OVRMMO 79: A Scene of Carnage …?

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

A Scene of Carnage …?1

— Upon log in, exactly why is the Queen in bed with me? After half a minute, I stop thinking about it. A,anyway … I have to do something.

“Queen, for now, won’t you let go?”

Calling out to her, what should have happened is that she would have restlessly gotten up.

“- – No!”

… No, she says …

“No, but y’know, with this kind of situation, people are going to have all sorts of misunderstandings though?”

Not good, I can’t let myself get impatient. Or like, she used the ring to climb in, this girl …

“Don’t want to!”

— has she regressed into a child!? Her tone has also become childish though!?

“You hate me anyway; that’s why I’m pushing you down with all my strength!”

I have no idea what the hell you’re saying!
And though her child regression seems to be getting worse, the contents of her words are a little terrifying.
That said, if anyone else sees this figure it would be on an extremely bad level, wouldn’t it; I need to do something about this by yesterday … but as always, reality is cruel.

“Earth-sama, if you have awakened, then a light meal has …”

The inn’s proprietor opened the door to my room.
Of course because he perfectly sees the current situation, the proprietor froze … I can almost hear a crow calling “A- ho-, a- ho-”.2

“ – Please excuse me; I will return later. Ho-ho-ho-ho …”

So saying, the inn’s proprieter turned to close the door – hang on, “Wait a second! You’re wrong, help me!” I yelled with a resounding scream. When I had done so …

“Saying help me, what’s going on … Hohou, bringing someone back so soon, huh …”

Zetan appeared. And immediately furthering the misunderstanding in the absolutely worse direction it can go!

“I didn’t bring anyone! Help me pull her off!”

Letting out an almost teary voice calling for help, who cares about how I look!
Getting out of this situation takes the utmost priority!

“No! I won’t let go! If I let go, Onii-chan will leave the country!”

Queen, seriously, what the hell is wrong with you!? And then there are the two fairies who have frozen after hearing that voice.
After several seconds, “”Y,your majesty~!?”” they were splendidly in sync.
But this was far from the end of it.

“Elder sister! What are you doing-!?”

Even though this scene is already going up in flames, here about 20 pineapples were thrown in.3
For Dragon-chan to make her appearance with this sort of timing … OneMore devs, exactly what are you doing to me?
Once again the inn’s proprietor and Zetan froze, the Queen doesn’t seem to want to let go, Dragon-chan seems to be fuming …, so this is what being without an ally feels like  … Am I at fault for everything? I don’t really want to recognize that, naa.


And so about 30 minutes passed. The Queen still doesn’t want to let go.
Dragon-chan is looking at that with a sharp glare.
The inn’s proprietor and Zetan have returned to being calm … I think.
Anyway, with the room’s door shut, with this the voices shouldn’t leak out; at least I hope so.

“And, exactly what are you trying to do in the first place, Queen; seriously, exactly what happened?”

By the way, we’re still on top of the bed. And the Queen is also still clinging onto me.

“Regarding the business with the southern fortress town … I am truly sorry for it …”

The first words of the Queen who has returned from her child regression was this, huh; or like, so it’s about THAT, huh?

“Ah, no, I only left because I didn’t want to cause trouble by having the situation escalate anymore, though…”

That really is the truth. Other than that, there is no other reason that I did so.

“Even so, whether you left of your own volition or not, it was still a situation where either your own feelings or other reasons lead you to believe that you had to leave. Furthermore, it’s a fact that troubles have befallen the citizens of the southern fortress town, and so I have bestowed punishment on the Chief of the fortress and his daughter, as well as his private army.”

I feel like I have to ask.

“Specifically speaking, what kind of punishment?”

The Queen answered smoothly with a nonchalant tone.

“The fortress Chief, that girl, and the 80 people of that girl’s private army were summoned to a special field where they were driven to the verge of death 29 times and restored 30 times until they were broken, then after the private army and that daughter were sent to the west fortress town as the lowest ranking soldiers, and the Chief was sent to the east fortress town as the lowest ranking soldier.
The south fortress town’s Chief’s successor is one who was nominated based on a balance of popularity with the citizens and his own abilities, and elected according to the citizens’ volitions, so please rest assured.”

O, the inn’s proprietor and Zetan froze again.
This is the second time I’ve heard of it so I can remain calm; Dragon-chan only said, “So this is Elder Sister’s true character,” and came to some understanding.
I think it might be better not to ask the reason behind why the number of times they were driven to death didn’t match the number of times they were recovered.

“I, I see. Maa, the people in the city accepted me well; there’s no way I’d come to hate this country, see.”

I think this is unmistakably her true motive, so I have to make it clear.
Once I said that, again the Queen clung to me.

“R,really!? Onii-chan, you won’t hate this country?”

She started acting like a child again, is she breaking!? There a heel dropped onto the Queen’s head. The one who did that is of course …

“Don’t smoothly do such a nasty appeal, naiwa! This foolish sister!”

