OVRMMO 78.5: Extra Edition: Rather than Data, Earth’s Current Abilities

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

A/n: For all the things I haven’t released up until now, I will make some of it public.
Furthermore, I will also write up a portion of the past equipment.

Extra Edition: Rather than Data, Earth’s Current Abilities

Equipment Earth has Owned:

Equipment (Previously) X-Shaped Compound Hunting Bow Atk+32 → (Now) X-Shaped Compound Hunting Bow Revised Atk+46

Warwolf Leather Set (Previously) (Currently gone)
Head Def+5, Body Def+15
Pants Def+13, Arms Def+8
Legs Def+6
Full-Set Bonus, Small Atk Increase

Wild Bear Leather Set w/ Silver Assist (Now)
Head Def+8, Body Def+22
Pants Def+19, Arms Def+11
Legs Def+10
Ful-Set Bonus, Medium Vit Increase, Small Mind Increase

Fairy Queen Ring

Triangular Whip Blade (Damaged) (Currently gone)
Atk+18, When restraining an opponent, continuous damage will be added

Modified NPC-Sold Rose-Thorn Whip (Now)
Atk8, When restraining an opponent, continuous damage will be added (small)

Fang Leg Blade
Additional Atk+29, Additional Def+10, Without the necessary ability to handle them a penalty is added.

Bear Mantle
Quality 9, Def+15, Reduces back attack damage (medium)

Secret Light Metal Shield (Damaged) (Currently broken)
↓(transforms to)
Secret Another Bow (Damaged)
Transformed stat changes Atk+60 Def+5, Transformed abilities Right-Hand Only Equipment, Aim Correction (Not good)
Hidden Penalty [Impossible to use Arts]

Revised Small Metal Shield (Current)


10 Hawk Shot (Long distance sniping)
30 Arrow Twister (Adds a 1.2 times increased penetration ability)

Hunting Bow
1 Twin Fang Arrow (2 even attacks with an arrow)
30 Mirror Arrow (3 of your clones shoot arrows simultaneously; each arrow is 0.8 times the attack)
50 Gattling Arrow (After throwing up a number of arrows into the air, you can rapid-fire them as they fall down, maximum 10 arrows)

Wind-Blown Bow
1 Wide Arrow (To the left and right of the main arrow, wind arrows will spring forth; at the beginner there are 2 arrows, but as the Skill Lv increases the amount of wind arrows will increase)
5 Wind-Blown Arrow (Cladding an arrow in wind, the arrow that has become wind itself is shot; the attack power of the arrow clad in wind is high)

Assaulting Kick
1 Sliding Charge (a sliding tackle)
20 Triangle Shoot (a triangule kick that leaves behind after images)

Trap Detection
Trap Dismantling
Danger Perception
Lock Pick
Thief Step
(The technical level goes according to the Skill)

Chivalrous Thief
Steal (you can plunder items and money from monsters)
Sneak Attack Bonus (Passive; when performing a sneak attack, damage increase by 1.3 times)

10 Restrain (Binding a portion of the body’s movements, otherwise seals the attacks from that part for a short period of time)
30 Despair (after your opponent hears the noise of the whip for a long period of time, his movements become slower)

30 Accelerated Cooking (the time ingredients need to be heated is greatly reduced)

1 Shield Parry (For 2 seconds, it becomes easy to repel attacks)
15 Shield Charge (With the shield in front, a charge ahead)
25 Stunning Bash (When striking with the shield, you have a chance to stun)

Small Shield
1 Shield Guard (Shared with superior Shield arts, for 5 minutes, your defense abilities are greatly increased)

Physical Ability Reinforcement Passive
Steady Balance (balance is increased; bad footing can be ignored)
High Jump (you can jump over 3m, with a stomp, your flying kick power is increased)
Reinforced Mobility (Passive, all movement related abilities are increased to some degree)

All elemental magics
Lv1 … Needle

Lv 10 … Cutter (slicing wind blades)
Lv15 … Booster (An instant high-speed movement)
Lv20 Twist (an area of effect magic)
Lv25 Recover (small area of effect, small recovery.
Lv30 Shock (additional lightning damage & stun)
Lv40 Tornado (a tornado with yourself as the center)
Lv50 Fly (clad in the power of wind, you are able to remain in the air)
For each magic, append (wind) to the beginning.

Arrows Utilized
Steel Arrows Atk+7
Heavy Bludgeoning Arrows Atk+9, range drops by 20%, effective against hard opponents
Twisted Arrows Atk+15, penetration ability is increased, with a chance of inflicting Bleed
A/n:This is all I’m going to make public from my notes.
The abilities that have yet to be used will remain hidden.

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<T/n: This … this is not a chapter.

Double Update!
Btw, this is clearly something cut and pasted from the author’s notes, so if some things seem weird … I translated as literally as possible.>




  1. I just wanted to point out, that the link to the PREVIOUS chapter in the Table of Contents is non-existent now. In order to get to it you have to go to either Chapter 77 (or I’m guessing you can hit “Previous” from this chapter).

    It still EXISTS it seems, but the ToC isn’t showing the link (to Chapter 78, that is) anymore.

    I figured it would be good to point this out, and I figured this is probably as good a place as any (since it’s a ‘fresh’ chapter of sorts, heh).

    Also, thanks for the hard work as always~ ^^


    1. noted, thanks. wordpress has been deleting my links sometimes when I edit posts and pages… If anyone sees a <previous] missing on a chapter, let me know.


  2. I don’t think you should put it as compound bow, since when talking about compound bows typically what one is referring to is the pulley kind which has been dubbed the other worldly bow. Perhaps going with composite would be a better choice?


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