OVRMMO 077: Farewell, Southern Fortress Town

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

Farewell, Southern Fortress Town

And so, for the next few days, I took requests to hunt High Rabbits and Thief Birds → I fashioned dishes from the spoils from hunting → I sold them to the sake-drinking Fairies → I enjoyed myself and drank with them; that’s the kind of play-cycle that came about.
Fortunately there is also sake with low alcohol content, and so while drinking that sake, I was able to have fun chatting with a large amount of Fairies everyday, but … I was unable to enjoy myself more than those 5 days; that is to say, it was too short.

It was a matter that occurred on the 6th day that came to the southern fortress town.

“Nee-san! Quick, hide Earth-san!”

Just when I thought a regular to the bar had suddenly come in, he let out an extremely panicked yell.
At that moment I was in the middle of receiving the reward for High Rabbit subjugation.

“That idiot daughter of the Chief of the southern fortress is coming this way! Hurry up and hide!”

After hearing that, the surrounding Fairies and the inn’s proprietress seemed to understand what was happening …

“Earth-san, quick, please hide under the counter!”

And so I was pushed in.
To go so far as to call her an ‘idiot daughter’ … or like, so she knows my name, na … I want time to think about this, but for now I’ll just stay completely hidden. And then, I think it was about 2 minutes later? the sound of the door to the bar being violently opened resounded.

“I heard that a human that makes strange food is here! Bring him immediately out before me!”

It’s a woman’s voice, but how it was said was very high-handed, na; so this is the one they said was the idiot daughter?

“I am terribly sorry, Ojou-sama. However, that person had departed from here yesterday.”

The proprietress immediately replied in no time at all; I see, they’re going to handle it by saying that I’m no longer here.

“ — I found out that he was here in this bar not too long ago, though? He left, in the middle of the night? Un? Nothing good will happen to you even if you hide him from me, though? Don’t tell me he’s refusing the honor of presenting food to this great me, na?”

So it’s attracted this person’s attention; what a pain. And to say ‘present’, it’s not like I’m making such formal things or something.

“I also told him that it would be dangerous, but … it seems like he said some business came up in the east.”

A silence fell.
I somehow have the impression that the two of them are probably staring daggers at each other, but right now my job is to not be found, so I can only stifle my breath.

“— East, was it?”

The idiot daughter(?) said.

“East is what that person told me.”

The proprietress said.

“— I see. Oi, collect information on all the travelers heading east! If he left at night, then this should be especially easy! To disappear without even presenting me his cooking, this is something that should never occur in this town after all!”

Leaving those words behind, I understood from the sound of the her footsteps that she was leaving. But, as soon as she left is still too soon; rather than taking a peek to confirm that she completely left and the surroundings are alright, it’s safer just to stay hidden. …. and so, 5 minutes later, “It should be okay now,” the proprietress called out to me.

“To think that idiot daughter has her eyes on you … Earth-san, I apologize for this.”

So saying, the proprietress lowered her head.

“— It’s okay, but … so you knew who I was after all, ne.”

To that statement, the proprietress replied, “Yes…” somewhat forlornly.
As for why she knew who I was but hadn’t called me by name so far, a notice had come to the proprietress; they were orders from officials requesting that even if you knew who I was, you were not to point it out.
On top of that, she didn’t see any signs of me wanting special treatment myself.
After watching for 2 days, she found it fun chatting with me, and so another reason surfaced.

“Now that this kind of thing has happened, although I’d like for you to stay longer”

I’m the same; adventuring here … I may not have said it, but the daily life was very fun.
The food that I make myself is delicious, and eating it while drinking sake is bliss.
It’s behavior that’s difficult for me in real life (in real life I’m exceptionally bad with alcohol), but here it became possible.
That damn idiot daughter … no matter what how the Chief of the fortress town spoiled his daughter, to allow her to do selfish things that greatly surpass the limits of what you can or can’t do without any discipline. Is that ok, person in charge of the fortress?
If you slight the citizens, nothing good will come out of it, you know?

“It doesn’t seem like I can stay any longer, and I’d like to not bring you trouble. I will leave immediately.”

I said that, but the guys around stopped me.
—- It looks like I won’t be able to leave well on my own, so everyone will cooperate to open the way for me.
When I asked why we had to do that, a drinking acquaintance who had just come into the store told me about the information that the idiot daughter’s private army wanders throughout the town.
You can’t make light of relationships made while drinking, na … the talk about leaving at night became confirmed, so since I had some time before nightfall, I said my goodbyes, although I had to give up on giving them food because the smell would give us away.

And after some time had passed, it was night; the escape plan was put into action.
That being said, it’s nothing to overblown; the acquaintances that I had gotten to know over drinking would distract the gazes of the members of the idiot daughter’s private army while I made my way out of the town; that’s all it is.
Here and there small talk about the state of the world began to pop up; in the moment the members of the private army directed their attention there, a Fairy guiding me through would gesture at that timing and teach me the way to go, so with that I walked through the town at night.
I’m leaving this city like this; it’s something I wouldn’t have imagined when I came here.

