OVRMMO 065: After All, a Single User is Unable to See Through the Entire World

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

After All, a Single User is Unable to See Through the Entire World

With the fight with the Lesser Liches over, we’re in the middle of taking a break while all members recover.
Of course, this break holds significant meaning for recovering game HP and MP, but it also holds significance in letting the players themselves rest. Both in here and in their actual bodies, the 6 people are taking deep breaths.

“I saw it up-close and all, but the Oil’s blaze is amazing as usual …”

Rona muttered absentmindedly. Though she had escaped the area of effect, this time, the one who was closest to the blaze when it burst into flames was her, after all.

“If you had that, then you should have been using it from the beginning, desuno!”

Eliza raised that objection, but let’s ignore that.
First of all, the ores in the mines around Nexia are becoming depleted, which means I can’t mine Exploding Ore, and on top of that, to be able to get it to flare up, when compounding Enhanced Oil I have to sink quite a bit of MP or the Quality will fall to inferior and it won’t catch fire well; this makes it difficult to mass produce. Though I don’t have any intentions on telling her about this matter.
If I put body and spirit into it, then during compounding, I’ll be blessed with the large amounts of MP I sink into it, I bet.

“Unfortunately that battle just now reduced my supply by half. I don’t carry around a lot.”

Anyway, I’m only going to tell her this much. There’s not a lot so I can’t randomly use it; it’s not like you can’t figure out what I’m implying with that, na
Both coming up with it and making it is difficult, but you’re a genius right?
I suddenly remember the 1 time I tried to teach people the way to make weapons and tools in a previous game and was told that, and it hurts my chest a little.
It’s true, by thinking, ‘can’t I make this sort of thing’ and taking the chance to make it, certainly I’ve produced a lot of things that worked, but … just because of that you’re going to sweep away the painful hardships and efforts I put into it with the word ‘genius’? Don’t screw around with me.

“Eliza, if you complain to Earth any more than this, right here and now we’re going to expel you from the party, the guild too.”

Zwei declared. Eliza immediately said, “I won’t say anything, I won’t say anything else, so …” and became frightened; Zwei, sorry for making you play the bad guy; in my heart I apologized.

“Anyway, we’ve all recovered, right? We should get going.”

Reiji called out to the others and everyone stood.
I heard Zwei say, “Eliza, we’ll talk about today later,”… maa, that doesn’t really matter right now; right now, the work that needs Thief takes precedence; talking or whatever is some that will be done after we leave the dungeon.
… We found the stairs to the 6th floor quickly. At this point, it’s been 40 minutes; it’s the Lesser Liches fault that we’ve taken so much time.

The 6th floor down; we’ve finally reached our goal.
This 6th floor for some reason doesn’t have the excitement of Lesser Liches, it’s the skeleton-types as our main adversaries … though the Wraiths and Wights, the not-so-strong ghost types, ARE here.
By the way, from the 7th floor there’s Lesser Liches again, and from the 8th floor beyond, Liches are found normally wandering around.

“Well then, since we don’t have a lot of leftover time, let’s just defeat the Bone-sans we can~”

At Milly’s statement, all members nodded … now that we finally entered our target-floor, if we don’t go at it with gusto, we won’t be able to make our original objective.
By the way, it’s not just Soldier Skeletons, there’s Ogre Skeletons, that is large-sized skeletons, Skeleton Lancers, that is the ones that carry spears, and Skeleton Mages, that is the ones who use magic; there are actually quite variation of types greeting us.

Furthermore, if the Lesser Lich is the vanguard killer, these 6th floor skeletons are the magic-user killers. Their magic resistance seems to be quite high; magic attacks and elemental magic sword attacks are reduced by quite a bit.
However, instead their brittleness towards physical attacks is great, so against those who use physical attacks, it’s a delicious prey.
But that’s exactly what we’re looking for on the 6th floor.

Like they’re taking out their grudge from the 5th floor, Zwei and Reiji went on a big rampage.
The *clatter clatter* sound of the bones breaking apart echoed over and over as if sounds from an instrument. Reiji in particular; on the 5th floor, he practically didn’t fight because he was on defense, and as a result, he violently pulverized the skeletons with his one-handed axe.
Even if you say it’s because they’re weakest against axes, on this floor, Reiji was unparalleled in beating down the skeletons … the Wraiths and Wights that sometimes came by were defeated by Milly and Eliza; hindering the skeletons was me with my bow, as well as using whip to stop them, and Rona would then kick them apart with her grappling style.

