OVRMMO20: And Now, it’s a Bow, but Let’s Charge Down the Path of Ridiculous Equipment.

Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

Now that we’ve talked a lot about shoes, let’s go to town on bows.

And Now, it’s a Bow, but Let’s Charge Down the Path of Ridiculous Equipment.

“Here, the bowstrings are done!”

I received the 30 bowstrings I’d asked a tailor crafter for.
With this I can try and challenge making a new bow 15 times. Why would 30 bowstrings only give 15 tries?
That’s because the new bow concept I have uses 2 bowstrings.
It’s easy to say that, but I’m going to have to surpass the boundaries of reality to make it work.

“By the way, those are some nasty looking shoes, nee. Are you going to go all slasher1 on your opponents?”

The tailor oneesan2 asked, interested.

“Aaa, these shoes wouldn’t be able to do that.
If you wanted to play slasher, swinging a sword around and using [Sword] skills would be infinitely faster.
Instead of killing by slashing, it’s more like these are for ‘whittling down’ my opponent’s health.”

In the first place, the movements between swordsmanship and kicking are too different.
Really, holding a sword would be way better if I was going to go with slashing as my main.
They’re called “Blade Shoes”, but in reality it’s a weapon that shaves off damage by aiming for places on the opponent where their defenses are thin, and on humanoids their neck or fingertips.

It would be hard to cut through an opponent while only having a blade that measures about 3cm.
There’s no rule that says you can’t name it “Blade” if it can’t completely cleave through an opponent.
And whittling away at the opponent little by little, digging in a bit and gouging; they’re splendid battle strategies.
Since there aren’t any Arts for [Kick], this kind of thinking is indispensable.

“You also made such a dangerous thing, nee, even though you’re a chef.”

“It was driven by necessity so it couldn’t be helped”, with that explanation as my parting farewell, I hurry to the woodworking station.
It’s true that if I used these shoes and went after a PVP opponent’s neck, in “Real” it would become a horror situation you wouldn’t want to see, wouldn’t it; I’m thinking that kind of stupid thing.

Now then, finally it’s the time to craft the main weapon, the bow … I’d like to say that, but before that my [Bow] skill reached LV30 and I have to choose a specialty.
There are three choices: [Short Bow], [Hunting Bow], [Long Bow].

[Short Bow] has a short induction time to give characteristic of rapid-firing, and it’s easy to handle.
In exchange, the range and offensive power will fall no matter what.

[Long Bow] is the exact opposite with a long induction time, and the bow is bigger so it’s a pain to maneuver.
In exchange the range and offensive power of each shot is perfect, exactly suitable for becoming a sniper.

The two I just gave are simplified explanations, since I’ve rejected both.
With the [Short Bow]’s handling, the ability to make tight maneuvers is attractive, but the range reduction is enough to make me ‘gaku~’ fall to the ground so I mark it off the choices.
This has to be for people who can handle acrobatic fighting at short-range.

[Long Bow] is even more “Nope”. Because of the maneuverability needed with [Kick], [Long Bow]’s large size will just get in the way.
Also, the long induction time just isn’t suited for my solo play.
It’s more for people who often join parties, and taken by people who choose to specialize as a sniper.

Since it’s like that, other than the [Hunting Bow] that’s not too much bigger or with too different of a range
than the [Bow] right now, there’s no other option.
From the beginning, the choice couldn’t be too different.
For the most part, [Hunting Bow] isn’t any different from the current [Bow]. The good and bad points are pretty balanced.
Of course since the skill is a tier higher, there are increased benefits like better offensive power.

It takes 3 EXP to change [Bow]LV30 to [Hunting Bow]LV1.
I’ve finally specialized, long after everyone else’s combat specialization.

Now let’s regroup and go back to bow production.
I want to make a bow that would absolutely never exist in “Real”, where the bow and the bowstrings will stretch into an “X” shape.
Also, thinking about drawing the bow, the right bowstring would be nearly vertical while the left bowstring would slant so a perfect “X” shaped bow isn’t possible.
Thinking about the draw angle when you pull 2 bowstrings at the same time, to take advantage of the design, there’s no way the shape won’t become a little distorted.
Why would I try to make such a bow?

Because trying to make something that would never exist in “Real” is interesting.
This kind of enhancing beyond practicality is a kind of romance.
Because it’s a game, something like this is allowed.

Since I’ve already drawn up the blueprints I’m furiously whittling the form.
A pretty firm and sturdy piece of wood will be positioned at the center to become the pillar of the bow.
For the wood that will draw the left and right bowstrings I use wood with more elasticity.

Learning from the previous connected-double-bow attempt, I positioned a stabilizing coupling joint made of wood together with the bow arms and clamped them together.
At any rate, in order to make the shape for this pretty weird bow, just having a connection of brute force is definitely not enough.
In particular, if I’m not careful when I slant the left bow in front of the right bow, the base, it won’t become an “X”.