We somehow made it to the gates leading to outside the town, but of course there’s a gatekeeper.
We should probably expect them to be under the idiot daughter’s control; how should I get out … and because it’s night, the gate is shut so we can’t just force our way through.
I was thinking about that, but the guiding Fairy gave a beckoning gesture.
Even so, I’d like to avoid going out before the gatekeepers, but so far under his guidance I made it here without any trouble, so I’ll trust in him until the end.

“Earth-sama is it; at this time, we greatly apologize for this town’s embarrassment.”

Is what the gatekeepers said, lowering their heads.

“We are unable to offer you anything more than this; please, have a safe journey.”

They said that rather quickly, the gate was opened really just a crack; it’s a gap that only a single person could slip through.

“Including this, that idiot daughter has gone overboard too many times up until now. We will be going to the Chief after this and sending an appeal; when everything calms down, please, definitely come back to this town.”

They said that, and then with a, “Now, quickly!” I passed through the gate.

— Once I left the town, there a large-sized bear was waiting. A situation where yelling, “A monster right away!?” and putting myself on guard seems strange.

“Hurry and mount onto my back; your food is really tasty, so the least I can do is take you to the southern city further in more quickly, right? You’re in a hurry and have to get far away from this town, right?”

So it was a bear-shaped Fairy … I tentatively confirmed it with, “Is it really ok?” but he said, “I don’t mind, the gatekeepers already told me about everything; now, climb on,” so let’s obediently get on his back.

“Right, I’m on, so let’s go!”

After saying that, he replied, “Leave it to me!” and at that moment, and with quite the speed, the bear Fairy took off running. With footsteps that sounded deeper than a horses reverberating, we were gone from the southern fortress before I knew it. Clinging tightly to avoid being thrown off, when I turned my head to look back I couldn’t see the southern fortress anymore.
An adventurer is supposed to be something like migratory bird, but … it’s also something that has to have many lonely partings.

— Farewell, southern fortress town; farewell, Fairies in the south.


[Wind-Blown Hunting Bow]Lv13
[Assaulting Kick]Lv22
[Craftsmanship]Lv55 ↑1UP
[Small Shield]Lv 6
[Physical Ability Reinforcement]Lv31
[Chivalrous Thief]Lv21
[Fairy Language]Lv99 (Forced Acquisition) (Unable to be moved to Reserved Skills)

Reserved Skills
[Advanced Cooking]Lv10 ↑1UP

ExP 4

Titles Possessed:  The One who Charmed Even the Fairy Queen, The One who Defeated a Great Foe Alone, Liberator, ???
“The Fairy Queen’s Husband-san”, “Chef of the Battlefield-san”

A/n: It might have been a short time, but it’s necessary for him to leave the southern fortress town.

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<T/n: Thanks Egg for the donations!
Although they kept calling the dude, “man responsible for the fortress town,” like that’s his name, that became downright silly sounding in english so I substituted Chief in
I keep forgetting to say this: Isekai Izakaya Nobu has been picked up by xantandminions. A while ago. (I failed on being timely with this announcement. Sorry.)
I will make the appropriate adjustments and links to my existing chapters… at some time later.>



  1. Thanks for the new chapter! The reason for not just cooking the food is kind of vague, but the reaction of the spoiled daughter can be imagined I suppose. Probably a demand to be her personal chef and punishment for not getting her way.


      1. Eliza was the subordinate of a friend, so he held back, but he has nothing restraining him from talking back to some other spoiled brat…except her private army I guess…. You know what, she’s too much trouble to be around.

        Liked by 3 people

  2. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    *imagine the mountable bear from warcraft being ridden by earth*
    oh and author-san, shouldn’t the chivalrous thief skill raise too? it’s a stealth escape scene after all..

    ..and food conquers all!! *quickly escapes from hungry chaser*

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Leaving those words behind, I understood from the sound of “the sound of” her footsteps that she was leaving.
    Leaving those words behind, I understood from the sound of her footsteps that she was leaving.

    good job and thank you


  4. I…. Goodness, no matter where Earth goes, it’s always the scene of people gathering around his cooking. Poor man just can’t catch a break even when he isn’t in the player towns!


  5. thanks k.linH
    (not commented on wfb as it was good and nice and I had to escape quickly…)

    I find, for once, that the explanation on why he had to avoid the chief’s daughter was better explained in the manga than in the LN… here, the reason is somehow vague : “didn’t let me eat”… and the solution should have been easier than fleeing : give something to eat to the bothersome haughty girl..

    However I like it that most of the help to escape was due to “drinking buddies”… that’s nice.. and that level of detail didn’t appear in the manga.

    thanks again !

    That being said, it’s nothing to overblown;
    –> too overblown OR to overblow (does that verb exist??)


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