VendM 040: Demons of Gluttony

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Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta ore wa Meikyuu o Samayou
Author: Hiru Kuma

Demons of Gluttony

Their vigilance hasn’t waned, but it looks like they’re interested in the kara’age. If I offered everything for free, if they try to get at my contents for products they desire without purchasing, that would also be troublesome.

“Mou, let’s try and eat it. We don’t food anymore; my stomach’s all empty.”

Alright; the bear-cat called Pel has given into the temptation. Just as he appears, he’s the gluttonous character.

“You idiot, Pel. Even if we’re called Demonic Big Eaters, you can’t forget your pride as a Pouch Bear Cat Demons.

Said Mikene. It’s fine that he’s sticking his chest out like all leader-like, but what the heck is a Demonic Big Eater? And that Pouch Bear Cat Demons is a long name.

Judging from the name, it means they’re marsupials with the traits of bears and cats. And then the Demonic Big Eater … AAA-! I remember what animal they’re based on!
Since the name was so cool, I took notice when I was in middle school when they became endangered animals. It’s probably, the Tasmanian Devil!

Even though they have a cute face at first glance they have a demonic cry, and in the pit of their breast is a white crescent moon design. I remember now; there’s no doubt they’re Tasmanian Devils. Because this is another world, I thought it might be something more outrageous, but the haziness has finally completely cleared up.

Tasmanian Devils are known for being quite the gluttons for meat food. If I can convert them to being customers, it looks like I have some expectations for profits.

“Welcome. Please insert the coins.”

“Should we run or …”

“Mou, I can’t stand it anymoooooore”

Pel pushed Mikene aside and jumped at the box the kara’age were in. And then, unaware of the surroundings he tore open the box, and with the steaming scent rising from the kara’age inside, he stabbed the kara’age with his sharp claws and tossed it into his mouth.

“*Hafu, hafu* *gulp*, s,so gooooooood! What is this!?”

In the blink of an eye, he put away all five pieces of kara’age; he licked away the oil around his mouth with his tongue.

“Eh, it’s good? Eh, so if you put in coins, you’ll buy the thing same thing that’s on the picture, huh?”

“O,oi, what about us! It’d be better to break the box … no, here is where you put coins, and then afterwards we can break it to get it back. I want to eat too.”

“Hang on, Suko, Shote! This might be a trap –“

Ignoring Mikene trying to stop them, the blackish-brown Shote took a silver coin out of his jacket pocket, somehow spotting the coin slot, and tossed it in there.

“The part that sticks out under the picture is glittering. So I should push this, huh?”

If he were someone from the community, I’d reply with “Welcome”, but with these guys, the meaning that it means “Yes” won’t be conveyed. When it came to everyday life in the community, that kind of exchange became the usual, so I became negligent. Originally, it obviously should have this kind of inability to communicate like now.

“So it really was like that. What an amazingly fragrant smell that whets your appetite. And it’s hot too. I’m also going to eat.”

“Then, me too.”

Other than Mikene, they bought kara’age and ate it with relish while going *hafu hafu*. Pel took out numerous silver coins and inserted the coins into the slot one after another, then rapid-pushed the kara’age switch.

I’m really glad I raised my speed. At this rate, if they had to wait for it to heat up, they might run out of patience and might break me with their vigorous force.

In all he bought six kara’age, and after Shote and Suko who were waiting behind him, similarly made their purchases.

Even Mikene, who had crossed his arms and was staring over here, somehow he seemed to have reached the limits of his patience, and *fura fura* walked unsteadily up to my front and put in a silver coin; he bought kara’age.

“Good grief, if it was actually a trap, what were you guys going to do? First, I guess I should check for poison … Haaa-, the meat juices just spill out! What is this, it’s way too delicious!”

Yosh, all members have surrendered. So they realized the art of Japan’s frozen food goods, huh? –tte, I shouldn’t be acting like it’s my own personal achievements. Thank you, unnamed company!
Personally, I like the fried rice from this maker, but there’s the issue of whether these meat-eaters would eat it.

But the Bear President is omnivorous, so it might be ok not to worry about that point, na. If I think about it like that, it should be fine to view them more carefreely but … these Tasmanian Devils, exactly when will they continue to eat? For each person’s portion, they’ve already bought over 20 kara’age, though.
E, is their stomach going to be okay?
To think that just four animals, I mean four people would have done so well. Just from them, to think that I have to replenish the kara’age. Demonic Big Eaters are frightening.

