Wfb: Chapter 73

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Chapter 73:  People Going in Different Directions Under Unclear Goals in Different Places is a Scene of Chaos

Although Nyl City can be considered to be a big city, it’s because the city is built upwards along the mountainside; it’s a tiered city. In an aerial view of the city, it can be considered on the small side.

Why is this relevant?

It’s because anything reasonably loud can be heard from anywhere in the city.

Meaning, those explosions and those screams in the city … we can totally hear them. You don’t even need to have Augment Body to hear them.

All eyes, including ours, were drawn to the small, slit-like windows.

That’s a … those are … eels?

Giant eels were raging like Godzilla throughout the city.

Accompanying them were a wyvern air force, and several swarms of bug-type monsters.

Queer silhouettes and beast-like growls resounded through the streets.

What is this, the Hyakku Yagyou monster parade?!

“-It started out in the city?!”

Ragnall’s strained whisper from next to me had a hint of panic.

Yeah, I didn’t expect it either. Or like, do we go? Do we stay?!

CRASH! Shaaa-clatterclatter!

Glass shatters, falling to the ground in tiny pieces like rain.

As if to mock us for our indecision, large, ominous-looking beasts break in through the windows on the second floor balcony, landing in the middle of the room.


“No one move! We- blergh!”


Without even waiting to confirm the situation, the brawler who only sometimes uses brass knuckles or katars, Tatsu-san, has already launched the man riding a Nightmare Wolf into the back wall.

The other 2 Nightmare Wolves have already been shot through with green, glowing arrows.

“Oi, there wasn’t an animal trainer or something in the schedule, right? If there was, looks like I’ll need to make an apology.”

Tatsu-san said carelessly.

“Hmph. Who would hire this kind of entertainment? Baka-tsu.”

Midori-chan retorts at him.

She is wielding her light-green, crystalline-looking bow, another ominous looking arrow already notched to it, but since the two of them had finished them all off already, she lowers the bow and the arrow disappears.

Magic? Uuun… infinite ammo is a dream among dreams. I wonder how it works; although it may be impossible to replicate the game-cheat technology from scratch in this world.

The last of the 3, Masaki, has his hand on his hilt but hasn’t bothered to draw, calmly looking at the scene as if he was confident that the other 2 could handle it.

Hey hey, aren’t you looking cool~.

But I don’t have time to tease him, so I let it go for now.

The Nobles and other people of reasonably high status are all making a commotion while staring at the gamers and the wolves, saying things like “We’re under attack?” or “They’re so strong!” or “Where did that bow come from?”

I try to ignore the chaos and mimic Ragnall, who is slinking into the shadows.

“There was no room for us to step in, huh?”

Ragnall muttered.

“I guess so.”

Kshyaaa! Gooouuu!

Tch. Those land-moving giant eels are really going at it.

There’s not just chaos here, but chaos all throughout the city-!

Even if Ragnall and I are supposed to lay low and hunt out the masterminds, just leaving this mess like this …

Just when I was thinking that, Tatsu-san leaped out the window with a

“Hai-yo-! Looks like we can hunt monsters outside of the Labyrinth tonight!”

“Mou~! Why did they have to come out now when I’m wearing this dress!”

Midori-chan grumbled as she pulled her skirts to one side, charging out after Tatsu-san.

“Tatsu, I’ll take the left? Ah, excuse us.”

Masaki quickly bowed to the Nobles near him and followed them out the window after giving the hall a quick glance over.

Ah, was he looking for me and Ragnall?

Oh well, I’ll fill him in on things later.

At any rate, as I listen to them rampaging outside I think we’re unnecessary to subjugate the monsters.

It’s not just Masaki and the others. This is technically an Adventurer’s city, you know?

Sounds of battle erupt in various pockets all throughout the city.

I ignore Ragnall muttering,

“Left… like, he’s going to take care of the entire left side of the city?”

And ask,

“Ragnall. Our goal is the masterminds?”

“Ah. Yeah…”

“Then I think we can leave any monster attacks to Masaki and the others…”

“Ah. Yeah – Hey, wait up! Are you going to let them know?”

We quickly slip out of Sir Knight Captain’s mansion from the side corridor in the middle of the commotion.

I don’t know why, but I feel like it’s better to remain hidden during all of this.

If the people who’ve been hiding in the shadows go public – no, no matter how I think about it, it feels wrong.

