OVRMMO 21: Test Shooting and Revenge

Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

Test Shooting and Revenge

Somehow or other, I’ve finally made a bow, arrows, and kicking support-attachments that will increase my attack power a tier.
Now it’s finally the time to test it all out on a monster opponent.

Of course before I head out to the field I refill the food vending machine that has completely run out; it’s been empty several days now.

That aside, the first thing to do is test-shoot the Iron Arrows and Heavy-Bludgeoning Arrows at a tree.
The Iron Arrow’s range doesn’t seem to have changed, but the Heavy-Bludgeoning Arrow seems to have lost about 20% of the distance … it’s a distance that’s barely acceptable.
It seems I was able to keep it within 75% of the Iron Arrow’s effective range

I test out how the Blade Shoes handle with [Kick] against a large amount of Dread Wolves that I pulled as my opponents.
Every once in a while I threw in some [Wind Magic] use.
Since the blade is so short there’s no way I can inflect a severe gash, but even so when I aim the blade and kick towards the throat and tips of the paws, there is clearly a small amount of additional damage.

The spikes on the bottom of the shoes … that is to say, the portion of the short, sturdy stakes made of iron that’s easy to kick with has left the Dread Wolf’s face a sorry mess after getting stabbed with the spikes.
It seems it’s a success, since the Dread Wolf’s HP most definitely dropped.
Compared to the blade, the … small “Pile Bunkers” on the bottom of the shoes can tear through easily and it’s much more damaging.
Looks like the blade part’s going to need some improvements…
I should do that sometime in the near future; gotta mine more iron.

Now that I’m thankful this game doesn’t produce too much gore after the gory kicking part, at long last it’s time for my revenge against the Rock Ants.
It’s a blessing that the blood that spurts out is very small.
(It’s to the extent that Worms and the like only shed a little bit of purple blood.)
In old games the monsters’ bodies would be like they were undergoing surgery.
Compared to that, this modern gore is more than enough.

I head into the forest area, looking for the Rock Ants that had beaten me to a pulp before.
I’m using [Farsight] to carefully check the layout of the monsters.

Like I said before, these Rock Ant’s have Link, and from the next explanation you’ll understand exactly how nasty Link is.
Initially, Link’s area of effect isn’t really that large, but add another Ant and Link’s area increase 2xs. It has that kind of ridiculous trait.
And so, if you have 3 monsters with Link … it wouldn’t be weird to have Rock Ants swarming in front-back, left-right, from 360 degrees all around.
This kind of OP target tracking awareness’s strong point is, it’s also impossible to run from since Link’s area of effect will expand and you’ll be surrounded and then beaten up.

The advice is, take it out in one hit before you get noticed.
If that’s impossible, then avoid them … that’s how it is.

The forest has wood and lots of herbs, so there are a lot of players who come for gathering.
Pulling a train in the middle of all that would be a huge nuisance for them.
With just one shot, it’d be impossible to avoid getting everyone all caught up in it.
That’s why it’s crucial for me to check the area carefully with [Farsight].

After searching about, one lone Rock Ant spaced out and wandering around found!
I check all around to make sure there aren’t any other Rock Ants about.
Finally, the time for me to try out how the X Bow and the Heavy-Bludgeoning Arrow perform has come.

With [Stealth] hiding my presence, I draw closer into shooting range.
Once I entered the shooting range, I launch the <Arrow Twister> that I learned at [Bow]LV30.
It’s a piercing ability that increases the attack power by 1.2xs using high-speed rotations.
The mace-like Heavy-Bludgeoning Arrow probably won’t get that piercing ability part, but I’ll gratefully welcome the attack power increase from the rotations alone.

“<Arrow Twister>…”

Though I’m in [Stealth] I announce my attack in a low voice while firing the arrow.
Previously the Wooden Arrow was easily repelled, but this time’s arrow is a completely different beast.
Take this dangit, and now I’ll wait and see the results of the arrow.