It was Dragon-chan’s doing.
The Queen also said, “That hurts, what are you doing, you stupid little sister!” and objected tearily … A, her childish behavior was stopped. It’s not like she’s some old broken TV from the past, though …

“Then don’t be negligent and leave an opening! You have definitely gone overboard, jyaa!”

Since it seems that another quarrel will launch us into chaos, I make the first move.

“U-m, to begin with, why would Dragon-chan be in Fairy Country?”

I hammered in this question.
To that question, the Queen also said, “That’s true, ne; why did you come, stupid little sister,” smoothly inserting some abuse into her question. To this question, Dragon-chan

“Quiet, foolish sister. Come here a moment; this isn’t a matter for others’ ears, na.”

Here the Queen finally released me.
I don’t know what the content of the discussion is, but Dragon-chan, Good Job.
I quickly got off the bed and put on my equipment; right then,

“I knew you were close to Her Majesty the Queen, but to be a close acquaintance of one of the Dragon clan …”

Zetan glanced over here and said that kind of thing.
I tilted my head and replied, “Maa, should I think of this as something rare?”

“Were you aware that, in the past, the Fairy clan was waging war against the other races?”

Asked Zetan. To that I nodded my head.

“In that war, the one in particular that we fought against the most was the Dragons, you see. And even now, our relationship is bad.”

The inn’s proprietor explained. Hou, so they had this sort of past.

“Despite that, here right now there’s one of the Dragons; if it became known in town, the place would be flipped on its head, seriously.”

Cold sweat flowed down Zetan’s face. Oou, this is a really serious matter it seems.
Setting that aside for now, the two over there are still whispering quietly about something; I hear the word “elf”, but what came before or after, I have absolutely no idea. … I don’t want to know, either.

“Sir Proprietor, I am terribly sorry for the commotion; I will express my apology at a later time. An urgent matter has come up, so I must take my leave immediately.”

Leaving behind those words, the Queen and Dragon-chan left the room.
All that was left were, including myself, three men, and from us we let out a huge sigh; we were finally released from the tension. I don’t really feel like doing quests anymore, naa … what should I do?
To have a chance to experience a bloodbath in a game that’s more horrible than one in real-life; like anyone needs that!


[Wind-Blown Hunting Bow]Lv13
[Assaulting Kick]Lv22
[Small Shield]Lv 6
[Physical Ability Reinforcement]Lv31
[Chivalrous Thief]Lv22
[Fairy Language]Lv99 (Forced Acquisition) (Unable to be moved to Reserved Skills)

Reserved Skills
[Advanced Cooking]Lv10

ExP 4

Titles Possessed:  The One who Charmed Even the Fairy Queen, The One who Defeated a Great Foe Alone, Liberator, ???
“The Fairy Queen’s Husband-san”, “Chef of the Battlefield-san”

A/n: An author’s hand that runs wild and writes whatever it wants brings trouble upon us.
I have made some improvements.

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  1. Shuraba – a bloody scene, often used to describe 2 (or more) women fighting (often over a romantic topic) Or as we might call it … a catfight
  2. A common comedic Japanese trope: as everyone freezes in awkward silence, a crow flies by as the only moving thing making noise, calling, “aho, aho”, or “dumbass, dumbass.” It’s used to further emphasize the awkward silence. So if you see a tiny crow going “aho, aho” flying overhead in a manga panel, that’s what that is.
  3. … that is literally what it says. I don’t know.
  4. Although driven to death 30 times and recovered 29 times makes more sense, the raw says driven to death 29 times and recovered 30 times. I am also slightly concerned about this …


      1. The manga had it the other way around, but this way, they one of the times they were beaten to the verge of death needed two restorations! The severity! lol… Thanks for the chapters!


  1. “verge of death 29 times and restored 30 times”

    I think its the author’s mistake as the manga even stated; verge of death = 30, restore = 29. I think you can fix that one up since it high probably that the author put the numbers on the wrong spot. You can try double check on manga if its correct or wrong.


  2. Guhehehe~ d*mn Queen-chan might be sad due to Earth-chii did not logged in in the middle pf the night for a perfect Yobai b-ut sadly due to infringement of the genre that its not rated 18+ adult it turned into Shuraba instead *cries in the corner due to failed fan service*

    Liked by 2 people

  3. the 80 people of that girl’s private army were summoned to a special field where they were driven to the verge of death 29 times and restored 30 times until they were broken
    yeah, it was probably author-san’s mistake, you should reverse it

    good job and thank you


  4. It seems that they needed their first restoration just after the summoning, because all of them were beaten by Queen before it at Southern town. And after that 29 beating and 29 healing.


  5. Thanks for the chapter… AND the Queen is absolute bro-con… 😀

    I don’t think the Idiot Fairies were killed, I think the manga makes a mention that the Faeries don’t have the HUman’s ‘mystical power’ to respawn after Death.


  6. “Even though this scene is already going up in flames, here about 20 pineapples were thrown in.”

    The Mk 2 grenade nickname is pineapple. So the sentence is that the situation goes from bad to kaboom.


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