OVRMMO 063.5: Extra Edition, The Day of White Day

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

<T/n: I am leaving 63.5 here between 65 and 66. You have not mistakenly come to the wrong chapter.>
A/n: Just saying … this has absolutely no relation to the main storyline.
Please read it with an empty mind and carefree spirit.

Extra Edition, The Day of White Day

It’s been over a month since Valentine’s; today is White Day. As for why they are holding a sports festival in the game for White Day … beat up your opponent, blow them away, get hyped up, it’s all good; at any rate, just try to come in first for an obstacle-course borrowing race … The title is [Return 3 Times the Love Beatdown]1.

It’s a harsh competition where you faint for a set amount of time once your HP is gone, a game where you can come back in however many times, just strive to be number 1.
Of course there’s a time limit, and all members getting disqualified due to mutual knockouts also occurs. Isn’t this event a failure?
Even though the people around say that, as soon as the Start occurs, the number of players who begin to hit each other is troublesomely large. Have the devs gone wild? Even though you say that.
Just to be sure, there is a reward type thing, but … for some reason, the ‘love beatdown’ is occurring an awful lot.

While those people are doing that, if you’re wondering what Earth is doing … he’s taking a nap. And it’s not just a normal afternoon nap … fox, dog, cat, wild piglet, wolf, etc, he’s surrounded by the types of Fairies you can cuddle.

Taking a nap in such a situation, here and there were other players staring at him enviously, and in places he’s unaware, the tale that Fairy Seducer’s abilities don’t disappear even after the title has vanished is being whispered about all over.

Such a blissful time also has its end. The Fairy Queen cometh … from the skies. And she descends just like that on a direct course. And as she draws close to the ground, she quietly descends by gliding … and all of a sudden charges towards the sleeping Earth with a dive.

“Let’s sleep together with me ~ … ebu-!?”

With the Thief Skill’s <Danger Perception> hard at work, he suddenly evades to the side, and it’s become the situation where the Fairy Queen face-planted into the spot she had intended to sleep in.

“- – Was that a new magic, or a new technique, or what was that …?”

Murmuring this is … the Fairy Queen lying face down on the ground and *piku piku* twitching, convulsing? for a short while.

“Why did you dodge!”

… This isn’t something you can say, naa, that it was because <Danger Perception> was showing the same warning as when it finds the dungeon’s absolute worst instant-death traps …
Un, actually, dodging was the right choice. While stroking the fox Fairy he was hugging, he thought that.

“Rather than the person who evaded a sudden attack, the attacker being outraged is unreasonable…”

While responding like that, he pet the wild piglet Fairy too. Its fuzz is soft and warm, naa.

Uu-, today is White Day desuyo!”

He understood that, it’s just that he doesn’t have anyone to return the favor to so with a leisurely feeling he gave the Fairies cookies, and after that he had been cuddling them, and then they went horizontal.

“I know, but I didn’t get any chocolate, so excuse me from returning the favor by 3 times, naa.”

He responded like this, but the Queen completely wasn’t listening at all and was poking the Fairies near her, saying,

“If you want to cuddle so much, why won’t you come to me!?”

For some reason, she was teary-eyed and grew fox ears, and put out 9 fox tails.
Aa, come to think of it, she was formerly a fox spirit before her evolution, maybe even the Inari type naa.2

“I don’t have any requests for things from you! I just want you to pet me, care for me, and then after cuddling, get married!”

As always, she puts in that last weird one, this girl.

“And why did that word ‘marriage’ come out … and anyone who would cuddle a girl just because she grew a tail right in front of others is just a HENTAI3, I bet…”

Well, he’ll admit it’s cute naa. As you might expect, he’s not a gentleman on the path of such inclinations; if he entered that path, it would lead to a forbidden world.

“If you’re going to add so much, in the first place, I don’t have a reason to give a return gift to you …”

After he said that, the Queen crumpled over with a sorrowful face. Her 9 tails and fox ears *enyan* lost their strength and wilted; she’s really easy to understand, na.

Uu-, you said it, the number 1 thing you shouldn’t point out … if only the event came out sooner … no, if only I had gotten around to meeting you sooner …”

Grumbling while drawing the character [の] on the ground, she kept *glance glance* looking at him.

