Wfb: Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: There are Times When People use their Parents’ Influences for Good, but because of Human Nature, That’s Always Kind of Rare

… It’s not working. I thought it would be easy, just take molten silver and use magic to sputter fine droplets of it all over a pane of glass, but … it’s totally not working.

Should I give up and just make a mirror completely out of silver?

Ah, but it would be so expensive that the girls wouldn’t accept it. Not to mention, silver corrodes so easily, and a large amount of silver would be something they’d have to worry about being stolen.

I thought to look for aluminum, but … come to think of it, I haven’t seen aluminum around. I’ll ask Helward-san about it when I have some time.

To be honest, I have no idea what to do from here. Since the silver isn’t sticking to this fragment of glass.

… What should I do … Does it need an alloy? Ah, but mercury or lead is out.

I don’t even know where to begin.

Haaa … I reluctantly stow my supplies away and prepare to meet with the Guilds’ people and Ragnall before meeting the Noble-sama.

Ah, I’m working at the Guild’s forges this time. If I go to Helward’s forge, I will absolutely get distracted into working on some sword or magic ore ingot and completely lose track of time.



“… Is it really that weird?”

Ragnall shrugged uncomfortably.

“Yeah. You actually combed your hair and wore fancy clothes. Now I feel underdressed.”

“Well, you are underdressed.”


I look down at my own outfit. I mean, I’m wearing what I usually wear into the Labyrinth. Even though Ragnall’s clothes aren’t really THAT fancy, it’s definitely a step up above what I’m wearing. Since we’re meeting a Noble, I guess I should have thought of that. But I mean, if it was important Dobin would have told me, right?

Ah, no good. Dobin-san just looked me over and sighed.

What should I do… Oh!

Kind of sneakily, I took my Commoner’s Jacket out of Inventory and put it on. I’m so glad I didn’t sell this like I initially intended to-!

It seems to have passed Dobin-san’s inspection. I think he noticed I used some weird storage-type magic, but it’s not like they didn’t suspect me of it before, so … this should be ok.

But the Commoner’s Jacket being Noble-greeting material … what were the game designers of Mourning Star  thinking? Well, maybe they figured no one would actually care, since you only saw it in Character Creation.

It’s just, somehow, it came along with me.

By the way, it seems like Dobin-san will be going with us to see the Noble-sama’s disposition. Without knowing how the situation will turn out, this escort and guard job might turn into a situation where we need a rotation of many guards, so taking note of how the Noble-sama in question’s personality is will help Dobin-san decide which Adventurers he can recommend to Sir Knight Captain.

Thank goodness Ragnall’s done stuff like this before. There’s so much going on in the background of this commission, if I had to keep track of it all, I definitely won’t be able to focus on, y’know, actually guarding.

To be fair, there’s just a lot of potential things that could happen depending on how this meeting goes, so it’s not like I’m just not competent at keeping track of this stuff, it’s just that there’s so many possibilities that may or may not happen, it’s a little confusing.

Or more like, there’s a lot that I don’t have to know, so what’s the point in uselessly wondering over it?

Also, it feels like Dobin-san’s not telling us everything.

Now that I know about it, I now fully notice the blanks in the information we’re given. It’s just like what Niera and the rest of them were saying. Only focus on the information important to what you’re doing now. Anything else you should keep secret for your own advantages, huh?

I had worried about whether or not I had accidentally said anything that will put me at a disadvantage at any time before, but maa, how should I say it … It’s not like I’ve had any useful information this entire time.

I mean, I’ve mostly been fumbling around with common sense. I’m still more or less fumbling around with common sense.

Anyway, it seems like the Noble-sama just arrived today from Carnus. According to Sir Knight Captain, the Noble is interested in researching the Labyrinth, but Dobin-san says he would prefer to hear the reason for him coming to Nyl City from Sir Noble-sama’s own mouth.

The Noble-sama’s stay in Nyl City doesn’t have a defined time span yet, but the commission contract for Ragnall and me is for 2 weeks. It’s probably the same length of time for the hidden guards, too.

At the time of the contract expiration, the Guild will review any complaints or reports made by either the guys from Carnus, or us Adventurers, and a new contract will be written up in response to them. Of course, Ragnall and I can always refuse to take the second contract.

It’s a pretty straightforward system, and to be honest, I’m relieved that it’s just 2 weeks for guard duty. I mean, I’ve already decided to be a Craftsman at heart, so … Yeah, I’m not intending to take the next contract.

The reason I took this at all was because they were kind of desperate, and after this first term, the number of Adventurers Dobin-san knows he can ask to do this will increase, and they’ll get to know what kinds of threats, if any, the Noble-sama might be facing. I won’t be necessary then, right?

A-are? Aren’t I doing guard-duty during the most dangerous period?

