VendM 022: Magic Tool Engineer Hyurumi

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Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta ore wa Meikyuu o Samayou
Author: Hiru Kuma

Magic Tool Engineer Hyurumi

“Though I roughly got it from the documents, is it true that you can use ‘Welcome’ and ‘Too Bad’ to communicate your intentions?”


“I see. Something like a magic tool that’s got the same intelligence as a human, this isn’t something I heard of until now. But something like weapons that understand human speech actually ain’t that rare, did you know?”

“Too bad.”

When she’s explaining things like this, her tone softens with an intelligent feel.

“There’s a lot left in books, daze, about those. It looks like there are also things that can be called intelligent weapons. But other than the specific user, nobody else can hear those types of weapons’ voices, and from the surroundings it seems like it was understood as nonsensical mutterings to a delusion, na. And then, the manufacturers of intelligent weapons are unknown, so with circumstances like that, that’s one of the main reasons it doesn’t have any credibility.”

Come to think of it, I’ve had some sort of experience with weapons with those settings in games and novels. So that means this other world also has arms like that.

“See, I’m also a leftover of a magic tool engineer. To see whether magic tools had intelligence, I tried many experiments, but …my conclusion is that it’s impossible to follow-up with that answer with my current technological strength. Then I tried changing my way of thinking. Instead of a human-made artificial intelligence, it could be that those things have human souls dwelling in them, see?”

What! She derived that answer all by herself, this person. If it’s this woman, then she might realize my true identity too. While keeping these expectations to myself, let’s concentrate on the conversation.

“To seal a soul, since a long time ago it’s been done with magic and Divine Blessings. Fundamentally, it’s a situation where you temporarily put a dead person’s soul in a body; like, controlling the dead by using controlling forbidden arts on the dead body in order temporarily put the soul in something or other. N-, aa-, sorry, I need some water …”

She’s going to fill a cup from a cheap, rusty water vessel. Even if you don’t do that, I’ll treat you, yo. I wonder what I should choose; let’s go with the hot milk tea the same color as her hair. Since we’re in a basement it’s a little chilly, so I think something warm will be good.

N, there was a noise. This, is this one of your products? Is it ok for me to take?”


“I see, ‘scuse me. Then I won’t hold back … n, kuhaaa, my worn out brain loves that sugar. And this warmth is just perfect. You did good.”

O, with her expression loosening, her image completely changes. It’s like the innocent smile of a pure girl.

“It’s super comforting, thank you. Now then, it’s written that your name is Hakkon, but is that right?”


“Then, Hakkon. Could it be that you’re a human soul dwelling in this magic tool?”

So the day that question gets asked to me has come, then. Honestly speaking, even though I thought that I was lucky enough that Ramis, a person who could convey my thoughts, appeared in my situation of being unable to talk, even a person who has realized my situation has come.


With great feeling, I replied at a loud volume.

“It really is like that! I ain’t lost my hypothesizing abilities yet! O-, I see, I see. Nice to meet ya, Hakkon.”

“Thank you very much.”

I’m seriously happy. Though it’s a weird fate that the person who realized this is Ramis’ friend, it’s because all the people that girl’s close with are good people na. Even if I think it’s a coincidence, if it’s the result of that girl’s charm that pulls people to her, then this was most likely inevitable.

“Right now I’m gonna to start brainstorming conjectures from the information in the documents, so when I’m wrong, definitely say so. Hakkon is a magic tool with a master.”

“Too bad.”

There’s no owner for the vending machine. If you had to pick someone it’d be God, I guess.

O-, there ain’t any. Theen, do you have memories from when you was human?


“So it’s like that. Hee, I see. Then, the most important question. Since you don’t have to restock your products at all, it’s not like you can run out of stuff inside of you. I think there’s most likely a storage vault in a different space where you, using space magic and abilities together, pull things out from there; how about it?”

In some ways she’s right, but it doesn’t feel like it’s the correct answer. I don’t have a clue about how I work myself.

