OVRMMO 081: If He Carried an Axe He could probably be Kintarou

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

If He Carried an Axe He could probably be Kintarou1

Since we started searching the meadow that was spread out to the west for the lady Meena Fenrir while I was riding on Zetan’s back, about 15 minutes have already passed. However, as of now there hasn’t been a positive reaction.

“Earth, is there no reaction again?”

With a little bit of an impatient feeling tone, Zetan spoke towards me. I do understand how he feels.

“Aa, unfortunately, right now there’s no such reaction; just where could she have gone?”

Is the only response I can give.
We’ve already clearly surpassed the distance one would take a walk in; in other words, did she get caught up in something, or could it be that she was targeted by someone … Getting caught up in something aside, if she was targeted then… a crime was committed.

— at that moment, just barely registering within the search area, a strange group of monsters was detected.

“Zetan, stop please!”

I got off the flustered Zetan making an emergency stop, and turned my attention towards the direction of the weird group.
— The amount is 18, and dead center is a reaction that’s not a monster.

“Zetan, where I’m pointing right now, there’s a crowd of monsters, as well as 1 reaction that’s not a monster. … It seems worth checking out, don’t you think?”

Once again I got on Zetan, who nodded in agreement, and on Zetan we rushed over.
If it was with my own legs, what would take me several minutes is easily surpassed withint about 30 seconds.
—And then, when we got within Farsight Skill’s range, I got off Zetan’s back and confirmed both the monster crowd and the [2] reactions that were not a monster.
— But I didn’t tell Zetan that “there are 2 reactions that are not monsters.”

“Without question, that’s the lady Meena Fenrir we’re looking for! Furthermore, she’s quite wounded! But, why isn’t she transforming and fighting in human form?”

What I confirmed over there was a 17 or 18 year old with beautiful, long white hair flowing, and what should have been a pretty dressed stained with dirt and blood; despite being covered in wounds, the woman who was frantically fighting against a horde of goblins was Lady Meena Fenrir. And the 18 goblins that are surrounding her.

— And regarding those goblins surrounding her, there’s something weird about them.
There’s one that’s wearing armor and carrying a large shield receiving Lady Meena’s attacks.
A bit further back but still in range with a spear is one attacking Lady Meena.
On top of that there’s a Recovery Magic goblin that chants magic attacks to further drive Lady Meena into a corner; like that, there’s three 6 people parties that are surrounding Lady Meena. To be blunt, it’s almost like …

“Not good, Lady Meena already looks like she can’t hold out! Can’t be helped; Zetan, hold onto this bottle. Go and blast through the goblin crowd and then dump the contents on Lady Meena!”

So saying, I hand a bottle over to Zetan.

“Dump the… and exactly what are the contents of this bottle!?”

Since I’ve already activated <Stealth>, I moved into some moderately high grass.

“Rare Potion; with that, even if you dump it on her there will be a recovery effect!”

For the record, this world’s item grade representations are; Common → Uncommon →Rare; that’s all that it needs to rise to become excellent goods, so it’s not like the potion is an extremely valuable commodity. Even so, it does take some time and labor to make, so … this is one of the ones I made for my reserves.

And the potion can be drunk or put on to trigger the recovery, but if you drink it the effectiveness is high; putting it on has the minimum effectiveness.
On the other hand, drinking it in the middle of battle is difficult and time consuming; putting it on has the advantage of being simple and fast, and other people can apply it to you.
Since the method of using it is important, for the situation right now, since we don’t have time for Lady Meena to tediously drink it, we have to use it by dumping it on her.
By the way, since it absorbs instantly, she won’t end up like she’s drenched in water; my apologies.

Confirming that Zetan had taken hold of the potion, with <Stealth> activated, I set up for sniping with <Hawk Shot>; the target is the crown of the goblin performing recovery magic … for now.
— The fired off <Hawk Shot> made a sound that cut through the wind …and just like I aimed, it pierced through the goblin with Recovery Magic as its main in one go, instantly killing it.


With an arrow that leapt out of nowhere destroying the one that was in charge of recovery, the goblins that were beginning to fall into panic were charged at by Zetan who raised an overpowering roar.
Zetan’s hair right now is bristling on end, and he instantly looks a size bigger … so that’s why he got stuck with a nickname like “Wild Hair”; it really does look like his hair is going crazy.

Thanks to Zetan and my own intrusion, the goblins’ cooperation fell apart.
With my long distance reach, I obstructed the goblins that specialized in magic and recovery by firing off arrows, and if I didn’t obstruct them I destroyed them.
Zetan got close to Lady Meena; after dumping the Rare Potion on her he guarded her surroundings; with his power, he threw the vanguard goblins.
And as for Lady Meena, after recovering with the Rare Potion and with support coming in, her willpower also seemed to recover, so her movements became better.

With it becoming like that, the numbers of the goblins who have lost their cooperation were reduced one by one; when about half of them had lost their strength and returned to fragments of light, we began to see goblins fleeing.
But, since we have no obligation to let them flee, to the unprotected backs and heads I’ll send them a present of death by arrow.
A few minutes later, the goblins that had been mobbing were completely destroyed.

“I may not know who you are, but thank you for your help.”

