.

Just because I, as the player, am 38 years old, it doesn’t mean my soul has aged as well, so I went with a youthful character.
I mean, I’m going to be in a game where I can move as I want so there’s no need to be my smelly old man self. My “real” body growing rusty and pulling my soul along with it is no fun. Since this is virtual reality, it should be fine to at least let my soul be rejuvenated.

… Alright, I’ll go with this.
… … Eh…… I look like a generic consumer RPG’s “mob character”?
Well … I guess I’ll be a valuable addition to the background.
I’ll leave the beautiful men and women appearance editing to other people. I’m not the protagonist type anyway.

Next is skill selection … but well.
Based on the information currently available, unfortunately the Beta Testers said the skills I’ve chosen as my main are trash and hard to handle, that they won’t hold up. But like this I can take my time and leisurely game.

As you might guess, a 38 year old man has to work diligently every week.
Today and tomorrow I have off, but usually I’ll have no more than 1-2 hours of login time.
… … in other words I’ll play solo most of the time.
For just running around and doing whatever, I don’t have to worry too much about choosing a bad set. That’s why, Quick Selection.

My choices are … …
[Bow][Kick][Farsight][Wind Magic][Craftsmanship]
[Cooking][Woodworking][Alchemy][Stealth][Physical Ability Boost]

That’s the 10.
At a glance they don’t look so bad. But according to the info the number of trash skills I have are … 6!
They’re [Bow], [Kick], [Wind Magic], [Alchemy], [Stealth], and [Physical Ability Boost].

With [Bow] it seems you miss your target a lot. The hit rate is pretty bad.
And then, as expected, [Bow]’s cost-performance is pretty awful.
On top of that, the damage is about 75% less than one-handed swords.
So the value of picking this skill isn’t good… …there’s kind of a long-ranged homing ability which lets you attack from a distance, but then attacking with magic is way faster.

[Kick] is …… the Beta Testers were saying it doesn’t look like there are any Arts (I mean things that look like finishing moves).
Other skills get some sort of move after level 10.
Looks like there are people who leveled [Kick] to Lv30 who said, “Even after getting it to Lv30 we get nothing, it’s a crap skill after all.”
(By the way, the hand combat skill [Strike] gets Arts like normal.)
Despite how it looks I actually do have a plan. I picked [Bow] for solo-play, but not having a close-combat skill would be dangerous, see.

[Wind Magic] is … it looks like it could be useful but seems like it’s completely half-assed. The unique buff skill’s speed increase is useful to have, but everything else, both recovery and attacks, are apparently useless.
Its abilities are inferior to the other elements (the elements being fire, water, wind, earth, light, dark – 6 altogether).
Looks like its recovery is ¼ that of Water and Light.

[Alchemy]4 is pots … a potion making skill. In any other MMO it would be welcomed.
But in this game you can buy large amounts of potions, cheap, from NPCS, so going out of your way to make them looks pretty dumb.
Also, since the potions’ cool-down is short, the Beta Testers are saying as long as it’s decent the quality of potions doesn’t matter so much. … those demons.

[Stealth] is … being able to hide is great, but the cost of concealment is terrible.
For 1 second the maximum MP will decrease by 1%. On top of that, after 10 seconds of concealment it’s 2% …. 20 seconds it’s 4% … the cost doubles every 10 seconds.
Also, against monsters that can sense smell, sound, and body heat it’s meaningless.

[Physical Ability Boost] is … running, weapons use, and crafting …. it applies a stat increase to various things … it’s a universal skill, but wait, a more specialized skill would be stronger!
There you have it. I mean it’s like, since it gives a stat increase to everything, if you don’t lower the amount it increases it goes without saying that it’ll destroy the balance of the game.
Because I want to do lots of different things it’s fine to take it.

Looks like with this character creation is OK.
I didn’t tell anyone I know from “real” about playing this game.
No, it’s not like I don’t have friends … it’s just everyone likes going out drinking, it’s tough.
For a non-drinker like me it’s like hell … they’re good people, but when the sake goes in the demons come out.
Why is it that drunk people always throw up5 ……

Well, meeting someone in game would be great, to have a “chance meeting of a lifetime” play.
By taking the bow that everyone criticizes, I’ve got to be prepared to be flamed in the MMORPG way.
There’s good people out there, but meeting them is completely up to luck.

Like this, the play style I’m aiming for is … Ranger.
Though there’s no Class element in the game, I want to prowl through the forest, sniping prey, preparing food, making my own bow, and supplying my own arrows. Also the forest has medicinal herbs I can use to make my own potions.
I can conceal myself at times when it’s dangerous to move quickly. And to support it all is [Physical Ability Boost].

That’s what I’m aiming for. After leveling some the initial goal could change.
Right then, let’s logon to enjoy another life.

[Welcome to One More・Free Life・Online!]

Author Note:

I finally ended up doing it.

Even though just reading was fine I’ve rashly challenged myself.

Feel free to laugh dryly.

All of a sudden I’ve made a huge blunder, I’ve fixed it.

Thanks for the comments, what do I think I’m doing, self?

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Translator Note: … Even though I too was fine just reading translated light novels, “what do I think I’m doing, self?” I understand those sentiments completely lol.

  1. [ド直球過ぎるタイトルのゲーム] literally “the completely fastball titled game” so … ? Or did I interpret that incorrectly?
  2. [あがるとExポイントとかいったボーナスがもらえてそれを消費することで新しい]
    I’m not sure how the system works. As you level you get EXP points and … a bonus separate from that which you can consume to learn new skills? Or is it consuming the EXP points directly? I get thrown off when they throw katakana in there every time.
  3. Actually “Medicines”, but when we’re talking about MMO’s it’s usually “Alchemy”, right?
    … I hope I don’t regret that word choice lol.
  4. [ザルな人はアレだけ飲んでどうしてケロッとしていられるんだか……]
    He’s complaining about SOMETHING about drunk people throwing up, but I’m lost on the exact complaint.


  1. Hmmm, seems kind of similar to Only Sense Online. I hope this novel takes its own unique turns, and it doesn’t follow to closely. Thanks for translating this, I’m looking forward to reading more!


  2. Hmmm, all those skills seem fine except for Kick. Couldn’t he have gone for sword or something better?
    Anyway, ty for chapter. Just started reading this.


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