“Welcome   Too bad.”

“So that means I’m not completely wrong, huh? That said, the products need some amount of money to come out. If you don’t have a master, there’s no use for you, who’s just magic tool, to just collect and hoard money.  If your goal was just to sell products, then it would be better if your prices were lower. Instead, you decided to set the prices kind of high anyway. That means, money does something super important for Hakkon.”

“Welcome   Welcome.”

Hyurumi is amazing. Ramis has a great personality and the intuition to guess correctly, but this girl can come up with the right answer from barely any information.

“Looks like I hit the mark. I don’t know how it’s done, but with the money you get, you buy products; how’s that?”


“In other words, you need a lot of money to buy products.”

“Too bad.”

If I was just selling products then I can take the prices down to 1/10 of the original, but I need points for other functions and Divine Blessings, and life support too.

“So that’s wrong. Then, it’s not necessary to set it so high just to hoard money … so that means there are other ways to use the money.”


It looks like it would be faster to show her. The easiest one to understand would be a form change; I change into that Candy Vending Mode’s frame.

Oooo-, what the!? Light is … oi, oi, you completely changed, na.

After becoming the Cylindrical Candy Vending Mode, Hyurumi began to tap tap touch the body. If I had a sense of touch, this would have been awkward.

“This clear part is like glass, but it looks like that’s not it; I’m super curious, ze.  Looks like here you put coins in to make what’s inside come out. Because you can see what kind of products there are, your willingness to buy is increased… super awesome!”

What precise comments. Completely different from how the other other-world people see me.

“-Oops, my bad. I got too excited and went off on a tangent. In other words, Hakkon has an ability where the money saves up can be used like this to change your body … no, wait, some kind of function that can make these changes.”


Since she was able to fish out the right answer, I drop a candy. Go ahead and eat it later.

“O, I’ll take it gratefully.”

Making sure she had picked it up, I turned back into the usual vending machine. It’s not like I don’t like the Candy Vending Mode, but somehow I can’t settle down into it.

“Other than that, the things I want to know are … other than changing your body and changing products, are there other things you can do, too?”


Since there’s the Divine Blessing’s <Barrier>, na. If it’s this girl who’s Ramis’ close friend, then it should be okay to show her.

Hee-, so that means you still got secrets.  It possible for you to show me those?”


“I’m so looking forward to this. Then, go ahead.”

I don’t mind, but you’re a bit close, na. If I use Barrier with her here, I’ll send her flying. If she’d take a bit of distance, it’d be better. Step back~ step back~, for now I’ll just try and see if I can transfer my thoughts.

N? You not gonna show me? A, my bad, is it kind of dangerous? I’ll step back a bit … how about here?”


This isn’t in anyway my feelings being delivered, Hyurumi is just really good at guessing.

She’s taken enough distance, so it should be fine. There’s a small table nearby but there’s nothing on it, so even if I send it flying there shouldn’t be any problems.
Now then, <Barrier>.
Blue light sprang forth all around me. In the places about 1 meter away from me, a blue, translucent wall manifested, surrounding me.

O-, what is this? The table near you was sent flying like it was being expelled. In other words, it’s something like a barricade. Is it ok if I touch it?”


It’s basically just a terribly hard wall, so there aren’t any problems just touching it.

Cautiously poking it with her finger, checking how it feels when hit with the palm of her hand, sending droplets of water flying at it from a finger dipped in the cup of water, she curiously investigated how the Barrier repelled things.

“It feels like a sturdy wall, na. Looks like there’s also quite a bit of strength.”

Watching her figure smack smack touching the wall, my mischievous side ignited. Just a bit; let’s try and give her a scare.
Let’s give Hyurumi permission to enter the Barrier.

“To what degree of shock can it withstand? To test it – – fue? Kyaaa-!

Because she was in the middle of pushing with both hands, this girl’s hands tore through the Barrier with quite a bit of force, running into my body. With the momentum, she ended up in the form of leaning against my body with hers.

