OVRMMO 076: Even if the Location has Changed, what I have to Do has not

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

Even if the Location has Changed, what I have to Do has not

In order to cook, I borrowed the kitchen in the inn with the good will of the female proprietress.
No, well, initially I just asked if there was a place where I could cook, but … the proprietress of the inn said, “If a human cooks in the middle of town, it might give rise to chaos, I think,” and thus rebuked me; while thinking about exactly what I was going to do, she proposed, “Would you like to borrow the kitchen?”, and so I gratefully took advantage of her goodwill.
I paid 300Glo upfront for making use of it.
Even if she says it’s fine and she doesn’t need it, borrowing the place for free is something that’s too impudent for me to do.

First I thinly sliced the meat of the High Rabbits and Thief Birds, and with just a very little bit of salt and pepper sprinkled on, I grilled it.
If you don’t first know what kind of taste it has, you can’t prepare it well, so this is in order to get to know the original flavor of the meat … as soon as it was grilled through, I immediately tried eating it, and

“- – Delicious.”

That single word just leaked out. Even though it was sliced thinly, the meaty flavor was properly there, and on top of that, there wasn’t much gamy taste or smell.
This is one of those types of ingredients where, strangely, if you do too much to it, it will lose its tastiness.
In other words, if you boldly prepare it in a simple manner, then you will probably be able to cook something good.

I temporarily left the kitchen, stocked up on a bunch of ingredients, and then re-entered the kitchen once again.
With the Thief Birds’ meat, first, to start with, I’m going to simply make grilled meat skewers.
There’s a leek-like herb, although it’s called Reedo here, that would match well to making it leek-flavored by alternating it with the meet.
The flavoring strangely seems to not be enough, so I make a sauce with white and black pepper and just a tiny bit of lemon.
It’s not like I’m making something that will be served at a restaurant’s table, but it’s fine to make it somewhat more exciting.

That delicious smell of carefully grilled meat skewers filled the kitchen.
Uumu, it really gives you the feeling of wanting a beer, but I have to hold out right now.
Carefully watching its progress, I grilled the skewered stabbed Thief Bird meat; if it’s like this, even that hateful Thief Bird will lose that reputation.

And then the very first one is finished.

Thief Bird Skewers with Reedo

A dish where Thief Bird meat is stabbed with skewers and complemented by alternating it with Reedo and then grilled.
It has a flavor that seems like it would pair well with alcohol.

Quality 8; SPD increase (medium)

Right away a quality of 8, huh; like I thought, preparing it simply was the correct answer.
In the item description, it was even written that it pairs well with alcohol  … that’s readily available in the bar, so it might be a good idea to go have a pint.
And there’s even a SPD increase added … in this case, SPD does refer to speed of movement over ground, but it also includes the speed of your actions.
In other words, swinging a sword, how quick you move in order to begin evasion, how you fast you ready your shield … for that and more, it’s a very important stat.
And so, now that I finally found something that goes with alcohol, let’s grill all of it and eat while knocking back a pint, un.

Alright, so next is the High Rabbit meat I guess; what should I do to prepare it?
After thinking for a little bit, there’s some Thief Bird meat left over, so let’s use it in an experiment and try to test-produce a certain dish, a dish that is originally a mixture of pork and beef … the hamburger steak.

Even I think it’s a little rash to use poultry and rabbit meat, but it’s worth trying it out; lets make it with the assumption it’s going to be a miss.
The ratio is a combination of 30% poultry and 70% rabbit, and I mince it by wielding two kitchen knives and dicing it finely.
Even while I’m thinking, wouldn’t it be convenient to have a tool for this, wanting something I don’t have is a waste of time, so anyway, right now I’m dicing it rhythmically like clackackackackackack clackackackack with the kitchen knife.
After some time, after it finally came close to taking the form of mincemeat, I kneaded it thoroughly, kneading it with my fingers so that the poultry and rabbit was evenly mixed up; if you skimp on this, you won’t be able to make good hamburger steak.
Of course when I was kneading, I threw in salt and pepper, as well as some herbs diced finely, and an egg.

