OVRMMO 060: The Duel in the Dungeon; the Conclusion

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

A/N: I did my best for another episode.

The Duel in the Dungeon; the Conclusion

This Fairy Language and Fairy Spell combination is something the Forums discovered.
Some informant was teaching himself his own Fairy’s magic, and saying, I tried it and I did it, yo~ that information was spread around. The importance of Fairy Language increased in a moment, but it’s not that easy to learn the Fairies’ magic, so there aren’t many who can use it.

This method of using Fairy Language to activate Fairy Spells is, since it’s magic learned from Fairies, a 150% effectiveness increase when activated, and it’s curse is close to High Magic.
Of course there’s a bottleneck; first of all, the arias are extraordinarily long, and for those long arias, you absolutely have to speak in a voice loud enough for your surroundings to hear clearly. Furthermore, the MP consumption is the absolute maximum, and so you won’t be able to use any magic over what’s left of the maximum for some time, and the magic’s cool-down is at least 2 times longer than usual.

And then, the greatest bottleneck is that once you begin the spell’s aria, if you have more than 5 seconds of silence, activate and Art, misspeak the spell, the instant you make any one of these errors it will be treated as a Fumble, and the magic won’t activate, only consuming the maximum MP.
It’s a sensitive magic where committing a mistake, whether small or great, renders everything useless.
I’ve been backed into a situation where I can only rely on this; I recognize the risks of screwing up, but even so, I’m going to entrust everything to this final bet.

But before that, no matter how little, I must seal the Skeleton Knight’s movements.
Taking out my whip, I try using <Restrain> … but that is a failure; when the Skeleton Knight resisted, the whip just couldn’t wind around him at all; it actually greatly damaged the whip instead.
Out of necessity, out of the remaining 4 bottles, I immediately toss 2 bottles of the Enhanced Oil to keep the fires burning; the remaining 2 bottles I reserve, believing that I can put up the last of the last stage of resistance with them; holding an Uncommon Potion in my mouth, it’s just a little bit, but I recover some HP, and with this my HP has recovered to 20%.

I’d really like to buy even the slimmest amount of time, but it’s already at the point where if I just have to do it; if I screw up, at that point my defeat will be decided, if I get it right, it would be great if my winning percentage goes up to at least 30%, that’s the kind of situation this is, but doing it is way better than not doing it. Now that I’ve decided, let’s begin the aria.

“Oh, to the host of Fairies, I ask that thee listen to my voice, to my wish I ask thee to listen …”

I can’t cancel it anymore; at the moment I began reciting, the maximum 60% of my MP is devoted to it. In the event that I misspeak, it will all be over; it’s a pressure that makes your stomach hurt, but I withstand it and continue the aria.

“My supplications are together with the Fairies, together with my great desire. To the greatness of the Ruler of the Fairies I ask, to the Ruler I ask”

“I offer up a portion of my magical power to the great Ruler of the Fairies; for just this time, bestow upon the power of my soul your great divine protection”

“Clad in that divine protections and magic power, I will face the foe in front of me; I will become the power that can grant them great pain and despair”

The Skeleton Knight that was held down with the flames has become aware of it; I don’t have time!

“With this aria I pledge an oath; the glory of victory and the honor I will offer to the Ruler of the Fairies, and so I seek the support of the Ruler of the Fairies”

The Skeleton Knight closes the distance in an instant, raising the Knight’s Sword overhead.

“Stop your aria! Obediently become my sacrifice!”

In the middle of the aria I can’t use any Arts, so predicting the line of the sword, I barely evade by kicking away the sword; I have to concentrate, though I don’t know if this will pass on the 1st go.

“My name is Earth! I am the one bestowed with the techniques that surpass the 87th Generation Fairy Queen! With this contract, this one time, I ask that a miracle manifest itself before my eyes!”

The Skeleton Knight also judges that I’m close to finishing my spell, and releases his number 1 fastest sword strike, swinging down in my direction; I’m not going to be able avoid this one!

“Even when it’s completed, a miracle won’t occur!”

I received that blow with the Secret Metal Shield on my right hand. Since I can’t use Arts, I really took it with just the shield.
Of course doing so … *bigi….*  a dull sound occurred and the shield had a crack running all the way through it; I can tell that the mechanisms on the inside have also been largely damaged.
Because this is the first time I parried while not using Shield Arts, the shield itself took a lot of damage, and the inner mechanisms were damaged as well.
It’s probably at the limit where you can’t even repair it, and the Another Bow on the inside has died. I can’t rely on this shield in a harsh battle, and on top of that it probably doesn’t have much more durability left.

“I will utter my desire here and petition the Ruler of the Fairies, for the sake of my desires!”

But it will make it. I’ll make it in time. Most likely, if I have to do it one more time, I definitely won’t be able to. With all of my power in this one time, take this!

“Bring forth true strength now and attack my foe, <Elder Prism Nova!>”

Above the Skeleton Knight’s head, light in 7 colors rained down heavily, enveloping the Skeleton Knight.
The damage itself was removed, but the all important Bad Status infliction that everything hinges on took hold; if just the Skeleton Knight’s legs, even if just for a short while, can be petrified, then …
But the enveloped Skeleton Knight has his left hand frozen and his right leg petrified, but his right arm and left leg are going strong; with this, I probably won’t be able to pick up the X-Bow; is this as far as I go?
The moment I thought that, the Fairy Queen appeared, or so I thought, and immediately activated a magic aria.
Immediately a small blizzard occurred and enveloped the Skeleton Knight.


