Cursed: Prologue

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〓〓(Kousei Ishikawa’s POV)〓〓

At the age of 6-12 months, babies are said to start remembering things. They start crying when their mothers leave because they remember “mother” exists even if she’s not in front of them, and when being brought back into a doctor’s office where they’ve been getting vaccinations they can remember enough to begin to fuss uncomfortably.

But it’s not until the age of 3 years that babies are capable of using their long term memory, experts say. The brain has finally developed enough to be able to retain information.

Maybe that’s why, at the age of 3, children are taken to the hospital to confirm their Blessings for the first time in this world.

Blessings are … how should I explain it? In this world, people have these RPG game-like skills they call Blessings.

Like they sound, Blessings are skills given to people by the gods … or so the myth goes. Because this world is also well on its way through the science age, these days the belief in gods has waned and the theory that Blessings are the result of hard work has become more accepted.

Either way, they’re still being called Blessings in the end.

Through hard work and experience, already granted Blessings can LevelUp from Level 1 to Level 10. Level 1 is “above average”, Level 5 is “professional”, and Level 10 is the rarely seen “godly.” In truth, Level 5 and above Blessings are almost never obtained in a lifetime. Blessings are just that hard to LevelUp.

Level 1 Blessings alone, that is, acquiring new Blessings, are difficult to obtain by themselves. Only after the full 12 years of formal education, all the way through high school, do people finally get [Calculation]Lv1. 12 years of mathematics only yields Level 1 [Calculation], and that’s only for the people who paid attention in class.

Some Blessings, though, are obtained at early ages. Whether you’re a science believer, claiming that some people are just born with talent, or you’re an occult believer, claiming that some people have been blessed by gods for either their fate or their parents’ faith, the fact remains that there are some children who, with no hard work whatsoever, have Blessings develop at the average age of 3.

Of course there are also children who don’t have Blessings at that age; it’s neither uncommon nor common. Though it may disappoint their parents at first, children without Blessings at the age of 3 still have plenty of opportunities to gain Blessings and live satisfactory lives in this world.

Aah… It would have been better if I didn’t have any Blessings then either.

When I turned 3, I developed an intense fever. Shipped off to the hospital, I was on the verge of life and death for 2 weeks.

When I finally came to, while staring at the ceiling I understood that I was in the hospital, so I asked the doctor next to me,

“Did they catch the driver of that truck?”


When both of us had managed to understand the circumstance, the doctor convinced himself that he was hearing things from working too hard.

That delusion helped me out a lot; I am grateful. My 3-year-old self had enough going on with suddenly remembering how I had been hit with a truck and died.

When I turned 3, I started remembering my past life.

The first thing I realized was that the world my past life had been in wasn’t the same one I was in right now. Well of course, when you get taken to a hand scanner that looks like it belongs in St○r T○k or something like it’s an everyday occurrence, you’re going to start wondering.

Since I my fever had just about disappeared and we were in the hospital anyway, the woman I recognize as this life’s me’s grandmother decided to go ahead and have my first Blessing Confirmation.

Alright! I, a former college student in a previous life, have come to a world with a game-like skill setting. This is the reincarnated person’s chance to shine with a cheat skill da!

I’ll admit it; I had that kind of thought running through my head.

In the previous generations, Blessings were revealed by going to Shrines and consulting a priestess with the [Oracle] Blessing. It was only more recently that scientists had succeeded in recreating that phenomenon with a scanner, making Blessing Confirmation faster and more accurate. Even the gods aren’t immune to improvements with the digital age.

Stepping up to the hand scanner and placing my hand on it, with a Zuuun the scanner shone a ray of light from the bottom of my hand to the tips of my fingers.

After a few seconds’ delay, with the display monitor cheerfully floating the words “Please Wait a Moment While Your Results are Compiled,” my Blessings were shone for all the world to see.

