OVRMMO 075: Finally we Begin Hunting

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

A/n: At last it’s a battle after entering Fairy Country.
Because of the immediate parade he was traveling by sky, after all.

Finally we Begin Hunting

“Excuse me-, I’ve subjugated 8 High Rabbit; please confirm it.”

Right now I’m at the southern fortress town.
In the place I’m at, the 1st floor is both a bar and a place that handles requests and the 2nd floor is an inn (I only found out about it later, but in the Fairy Country, it seems this is the standard layout for an inn).
I have accomplished 1 of the requests that was presented here, the request [Please subjugate 8 High Rabbits; we have been troubled since they are destroying our crops].


The reason I chose the southern fortress town was because the north has the most players, and the east and west will most likely eventually have people flowing into them, so that’s the only reason I chose the far-away south.
Actually, I had timidly peeked at the forums, and the video of the place where I had gotten on the Pikarsha and flown off was completely captured and uploaded, and because of that, the mails that ask questions of the nature, ‘How do I get that bird to let me ride it!?’ came in droves.
In that kind of situation, if I carelessly go out in front of people, I can clearly see me being caught in an instant and barraged with questions; and so right now I’d like to preserve my state of just living while hidden.

By the way, the one who transported me here was also the pikarsha.
It was great that I had made up my mind to go south, but now how should I leave the Royal Capital; while I worrying about that in front of the gates, *step step* it came walking over here.
Thinking it was useless I asked, “I’d like to go to the city attached to the southern forest but … I guess I can’t ask for a ride?” the pikarsha gave a small “Kyui♪,” cry and knelt down; in other words, “I can give you a ride,” is the response it gave. The Fairy gatekeeper went, “E? EE!? The pikarsha is voluntarily giving someone a ride!?” and was surprised, so it must be quite the rare scene.

It’s a distance that, if I walked, would have taken me who knows how many hours, but it was a 10 minute sky journey when transported by the pikarsha.
When I gave it 5 pieces of rabbit kara’age, it joyfully ate them.
After that, the pikarsha took to the skies again, probably heading back to the Royal Capital.


And then, since I arrived at the southern fortress town, the first thing I did was hunt out an inn; from now on this will be my base while adventuring.
Finding a comfortable-looking 2-story inn, when I entered it, with the first floor being a bar, it was a scene where there were all sorts of Fairies drinking and having fun.
I quickly head towards the counter and called out to the female Fairy that I think is the proprietress of the bar.

“I beg your pardon, but would you be the owner of this establishment?”

Immediately, “That’s right … ara, a human, how rare,” is the response that came back.
When I asked the question, “Are there any rumors of interesting requests?”, I heard, “If it’s requests, then there’s all sorts posted up here but … are you an adventurer?”

And when I said, “Ee, maa, I’m something like that; are there any that coincide with monsters that can be considered comparatively weak in this area?” she responded, giving her recommendation, “Then, here we have one for subjugating 8 High Rabbits; would that be alright with you?” and so I took the request.

By looking around outside for High Rabbits for a little bit, I immediately found them.
No matter how much they’re seen as existences that that completely destroy the fields and chew on the crops, contrary to their appearance they are quite strong, like Fairies of average strength would not be able to trade blows with them.
Wandering, strong Fairies will come and take the request, or in extreme shortage circumstances the one responsible for the fortress will send soldiers to lead the subjugations; this is what the bar’s proprietress told me.
You can think about the wandering Fairies like adventurers in Luna○ic ○awn.1

Let’s quickly use <Stealth> to launch a surprise attack with the bow and begin hunting.
It must be able to use magic to some degree if they say Fairies can’t fight with it, a monster that you can’t allow yourself to be fooled by its appearance.
Calmly set my aim towards the High Rabbit’s head and … shoot.
It screamed, “Pigi-!?” Alright, looks like there’s no problem with the surprise attack itself.
But for the HP not to have been reduced by even 50% surprises me; for such a small thing to have the same HP as a Bear.
A rabbit that is stronger than a bear, this really is fantasy na … then with that kind of feeling, let’s shoot off a 2nd and then a 3rd arrow.

And then, when I had cut the High Rabbit’s HP down to 10%, the High Rabbit’s movements clearly become dulled.
This is information posted on the forums, but when the Fairy Country patch was implemented, both players and monsters’ bodies will have their movements dulled when HP is reduced as a new specification; this is probably the results of that implementation.
Just when I was thinking I only needed 1 more arrow to end this, “Pi-rororo-!” a single cry came from the sky. What in the!?
As I was being wary, in a second I leapt to the side from where I stood.