If Sir Knight Captain and Seimei-san showily presented Seimei-san as the decoy, then this showy monster parade … it has the same feeling.

It seems like Ragnall has more or less the same idea, since he follows me without much complaint.

In response to his concern, I reply,

“Well, I have a secret ability for that.”

“For some reason, that doesn’t surprise me.”

The concentration of most of this chaos is – are? I thought it would be the Guild, but it’s the main square, where the food carts usually are.

If we weren’t trying to be stealthy, we could jump down and reach the square faster by taking the route a bird would fly, but instead we’re running through the back alleys of Nyl City.

Although I do just jump the entire flight of stairs whenever we come to them.

Along the way,

“【FRIEND CHAT: CONNECT】- Masaki, no wait, it’s [‘Masa’].”

I wait until the *Beep* that indicates we’re connected before saying,

“Masaki, we’re leaving all the big monsters to you guys, is that ok?”

[“Jun? Yeah, it’s fine. This sword is really terrifying. Why didn’t you let me know it has a chance to freeze my opponents?!”]

“… Oh yeah. Um … surprise?”

[“Haa… anyway, it seems like Ta-chan and Mi-chan are eager to fight, or like … they’ve already gone into the city…”]

Oooh, I just saw the eel-like monster reel backwards like it just got shot or punched in the face. I guess they’re over there?

Anyway, what’s he trying to pull, acting like he wasn’t ready to jump in and fight them too?

“So what is the plan? Are we just running around town until we notice something?”

I cut the Friend Chat, since it’s beginning to get lively over there on Masaki’s side, and try to figure out exactly what Ragnall and I are supposed to be doing.

“Ah, that’s basically the plan, but we’re basically looking for any spikes in magical power.”

… What are we, Geiger counters?

But I keep my retort to myself and activate Magic Sensory.

Are? Could it be that Ragnall, thanks to his abnormal allergy, and me … we’re the most magic sensitive people in the city?

I wonder if the hidden guards are also investiga –


Eh –

What is thi –


It’s pai – No, it’s not exactly painful.

What is this feeling? Like being caught in a too-cold gust of wind, or standing too close to speakers playing a heavy bass-line way too loud.

It’s resonating way too much; my chest -!

“Whoa, Jun, did you feel that – Whoooa!?”

Ragnall doubled back as I fell to my knees.

Nn? Ragnall’s fine, but I’m not… Oh, I’m fine now.

The ground is humming with magic; no, before that, while Ragnall and I were running down the alleyways, the ground lit up with a violent magic that dyed my vision white for a moment.

Even though it’s still humming below our feet, the overwhelming surge has died down.

“Ugh… what was that?”

“An influx of magic, I guess. It feels like something ‘activated’.”

I stood up and shook my head to clear it a little, then close my eyes.

Magic Sensory doesn’t work through the eyes alone, you know.

I wonder if it’s similar to echo-location … I extend my senses outwards to try to map this over-the-top magic activity.

And then immediately open my eyes in a rush.

“Oi oi oi, what’s going on in the city?! There are 13 places just flooding with magic!”

“13? Where are they?”

“Two in the north, two in the sou – What! There’s one at The Queen Mary’s!?”

What is this, what is this?!

There was nothing there before!

My heart leaps into my mouth. I feel my limbs go cold, but before I can run off, Ragnall grabs me by the arm.

“Wait. Calm down. Are they emitting magic or sending magic?”

I take a deep breath.

“… Neither. They’re storing? Or converting?”

“Then it would be faster to find out where the source of all this magic is, right?”

“Yeah. Ok, I’m calm.”

I’m pissed, but I’m calm.

Eh? Are?

“Ragnall, you’re ok?”

There’s quite a bit of magic flying around all of a sudden, or like, I’m kind of annoyed that I had such a bad reaction but he didn’t.

“Yeah, it’s not free magic power but some sort of element-infused magic.”

Hnn… I understand Ragnall’s condition less and less, but let’s set that aside for now.

I look down, where the magic seems strongest, and with my Magic Sensory, it lights up like a underground river of light.

Beneath the surface, huh?

This magic is …

It’s similar to the feel of that floating “water” in the Water Corridor, but far more potent.

The phrase, ‘The one closest to us’ floats up in my mind.

“This is … this is light magic?”

“Eh? So this is light magic … it feels a little different than the stuff the elves use. But so, yeah, where’s the origin of it coming from?”

“… Underground?”