Even when the dungeon’s strongest skeleton, the Ogre Skeleton, came, Reiji would ward it off with his shield and break its stance, and when it collapsed, Zwei would chop it up; afterwards, Reiji and Zwei would one-sidedly sink it while I watched <Danger Perception> to make sure there weren’t any surprise attacks, and that was about all the time we had.
It’s just enough time to go back and open up the leftover treasure chests.

You wouldn’t think this was a party that had such a hard time on the 5th floor, the way the top-two, Reiji and Zwei, were showing their peerless-ness until the time ran out; once we surpassed the time limit, all members were transferred to outside the dungeon.
If we had been able to get to the 6th floor even faster, we could have enjoyed this rushed time more leisurely, it’s just too bad.

And shortly after we were returned back to the surface.

Urgent Information
To all players, at this time, for continuing to enjoy One More * Freelife Online, we thank you very much.
At this moment, we have confirmed that the crushing of one of Secret Bosses from the Challenge from the Dead’s event has been completed.
As a result, at this moment a weapon category, [Wakyu1], has been added; Wakyu is Long-Bow’s advancement; it’s size is greater than Long Bow, but its attack power and range increases are the strengths that this weapon carries; for the full details, please wait for our official homepage to be updated.
I repeat …

Fumu, so one of Bow’s advanced weapons has been unlocked … it’s another thing that carries some peculiarities; wakyu’s large size is something that will be a pain, and handling it should also be a pain … but I’m sure there will be people that take up the challenge, so to each their own, I guess … and if it’s now, there isn’t the abuse towards people carrying bows.

Anyway, for now we’ll head back to the city to split the money and equipment we got our hands on.
In order to avoid conflict it’s standard to equally split the equipment before it’s identified; the reason for that is to avoid quarrels in case a magic sword came out. You hear the stories about how these kinds of fights destroy parties that have been together for a long time in an instant every once in a while.
Swords of this level are only able to be identified by Blacksmith crafters, or else it’s impossible; for me and my half-baked Blacksmithing, I can’t do it.

“Well, anyway, it’s good that we made it back safely; some unexpected things happened, but, anyway, it was a success!”

Zwei’s voice has returned to its usual frivolousness; inside the dungeon he was really tense, so it couldn’t be helped.
After this the party safely dissolved, and each and every one disappeared into the hustle and bustle of the city … although Eliza was getting dragged away by Zwei.
Myself as well, after I got the equipment identified and turned them into money (of course none of them were magic swords), in order to make food for the street stall, I went to retrieve my crafting tools. At that time.

fumu, Art thou Earth?”

That’s right, there was a person who called out to me.

[Wind-Blown Hunting Bow]Lv11
[Assaulting Kick]Lv21
[Small Shield]Lv 6
[Physical Ability Reinforcement]Lv31
[Chivalrous Thief]Lv21
[Fairy Language]Lv99 (Forced Acquisition) (Unable to be moved to Reserved Skills)

Reserved Skills
[Advanced Cooking]Lv4

ExP 4

Titles Possessed:  The One who Charmed Even the Fairy Queen, The One who Defeated a Great Foe Alone
His second name from other players is “The Fairy Queen’s Husband-san”

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  1. wakyu – an asymmetrical bow with the grip positioned 2/3s of the way down the bow from the tip. It is much larger than the western bow, and said to be the largest (standard) bow in the world. Nowadays it’s mostly used for kyuudo and shooting from horseback.

<T/n: Thank you JW Michael C, and Estelion for your donations!
Sorry, I know it’s a cliff-hanger, but I’m going to stick 63.5’s White Day extra in next. :/ >



  1. though there Wraiths and Wights, the not-so-strong ghost types, ARE here.
    though “the” Wraiths and Wights, the not-so-strong ghost types, ARE here.

    Good job and thank you


  2. Eh, so the annoying girl was a red herring? Then that’s for the better, the less she is important for the story, the less likely she is to come back…
    Anyway, thanks for the chapter!


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