The strength is insufficient when I make it according the blueprint, so I went back to the forge to make a reinforcement.
After amending the blueprint, I try to make the bow’s shape again.
I repeated this for several days.
This bow is such a completely different type of bow, so the crafting isn’t going quite well and the materials are steadily decreasing.
Even so, the process of making this new type of shape, succeeding little bit by little bit, is fun.
And then, after a lot, it’s finally complete!

Because the bow’s grip is the foundation, and for making the “X”, just wood won’t cover it, so I made an iron grip a bit thicker than the wood.
With that, I can achieve the “X” shaped bow, and attach the straight bows at the foundation point together.
And so the difficulty in the grip is somehow or other cleared.
I determined that the left bow should slant at about a 30 degree angle.
The right one was stabilized at about a 10 degree slant.

The bowarms’ tips are also reinforced with iron, increasing the strength.
The previous time with the composite bow I didn’t have [Blacksmithing] so I couldn’t do it, but doing this increases the durability by a lot.

Both of the bowstrings are drawn back together. And then released.
It takes more strength to draw than the previous bow, but it’s a good reaction.
Compared to the previous skill LV, my abilities seem to have gone up and I can suitably handle this bow without any problems.

In the end, the wood I’d gathered from the forest area has just about all disappeared.
Doing this near-impossible plan was all for the sake of drawing closer to the dream, running down the path of “romance”.
For that, there’s a meaning; there’s merit to it.

X-Styled Composite Hunting Bow

A bow aiming to increase offensive power by adding 2 bows together in an “X”.
That an arrow can be fired from this strange shape can only be called a marvel.
The handling’s difficulty is greatly increased; a beginner with bows will absolutely not be able to use it.

ATK+32     Quality6

The Prototype Composite Bow I’ve been using had an attack strength of +12, so this one is a drastic jump. It’s a powerhouse.
I’ve performed maintenance on the Prototype Composite Bow repeatedly, but still its lifespan has now drawn to a close.
Unconsciously I muttered, “Good work, I’ve been in your care.”

Even though it’s just a piece of data found inside a game, even so it’s my buddy that’s worked hard up ‘til now, so it’s fine to say a word for it.
I have some attachment to it. Even if it’s in the virtual world, I brought it into being with my own hands, so I can say it definitely existed here.


[Hunting Bow]Lv1   [Kick]Lv27   [Farsight]Lv25   [Wind Magic]Lv18
[Cooking]Lv34   [Woodworking]Lv18   [Alchemy]Lv30   [Blacksmithing]Lv19
[Physical Ability Boost]Lv35

Reserved Skill(s)

EXP  12

And so, from hereon my main weapon is this really unreasonable bow.
A bow with a shape using 3 bows all attached in the middle part and branching out wouldn’t even be look like a bow.
* I have a tendency to go in this direction.
The middle one would be the foundation of the bow, and the other two would make an “X” for the “X” bow.
Since I can have a bow that would never exist in real-life, this so-called impossibility would be interesting so I’d love to see it.
<T/N: No dude, that’s just … stop. Just … stop.>

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  1. “kiru” – in Japanese there is a verb for “killing/destroying by cutting/slashing through your target(with a blade)”. There isn’t a term that convenient in English. Unfortunately, the way the story goes, it points out EVERY DANG NUANCE of the verb.
    As you might have noticed, I changed it a little to suit a more English-speaking audience (instead of forcing the awkward sounding phrase “killing by slashing/cutting through” in place of the verb) while trying to keep the same nuances of the author.
    I also considered going with “dismembering” in place of “kiru”, but decided against it.
  2. oneesan –  in this case, used as indicating the tailor is a young woman, but not a girl. In other cases, can refer to a shop attendant (waitress, usually), an older sister/cousin…


  1. That bow makes absolutely no sense, sounds like he is just making a slingshot shaped bow without explaining exactly how it could possibly work
    Thanks for the chapter! 🙂


    1. lol, it made even less sense to me in the raw translated form. I’d concede if he made two bows, stuck the ENDS together and forced an opening in the middle, but the way he made it would never use the strength of both bows.
      Well, like he said, it would NEVER work in rl!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. True, given that what makes a bow more powerful is the string’s tension, having 2 string intersected is not really logical if the arrow not heavier than when using his composite bow.

      Well, given he change wooden arrow to ironhead-arrow, maybe he think how to keep up the string power with the added weight.


  2. How about merging 4 bows into one ? ..It’ll look more like a shield than a bow, but you can load up to 4 arrows to shoot at one time.. no idea of how accurate it is though..
    ..or maybe add blades to the end of the bow so it can be used as a sword, staff or spear.. adding pointy things usually solves everything~


  3. This phrase is a bit awkward in English: “finally it’s the main weapon’s, the bow’s, crafting” You could say instead “finally it’s time to craft the main weapon, the bow”. Also it’s “performed maintenance”, not “preformed maintenance”.

    Nice chapter! He definitely knows how to come up with a creative idea and run with it. 😀


  4. Imagine him walking around town with it and weapons nerds just being.. troubled that this works in game though

    (thank you for translating & uploading!)


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