“Underground – the Labyrinth?”

“Nnn….no… not that far, I think.”

Although to be fair, I don’t know exactly how far beneath the surface the Labyrinth is.

“Then… the sewers, maybe?”

Eh… I always thought the people in this city used magic stones and above-ground pipes for their plumbing, but I guess there’s a need for waste water disposal.

But it’s like looking at a picture of underground water veins, so I don’t think the flow of magic is through a man-made sewer system.

What to do …

How to get there …



“Properly apologize to Dobin with me after this.”



With my fist, I drilled through the pavement, down a few kilometers until I hit open space.


But somehow, I feel like the Crystal Python’s Earth Break was more … Ah! It’s not like I’m experimenting with magic by destroying public property! I properly have a reason for doing this!

“Whaat are you doing?!”

“Ah, somehow, I feel that it would be best to put an end to this quick…”

“No, I mean yes, but why are you destroying the road?! Jun? Jun! Get back here!”

Whoops, sorry, too busy saving the city to listen.

I drop down through the man-hole-sized hole, ignoring Ragnall’s spluttering.

The magic “fumes” are especially strong down here.

Well, I guess that’s to be expected. I did just drill straight to the source.


It’s not like it’s making me feel all that bad, but I kind of feel … like this is what being intoxicated would feel like.

Is it because of the same reason I could talk to Light Magic at the Water Corridor? The one being closest to Light Magic?

“Whoa, this really is something else. A dried up water vein?”

With a light thud, Ragnall jumps down behind me.

I look at him.

“You’re ok with this kind of atmosphere too?”

“Ah, yeah. It’s pretty heavy feeling, but it doesn’t affect me too bad. For the record, only ‘raw’ magic and mana affect me.”

“I have a lot of things I could say to that, but ok, fine. I think… it’s flowing this way, so we should go this way, against the flow…”

“… This is way too convenient to have you here. I didn’t know you could sniff out magic this well. Am I even needed?”

Sniff out – am I a police dog or something?

It’s not like I have to try very hard or anything, so if you say it’s convenient, I guess that’s that.

Even if you say other people can’t do it, that doesn’t mean anything to me since I can.

… Somehow I feel like I just said something unpardonable to magic researchers everywhere. I should probably keep this to myself.

Ragnall and I are running through this underground tunnel. The ceiling is low, it’s dark, and the magic flowing through the air is making me a little dizzy, but I swallow and force myself onwards, trying to ignore all the discomfort.

There’s no denying that I’m worried about what’s going on above ground, but there’s also no denying that Ragnall’s idea of tearing out this problem at the roots is very attractive.

Just when I was thinking that …

A surge of magic tears through all around us.


That was … above ground?!

“Shoot, are we too late?”

Ragnall says, then winces.

“Jun, it’s not like I know the timeframe of what’s going on, or what’s going on at all…”

Ah, oops. Was I glaring at him?

“Haa… should we continue forward or go back?”

Although I’m asking that, we’re stilling going forward. Part of me is upset that we’re not taking care of the things above the surface, but the logical part of me is thinking, ‘We’re the only ones who know about this place underground.’

“Go forward, I guess. If our goal is to minimize casualties …”

Ragnall replies.

There are lots of people above ground to take care of that mess, so…

… Even though that’s logical, I don’t like it at all.


But now, we’re really too far along to go back.

As for why that is …

“Oi, Ragnall, we’re reaching some open area ahead soon. About 5 minutes, how we’re running.”

Though probably about 20-30 minutes by normal people’s paces.

“Amazing. You can tell by the flow of magic?”


Ragnall slows down a little, and I follow his lead. I’m feeling impatient, but so far, as long as I’ve known him, he hasn’t done anything without purpose.

Ragnall half-whispers,

“Hey, can you use your communication magic to talk to someone from the Wind Troupe? Like LeeAnne or someone? It might be better to report on this…”

“Sorry. Only other people from my country.”

“Of course it would be like that… Then let someone know about this. Just in case.”

Fuu… Ragnall’s got more sense than me, anyway.

“Ou, I’ll contact Seimei-san then.”



Seimei’s PoV

Loud sounds similar to a giant monster ravaging the Tokyo metropolis sound outside.

Ara, it seems that they really fell for it. Or could I say, perhaps they were waiting on edge for an opportunity like this?

“What is that?!”

“Something is going on outside.”

“Tch. Monsters loose in the city. Go, we need to -!”