Name: Kousei Ishikawa    Sex: Male
Age: 3


||> [Cooperation]Lv1
||> [Tact]Lv1
||> [Observation]Lv1

||> [Estimation]Lv1
||> [Arithmetic]Lv1
||> [Logical Reasoning]Lv1

[Japanese Language]Lv1


[¥ë¶Ã¥©à?¥ª ÃÜß‘ï] Lv5

Um … WTF?!

I may have been hoping for a cheat, and it might be a cheat, but what’s with this list of Blessings?!

Ah, you might not understand the problem. After all, everything is Lv1, and for the record, the Sub-Blessings shown are those that automatically come with [Social]Lv1 and [Calculation]Lv1. This game-like skill system has Sub-Blessings that are added according to their parent Blessing’s Level, so that’s nothing too unusual.

[Social]Lv1, [Calculation]Lv1, and [Japanese Language]Lv1 are Blessings often found with people who have finished going through the Japanese educational system. To be exact, a college examinee that has been active in school and made it a point to hang out with friends on a regular basis, as well as play an active role in working together with people in school festivals and group projects, will probably develop these Blessings after high school graduation.

That’s not a difficult thing to do. In fact, my past life’s self met those requirements. I was a socially active boy who was relentlessly told to study hard to live a good life. Well, then I got hit by a truck just when I was about to start living that good life. Oh? Could [Throw]Lv1 have been from my past self being on the baseball team?

Anyway, it’s like that. It’s pretty easy to obtain those Blessings, so there are a lot of people with most of this combination of Blessings; what’s the problem?

Um … might I remind you, I’m a 3-year-old boy?

This is … how should I say it … look; a 3-year-old boy with the intelligence of a graduated high student. Isn’t that at the level of wondering if your child had been switched with an alien at birth? That’s really creepy, isn’t it?!

And what’s with that super high, incomprehensible Blessing, [¥ë¶Ã¥©à?¥ª ÃÜß‘ï] Lv5? The text was corrupted or something?

Doesn’t that make me completely, 100% a cursed child?!

I was already considered a cursed child by my relatives, but like this…!

Though I was cheering in my heart, “You can do it!” while the flustered doctor tried to fix the display, no matter what character system he tried the text remained the same:

[¥ë¶Ã¥©à?¥ª ÃÜß‘ï] Lv5


〓〓(Narrator POV)〓〓

There was a man who died just when he started college. He was reincarnated into a world which was, despite many similarities, different to the one he had lived in.

His life back then wasn’t really anything special, but the him who looked back on it could say that it was a comfortable life.

He had grown up normally in a house with a business man father and an office lady mother, alongside an overly energetic and mischievous little brother. Though his parents were busy, it’s not like they didn’t try to make time for himself and his brother. His grades in school weren’t good or bad, but he did try at least, and he was a pitcher on the baseball team all through school.

He had a few girlfriends throughout that life, was into manga and light novels and video games only as much as a normal kid would be, and generally got along with his friends and acquaintances. He was a normal guy who went to college because he didn’t know what else he wanted to do, and just when he was getting to know people on campus he was hit by a truck and died.

To say he didn’t have any regrets – well that just wouldn’t be true. At the least, he regretted that he had died and left the life he had, and of course he felt terribly for his family. In that previous life, he had heard that the worst thing that could happen to a loving parent was burying their own child. The man regretted that he couldn’t even apologize to them for causing them that kind of horrible pain.

But whether or not he had anything that he left undone … un, nope. There wasn’t a thing he could think of.

The man was reborn as the boy, Kousei Ishikawa, in another world’s Japan.

His mother had died at birth and his father was hardly home, so he lived with his aunt and uncle, along with his grandmother. His aunt wasn’t particularly happy to be taking care of her brother’s newborn son, but she was a dutiful woman who took the responsibilities she was given.

It was at the age of 3 that Kousei regained his previous life’s memories. At the same time, he also began to understand his reputation for being cursed.

He couldn’t deny that strange things happened around him at times. Like poltergeists. It couldn’t be helped that he was considered cursed in the end.  With the creepy results of his first Blessing Confirmation, his cursed status was like it was set in stone.