The Heavy-Bludgeoning Arrow I fired with high-speed rotations was shot at the rock-like armor
Of the Rock Ant’s head, and with a “DOGON!” the Heavy-Bludgeoning iron head hits, rendering its armored shell useless and, with a loud, echoing sound, shattered it into pieces.
But that Rock Ant who took the hit, just when I thought the armored shell cracked, in an instant it ‘s splendidly shattered, revealing the bare head portion inside.

I immediately ready an Iron Arrow. It seems the Rock Ant is dazed from the shock, since its movements are clearly much slower.
I can’t ignore the possibility that the loud, echoing sound will draw in other monsters.
I should hurry up and finish this while its movements are slowed.

The Iron Arrow pierced the Rock Ant’s head that no longer had anything protecting it.
Just when I’m thinking that the Rock Ant is writhing, it was easily defeated.
The opponent that I couldn’t defeat with my previous gear no matter how long I took, I’ve easily defeated it; that’s the current reality.

I check my surroundings with [Farsight] just to be sure.
Attracted to the sound a few Rock Ants have come a bit closer.
I calmly reactivate [Stealth] and walked slowly away from the spot, then released [Stealth] and checked the situation.

… Looks like Link wasn’t activated; they’re purely here just because of the sound and leave soon after.
I let out a small sigh of relief.
Still, the result was everything I wanted, but I hadn’t thought of the loud sound it would make.
I wonder if the loud sound was a result of some trait of <Arrow Twister>?

Soon after, to confirm the <Arrow Twister>’s reaction on the a Rock Ant, I launched another attack.

“[Stealth] … [Twin Fang Arrow]…”

This time I’m using <Twin Fang Arrow> that I acquired immediately after taking the [Hunting Bow] specialty.
It uses 2 arrows, one above and one below, on a trajectory that looks like two fangs biting down1, truly an Arts that can only exist in a game.
The loosed fangs bit into the Rock Ant’s head-armor with a dull “Dogo, dogon” sound.
Compared to the <Arrow Twister> from before this was quiet enough.
After that, a single Iron Arrow was enough to take the Rock Ant out.

Afterwards I found a few more lone Rock Ants wandering around, so I used <Twin Fang Arrow> to break open the head, then used [Kick] and [Wind Magic] to attack afterward to see how it’d go.

Like last time, the reflected damage and the [Wind Magic]’s armor ability were both bad, so I ditch the wind armor and kick normally, using [Wind Magic] to add to damage, defeating it much faster.
Seems like breaking the head open exposes a weakness, or going for the opponent’s liver.

Now that I can defeat it, it’s turned into quite the delicious opponent.
My skill levels keep steadily going up and up.
The skill’s used in combat have leveled well.
By leveling, it looks likes I can find more definite ways to expose weaknesses.
Also, looks like the armored shell drops would make good Light Armor materials.
I’ll take it to an armor crafter and try to figure out the market price for it.

Now I’ve more than enough satisfied my grudge from the previous beating.
In one day I’ve earned the largest haul I’ve had in a long time.

[Hunting Bow]Lv8   [Kick]Lv33   [Farsight]Lv25   [Wind Magic]Lv24
[Cooking]Lv36   [Woodworking]Lv18   [Alchemy]Lv30   [Stealth]Lv24
[Physical Ability Boost]Lv40

Reserved Skill(s)

EXP 14

The spikes on the bottom of the shoes aren’t thin needles, but short, fat stakes. That’s why there’s only 7 on the bottom of the feet.
I didn’t write it previously after the crafting so that I could write it here.
I’ll take your criticisms, but I have no regrets!

<T/N: This, like most of the things after the Skill Writeup, is an author note. I personally don’t want to take those particular criticisms, lol.>

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  1. Twin Fang Arrow – literally, “two arrows up-down running with chomping-like trajectory drawn.” So… I put in some extra descriptors to help explain wth that actually means.


  1. First time commenting on the site and decided to thank you for doing this. I hope he can do something cool with those ant shells.


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