Once I did so, from the sky a single, large bird aimed at and stabbed the High Rabbit with its claws, then carried the High Rabbit off. You gotta be freaking kidding me!
I fired off an arrow at the bird, but since I was anything but calm, the arrow was shaken, and then it flew off out of arrow range. I was able to confirm the name of the bird before it flew completely out of sight, but the name Thief Bird was what showed up.
I guess it’s the type of monster that snatches monsters driven to the brink of death for its own prey …

In other words, the High Rabbit itself is already strong, but I have to accept and deal with the Thief Bird that steals the High Rabbits that are on the brink of death; I did think that, although it’s an extermination of the weakest monster, the reward, 5,000Glo, was strangely high … but this is going to be laborious, na.
Though, now that I understand the theory behind it, I can also take measures to deal with it.

After driving another High Rabbit to the brink of death, I immediately expand my range of awareness.
For the second time, a “Pi-rororo-!” cry sounded and a Thief Bird stabbed the High Rabbit with its claws and stole it away.
I see, as expected, it’s a creature that specializes in a dive-bomb and steep ascent, but in the instant it stabs deeply with its claws its movements dull and it’s full of openings. So that means I should aim to shoot it then.

The third High Rabbit driven to the brink of death. And then, as I’ve learned, the Thief Bird comes.
And at the moment it dive-bombs to stab the nearly-dead High Rabbit with its claws … “Right, thanks for the hard work,” I invoked <Wind-Blown Arrow> and blasted through its body.
That 1 strike completely turned its HP to 0, and the Thief Bird shattered.
… As I thought, it’s an existence that’s too weak itself so it can’t do anything but steal as a method to get its prey.
If it was strong itself, it could strike with a head on assault and win after all, not to mention having the certain-kill strategy of dive-bombing from high up.
The fact that it doesn’t do that widely displays the proof that it’s a weak creature.

After that I only have to calmly hunt the 7 remaining High Rabbits and the Thief Birds that dropped by; there isn’t anything difficult about it.
Now that I understand that, not much time had passed and I had safely completed the request for the subjugation of the 8 High Rabbits; I pulled back to the inn, as well as getting back to the place when I can report the subjugation.

“You’ve already completed it!? I thought it would take you several days though…”

The female Fairy proprietress of the inn was startled. “Did the Thief Birds not make an appearance?” and I informed her that I shot them all down, “You’re quite the able body, ne,” she gave me her admiration.
I only just calmly observed my opponent to understand what to do though … although certainly, without a bow and arrow, it would be something quite difficult to do.
Presenting the subjugation proof of the 8 High Rabbits, which is both ears, I received 5,000Glo and safely completed my first job. Right then, next is to throw myself fully into cooking to be able to eat this delicious meat, ne.


[Wind-Blown Hunting Bow]Lv13 ↑1UP
[Assaulting Kick]Lv22
[Small Shield]Lv 6
[Physical Ability Reinforcement]Lv31
[Chivalrous Thief]Lv21
[Fairy Language]Lv99 (Forced Acquisition) (Unable to be moved to Reserved Skills)

Reserved Skills
[Advanced Cooking]Lv8

ExP 4

Titles Possessed:  The One who Charmed Even the Fairy Queen, The One who Defeated a Great Foe Alone, Liberator, ???
His second name from other players is “The Fairy Queen’s Husband-san”, Chef of the Battlefield-san

A/n: After a long time, it’s not the usual hunting experience, it’s the feeling of hunting the hunters.

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  1. Lunatic Dawn – an rpg series that have games with lots of freedom. I heard it’s more based on trpgs, but I haven’t played any so I can’t really say.

<T/n” Thank you Kirindas and MK for your donations!
So I only had 2 more chapters to catch up to the manga, and then they released more chapters. And as always, each chap of manga is several chaps of WN, plus there are a lot of extra chapters coming up, so no, I will not catch up with the manga any time soon. It is a losing battle, chief.
I wonder why I always delude myself that I will catch up … lol>



  1. At this point, it’s “The One who Charmed Even the Pikarsha” lol~

    Thank you for the chapter!!!
    Don’t worry!! You almost caught up with the manga! ^^
    Good luck!! (But don’t overwork yourself~)

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  2. you’ll get them, don’t worry…

    now, the difference is “only” 2.75 manga chapters… and they just posted ! (hopefully they won’t post 6 in a serie 3 chapters is already a lot)

    I’ll open a bottle on the day you pass the manga ^^



  3. sorry i’m late

    “Is there any rumors of interesting requests?”
    “Are there any rumors of interesting requests?”

    A rabbit that is stronger than a bear, this really is fantasy na … then with that kind of feeling, let’s shoot “of” a 2nd and then a 3rd arrow.
    A rabbit that is stronger than a bear, this really is fantasy na … then with that kind of feeling, let’s shoot a 2nd and then a 3rd arrow.

    I see, as expected, it’s a creature that specializes in a dive-bomb and steep ascent, but in the instant it stabs deeply with its claws its movements dull and it’s full of openings. So that means “it” I should aim to shoot then.
    So that means I should aim to shoot “it” then.
    So that means I should aim to shoot then.

    as well connecting to the starting place when I can report the subjugation.
    as well as connecting to the starting place when I can report the subjugation.
    not sure about this one

    good potato and thank potato(it kinda just happened)


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