OVRMMO18: The Sharp Arrow and the Heavy Arrow

Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa


About making a new type of arrowhead

The Sharp Arrow and the Heavy Arrow

It’s now been several days.
Ever since then I’ve been at the hot forge, single-mindedly crafting.
As a result, [Blacksmithing] exceeded Lv10 and,
I’m no longer considered a beginner blacksmith.

In order to get used to [Blacksmithing] I made knives and short swords until I lost count, despite not being able to use them … … and immediately sold them to an NPC hot off the forge.
The experience from making knives and simple swords are necessary for making cutting edges, but it’s not possible to make money this way.
That reason is left for another day.

Now then, on to the arrowheads that are the number one reason behind this whole operation.
First up is the sharp arrowhead for piercing.
I think I should make it in the shape of the conventional, basic arrowhead.

But, I really do need some special types of arrows for different purposes. Changing the arrowhead’s point, for example.
If I run into some opponent like a golem where piercing and stabbing is difficult, only having arrows made for piercing through will definitely turn it into a bad situation.
In the case of the recent Rock Ant’s hardness, rather than trying to pierce through, a bash or shock impact would be a much better way to deal damage.

Mulling that over, I think of another type.
It should have some weight, and instead of a tip it should have a flat, level face imitating a mace.
I wonder if trying to make an arrowhead for bashing will be interesting at all.
After all, anything made of hard iron hitting at high speed is bound to smash its target.

Since the feudal era, ordinary stones have been used for throwing, to rain down upon the rank-and-file soldiers.
There have been cases of helmet-wearing warriors killed that way.
For a thrown stone to be so effective, the effect of a shot of hard iron fired at high speed from a bow would completely smash its target.

With that in mind, it’d be best to make two types of iron.
I’ll make the basic iron for the arrowhead for piercing, and for the bashing arrowhead I’ll make dull iron.1

Around here is where you’d want to bring up steel, but that requires a more difficult purification technique.
I can’t make it consistently and it won’t give me any extra enhancements, so this time I’ll give up.
Right now my priority is making a large amount of iron.

Dull iron has the properties of lead.
It’s too weak to make the tip of a cutting tool, which is why it’s important to practice how to handle iron.
It’s also very heavy. If you made heavy armor out of dull iron you wouldn’t be able to move.
For those reasons, it’s an iron not normally used with [Blacksmithing] skill.
However this time I’ll choose to go against that and use it.
Conveniently, that weight is just what I wanted.

To start, the first one I make is the regular, pointed tip, piercing arrowhead.
I made several prototypes for testing, but I definitely had to compromise because of my current blacksmithing ability.
The simple, 3-sided pyramid shaped small barb was made to be similar to the popular arrow style.
That arrowhead shape I’m aiming for is, comparatively, too traditional, but well, it’s fine.
I carefully mass produce them according to the Recipe.
For the penetration power, I carefully use the methods I learned while making knife blades.
And after a time, it’s complete.

Iron Arrowhead

Attaching this to a wooden arrow will give it the capabilities of an iron arrow.

Adds Atk +6

It is useless if not attached to a wooden arrow.          Quality 6

Like this the wooden arrows have been made close to Atk +7 iron arrows, it can be called a success.
This will greatly raise my fire power.
With the small increase in weight, it’ll be a problem if I don’t improve the bow soon too.

I’ve successfully completed the item for my current goal, so now, like the time with the potion, I mass produced arrowheads until I run out of iron.
After mass producing the arrowheads, next is making the Recipe for how to attach it to the wooden arrows.

And after that, again there’s a mass production, this time of iron arrows.
Despite the effort to make the first one, once the created Recipe is complete, like this I will be able to replenish my consumables quickly.

After making plenty of iron arrows, next is working with dull iron.
I begin to make a mace-styled arrow.
Here I use a 5-sided counterweight-shape as the model.
For people who know about kusarigama (chain and sickle)2a weapons, they’d understand it’s “that”2b, more or less.
Since it’s for an arrow, the form is made quite a bit smaller.
Because of the dull iron’s weight, if it’s any bigger the heaviness would increase and it wouldn’t fly well.

I energetically hammer the form into shape.
Since I can make the counterweight’s shape, it might be possible to make a kusarigama …
Let’s challenge it for fun to level up [Blacksmithing] later.

For arrow use, the height is about the length of a pinky toe.
Since I used dull iron the weight I want is definitely there.
Thinking about how it’ll fire from a bow and the balance, this size is just barely within the limits.
If it doesn’t fly there’s no point to it at all.
Should I try getting my revenge on the Rock Ants with this arrow now?
A new [Bow] Arts to shoot would also serve…

Heavy-Bludgeoning Arrowhead

Attaching this to a wooden arrow will allow you to use it as a heavy bludgeoning arrow.

Adds Atk +8

It is useless if it’s not attached to a wooden arrow.                Quality 6

Special effects:   Reduced Range ,  Effective against special enemies

“Reduced range” and “Effective against special enemies” came out.
I seem to have made the item I was hoping to.
Now I’ll just need to test shoot it to confirm how much the range decreased.
And attach it to the wooden arrow to make the Heavy Bludgeoning Arrow Recipe.
And then mass produce.

For now, my goal is achieved with this, huh.
It’s getting to a time where not logging out would be bad …

Here is the welcomed conclusion for arrowhead production.
Next is necessary production for [Kick] supporting equipment.
Looks like I won’t be leaving this hot forge anytime soon.


[Bow]Lv30   [Kick]Lv27   [Farsight]Lv25   [Wind Magic]Lv18
[Cooking]Lv34   [Woodworking]Lv12   [Alchemy]Lv30   [Blacksmithing]Lv12
[Physical Ability Boost]Lv34
Reserved Skill(s)

EXP  15
Heavy-Bludgeoning (Jyuupoku) is a constructed term.
With a weight, killing through beating … it’s the way to fight with a mace, isn’t it?


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  1. “dontetsu”- Wth is “dull iron”? For the piercing type a more brittle iron will hold an edge better, while for the bashing type you want a more malleable iron with less carbon in it.
    Basically the first type for piercing would be “cast iron” grade and the second type for bashing would be “wrought iron” grade. Does “dontetsu” legitimately means “wrought iron”? I dunno.
    For the interested: Cast iron is the first usable smelted ore made by heating it at high temperatures. Wrought iron is made by processing cast iron to reduce the carbon. Steel is basically wrought iron, except using more controlled methods to determine how much carbon content is reduced, and thus generally better than wrought iron.
  2. kusurigama – a small sickle attached to a chain with a weight on the other end. “That” probably refers to the counterweight (fundo), which can be a pentagonal block (round, hexagonal, flat, etc are other shapes), but I’m translating アレか (areka) as “that”. Katakana is the thing I have the MOST trouble with, surprisingly, so let me know if that needs to be corrected.


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