And, Kousei wasn’t sure if it was because of the fever or the Blessing Confirmation, but after his grandmother took him home from the hospital, Kousei started to see … things. Like ghosts and those monsters that are probably called youkai.

Kousei couldn’t help but think,

Uh oh, I know where this type of template is taking me.

With all of his abilities and knowledge he had from his previous life, Kousei tried to live with his abnormalities as unnoticed as possible, but it was a lonely lifestyle.

After his grandmother died, his aunt became more and more neurotic with the “cursed child” living in her house. Because of the youkai Kousei attracted, unknown phenomenon was a daily occurrence. Exorcisms did nothing, since more youkai would come back after the latest batch had been driven off.

At the age of 8, Kousei, full of pity for the woman who was losing her mind, moved out into the apartment his father rented. Why his father even bothered renting an apartment, just for it to stand empty, was beyond Kousei, but it turned out to be convenient.

He lived alone, never seeing his father who chose to go on constant business trips and refused to return home. Naturally his aunt avoided coming to see him, sending her husband who would come occasionally to check up on him. Wary of scaring others off, Kousei kept himself from making close friends.

And because he had another life’s experience, it wasn’t like he had to study all that much for school. Though how that would turn out when he finally got to high school, Kousei didn’t know. It was going to be 16 years since he had seen that material.

But anyway, without friends, with minimal contact with his family, and without any need to study, for now Kousei didn’t have anything to do in his free time.

With nothing else to do, Kousei began trying to Level Up his Blessings.

Maybe it was because he had life experiences from another world, but Kousei couldn’t believe that Leveling Blessings was as random as most people said it was, and so he had decided to try leveling his Blessings as if he was in a game. But in the end, none of the Blessings he had gotten at the age of 3 Leveled Up.

That being said, because he had the Blessings from such a young age, Kousei understood the benefits Blessings had in this world. Without having to review anything, as long as it was a problem within the limits of [Calculation]Lv1 or a Kanji within the limits of [Japanese Language]Lv1, Kousei had no trouble with finding answers to any math problems or memorizing Kanji.

Uwaah, this really is a cheat to have before high school, huh? But after doing so many math drills, I wonder why the Level of [Calculation] didn’t go up? Maybe I need to do harder problems. Maybe college-level math problems? … Yuck.

Kousei didn’t want to Level [Calculation] THAT badly. As it was, his strange obsession with doing math drills would have made his past self faint in disgust. Kousei decided to stop doing math drills and switched the subject of his experiments.

He didn’t know exactly how he got it, but Kousei woke up one morning to find out he had the Blessing [Domestic Chores]Lv1. Maybe it was from watching his grandmother around the house ever since he was young, or maybe it was because he started helping out more and more as she got older and couldn’t move as much, but in [Domestic Chores]Lv1 was the Sub-Blessing that people claimed was the easiest Blessing to Level Up past Lv1. That is, Kousei got the Sub-Blessing, [Cooking]Lv1.

Since cooking wasn’t nearly as awful as math, Kousei decided to use [Cooking] as his test subject in Leveling Blessings, and that was all he ever did for fun.

Needless to say, it was a lonely life Kousei Ishikawa lived for the first 16 years of his life. It was made lonelier with the memories he had from care-freely living his youth out in another world.

But all of that changed. When he turned 16 a distant relative took him away from this isolated lifestyle to live in a smaller town outside of the Tokyo metropolis. There he was thrown into the strangest events and met the strangest people …

It all started with the voice that only he could hear.

