OVRMMO 071: The Fairy Queen’s Verdict

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

It’s opportunism time.

The Fairy Queen’s Verdict

Completely different from usual, or more like she’s bringing back the dignified ambience from the first time we met, the Fairy Queen.  That I thought, ‘I wish she’d be like this rather than how she is usually, naa’ is something that I will keep to myself.

“Today … there’s a matter that as arisen that must be conveyed you no matter what, therefore together with my subordinates we have come forth … let us talk in that house over there.”

So saying, she pointed at a vacant house and proceeded to walk there.
I guess I can’t NOT follow, huh … Entering the house, the Queen, myself, and the 6 subordinates sat down in chairs, and a weird atmosphere followed.

“N? What’s that weird feeling?”

How to say it, it was a feeling like the world slithered a bit, a bit of a bad sensation.

“My apologies; from now on, this discussion absolutely must not be heard by anyone else, so we have deployed a barrier.”

I see, it’s one of those abilities that players can’t use…

“Of course, we are also prohibited from excessively passing this around, but this time the developers(masters) have bestowed upon us their permission, so allow us to convey this information.”

This serious Queen I haven’t seen in a long time … when she’s like this, she’s quite the beautiful woman.

“- – To go to this extent is … Let’s hear this critical information.”

So it’s something pretty big … and for the devs to approve of its declassification, it’s become quite the troublesome thing.

“– Then without further preface … I’m really very sorry, Earth-san, but you … will never be able to contract with a Fairy, ever…”

… What?

“- – You mean, all the Fairies hate me that much?”

That’s what I asked the Queen, but the Queen’s 6 subordinates shook their heads side to side. And the Queen said, “If that was the case, then there would be no purpose for us to come here and raise a discussion.”

“During this time when the path to the Fairies’ Country is opened, since you are an acquaintance, we were thinking that when you come to our country, we would provide you with a Fairy to contract with.”

Fumu. I nod, urging her to continue.

“For that contract Fairy, we intended to make it one of my 6 subordinates that are here right now. Your situation isn’t one where you quarreled and was split off from a Fairy, and  if it’s you, who has been involved with many Fairies up until now, we were thinking that for a strong contract Fairy, the ones next to me had the qualifications.”

I see, so they’ve been making preparations, huh … then why?

“However, this matter was leaked out to the citizens of my country.
… And with that, large amounts of the Fairy citizens of my country stormed the royal palace, saying ‘I want to be Earth-san’s contract Fairy’. Among the ones who came mobbing, without caring about their high or low statuses(the evolution kind), are also many Fairies who just think it’s a pain to remain in the country and just want to roam around.”

With a weary face, the Queen told me about the state of things from that time; it must have been truly chaos.

“Truthfully, 80% of the Fairies have hopes of becoming your contract Fairy. = = And as a result, the situation has become such that, if you chose any single one as your contract Fairy, it would cause a huge mess in the Fairies’ Country.”

At that point, one of the subordinates, a girl with long, water-colored hair, opened her mouth.

“With it becoming like that, there is no longer any way for us to forcefully quell the unrest.”

Next, a man with short, yellow hair opened his mouth and continued.

“And therefore, we came to the decision that was bitter even for us … however if we did not do so, the chaos would only grow.”

And once again the Queen opened her mouth.

“I may be a Queen, but a Queen only exists because of her country’s citizens. Therefore, although I’m the Queen, I cannot take any actions that go against the will of my people.”

And with that, the Queen’s 6 Fairy subordinates all lowered their heads towards me and said together, “Our apologies.”

“If it’s something like that, then I guess there’s no helping it …”

An unbelievable situation that has developed in unseen places has been revealed … this certainly shouldn’t be something that reaches other players’ ears; the citizens of the Fairies’ Country has such distinctive AI?
And further more, it seems like it’s possible for them to move in ways not dissimilar from a country in reality, but there hasn’t been any announcement (could they have no intention about announcing it?) regarding that.
Exactly how far are they going to take the ‘another life’ thing with One More?

“- – As you will not have a contract Fairy, Earth-san, your journey and battles will be difficult. When it comes to fighting monsters that our powers could drain away their strengths, your fights will be difficult. Even so, are you alright with that?”

Well, this too is just how life goes some time; if there’s even just one guy like this, it will be interesting. With that thought, I nod.

“- – You are truly a strange man. Then, at least let us convey a suitable power that we can to you. Naturally, the developers(master) have given their permission so you can use it in front of others; even if someone says something, please use it boldly.”

The Queen took my hand; there a white and black light shone forth, and then immediately sank into my hand.

“Before I explain this power, I will tell you a simplified version of part of our Fairy Country’s history. When the first generation Ruler of the Fairies was formed, for a time, we Fairies lived at peace. However, the 21st Ruler of the Fairies began to attack other races; these raids continued up until the beginning of the 64th Fairy Queen’s rule; Fairies have a longer lifespan than humans by far, so these raids were truly conducted for a long time.”