“- – don’t say bad things, hurry up and go back.”

Hearing those words, all of a sudden the Queen’s face looked like she’d been thrown into a cold, cruel world.


But it’s not like he was trying to be mean when he said it … and as to why.

“Look. Around us.”

While holding his head, he told the Queen.
Alright, so here’s a question: A character that has only been seen in an event as suddenly appeared during an event, speaking and making a fuss; now what do you think will happen?

The answer is – – Tons of people will gather.

When he was quietly sleeping there shouldn’t have been that many people in the neighboring area, but just with the Queen raising her voice and making a fuss, is it a new added event?
is how it naturally progressed to players gathering. And that was something the Queen completely didn’t realize. From here and there was “Seduction?” or “Aa, it’s a married couple’s comedy routine?”

Whispered conversations with the contents that made him want to yell, “No, it isn’t!” could be heard directed in their direction.

“Do you get it? – – come later; if it’s cookies, I’ll prepare some for you, so …”

Having people gathered to this extent, it’s not a napping spot anymore … his sleepiness has also be blown away. He made that compromise to urge her to go home, but …

“Don’t go back!”
“Let us look at you a little longer-!”
“Let us take screenshots, screenshots!”
“I wanna talk to you-!”

— and the like was being said to the Queen, of course. Ma, it can’t be helped.

“And so, with that, I’m going to head back to town first, so see you later.”

So saying, he quickly retrieved his shoes and headed back to town.

“H,hang on, that’s not the problem right now!? Don’t touch weird places! I understand, I understand, so calm down! If it’s just for a little bit, I can talk with you!”

Is what you can hear the Queen saying; this seems like something else that will be troublesome. If she can get away, we can have cookies together and I’ll put on some black tea and listen to some of the cute requests she might have.

A/n: Because this is an Extra Edition, there is no Skill Writeup.
Thought of for 1 minute, planned for 2 minutes, and written in about 40 minutes.
Because of that, maa, it’s the best to read this freely and comfortably.

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  1. Literally, the ‘the return is 3 times the bludgeoning love’. I tried to make it more Title-y sounding in English.
  2. A Japanese mythical fox spirit is actually called a youko. Inari is the goddess (or god depending on tale, but mostly depicted as female) of the harvest, and traditionally silver youkos are her servants, but Earth is saying that the Queen was prob on the same level as one of Inari’s foxes, not about her color.
  3. Actually in alphabet, so … left it as such. For those who don’t know (though I suspect most do), hentai means ‘deviated from the norm’, aka, a pervert.

<T/n: Thank you landvaarder and DB for your donations!
The author switched from narrator to 1st person somewhere in there, but since I couldn’t figure out exactly where, I just kept it all in narrator pov until the last sentence, which was more obviously in 1st person pov.>



  1. WTF!? Hentai!? No you wrong, that is bless you know, the bless from the queen and the last of her request just grab it you dumbass. I know you in RL just a NEET so just start your second life in there like the name the game dammit.


  2. Earth dodge the Fairy Queen: “because was showing the same warning as when it finds the dungeon’s absolute worst instant-death traps …”

    Considering what the Fairy Queen always ask, did start warning at the danger of marriage? 😛

    The first time Earth meet her she forcibly put a cursed ring that can’t be unequiped in this ring finger and some times can summon her. She is a total stalker! xD

    Who know what kind of other item can force him to equip? Who know if there is a automagic marriage item? |o|

    Thanks for the translation klinH.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. … when I was reading the comments, I suddenly realized that “devs” is short for “developers” OTL

    It only took me less than 70 chapters!!!!!!!

    Thanks so much for this fluffy chapter!!!! Looking forward to Valentine’s Day for Earth next year~~~ XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ah… actually, it’s my bad for choosing to use jargon without explaining what they mean. Sometimes I should sit down and think about whether or not something would make sense to someone who hasn’t played a lot of mmos

      Liked by 1 person

      1. nooo I figured they were like GM’s or something? The people in charge~ But I was often thinking… “why are they DEVS?” XD XD XD and then… the realization *knocks head*


  4. Hmm, I can see what sort of internal strife there’s going to be in Fairy Kingdom soon.
    All these interlopers badgering in on Queen’s Consort… High Treason!


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