OVRMMO 61.5: Extra Edition; Forums and ???

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

A/N: Why other people treated an opponent that Earth had that much trouble with like a trash mob is revealed.
There is also ???’s conversation as well.

Extra Edition; Forums and ???

Challenge from the Dead Thread No. 59

362:  There’s been an increase in the defeat of the solo-only Secret Boss, ne.

363: Suck it up and plunge through the middle of all the traps and if your luck is good enough, you’ll make it somehow… it was seriously all up to luck, though.

364: If it’s someone with Wind Magic or a Wind Fairy then they might be able to get through the dungeon kind of easy, ne.

365: You could use brute force with just enough luck to solo, naa.

366: So is it decided that what the analytical group people said about the importance of going into the dungeon with party members is going to change?

367: Of course; I’ve been properly looking into it myself.

368: If you struggle along, it’ll work itself out naa

369: yeah, and the person who first defeated him even told us about its attack patterns

370: and then all you need to do is pin him down with attacks, let your Fairy attack, and he’s instantly weakened, ne

371: He gets mad saying, “You damn contractor!”, but since he’s weakened, it’s not scary at all.

372: yeah, once he’s bombarded with Fairy attacks, his attack power, defense power, and speed all drop

373: And after that is just cooking him up, about

374: the path to get there is way harsher

375: but if you enter a 2 or more people party, the traps increase in an instant and you can’t force your way through at all.

376: Without Thief and only good luck … the only way you can get through is solo, looks like

377: If you’re solo, then monsters that don’t usually come out will also come out, like the Ogre Skeleton.

378: That guy, huh … if you’re alone winning should be pretty tough.

379: Even if it takes Fairy attacks, it doesn’t weaken any, so it’s a lot scarier than the Skeleton Knight.

380: It’s a good example that, even if it’s a boss, if you know its definite weaknesses there’s nothing to be afraid of, the Knight I mean.

381: That’s true; is there no new Secrets discovered yet?

382: Maa, I expect there’s ones that you don’t have to fight solo

383: I heard the big guilds have 6 man parties reaching the 9th floor

384: Killing everything on the way?

385: Seems like, they’ve been talking about how their Skills are going up and how their Fairies are also leveling up.

386: Challenging everything and dealing with traps even quicker is the problem, ne

387: It’s probably not going to take that long to do, even with traveling in 6 man parties

388: Then all that’s left is your luck with finding the stairs and a race with time.

389: That really is it … if your luck is bad, you can just keep barely missing it

390: Since it’s a random dungeon, there really isn’t anything you can do

391: yeah yeah, you can’t do that thing where you prep ahead of time with walkthroughs, naa

392: Is there anyone here who’s already taken Knight Sword?

393: not yet-

394: One-Handed Skill is still 48 degozaru …

395: Not yet, naa, though I want to try using it

396: It’s probably something like an extra long Long Sword with a jewel?

397: >394, keep it up

398: It’s like only a portion of people can use it, ne

399: It’s supposed to be heavy, but I wonder exactly how heavy?

400: >399, compared to a steel-made longsword, about 1.4 times

401: That’s pretty heavy; I wonder how the power and reach are.

402: The power is 1.2 times, the reach is 1.3 times, about. It’s just, because it’s longer, handling it is difficult.

403: So it’s not a huge increase in power; I’m a little dejected

404: The power aside, when you see the reach it’s totally different; if you’re the type that only looks for power, it might look awful to you.

405: >404, he probably just doesn’t understand the fear of a long reach; don’t worry about it.

406: There’s also the worry of difficulty in tight places … you’d have to use something else, naa

407: Crushing other Secret Bosses will probably unlock new weapons, ne?

408: Most likely the next will, so probably.

409: I’m so excited, big guild guys, keep going

410: So we’re not thinking about clearing it ourselves huh? lol

411: No way … I mean, 6 man party dungeons are full of MonHou, full of traps …

412: I get how tough it is though, naa

413: Maa, if everyone does their best by themselves while hoping for everyone else to succeed, that’s for the best, ne?

414: A- , that’s true, that’s for the best

415: Even before getting to the bottom your Skill Levels just keep going up, so making that your goal too is fine.


616: A-, this is info that just came in, but a 6 man party just reached floor 10

617: Seriously!?

618: Are you serious?

619: *excited*

620: I wanna know what the boss is ~

621: I guess they couldn’t beat it, since the Urgent Information didn’t come.

622: I can tell you now, right -? They said the boss was a Dragon Zombie … its poison breath does huge damage.

623: D-D-Dragon’s here-!

624: Of course it had a Breath … it’s the standard

625: Poison seems kind of underwhelming, but it can be harsh na … If you concentrate you should be able to interrupt it.

626: The people who fought it said that breath destroyed everything, and without a chance to heal they were annihilated

627: Now is it a Secret Boss or a regular Boss…

628: With that kind of strength it wouldn’t be weird for it to be Secret though

629: I hope a party that can beat it comes

630: They’ll probably have to increase their Skill Levels and prepare necessary potions naa

631: If you’re thinking about defeating it, that’s necessary

632: I’m going to work towards defeating that as my goal; cyas

633: > and that was 632’s last …*omitted*

634: That’s too cliche, stop lol

635: Whatever you say, isn’t having that as a goal fine? I’ll cheer you on, ze

636: The big guilds haven’t really had anything they could really chew on recently, so the Devs added this thing in to correspond to it.