Name: Kousei Ishikawa    Sex: Male
Age: 16


||> [Cooperation]Lv1
||> [Tact]Lv1
||> [Observation]Lv1

||> [Estimation]Lv1
||> [Arithmetic]Lv1
||> [Logical Reasoning]Lv2

[Japanese Language]Lv1


[Domestic Chores]Lv3 *New
||>[Organization]Lv1 *Acquired at [Domestic Chores]Lv2

[¥ë¶Ã¥©à?¥ª ÃÜß‘ï] Lv5

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A/N: Synopsis in the Index
Just another story I’ve been considering writing. I’d been fiddling with it for awhile now, and when I couldn’t sleep I decided to edit the prologue. Thought I’d post the prologue to get some feedback and gauge the interest. Well, atm I’ve got my hands kind of full with … everything else :p



  1. “to confirm their Blessings for the first in this world” I believe you are missing a “time” in there. 🙂

    I think it might have worked better to have the first part 3rd person as well. Switching between 1st and 3rd seems arbitrary, and I think your narrated portion works better, for a prologue.

    Well, I understand not wanting to rework it, though… 😉


    1. edit noted and thank you
      I wanted both povs in the prologue to indicate that there will be pov changes in the future too. to be exact, it will be the reverse: a 3rd pov opening for each chapter and a 1st pov … rest of the chapter? something like that.


      1. Moving from omniscient for the setup, to limited for the conclusion? That’s an interesting experiment.

        I will say, the prologue is an excellent place to do something different than you expect to do for the main work. Like following a character that won’t be the MC…

        …yeah, I should really go finish writing that. 😦


    1. Well I’m definitely not dropping wfb. I haven’t even started getting to the interesting parts yet >:D
      This Cursed story is still in the preliminary “is it interesting enough to continue it” stage.


  2. It seems interesting, it has a good premise and is original for a reincarnation with game elements type story, I’d read it.


    1. Ps. You’re quite the trooper, you got three projects going already, potentially 4 with this, keep up the good work hard worker-kun


      1. haha … also, I have webcomic projects going. DX
        I always wanted to be an idea box when I grew up …


  3. thanks for showing us your work (again) 🙂

    I like the feel of this stroy too.

    the “cursed” aspect is strange… and obviously the plot interest.

    what is interesting is that, atm the only benefit he gets from his “Blessings” is… not needing to go to school.. not much impact it seems.
    that’s an interesting turn of situation.

    I’m wondering were those “blessings” will lead us.

    anyway. I think this story (based only on a limited prologue) is in the “it is interesting enough to continue to read.”.

    /cheers !


      1. Even if you say so, having these skills… uh, no, Blessings. As a freebie opens up about twelve years of free time that could be spent achieving other stuff. It gives you a great head start on getting into a good college ( goodness knows that’s a big deal in (fake-)Japan ). And with his randomly returned memory and intellect of a previous life, he can actually apply his advantage far better as any three-year-old could be expected to.

        He just sounds like less of a cheat because you’re comparing him to other reincarnators, basically.


  4. This is certainly interesting, i think i like the idea of it just don’t burn yourself out, you have a bunch of comics your working on to…
    but with your teaser Isekai Izakaya Nobu the setting being in germany, the ÃÜß‘ï charecters are really funny (to me). Short for Asoziale in slang, meaning something like worthless Alcoholic’s low income scum or something along those lines its nor a very nice word and no offical translation. The funny part cause its totally random and hes cursed


      1. PS get some bloody sleep and stop overworking yourself, all of us would prefer you to reach Wfb100 eventually rather than churning out chapters at double speed and burning out at Wfb50.


      2. I would if I could. I’m going to start taking herbals to recover my sleep rhythm. Dunno wtf is going on. Insomnia is inconvenient.


  5. I haven’t commented before but I have to say this seems super interesting to me! I am already super curious about what is going to happen. I hope you continue it and I hope the MC gets thrown into a ton of strange and interesting situations. P.S. I also love WFB 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I really love this already! I’d appreciate you continuing this but I’m already thankful for how much time you put in for us already with WFB (another favorite XD) and OVRMMO. I havent tried the vending machine one though cuz it sounds … iffy? lol but I’m going to try it now.

    Thank you so much for everything and I hope you dont overwork yourself 🙂


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