At this point, a female Fairy with black hair in a pony-tail continued the story.

“What her Highness has bestowed on you is from that time … it’s what our ancestors in the time of the invasion used in their bloody battlefields, a sure-kill technique; for the sword, spear, greatsword, one-handed axe, two-handed axe, bow, and magic, each and every one had such a thing.”

Next is a red, short-haired female Fairy who continued.

“In strict secrecy we have recreated them; they aren’t the techniques from that period. Certainly the actual techniques have great power, but it’s an extreme, brute-force type of technique that disregarded the invoker’s own life; there was no way we wished to replicate those things to that degree.”

A woman with green hair in three braids opened her mouth.

“The technique you were given is one of them, <7 Shooting Stars>, a technique that makes the best of your bow; after invoking the technique, before the passage of the time period you humans call 30 seconds, it is a technique that enables 7 arrows, [without missing even once, consecutively] strikes their target; once it activates, it is possible to deal large amounts of damage by hitting your opponent.”

The next person to speak is a man with silver hair slicked down.

“And the other one is <Sacrifice Bow>.
This technique especially is one that we should not fully recreate; after all, since the time of the warring period, when you loosed an arrow while using it, the one who used it didn’t [die], he was [decimated] … The current version of the technique feeds off of your lifeforce … that is, you call it HP? 90% of that maximum, and magic, that is MP, is reduced by 10%; on top of that, even your bow becomes sacrificed in the process; in other words, it is very nearly a suicide technique.”

The Queen followed it up.

“In using that, your life and magic fill up and heavy feelings overlap in your bow, and for one shot it becomes something that is as near a replica of a god weapon as possible.
An arrow shot after bringing forth that bow could punch through even the most ferocious dragon, but … exactly how much power it can have now is something even we don’t understand, and so please do not use it until a time where you truly have no other options. The HP and MP lost will gradually be regained when you are out of combat and quietly resting, so do not worry about that.”

It’s strong so the penalties are also big, as well as that [heavy feelings].
In other words, it’s a technique that you should only try out if you’re at the point where you are even willing to throw away your favorite weapon.

“Roger. I will set <Sacrifice Bow> aside and train to use <7 Shooting Stars>.”

The Queen said, “Please do so, <Sacrifice Bow> is far too dangerous,” as well, and the 6 subordinates also nodded in agreement. From here on, I really will be the only person who travels a different path … even so, I guess this is also life.

“Please keep this matter secret. And then, when the path to the Fairy Country opens, please, definitely come to visit; I, as the Fairy Queen, along with everyone else will give you a grand welcome first thing.”

The Queen’s stiff expression loosened and she smiled … a beauty different from her usual self was revealed.

“I definitely will at that time. Well then, if you are all returning, then I will hand over some souvenirs.”

Souvenirs? Every one of the subordinates tilted their heads.
But, when I began bringing out food that I had cooked myself, they became overjoyed with glee … As I thought, the Queen was bringing back the food and sharing it.

“The next time we meet will be in the Fairy Country, ne?”

In the end, I said that, but …

“It won’t be limited to just that, you know?”

Is what the grinning Queen … no, it’s what the green-haired, 3 braid girl Fairy said while smiling. The ambience the Queen had up until now flew off somewhere …

“Hang on, are you trying to steal a march on me!?”

She says, making a fuss. However the green-haired … that’s a pain, so 3-braid-chan calmly replies.

“If anything, I think that the Queen who has been monopolizing him until now is the unfair one.”

She said, refusing to give in. This appearance really can’t be shown to other players, naa. In the end, the stiff atmosphere from before was broken up like that.

[Wind-Blown Hunting Bow]Lv12
[Assaulting Kick]Lv22
[Small Shield]Lv 6
[Physical Ability Reinforcement]Lv31
[Chivalrous Thief]Lv21
[Fairy Language]Lv99 (Forced Acquisition) (Unable to be moved to Reserved Skills)

Reserved Skills
[Advanced Cooking]Lv7

ExP 4

Titles Possessed:  The One who Charmed Even the Fairy Queen, The One who Defeated a Great Foe Alone, Liberator, ???
His second name from other players is “The Fairy Queen’s Husband-san”, Chef of the Battlefield-san

A/n: The 6 subordinates’ hair colors indicate their elements.
This time as well, what Earth learned is capable of being acquired by other players through quests, but the difficulty is much higher, though.

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<T/n: This was actually fun to translate because I didn’t read this part in the manga. When I saw the text blobs in the manga, I just went … eh … I’ll just wait and translate the WN later.
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  2. Well, I guess that explains why there some sites with a ton of likes, but empty comments sections. This rarely affects me, that I notice, since I don’t often comment, and where it happens i expect it to need moderation.

    Anyway, thanks for the translation, this was another great chapter, if only the Queen could have kept up the “regal” act, she almost had him signing the marriage papers…


  3. “- – You mean, the all the Fairies hate me that much?”
    “- – You mean, all the Fairies hate me that much?”