I unconsciously cried out, but right after she gave a sweet smile, her form disappeared. That’s right, an effect of the ring is that a mirage of the Fairy Queen can appear; it hadn’t ever happened before now so I had completely forgotten.
I bet the Skeleton Knight wrapped up in the blizzard most likely can’t see where I am.
And then, since it’s the Fairy Queen’s mirage that activated it, it’s not frozen where I am.
In order to recover the little HP and MP I had left, I drank 1 bottle of Uncommon Potion, used <Wind Booster> to rush to the side of the fallen X-Bow in an instant, and recovered it. I can see victory in the distance, though it’s in a large portion due to luck … it’s the first time luck worked out in my favor …

“Damn you, so what if you have the contract! How much more will you irritate me!”

When the blizzard ceased, the two facing each other are the Skeleton Knight and myself. However, the Skeleton Knight’s limbs are quite frozen; if I don’t bring it to an end before the thaw … The Queen’s mirage came and gave me my last chance, I have to take it.

“We’re probably both at our limits; it’s the end, Skeleton Knight.”

I grasp my bow tightly. Power flowed into it naturally.

“It’s only over for you, human.”

Even with his arm frozen, the Skeleton Knight lifted it above. I have no time.

“Prepare yourself!”

Saying only that, I prepared myself for the final attack.
My remaining MP is also low; this really will be the last attack. The Skeleton Knight probably won’t even give me the time to drink a Potion.
I immediately move to right in front of the Skeleton Knight’s eyes while invoking <Fly>, and immediately activated <Triangle Shoot>. I leapt to the wall on the left side, and with the recoil, I came flying back and kicked the Skeleton Knight in the head, and furthermore took to the space above.


The Skeleton Knight’s voice sounds like he’s just enduring. But from here on, let’s finish it all at once; remember like that time with the Queen.
Taking advantage of
<Fly>’s ability to stay in the air, I move close to his top and hammer in
<Wide Arrow> while gliding, then using
<Gattling Arrow> to scatter-shoot 8 Heavy-Bludgeoning Arrows into the back of his head, and when I landed, I immediately shot
<Twin Fang Arrow> to rack up the damage on the back of his head.
<Sliding Charge> to forcibly move to the front, I used
<Mirror Arrow> and aimed at the neck portion, then using the Heavy-Bludgeoning Arrow once again, I used
<Arrow Twister> to shoot out the bone in his neck.

To leave the final, finishing touches, I threw the Enhanced Oil and made an explosion … and with this I’ve used up everything I had; my breath is rough, and I have no power left in me.

“Damn you…”

Still fixated on that, the Skeleton Knight stood up … but at that moment, he slowly collapsed to its rear. From there, gradually, his armor and shield one by one became dust.

“Is it … over?”

If it isn’t really over, I really won’t be able to do anything more … Facing downwards, I try to catch my breah.

“Splendid; it’s your win.”

I heard the voice I thought I wouldn’t hear again, the voice of the Knight, Andre.
When I looked closer, at the site where the Skeleton Knight’s skull fell, there was only a single sword stuck in the ground left.

[Wind-Blown Hunting Bow]Lv7
[Assaulting Kick]Lv21
[Small Shield]Lv 6 ↑1UP
[Physical Ability Reinforcement]Lv30
[Chivalrous Thief]Lv18
[Fairy Language]Lv99 (Forced Acquisition) (Unable to be moved to Reserved Skills)

Reserved Skills
[Advanced Cooking]Lv3

ExP 4

Titles Possessed:  The One who Charmed Even the Fairy Queen, The One who Defeated a Great Foe Alone
His second name from other players is “The Fairy Queen’s Husband-san”

A/N: Magic <Elder Prism Nova>

Currently, this is an Earth-only Fairy aria spell.
It bestows great damage along with several Bad Status conditions; against a Boss it’s unable to be effective for instant death, but aside from that it allows you to ignore 95% resistance against Bad Statuses; it’s a ridiculously powerful Fairy aria spell.

The greatest MP exhausted is 60% (In other words, in the time before you are able to recover, you are unable to use any more than 40% of your MP normally). It’s a long aria that must be completed without a single misspoken word; it as the high difficulty where Fairy Language must be, at lowest, 85 or above, but Earth has the Fairy Queen’s Ring, and thanks to that he is able to make the difficult pronunciations and fulfill the requirements to use it; it’s the ring’s greatest merit.

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<T/N: Almost translated “divine protection” as “divine blessing,” thanks Vending Machine!
It was shorter than I expected, so I nailed this chapter out too… Good Night…>




    1. The ring is cursed. It’s just not an absolutely horrible one where the demerits completely outweigh the merits. the curse of the ring makes it so that it cannot be unequipped, and as long as the ring is equipped, one of the ten active skill slots will be forced to equip a lvl 99 version of the fairy language skill.

      Demerits: 1. Earth will have one less slot for equipment as it is taken up by the cursed ring. 2. Earth will only have 9 slots for active skills, the last one being taken up by fairy language even at times where he has no use for it.

      Merits: ability to use high level fairy magic due to forced lvl 99 language acquisition. Naturally high level equipment with 10% increase to elemental attack power, 5% buff to elemental defense power, 5% cost reduction to any usage of magic, 10% increase to natural MP regen. (and we all know about his ability to use the fairy queen’s prism nova with the chance to summon a 3 second mirage)

      Uncategorized: 1. Fairy Queen can use the ring as a warp point and can drop in to cause trouble for Earth whenever she wants. 2. Acquisition of the title “The One Who Charmed Even the Fairy Queen”

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  1. Thanks for the chapter (っ´▽`)っ. Wow, four chapters in a day(Including WFB) Reilly, thanks so much! I bet that that was the true queen ヾ(≧▽≦*)o.


    1. I cant wait for people to find out that he soloed up to the tenth floor and defeated a rare boss that you have to fulfill cretin conditions for it to even appear


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