After it was kneaded, I molded it into an oval shape, and tossed it a few times from my left to my right hand *pon pon* like I was tossing a ball.
Sizzle~~ with a great sound, the hamburger steak was fried up.
Forgetting that here is virtual reality, I swallowed the saliva that was building up little by little in my mouth.
For a while, I piled the fried hamburger steaks one by one onto a small plate.

Now then, next I’ll make a sauce using the frying pan that the hamburger steak was fried in.
Wine, a crushed tomato-like vegetable, a little bit of sugar, and a grated, garlic-like herb were all tossed in, heated for a short while, and mixed.
Using the tastiness of the meat juices left behind in the frying pan, putting it on top of the hamburger steak like that will further the deliciousness. And so, putting the finished sauce on top of the hamburger steak, it was completed.

Rabbit Hamburger Steak

A hamburger made of a mixture of High Rabbit and Thief Bird meat mixed together.
It’s completely different from the traditional hamburger steak that humans usually make, but it isn’t bad because of it.

Quality 7

7, huh … it’s probably because I mixed the ingredients up, naa.
That said, because the Thief Bird meat was largely used up, it was method I couldn’t help but use this time.
Anyway, let’s go sample these …

First off is the skewers … un, it’s really delicious, this flavor; even though the Thief Bird is a bird that flies a lot, the flesh isn’t tough at all, so the more you chew it, the more the deliciousness seeps in. This one really is tasty; it’s irresistible.

Next is the hamburger steak … let’s see just what kind of taste this has …
Muu, this one isn’t too bad itself, na. It’s supposed to be a hamburger steak, but the flavor is, naturally, something I’ve never tasted before; but if you can wrap your head around the idea of it being a new dish, it’s more than delicious enough.
Since I was able to make a tasty dish right now, you can consider this a hit too, so let’s not think about it too hard; it’s for the best.

Thinking like that, I gathered up the dishes and went to stow them away in the Item Box, but.
Before I realized it, not just the proprietress, all the Fairies who should have been drinking merrily are staring intently in my direction.

“Looks like it’s done, na.”
“I want to try eating it, ne.”
“It looks so good.”
“Human food is really something else, ne.”

And the like, they were making a fuss … it’s almost like they had magic cast on them, naa … it can’t be helped, so I tentatively said, “If you’re willing to pay money for it, then should I sell it …?”

““““““I’ll buy!”””””””

And the Fairies voices were splendidly in sync.
In the blink of an eye, the food I cooked was swooped off one and all. The only thing left behind was a small mountain of Glo used as payment.

“So good!”
“It can’t be helped that you want more beer, ne!”
“That despicable Thief Bird is damn tasty like this, na.”
“To think the Thief Bird was this tasty!”
“Another beer please!”

— The impressions seem to be all favorable like that, but … I had all sorts of plans for the skewers … my shoulders drooped a little …
The skewers that I had secured for myself have been carried off in the blink of an eye; since I accepted money for it, if I complain anymore it would look unreasonable; I do know that it was my bad for not being cautious against this, but, aa, the fellows nearby who are drinking beer while eating the skewers, I don’t think I’ve ever looked at people with such envy before …
At times like this, things just don’t seem to go well.

[Wind-Blown Hunting Bow]Lv13 ↑1UP
[Assaulting Kick]Lv22
[Craftsmanship]Lv54 ↑1UP
[Small Shield]Lv 6
[Physical Ability Reinforcement]Lv31
[Chivalrous Thief]Lv21
[Fairy Language]Lv99 (Forced Acquisition) (Unable to be moved to Reserved Skills)

Reserved Skills
[Advanced Cooking]Lv9 ↑1UP

ExP 4

Titles Possessed:  The One who Charmed Even the Fairy Queen, The One who Defeated a Great Foe Alone, Liberator, ???
His second name from other players is “The Fairy Queen’s Husband-san”, Chef of the Battlefield-san

A/n: When food is made, appetites ever are about the same; that’s what this story is about.

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<T/n: Thank you Egg, Junior1210, and RS for your donations!>



  1. A dish where Thief Bird meat is stabbed with skewers and complemented by alternating it with Reedo and then grilled.
    A dish where Thief Bird meat is stabbed with skewers and complemented by alternating it with “Leedo” and then grilled.

