OVRMMO 77.2.5: Extra Edition: What is Everyone Else doing?

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

A/n: From riding a pikarsha to even riding a bear fairy.

Extra Edition: What is Everyone Else doing?

Information on the Fairy Country, Thread 57

44: And so, how’s it going lately? Bit by bit the people getting B Rank passes are coming out, though

45: But you still can’t go to the inner cities, so the meaning of getting them is pretty weak …

46: It’s because, other than the Husband who rode that huge bird, the fortress towns are your main places to conduct your activities, naa

47: Have there been anyone who’s seen him since THAT? I want to hear more on information about that bird.

48: I sent him a mail, but there’s no response. Maa, it’s probably impossible anyway, ne

49: I bet he gets tons of the same question, nee

50: He’s probably in the castle in the Royal Capital in the center of the country, na~

51: And then it’s the sweet, newly-wed couple’s life?

52: No way, if that’s what happened then the fairies should be making more of a fuss

53: I,it’s not like I’m jealous or anything, ne!

54: In some ways, that too is a hardship.

55: Recently taking requests at the town’s bar/inn has gotten fun.

56: Because Faust and Nexia are the types where you take the requests directly from the NPCs themselves na~; it’s a pain

57: Even though you’d be okay with those two cities if you didn’t know about the Fairy Country type.

58: It’s just, at the beginning, those High Rabbits tricked me.

59: Aa, I get you; the appearance is a rabbit without even a horn, so I thought I’d be fine, but it was really strong.

60: It’s basically a bear na, if we’re talking about strength.

61: It’s not as bad as a Wild Bear though. THAT is super dangerous beast.

62: Maa, taking those kind of quests, you can gather bits of their trust hear and there and get a B Rank visa na.

63: Even modest sums of money are tasty so the rewards are like getting two birds with one stone.

64: That is basic, but when it happens it’s delicious na, the Fairy Country.

65: Thief Birds are freaking annoyiiiiing!

66: A- … I understand well the agony; how many did they run off with?

67: Even though it’s not like it’s the first time the devs have been mean naa

68: Been borrowing a bow-user from the Apollo’s Bow guild to shoot them down, we have

69: A, I see, so if there’s a bow-user, then the possibility of shooting it down increases, huh?

70: Magic just won’t cut it, ne; you can’t catch up to their speed so they get away.

71: A normal opponent was more than enough, but against these run-away opponents, magic isn’t enough …

72: Magic being almighty is already a tale of the past.

73: The Apollo’s Bow guild’s Ayame-tan looks busy recently.

74: Hey! Don’t call her anything less than Ayame-ane-sama!

75: Right, right, ○z1 go do this somewhere else.

76: I’m not a ○z! This is purely love!

77: It’s scary that you don’t have any awareness of it

78: Okay, that’s enough. Other than Apollo’s Guild, there aren’t any other bow-user guilds coming into existence.

79: Whichever guild you look at, the ones where there are melee, magic, and bows all in one set have increased.

80: Their bad luck is already a thing of the past, ne

81: I’m cutting into the discussion, but I want to tell you what I heard about that bird from one of the Chiefs of the fortress.

82: I wonder where the Husband has got to

83: O, you heard something about that bird!?

84: *excited*

85: That bird is called a “pikarsha”, and it’s a guy used for transportation for flying in the sky; it can reach even the center of the country in under 10 minutes.

86: Heeeeeh!?

87: That huge span of land in 10 minutes is … I want to riiiiiiiide!

88: And continuing your information!?

89: And, that one has refused to even let many a generation’s Fairy Ruler ride it, it seems …

90: Even not letting Rulers ride; what the hell

91: Did you hear the conditions for it!?

92: There are three for the possibility of riding it; 1, the Fairy Ruler.

93: Maa, that’s how it is.

94: Well that, without the Ruler’s permission, who would be able to ride it?

95: 2, be an existence beloved by many fairies.

96: So the seducer

97: It’s because he’s a seducer, na

98: So that’s why he could ride it right away

99: So seduction is OK … that’s totally awful lol

100: 100 get. Um, and then the last of the 3 is that the person(?) himself, the pikarsha itself likes you, it seems.

101: 3 is the most likely possibility, na

102: Or like, it’s impossible if it’s not that one.

103: So we have a clear idea of it … wait, even if we say that, it’s not like we ever get to meet one.

104: Some times they’re walking around the town.

105: But, whenever you try to get close, they go into intimidation mode.

106: The path forward seems difficult, oi …


Fairy Country, Chamber of Official Duties

Fumu, that matter has been dealt with, yes?”

“Yes, your Majesty, that matter was not delayed. At the present, the crop production is enough, and there is even surplus.”

“How is the public order within the ramparts?”