637: So this is good management? They’ve just been demons all over the place though

638: Even so, there was a guy who broke through it na; the person who first did it solo is amazing

639: Without information or anything he did it, naa, you need to praise the first guy who defeated it

640: But who is the first guy who did it solo? I can’t find any information regarding that at all

641: I can think of several people who would have been able to do it

642: What about the Fairy Queen’s Husband? It wouldn’t be so strange if he did it.

643: If you calm down and think about it … The Husband doesn’t have a Fairy, right?

644: Defeating that guy without a Fairy would be kind of hard

645: yeah, heavily armed people aside, fighting bones with an arrow is just way too bad a matchup

646: and as a bonus, without Fairy attacks it won’t weaken; no matter what, that’s just impossible.

647: If you think about it like that, we have to exclude The Husband, so who is it …

648: And if you exclude the guys who’d come out and tell us … it’s a mystery, ne

649: Maa, isn’t that fine for now? From now on it’s going to be information on how to defeat the Dragon Zombie.



“Alright, now let’s hear the report.”

“Yessir, at this point there are no problems from the developer’s end.”

“How is it on the AI(children)’s side?”

“For them, it’s a bit rough, –ssune…”

Fumu, specifically?”

“To put it frankly, there are too many guys who’ve cooled down, so the AI(children) are also saying it’s not fun ssu.”

“… We can’t do anything about that; we’ll just have to take it as a lesson.”

“Sir, we are always going to continue to challenge and research that.”

“I know, but at the least there are a lot of good guys out there too.”

“That’s true -ssu, the 1st AI(children)’s number one, PN-000-EA is having fun –ssu.”

“Yeah, we’ll have to give that bow-user kid our gratitude, nee.”

Umu, thanks to him, EA is sending back a lot of feedback and the AI(children)’s learning is proceeding along.”

“It’s just, on PN-001-EB’s side, her “So BOOOOORED!”s are increasing.”

“I’d like her to bear with it until the Version Upgrade, but …”

“But just talking with the researchers and managers, and developers too, of course she’ll get tired of it.”

“I understand her feelings too, ssu~, Sir, what should we do?”

“… If we conceal her outer appearance to some degree, should we try letting her walk around a little?”

“… I can’t really agree, but keeping that child shut up like that is also too pitiful.”

“I thought you’d say that, so I already prepared EB-use clothing ssu.”

“Your preparations are too well-done…”

“Because I was expecting it, –ssu. This One More itself is originally a plaything for rich people, started out to answer the demand for people who wanted to try walking around in another world different from Real-life –ssu. And I know that’s why they’d hire AI researchers for a lot of money –ssu.”

“When the thinking AI(children) are finished, all the NPCs will have feelings and expressions, and because they’ll be able to keep up any kind of conversation, this will be the first great step closer to fulfilling those wishes for another world with no limits ne.”

“Aa, for the Game Users, to the very end they’ll see it all as stuff that happens in the game, so it’s convenient for them.”

“It’s just, I’m worried because these AI(children) only exist HERE –ssu.”

“… I think it’s better if the Users don’t know how much money it’s taking. If they just treat it as another life while having fun, it’s for the best.”

“So you mean it’s fine if the AI(children) take it as living their first life?”

“Aa, I’d like it if the AI(children) also had fun.”

“Then, that’s the direction we’ll take it –ssu.”

“If you would. I ask that both of you continue your work.”


“AI(Children), just wait a little longer; just a little longer, when you’re completed, you’ll be able to go out and have your own adventures; it might be artificial, but it’s a world you have the right to have fun in…”

Because it’s an Extra Edition, there is no Skill write up.

A/n: I was at quite a loss writing ???.
I decided to write it after considering that it would fine to carelessly venture into that field even if there are readers who understand that.

Again, I just said it, but I’m absolutely not going to take questions or comments on ???.

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<T/n: … The manga makes so much more sense now.
lmao, so he needed to attack the Skeleton Knight with Fairy Magic from the beginning… poor Fairy-less Earth.>



  1. You know, if you’re fighting it with yourself and your fairy, you aren’t really soloing it.

    Also, I can’t decide of these developers are the ‘Shady and Evil Corp’ or the ‘Corp that only Seems Shady and Evil’ XD

    Liked by 5 people

      1. When talking about mad scientist so is this a must:

        I like mad scientist in because they do whatever they want without a real care what others thinks


  2. So are they using the game and the players to help them develop more advanced AI’s?
    It sounds as a good idea. That way they can gather both funds and data from the players to continue their research and test their AI’s too at the same time.

    Still i hope that Earth will get soon some proper rewards for his hard work.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for the chapter (~_^). Wow, a forum chapter and also a dialogue between ???s (probably the game creators or that AI from the dragons?) Things are getting more and more interesting


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