OVRMMO15: First Time in a Party (Last Part)

The VRMMO Activities of a Certain Old Man
Author: Shiina Howahowa

First Time in a Party (Last Part)

 I watch the arrow that I just released at full-power.
Even though it was probably a few seconds at the most it felt like forever.
And the result it …

Dosu~! …

It’s a hit but, but this is…

“It’s too shallow!”

Just like my yell suggests, there was a miscalculation.
It certainly hit the Wild Bear between the eyes, and even seems to cause him agony since he’s furiously shaking his head, there’s no mistake there, but the high-damage we needed wasn’t dealt.
The situation hasn’t improved in the slightest.

Despite that, at least the weak point of the Wild Bear that’s been stopped in its tracks has been exposed.
Zwei and Kazamine, Nora, and of course Reiji charge in for the attack at full power.

But it’s kinda sad, the image I had of myself dealing decisive damage didn’t happen.
Well since Millie’s <Fire Lance> wasn’t enough to beat it…
But with the amount of damage we’ve done between that “decisive” arrow ‘til now, it doesn’t seem long before we can deal the final blow.
Our bear opponent might start doing crazy things now in desperation.
Thinking that, I play my final card to decide it here.

“<Wind Booster>!”

This magic is learned at leveling to [Wind Magic]Lv15.
It’s been known as a stat increasing Buff Magic since Beta.
At cast it greatly increases your speed for 10 seconds.
The reuse cooldown is a long 2 minutes, making it pretty difficult to time well.

In Beta it seems it was used for fleeing, to gain large distances for tactical maneuvers or Death Penalty avoidance.
Right now there are still lots of players who take this [Wind Magic] just for <Wind Booster>.
There’s strength in being able to increase your mobility.

So why did I increase my speed? Of course it’s not to run away.
It’s to replicate the stunt in the previous duel.
In other words, “kick the arrow so it pierces through completely”.
Actually, for an archer in the rearguard to enter the frontlines is the height of idiocy,but I’ve resigned myself to it.
Willingness aside, the Wild Bear opponent is too tall for me to reach with my normal speed.
Without the Buff Magic it would really be too hard.

The party’s vanguards are attacking where the arrow is, probably trying to drive it deeper in.
Especially Zwei and Reiji, who have been using the blunt parts of their weapons.
Though the desperate attack does some damage, to ask the vanguards for anything more would be harsh.

Millie is trying to time a <Fire Lance>, betting the rest of her little MP left on it.
At the moment the only person with anything left to spare is me.

I dash out and close the distance in an instant, taking up a position out of the vanguard’s way.
From here I’ll wait for a good chance to aim for the Wild Bear’s head.
<Wind Booster>’s effect is over in 5 … 4 … hurry, hurry!!
And then that moment came…

“Eat this!!”

It’s an over-used phrase, but it’s necessary to put the fighting spirit into that last step.
If I miss I fall prey to the Wild Bear’s claws.
Those claws would be instant death, ripping through the face and stomach.
There’s no way I’m strong, my battle tactics are a special brand of fumbling through and barely succeeding.
Compared to anyone else in the party I’m much weaker.

Reducing my fears with <Wind Booster>’s acceleration, I jump at full strength, aiming at the arrow stuck between the Wild Bear’s eyes.

It’s a pretty graphic result.
I feel the sensation of tearing through the flesh.
I’ve put everything I have into making this one attack reach the Wild Bear.


Even though he didn’t shriek when the heavily damaging <Fire Lance> hit him, the Wild Bear let out a wail now.
After my flying kick, I land awkwardly and then back off in a hurry to check the result.
The arrow was driven so deep it disappeared.
I barely made it with the timing … but victory is in sight!
The Wild Bear has about one <Fire Lance>’s worth of HP left.
With the combined damage of kicking the arrow in and the 4 vanguards’ desperate attacks, the remaining 30% HP has been reduced to only 5% left.

“Millie, end it!”

Zwei commanded. Millie’s response is …

“<Fire Lance>!”

With this last attack of Millie’s, the Wild Bear toppled to the ground, and shattered.

“Finally, we finally beat it.”

Reiji sighed. No wonder. Of course he’s drained, the tank had to frantically endure this entire time.

“That was seriously too close. Zwei, aren’t we way too under level?”

Nora grumbled. Yeah, I think so too.

“My bad, didn’t think it was this strong …”

Zwei apologizes frankly.

“For now let’s eat something, and take a break.”

So saying, I use [Farsight] to confirm the safety of our surroundings and then call everyone to come eat.
Actually, I also want to hear their opinions my latest creation.
Now that we’ve decided to take a break I bring out my the new dish.

“It’s a new recipe, but I’d like you to try it.
They’re barbequed Wolf meat skewers.”

Pieces of wolf meat are pierced through with a skewer, and onions are alternate between then.
The meat has three stages . The first is a simple salt and pepper seasoning, the second is a mixed herb seasoning, the third uses lemon juice in the flavoring.
The details are like this:

Grilled Wolf Skewers

A dish of Wolf meat, skewered and grilled.
Using herbs and lemon juice, a refreshingly light taste is created.

Quality 8    SPD Minor Increase (long lasting)

I’m looking for comments on how I well I barbequed the grilled skewers.
I was just testing out a new grill when I made them.

“Fumu, this is quite delicious.”
“For me, I love meat so this is great! I can’t get fat in here.”
“It looks unrefined, but it’s actually well-made, hm?”

From top to bottom are Reiji, Nora, and Kazamine’s critiques.
Decent reviews all around. Like this it’s probably good enough to sell.
By the way Millie is too busy eating to join in.
But not stopping is probably a sign that I can assume it’s not bad.
As for Zwei, he has …

“Why do I get NPC Bread!?”

Because I was waiting for that exact reaction.
Just messing with him a little.
Of course I’m going to give him a grilled skewer now? Going any further with the bullying is not within in my interests.

Right after all that, as we all agreed a Wild Bear is too tough we hunted several regular Bears, a rank below the Wild Bears, until it was time to return to Town and disband.

Reiji, Nora, and Kazamine were added to my Friend List,
And that is how my first time in a party ended.


[Bow]Lv29   [Kick]Lv25   [Farsight]Lv23   [Wind Magic]Lv17
[Cooking]Lv34   [Woodworking]Lv9   [Alchemy]Lv30   [Stealth]Lv19
[Physical Ability Boost]Lv31

EXP 15

The tale of my first party has drawn to an end.
Now it’s time to talk about crafting.

Translator Note:
While translating, since it takes approx 3xs longer for me to navigate the text than reading English normally, the build up to his final kick felt so overdone I was gonna laugh so hard if he missed…

Also, the switch from explaining battle in detail to explaining cooking in detail… @-@
OVRMMO is not a cooking manga, er, 1/4th a cooking web novel?

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    1. yep, i think the manga’s at the end of the next storyline…
      Well, personally I think it glosses over some of the finer points, but it’s a fun read


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