Ha, I will give the report.
The human adventurers have been arriving in great numbers, and the difficult requests in the bars have been handled, reducing the harmful influences; as a result, the public order has seen an increase in improvement … however, within the human adventurers are those who act violently; for the ones who do particularly violent deeds, we have revoked their visas and immediately dealt with them by banishing them.”

This here is the Fairy Queen’s Chamber of Official Duties within the Royal Castle; The Fairy Country isn’t influenced by the devs or the management; the Fairy Queen and her close advisors are the core who performs country administrative duties, not unlike a real country’s.
Unless something begins to go weird, the devs and the management won’t say a thing.

“I will permit the banishment of violent people; all of us are all of their equals. Therefore, if they will confront us with violence, then I do not mind if they are responded to accordingly. My goodness, people who can’t learn are everywhere ne.”

The Fairy Queen sighs.

“There is another report from the west and east fortress chiefs; there are Fairies requesting that the human adventurers be sent around more. For that purpose, stagecoaches will be deployed, and the coach-related preparations by the devs are also being urgently done as well.

Is how one of the advisors reported.

“Understood; please begin moving with the intent to get it done immediately.”

The Queen immediately acknowledged it, and stamped down on the directive statement.

“And then … this is from the residents of the southern fortress town, but …”

With a hesitant expression that was like he didn’t want to say it but he had to, another advisor cut in.

“It seems, a single human adventurer dropped in, and on top of taking the requests for the reducing the number of harmful High Rabbits, he was someone who made good food and was a human with a good disposition, but because of the high-handedness of the fortress town chief’s daughter, he was forced to leave; that sort of report has come up, but …”

Hearing that sort of report, the Queen’s face went stern in an instant.

“- – Such a thing! In order to quickly find out the truth behind this matter, organize the high-mobility troops and move out immediately! We cannot let the progression of being able to walk side-by-side together with the humans be stopped now!!”

The chamber reverberated with the Queen’s voice.

“W,with all due respect, there is more to the report.”

That advisor nervously opened his mouth.
No matter how you say it, the Queen’s power is the real deal, and a half-hearted Fairy could be wiped clear off the map with just 1 of the Queen’s magic.
It’s not like the Queen has lost her reason and wielded her powers against those of her clan in a fit of rage before, but although she does it unconsciously, because of the intimidating aura released around her, the advisors trembled.

And, precisely because they know this figure, when they see how she turns so silly in front of Earth’s eyes, they are even more afraid. To think that cool-headed queen could show such a face.

– – that she was going to be furious is inevitable, but a report is a report; he can’t be negligent with it.
That human that was driven out was …

“Th,that human that was driven out was … although there has been no confirmation … it is possible that it was Earth-sama …”

… after that, all of the advisors that were present in that place said this;

““““““ I can’t believe we’re still alive!””””””

A/n: And so an extra edition.
I didn’t have enough time, so I wrote this out quickly, my apologies.

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  1. I do not know what this is. I thought it might be “lez”, since she’s supposed to be a takarazuka type ikemen lady and lez is a slang used in Japan, but I am not confident.

<t/n: Thanks Warlald, Magnadra, and Vincent for your donations!
Haa… I can always tell when the author just went, “f it, let’s just get something up.” It means translation is 3xs more difficult!>



  1. For some reason, when I saw the ○z it made me think of the person on their hands and knees orz, but I’m 99% sure that’s completely unrelated. Anywho, thanks for the chapter.


      1. Wouldn’t that be the reason for the self-censoring? As in, he’s writing what someone else would write, but did not want to actually write the word out himself. I just couldn’t think of another word that fit there with ‘-zu’, but I understand the ambiguity and strange inclusion if it was swearing.


      2. Though, I suppose it could be ファンボーイズ or something if the circle represents more than one character.


      3. I’m pretty sure “ane-sama” for a takarazuka-type girl is stereotypically said by girls, and this author usually censors for controversy, not bad words.
        I mean, kuzu really isn’t something that bad that needs to be censored, but it is very harsh, and this author enjoys avoiding harsh words. In this case I don’t think kuzu would be descriptive enough for the situation for everyone to instantly understand the censor if they understand Ayame’s character traits.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I laughed so much, I love the ‘net board chapters too!!!! And the Fairy Queen chapter at the end…. so she was a cool type…. XD XD XD XD XD XD Thank you very very very very much for all your hard work!!!!


  3. Thanks ofr the chapter…

    And there we have it, the time when the Faerie Queen sees the time for cleansing of her Kingdom is becoming a requirement. No one touch the human! *snerk* Anyone who knows where I got -that- bit from, gets a bag of potato crisps…


  4. Isn’t “○z” the sign of someone in worship of someone else? Like “orz”, it looks like someone is bowing on their hands and knees.


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