If I was a flesh and blood human, then this would probably be something like a lucky event, but only a weirdo would make it his objective to see the form a young woman flying into the chest of vending machine.

“Wh, what is this? My body entered and went through the blue wall. There’s no way this is because it was released; was it set so I have permission so only I can enter? A wall you can choose to set permissions on who can freely enter and exit. I think I’ve heard about this somewhere … a-, where was it, I think it was the Empire’s … O-, I know!  Barrier, it’s Barrier! It’s got to be an ability like one of the Divine Blessings!”


But man, she’s frighteningly knowledgeable, that Hyurumi. I completely understand the reason why Ramis was so eager to meet up with her.

“Hakkon’s awesome. You can handle a wide variety of products, and have the possibility of changing your body and functions. And then, even being able to handle a Divine Blessing, it’s like, you’re transcending the level of a magic tool.”

I’m happy to receive the praise, but this wasn’t with my own strength at all. I just got the excellent body of a vending machine. What is truly praiseworthy is this girl’s amount of knowledge. Because it’s something that she got with her own strength.
And then, I continued answering every and all questions until the dead of the night, when she was fully satisfied.

Her intellectual curiosity sated, the satisfied girl’s hand gripped a nutrition drink. Because she looked like she would collapse from over-excitement, I added a product that would combat that.

To top it off, since it’s a pretty expensive product the effect was immediate, and she became energetic as soon as she drank it. The effects of the expensive nutrition drinks seriously show up fast. Because the nutritional value is high, when I had a cold, this really helped a lot.

Even so, when she was sleepy and hitting her limit, she sprawled out face up on a long table in a spot a little bit away from me, put a worn out rag over her head, and quickly fell asleep. She’s kind of like a guy.

Exposing such a defenseless figure in the middle of a criminal gang of ruffians is dangerous. Is it heroic, or what should I say about it? I guess tonight I’ll be the night watchman.

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<t/n: … Um … I wanted to know what happened, so … I’ll get to work on OVRMMO tomorrow.
There was an author note stating there would be another one in the evening, but it’s impossible for the translator to follow that trend, so I didn’t include it.>



    1. lol, nah, it’s just a really great slice-of-life that has a really weird premise. Unfortunately, most people can’t get past the fact that he’s a vending machine to read it … it’s sad, because it’s actually a lot of fun

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      1. I think it’s mostly because of the harem tag. does it still have one? all I know is that’s what put me off of it, if it weren’t for you taking over it’s translation and recommending it, I never would’ve read it.

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  1. Its about time somebody took the time to reasearch him properly. Still unless he somehow gets super powers I have no idea how he is gona escape with Hyurumi
    Thanks for the chapter! 😀


    1. I agree with you and I just thinking about how they will escape from this situation, but I remember about the hunter guild will go after him with Ramis… when they find about the kidnap I hope!


  2. thanks and good job. I was actually happy to see another chapter of this so soon, so no complaints here. though I like OVR more and WFB is my favorite. I love WFB as much as I love Only Sense Online, and that’s my favorite japanese LN

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  3. thanks k.linH

    what a nice succession of bright and fun chapters.

    she’s one smart woman… 😀

    And I think that you render that well in you english translation ^^

    and Hakkon might be a bit naive to believe her wholefully : she doesn’t know that it is a friend of Ramis…

    anyway, I’m really curious about what woudl happen next.



  4. hope mc will become OP…

    btw is there a time he can change form to humanoid??well even it was robot form.. at least he can move from place to place by himself.. so he didnt need to become burden for other people…


    1. well early on it did point out 2 options he could get that might accomplish that (transform function and similarly named divine gift). However they be super expensive


  5. Is it just me or this guy its kinda stupid for telling all those things AND the secrets that he has IN MIDDLE OF A HIDEOUT BEING KIDNAPPED?!?!?!


    1. Yep.. the pinnacle of stupidity… but then again this is just a story of what most isekais nowadays are….. nothing much to mind about plot 🙂


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