… Let’s hope the hidden guards can catch any mistakes I make!

Barrier-sama, I’ll be counting on you!

I might be more nervous than I realized.


“An appointment to speak with Sir Baronet? What nonsense. WE certainly haven’t heard of this!”

Aaaaand suddenly my nervousness is gone, and I’m irritated instead.

The small house we arrived at on the upper levels of Nyl’s streets was fairly modest for someone of high-standing, but there aren’t many mansions in Nyl City to begin with. Other than the Guild Hall, that’s carved subtly into the mountain, the two largest buildings are a high-class inn for visiting Nobles to stay in and Sir Knight Captain’s own house. There isn’t much flat space, so even Sir Knight Captain’s ‘mansion’ is fairly small, and although the high-class inn is big, it’s built in tiers with stairs going over the mountainous terrain.

It’s not very handicap friendly, but I guess that’s not really anyone’s main concern here in this world.

This house the Noble for Carnus is renting is well-built, but it’s completely plain, and it’s definitely on the small side, being taller than it was wide. There are similar houses right up against it and all down the street, like some crowed European town.

Which is why having 2 door guards standing out in front of it is absolutely ridiculous.

I was a little confused as to why Dobin-san had Minerva-san introduce us to the door guards at first, but, when the door guards couldn’t decide what to do and sent for their superior, I understood.

The Captain of the guards came out and instantly sniffed disapprovingly when he saw Dobin-san. One of the people who discriminate against demi-humans I see…

So this is the guy Jericho didn’t want to meet … hm? Eh? Did I just feel something like a dark aura run up Dobin-san’s spine? Scaaary. Dobin-san’s seriously scary.

Without even blinking, the iron-lady Minerva continued.

“I request that you reconfirm this matter with Sir Baronet-sama, if you –“

Uotto, danger.

I firmly placed a hand between Minerva-san’s shoulder blades and spun her around once. The Captain’s hand swished past her as she was turned to the side, just missing her shoulder before she was returned to her original position.

The Captain’s aim was just to give her a rough push so I didn’t go into full defense mode, but still, it’s unpleasant to see someone roughly handle a slight woman with no reason.

Minerva-san was a little startled but, as expected, she returned to her emotionless face in an instant after glancing quickly at me.

The Captain wasn’t reserved at all and glared full on in my direction, though he spoke angrily to Minerva-san.

“There’s no need to bother Sir Baronet with something like this. If I haven’t been notified, there’s no mistake, there was no notification! You Adventurer types are just trying to steal away our duties and glory; there’s no need for help from anyone else if Carnus military are here!”

“I’m afraid such a thing is not any of our concern. If you have problems with this commission, as a representative of the Guild, I cannot do anything unless the commissioner rescinds it. Please speak with Sir Knight Captain-sama in this regards.”

The Captain’s face looks ugly, but thankfully, even if he isn’t a competent captain, he’s not a fool at least, so he doesn’t raise another hand against Minerva-san.

“Hah?! There’s no need for that! Compared to a Knight Captain with only Duty Peerage, I am the second heir of the Earl of Lichteny! I’ll say it again, there is no need for outside forces to meddle in Carnus’ affairs!”

“Hoooh. A second son of an Earl of Carnus seeks to overthrow the control of a Knight Captain’s Duty outside of the country. That’s an interesting proposition.”

Dobin-san finally interjected, and the Captain’s attention turned to him.

“Keep your half-folk trickery out of it! Even if the Knight Captain has his Duty, I am the one being entrusted with guarding Sir Baronet! There is no-“

At a creaking sound, all eyes turned towards the entry-way door of the little house.

“Captain Willem, I expected my afternoon guests to be shown in at this time. I had hoped you would have announced them to me when they arrived, however … this …”

“S-sir Baronet!”

The man in the entrance gazed out over the scene of a large, well-armored man towering over a slight woman and child-height man. It completely looks like bullying.

So … this is the Noble-sama? This man is the one I’ll be guarding?

“Sir Baronet, what are you saying? There was no notice of any guests beforehand!”

“Oooh~ how strange. I could have sworn there was a letter announcing their arrival. To think Captain Willem, who takes it on himself to screen my mail, would have missed it.”

Sooomething in that wording sounds off, and the Captain’s face has turned completely pale.

“Th-that … at any rate, your guard was not informed of –“

“I see. I apologize for your lack of knowledge, but I hope it won’t become a reason for you to impede me and my guests.”

Though the Noble-sama was smiling and talking pleasantly, everyone heard the barbed threat in his words.

“I apologize for the delay. Please, proceed inside.”

Without waiting for the Captain’s response, the Noble-sama opened the door and waved the four of us inside.