    That said, because the Thief Bird meat was largely used up, it as method I couldn’t help but use this time.
    That said, because the Thief Bird meat was largely used up, it “was a” method I couldn’t help but use this time.

    good job and thank you


  2. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    “If you’re willing to pay money for it, then should I sell it …?”
    “““““““I’ll buy!””””””””
    *munch some meat skewers*

    Ps: hunting bow’s level up was from stocking up his supply right? But what happened to craftmanship? He havent made that meat mincer right?


    1. I think Craftmanship was explained as a catch-all support skill to all crafting skills (Woodworking, Blacksmithing, Cooking). Basically being overall skill at keeping the products neat, tidy and well-finished.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. apparently yes. the more you know, lol
      It just looked weird when I typed initially typed it, so I assumed I was wrong for typing “gamy”, but it is apparently the correct spelling


  3. Thanks for the chapter.
    It’s supposed to be a hamburger stake, but the flavor is, naturally, something I’ve never tasted before; but if you can wrap your head around the idea of it being a new dish, it’s more than delicious enough.
    It’s supposed to be a hamburger steak, but the flavor is, naturally, something I’ve never tasted before; but if you can wrap your head around the idea of it being a new dish, it’s more than delicious enough.

    Darn it, I just ate before I read this, and my mouth is salivating like crazy…
    If you guys think Queen is mad missing Earth cooking, you’re in for a spook in chapter or two…


  4. Thanks for the hard work on the chapter (as always)!

    …Did we have an explanation for what the “Liberator” title he’s gotten is? Is that from Andre…or something else altogether?

    It didn’t show up (along with the “???” title) until the chapter AFTER Dragon-chan was first actually introduced…so I’m guessing they both have to do with that? Guessing the ??? is totally “Dragon Seducer” or some crazy crap like that. XD

    Really, though…what’s the Liberator title, since we have no idea about the ??? one right now? =x


    1. No, the author randomly put in the titles and I didn’t notice until a while later.
      The Liberator title is from Andre, but the author forgot to put it in until a few chap later, and then I didn’t catch it right away
      The ??? is still unknown


      1. Ah, I see. I had a feeling it was PROBABLY from Andre, but I wasn’t sure.

        Either way…I’m gonna wager a guess that the ??? probably has to do with Dragon-chan. Totally calling “Dragon Seducer” or something like that. XD

        Either that, or it’s some hidden Fairy-related title that can’t be revealed to him just yet, because of the way the Fairy arc is going.

        I suspect we’ll probably find out what it is by the end of this arc, though.

        I do find it kind of ridiculous that all the magic and stuff he’s gotten BECAUSE HE CAN’T EVER GET A FAIRY (from the past few chapters, heh)…is something that others could get if they do the right quests. That means that he’s not really being rewarded much, tbh. Sure, he doesn’t have to do the quests…but eventually I’m sure that the others will gain this advantage as well, so then he’s back to “being the only one who doesn’t have a fairy”.

        I seriously think they should’ve just had a lottery and then “fixed” it so a strong one won for his Fairy. Either that, or they should’ve given him something that’s TRULY unique as a skill/ability/something like that. As it stands, he’s just getting ripped off, tbh…and it’s TOTALLY unreasonable on the management’s side, too. -_-


  5. Caudyr, I agree with you, and I think I raised the point earlier in some chapter, that it’s kind of jerk move by the Devs to ‘only’ grant these rewards.

    It’s like the author doesn’t understand that gamers will -always- find the way to figure out the hidden quest-lines, and then they become either public knowledge and anyone who wants will get them, or even required content that -must- be cleared to be allowed to parties at all.

    On the other hand, if it keeps being Earth who grabs all these ‘hidden’ rewards, I suspect he’ll have a fairy of his own when others figure out how to get these skills (although the spell is probably going to remain Unique for him among players…) I’m betting a farm on that by the time everyone else gets to the War Era Fairy skills, Earth is going to be one in charge of dispensing the skills, because his wife is too busy eating home-cooking at the Castle… 😀


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