Sounds like a metal cage slamming occur from around us.

The air feels considerably stifled.

“A Barrier of sorts, hm?”

“Hou … How quick to recognize it, Sir Baronet.”

A man sitting in the windowsill leaps down.

How long was he there?

I regret not playing a scout as much as I regret not playing a warrior. In a game, it’s perfectly fine to be completely specialized, but it seems that it only serves to give me near heart attacks when the game becomes real life.

Though I must say, if it weren’t for Jun-kun showing me all the types of Barriers she can make, it may have taken me a bit longer to determine what this phenomenon is.

This is … Locked Cage, huh?

It’s a little dangerous, because this is a completely locked-down room. Not even air can go beyond the boundaries, so Jun-kun doesn’t like to use it.

“You, who are you?!”

Count Soutin, a Carnus Noble with a good moustache and mutton chops with an obsession with weaponry, stands in front of the mysterious man.

“Hmph. To think my name is no longer propagated… Well, would you know who I am if I say that I used to be a mercenary who specializes in Dark Magic?”

Oh? So is Barrier magic considered Dark Magic then?

But my apologies, I don’t know who you are at all.

“Tr-trevout, the only Dark-specialized magician in 50 years!”

The other Nobles make a considerable amount of fuss.

So he’s a rare type of magician, and relatively infamous.

Sir Knight Captain has a grim look on his face.

“I see. So those talismans around the city are your doing. No wonder no one could touch them or sense them. If we hadn’t been doing construction work around the city, thanks to all your rampages, it’s a wonder if we would have found them at all.”

“Oh dear, so they were found after all. Well, no matter. It’s not like you were capable of moving them.”

“Just what is your aim?!”

“I wonder…”

Dark Magic is also called Void Magic … So I wonder if that’s like space magic? If that’s the case, Barriers would make sense as Dark Magic.

Ah, but Jun-kun didn’t use Dark elemental casting, so I wonder what Jun-kun’s Barriers are…

Count Soutin frowns.

“No matter, if we can take down the caster, the magic should also come down-!”

It might seem foolish for Nobles to declare they’d take down a rather tough-looking opponent, but in this world, Nobles are characterized as having strong skills and magic passed down through their bloodline.

The Nobles in Nyl City, in particular, are those who take pride in their participations in the military.

Ah, except that foolish young Fernett Noble cowering over there.

The mysterious man, this Trevout, smirked at Count Soutin’s declaration.

“I wouldn’t if I were you.”



“Sir Baronet!”

*mutter*<Dark Reflection>.”



Blood sailed through the air.

Haha… that made me break out in a cold sweat a bit.

Really Jun-kun, how did you know this pageboy was someone to watch out for? If I didn’t have her warning…

Well, let’s not think about that right now and focus on the matter in front of us.

Disguising my panic, I give the page-imposter a calm smile.

“My my, did you think of taking me hostage? It’s a pity, but do pick your opponents a little bit better.”


The page leaps back immediately, favoring his injured shoulder.

“Oi, Trevout, it’s different from what the scouts said. He ain’t just some weak guy they put up as a representative or something -!”

There’s a flash of irritation in the as-of-yet calm Trevout’s eyes.

He’s ignoring the page-imposter, glaring at the dagger I’ve pulled out. So he noticed the dark glow that flashed off it when I turned to block the page-imposter’s blade.

What, you thought I could turn around and block the other’s sword with a little dagger?

Don’t be foolish. Leave the strength and dexterity checks to the young ones. The high-level skill <Dark Reflection> is one of the few buff skills I have. It’s a deliciously – I mean, it’s a very useful thing for catching people off-guard. I rarely use it on myself, though.

Cast on an ally’s blade, it redirects the enemy’s attack back at them, as if it flew off your own blade. Your ally’s blade only needs to get close to the other’s attack for it to work.

Like I said, don’t expect a pure magician build to pull off some sort of feat of acrobatics and strength.

But really, the knife Jun-kun gave me didn’t glow at all when this man attacked. I wonder if it was because he was only trying to take me captive.

The blow redirected to him was pretty light, so could he have been aiming to stop his sword before it hit me? So because he actually wasn’t going to hit me, it didn’t glow?

Or it could be defective … but considering all the other things Jun-kun’s made, I don’t think that would be the case.

If that’s how it is… I think I understand Jun-kun’s dissatisfaction with this knife. Even so, it’s still a master-worked knife, so it has some worth in itself.