After the fighting was over, Lady Meena bowed her head.

“No, well, we were moving after we accepted a commission from Lady Meena’s, your mother who wanted us to search for you. I am Zetan, and that human is called Earth.”

Since Zetan made his self-introduction as well as my introduction at once, all I had to do was bow my head.

“Zetan … you don’t mean “Wild Hair” Zetan-sama!? Aa, I’m so fortunate…”

So saying, Lady Meena gazed ecstatically at Zetan.
Fumu, I see, he’s getting his just desserts so soon after the ordeal from when I woke up; maa, it’s better to leave that for later.

“I beg your pardon, but why did you not transform? Since if you transformed, you could fight with more superiority?”

This is something I must ask.

“— Actually, although this was my daily walk, somehow there was this sweet smell and I started walking in this direction with my head all fuzzy … and when I came to, I had already come all the way out here. And then, all of a sudden the goblins surrounded me; in order to overcome the situation I was going to transform, but for some reason I was unable to transform, and it fell into a situation where I was forced to fight with my hidden sword…”

And Lady Meena became depressed. … It can’t be, na.

“Excuse me, are you unable to transform right now as well?”

To my question, Lady Meena had a gloomy face and nodded.
— Lure an opponent in and seal their specialties, then surround them.
And furthermore, to have a clear distinction between the vanguard and rearguard portions and slowly but surely whittle down your opponent.
An existence that would do that is?

“Then, pardon me, but could you drink this?”

So saying, I handed over an Uncommon Anti-Poison Potion2. And after some time had passed…

“Would you try transforming once more?”

I requested of Lady Meena.
Lady Meena nodded and began building up power… and pretty soon her figure became bigger and bigger, and then there was a pure white Fenrir bigger than Zetan.

“I transformed! Exactly why, when I couldn’t before…!?”

A slightly confused and flustered Lady Meena. Fumu, I’ll leave the rest to Zetan.

“Well then, Lady Meena, please return to human form and return to the city while riding on Zetan.”

From Zetan, “What about you? I’m fine even with 2 people riding together, though?”

“Sorry, I’m a little tired, so I’m going to take a bit of a break here before I go back.”

Is what I said. But Zetan looked at me for a while with a stern gaze…

“… Understood; don’t stay out to late, okay?”

Leaving that behind, with Lady Meena on his back he ran off.
— Did Zetan figure out what I wanted to do?
Once I confirmed that Zetan and Lady Meena were far enough away, I stood up.

“—Come out; exactly how long do you intend to hide?”

I spoke loudly with a voice laden with provocation.
That’s right, there were [2] non-monster reactions, so that means there’s one more person here other than myself.
And, the fighting form that the goblins had when up against Lady Meena, as well as the fact that a human made antidote was able to cure her, what this means … can only be one thing.

“Staying silent? You’re being so cold; then, here, a present.”

So saying, at the spot that [one other] reaction is coming from, I tossed an Enhanced Oil.

[Wind-Blown Hunting Bow]Lv13
[Assaulting Kick]Lv22
[Small Shield]Lv 6
[Physical Ability Reinforcement]Lv31
[Chivalrous Thief]Lv22
[Fairy Language]Lv99 (Forced Acquisition) (Unable to be moved to Reserved Skills)

Reserved Skills
[Advanced Cooking]Lv10

ExP 4

Titles Possessed:  The One who Charmed Even the Fairy Queen, The One who Defeated a Great Foe Alone, Liberator, ???
“The Fairy Queen’s Husband-san”, “Chef of the Battlefield-san”

A/N: Now then, it became another 3-parter. My apologies.

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  1. Referring to Earth riding Zetan. Kintarou is a super strong kid who grew up in the wild and subjugated Shuten-doji. Often shown riding a bear. Maa, a folklore figure.
  2. I wanted to call it an antidote, but when it’s written in kana like that…


    1. “its simple, no matter how strong are you, damsel in distress is a damsel in distress, its the knight rule to safe the lady and keep harms away…. Though I must apologize for one thing……”
      “Hmmm apologize?” she ask
      “I did not have or wear any magnificent armor and rode a splendid horse, thus I beg for your forgiveness my lady” i kneel at her
      “Pftt…… you still can play joke at this time!”
      “well one lady is laughing”
      “requirement for [nonchalant clown] title has been fulfilled!” what the heck!?

      Liked by 1 person

  1. What I confirmed over there was a 17 or 18 year old with beautiful, long white hair flowing, and what should have been a pretty “dressed” stained with dirt and blood;

    good job and thank you


  2. Ceh… earth really sadistic person.. if he burned the culprit to death no one can be warned about that person face feature/ign … at least call queen and dragon-chan and let them make that person as living target for train dragon magic & fairy magic for a day, no meal included>_>

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s a bit more to it than just punishing a wrong-doer, but alas, this is a three-parter, so we’ll get to it, eventually.

      And my estimate in last chapter, that we’re closer to 4-5 chapters behind the Manga, seems it might have still hit low…


  3. Thanks for the chapter.

    The Kintaro reference is to Earth riding a bear, one of the most common images of Kintaro is sitting on the back of a bear with an axe set on his soulder. Earth is lacking the axe for the full image.


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