I don’t think anyone else heard it, but I was closest to Dobin and heard him mutter,

“No wonder Sir Knight Captain wanted an outside party to protect him, if he has this sort of relationship with his guards.”

There aren’t any servants inside, just a long, narrow, creaking entryway with a few doors leading off to some rooms. This man led us through it into the back.

As we followed him, Ragnall leaned over and whispered,

“Why didn’t you just use a Barrier? It would have been much funnier.”

“…That … didn’t want to … provoke … counterattack.”

There’s a lot going on, swimming around in my head, so I’m barely able to get my thought across to Ragnall, but using magic or directly defending against the Captain’s push might have been seen as a hostile move, right?

But really … this is …

I follow the rest of them into a small room for receiving guests, a little dazed.

After Minerva, Ragnall, Dobin, and I entered the room, the Noble-sama shut the door behind us. He then muttered something quietly … ah, it looks like something similar to Sound Barrier.

Ragnall reacted to the flowing of magic, but when he shot me a look I gave a light, casual shrug and he didn’t move. I’m glad he understood that I knew it was a harmless magic.

“Now then.”

The Noble-sama turned towards us with a considerably lighter smile than he had when dealing with the guards. He looks us over, but especially me.

I finally come back to reality.

“Seimei … ossan?”

“Don’t call me ossan! I’m not 35 yet!”

“But doesn’t that mean you’re almost 35?”

“Nnnnnngh… Jun-kun, you’re being mean…”

There, standing before us, is a light-brown haired, 30-something year-old version of the Seimei-shi I had met in-game, a little over 2 months ago.

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<A/N: I … finally made it to this point… finally … story … moves … forward… after 50+ chapters … orz
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    1. By amazing pace I mean the rate of publication, just to clarify. seems like it’s been going faster this past week or two than ever before!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter and i kinda knew that the noble would be one of the two that came with her but i thought that would be the best friend now i want to know why he is older does this mean that their point of entry was not the same and maybe the friend don’t even came yet ?


    1. Or is it his true form!? Chapter 2 mentions that his character looked modified. Age could be one of those, and with the warp he reverted to his original age!? So many possibilities! Can’t wait for the next one 😢

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  2. yay! finally! your pacing is fine, so don’t fret.

    I had worried about whether or not I had accidentally said anything that will put me at a disadvantage at any time “berfore”…

    “I see. I apologize for “you” lack of knowledge, but I hope it won’t become a reason for you to impede me and my guests.”

    After “the” Minerva, Ragnall, Dobin, and I entered the room, the Noble-sama shut the door behind us. He then muttered something quietly … ah, it looks like something similar to Sound Barrier.
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  3. Thanks for the chapter! I, for one, didn’t expect this development. But, cool! Plot advancement!

    “I firmly placed a between Minerva-san’s shoulder blades and spun her around once.” Placed a what?

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  4. The joy of forgetting To read, then read 3… just to fond that a 4th is posted just as 3 is finished… and a 5th appears on the following morning… and what a superbe chapter.

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  5. Thanks for the Influx of Chapters!!!
    your pacing of the story is fine (you could go slower or a little faster with the pacing and it would still be fine), and you are posting a lot of chapters in quick succession please don’t overwork your self.


  6. Wait, there was a discrepancy in their arrive times 0.o Because Seimei wasn’t that old when they first met, and he (as a Noble-sama) was said to rise in the ranks… Jeeze, of all the chapters to catch up on…


    1. It’s very likely to be a discrepancy in their time of appearance, considering Seimei’s backstory apparent.

      However, was Seimei’s age ever confirmed to begin with? He may be a gamer – but so is A Certain Ossan (OVRMMO). Earth also modified his character to look younger, and it’s canon that you can even fake your appearance-gender in this story’s character creation. We only know that Seimei is Masaki’s friend in a game, when you get right down to it.


  7. Well that was unexpected this is the friend of the friend right? So plot advancement I wonder if Jun knows what that is.

    I see that their is temporal discrepancy between their time of arrival. Hopefully the other character who I forget the name of from the beginning didn’t come here several hundred years ago and pass away of old age…


  8. Could it be the timing of entering the competition server that has them years apart? Anyway thanks for the chapter. I’m really looking forward to finding out what happened to the other ‘Killing Machines’ party members and their opponent’s. Are they copies of the players, the players themselves, or stuck in the game? That kind of stuff. Thanks again! Keep up the good work!


  9. So… If glass blocks magic, can a glass mirror reflect illusions?
    Would eyeglasses see through magical deception but prevent the sensing of magical effects being formed?
    If so, would the same thing work if you mixed beetle shells with crystal?
    Would this make monocles super-effective?
    Would a top-hat mage of glass render one immune to mental effects?
    Perhaps glass slippers would resist magical terrain effects?
    Something something glass waist-coat and jacket something something reaching-too-far something?


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