“S-sir Baronet, are you alright?”

The Carnus Noble that Jun-kun referred to as the Casanova Ossan, I believe it was Sir Gilt, rushed over towards me and brandishes his sword, facing off against the page-imposter.

“Perfectly. I had my suspicions, so it wasn’t much to fend off when you’re expecting such an attack.”

I laugh, shrugging my shoulders and acting perfectly carefree.

It’s just an act. My brain, and heart, are racing, trying to search for a way to end this troublesome scenario.

“Suspicions, hm? Well, come at me if you dare. Though it might be too late when you defeat me.”

Trevout gives a fearless grin.

His confidence is that great, huh?

I see. He must be one of those A-rank equivalents they were discussing.

“I have to say, I’d rather leave such boorish brawls to the youngsters of my house. Testing my strength against someone like you would be a waste of time.”

“Hou. You’re quite confident in your strength.”

His eyes narrow.

“Not at all? If anything, just the opposite. I just find that fighting you would be a waste of time when I could leave whenever I wanted.”


I calmly faced the outer wall of the room.

“<Void Cutter>.”

Holding up the knife Jun-kun gave me, I point it handle-first at a window. The magic wells up, and blades of dark-colored stuff fire off the knife, pierce the window, and continue sailing off into the night.

Immediately, the oppressive feeling in the room disappears, and the shattering sound of the Locked Cage being broken resounds through the room.

Like I thought. My magic, which did only damage before, because it was classified as “Dark Element” in the game, it’s been modified to the characteristics of Dark Magic in this world.

A bitter look crosses Trevout’s face as he instantly recognized that his Dark Barrier Magic, that he was so proud of, was broken.

“Now then, if you would excuse these gentlemen, I wouldn’t mind being your opponent.”

I gesture towards the other Nobles as I point the knife at Trevout now, grinning fearlessly.

Although I sincerely hope that he doesn’t accept this challenge. In order to make that happen, smile, me. Act like you could destroy him with one hand tied behind your back.

If this turns into a battle that relies on reflexes, I won’t have much of an advantage.

“Tch. It’s a tempting offer, however … There are things I have to attend to, now that you’ve thrown my work out of order.”

Trevout stepped backwards and then, before anyone could reach him, he leapt through the broken window.

He glanced over his shoulder once, and the glare he gave me made my chest grow cold.

Arara, although I managed to chase him off, it seems I’ve made quite the enemy.

It would be good if this doesn’t go the way of a shounen manga series. I don’t need a re-occurring rival, thank you. I’m perfectly happy living a peaceful life of boring research and stressful politics.

“S-sir Baronet. I see, as expected, the people of your country are all powerful people…”

Count Soutin stutters, staring wide-eyed at the broken window.

“Fufu, I’m not nearly as capable as the young ones. However, there are more pressing matters at the moment, aren’t there?”

As if suddenly remembering what was occurring in this city, the Nobles shook themselves into action.



Hm? A Friend Chat notification?


[“Ah, Seimei-san? I have a report to make…”]

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  2. I wonder why Seimei didn’t just use Dark Thorn or some other homing single target nuke. He’s demonstrated to be able to crush ridiculous monsters with them and Mr Mysterious Dark Mage probably won’t survive.

    Or if he does, information that a Seimei-class opponent exists is important to have.


    1. There are various reasons, but mostly because Seimei is more of a schemer and less of a fighter, and he’s worried that the guy could get him before he could finish him off.
      Whether the fears are founded or unfounded, that’s the main reason

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      1. Sorry, I meant using it while the mage escaped to avoid causing casualties among allies in the room. Also to avoid engaging at short range.

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    1. Jun is more of an artisan as a crafter. She wouldn’t craft anything in less-than-ideal circumstances since she’s loath of creating works of subpar quality. Even the ‘medium-quality’ weapons she forged for the girls at Mary’s were technical masterpieces of exact fine-tuning and identical design across a set of weapons.

      So obviously, Jun won’t be crafting frozen sewer-water shields in a (dried-up) underground stream.


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    1. The problem is that, given their world’s physics, that would be less simple. Jun made the dagger to exploit a quality of a specific material as an experiment. I forget the specifics but it was something along the lines of a material that is elementally “attack” and thus it can react to the presence of “attack”. The dagger has always been regarded as kind of a failure because it is too specific, but Jun has not yet figured out how to make anything better.


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