    The Queen to my hand; there a white and black light shone forth, and then immediately sank into my hand.
    pointed to?

    90% of that maximum, and magic, that is MP, is reduced by 10%
    don’t you mean “to 10%”

    good job and thank you


  4. Why couldn’t he have the queen as his contracted fairy… She already there most of the time… Also she’s his wife, and going by the rules of a good kingdom, the king rules but does not govern, I find not much wrong with her leaving the administration to people she could trust… Also, who wants to see how many times he uses the sacrificial now technique even though he is told not to, and how many people will keep questioning how he is so op on the forums, and moreover when they release dragon mounts, whom I assume are the dragon race that have not been implemented yet, and this thing happens again causing a huge Deja vu moment leading to him getting some more op skills, also , these are not spoiler, they might look like spoilers, and I would be very happy if they are true, they are not spoilers but srsly, would dragon mounts come out, or maybe some other types?


    1. Dragons are more human shaped than anything, Ossan already saw one… So no flying mounts (heck, I wouldn’t even be surprised if the VRMMO go the no fast travel approach, it’s the craze at the moment in korean MMO, which I don’t personally dislike), no fying anything will be available.


    2. Also, to keep the existence of AAI a secret from the majority of players, devs would surely never accept their prototype to be always seen.
      (And you forget the fact that a fairy queen is a fairy that via using a contact grew strong and can’t be never again contracted)


  5. No partner in real life and no partner in virtual life, that’s incredibly depressing. Honestly having a companion in this laid back series would be better than trying to be op. What a waste.


    1. I’ll have to disagree with that. The skills he obtained have limits that prevent him from abusing them, his victories come from skill and ingenuity rather than raw power and op skills, and for the most part he just does his own thing regardless of whatever updates or events come up. Plus, not once was it said that Earth was lonely in real life and from what little that’s been shown, he seems to be doing just fine.


      1. Not being particularly lonely and not desiring some form of companionship are very different things, though.

        It’s quite apparent that Earth WANTED to contract a fairy for himself. In particular one that was fluffy that he could relax with. XD

        I’m not sure why they didn’t just do a lottery…and fix the lottery so he at least gets a STRONG spirit, heh. There’s corruption in almost every government that exists, after all…why should the fairies be any different?! =p


  6. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    he got the high end Skill set from not being able to contract a fairy?! Not a fair trade! waifu is better than fairy desu!


  7. thanks k.linH…

    well translated as usual.

    Earth is…. Earth-like… as usual.
    and the Fairy Queen… is much more serious than usual… very interesting.

    and with regard to the manga, I read it there… but, as usual it makes much more sense here.

    best regards!


    a typo:
    we are also prohibited from excessively this around,
    –> there seems to be missing a “using” or “to use” or “to cast” or something

    after all, sin the time of the warring period, when you loosed an arrow while using it,
    –> since?


  8. [The Queen to my hand;]
    She took his hand.

    [sin the time of the warring period,]
    Sin is a whale. Should be “in” or during.

    I swear the #1 requirement for joining the One More Life staff is being a heavy S…

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  9. If not for the fact the Earth can’t get any fairy at all, I would have said ‘Earth’s Fairy Harem!’

    Course if that did happen, the Fairy Queen would fight tooth and nail to reduce it as much as possible if not all of the ones vying for Earth.

    …I can’t recall, but does the Fairy Queen have an actual name? I can’t recall if she ever had one ATM.


  10. Man, this feels kinda like earth lost more than he gained. He loses something that everyone is expected to have, and as such, a number of enemies are designed to be fought with fairy companions, and in return for something that is very difficult to obtain, but is practically suicidal to use.


  11. What I find… meh was the author’s note that everyone else -could- acquire the skills Earth was gifted via Quests. Sure, he has a bit of head start on that, but knowing gamers, even if the quest-line isn’t leaked to walkthrough sites, more than enough people would be willing to grind anything and everything quest-like to find out stuff others don’t know, and thus inflation will eat away this ‘unique reward’ for ‘unique handicap’. And worst-case for Earth, the quest-line gets leaked and everyone has his trump-card in few weeks.

    I doubt the author will do that, but the possibility just tells me the author doesn’t really understand games and gamers as well as they pretend to.

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  12. Ah, another thing I forgot. I think doing a swap on Developers(masters) to Masters(Developers) would ‘feel’ better, giving the world more immersive athmosphere.


  13. dude u can pretty much win a one sided game vs most melee mains and certain mages jump + fly can give you the space for the 30 window then just use 7 shooting stars or most arts beside sacrifice pole he’ll be a drone or a helicopter in this game then


  14. Just two skills which has a cooldown, has no growth and takes up valuable time in a battle to use, one of which requires a great sacrifice to use doesn’t make up for a fairy who grows stronger after every battle, gains skills and thinks for itself for the most part. I’m starting to loose some of the enjoyment I has for this. The more I read, the more that feeling of annoyance buzzes at the the back of head.


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