“Mou, my tum-tum’s full. I’m tired from running away…”(Pel: fluffily fat one)

“Hey, Pel. This isn’t a place for you to sleep.”(Mikene: slender leader)

“Mikene, isn’t it better to take a break here? Suko’s also at her limits for moving around, I bet.”(Shote: brownish-black tall aggressive one)

“I’m sorry. It doesn’t seem like I can walk any more.”(Suko: flop-ears female)

“No, I should be apologizing. Then, I’ll keep watch, so everyone rest up here.”(Mikene)

“Got it. I’ll switch with you later, so I’ll leave the first watch to you, Mikene.”(Shote)

Except for the leader-like, slender Mikine, they all crammed into the crevice between me and the wall as if to hide; not one minute after they went horizontal, they fell asleep. They must have been quite exhausted.
At this distance, I can probably somehow use <Barrier> to protect them.

Having seen this much, I can see that they all have a relationship of mutual trust and acceptance. The slender Mikene is standing, keeping watch, while leaning on me, his consciousness nodding off every once in a while. Even while standing he seems to be sleepy.

The surroundings are starting to get dark; it would be fine if you just fall asleep like this, you know? I’ll take your place and stand watch.

There was no way my feelings got across to him, but Mikene seemed to have used up all his strength and he slid to the ground; like that he fell asleep.
Good work today. Tonight, be at ease and fully rest up.

“So what do we do now, everyone?”

gulp, chomp chomp, chew chew

Mikene is trying to hold a discussion about what to do afterwards with his companions, but all members are absorbed in eating and not listening in the slightest. In the end, these guys, none of them woke up all morning, and when their eyes finally opened they seemed to have empty stomachs, so once again they mass-bought kara’age.

In this situation his body transformed and his face became grim again as he tried to intimidate, but he quickly accepted the situation when he understood that kara’age could be bought. This race might be one that prioritizes food.

“But I wonder what this box is.”

gulp. Fuuu. Isn’t it a magic tool you can buy food from?”

“Our luck was good, ne. To be able to eat such delicious meat.”

“Pel’s super relaxed, na. Even though we’re in this situation.”

I understood from eavesdropping on their discussion over breakfast; these guys seem to be Hunters, not monsters that live in the maze.

They belong to a certain brigade, and it seems the name of that group is <Demons of Gluttony Brigade> Somehow the name seems contrary to their appearance, but after watching them eat like that I can agree with it.

But man, in this world the Hunter groups are probably bound to having weird names attached to them.

This is only what I know from eavesdropping, but this Maze Level appears to have quite good profits, but the danger is high; Hunters who want stability seem to avoid it. So that’s why I never met a Hunter.

These guys’ Demons of Gluttony Brigade, according to themselves, have mysteriously high expenses; in order to improve the brigade, they were looking for get-rich-quick schemes, and so it seems they came to this level. Maa, that reason is … from a third person’s point of view you’d understand well but … they probably won’t be able to determine that it’s their eating amount.

These guys’ physical abilities are also high, their jaws are strong and their claws are sharp; furthermore they have the intimidation Divine Gift called <Roar>. They’re not lacking as Hunters in any way, but they have small bodies from birth so they’re weak against big opponents.

Even so, according to what they said, against the Gluttonous Pig Demons chasing them, if their comrade hadn’t been injured and their opponents were only two, then they had the confidence that they could have repulsed them. I don’t know if that’s true or not, though.

These guys, who ate everything to exhaustion, rubbed their bellies and *bou* spaced out. With their bellies swollen and with the sense of crisis gone, they’re relaxed, na.

“Everyone, we need to talk. Properly listen, please. It’s about what we’re going to do from now on, but I think we should absolutely return to the entrance.”

“But, we haven’t gotten our hands on any treasure, though?”

“I,I’m for going back, I guess. ‘Cause, it’s scary here.”

“If we return now, then the continuation of the brigade will be impossible; are you ok with that?”

As long as you have your life is the fundamental thing to say, ne. To be honest, going back would be fine, probably.
The only female – – no, it would probably be better to say lady.1 I would recommend coming back after you’ve healed the lady’s wound.

“Everyone, if it’s treasure, didn’t we find it? A magic tool you can buy food from!”

“Aaaa-. There’s that too!”

To be called treasure doesn’t have that bad of a feeling to it, but I’m not anyone’s belonging; I’ve decided on being Ramis’ partner. I guess I’ll raise an objection.

“Too bad.”

“BUAAAA-! That scared me. So it can say things other than ‘Welcome.’”

“Congratulations! You’ve won another bottle.”

“E-, can it say anything else…”

“Thank you. Please come again.”

I played back all the recordings I can see and gauge the others’ reactions.
As for the Pouch Bear Cat Demons, the bear-cats form a circle, facing each other, whispering and discussing with one another.

“Right now, didn’t it react to our voices?”

“I wonder if it isn’t a coincidence.”

“But, it had the timing of being a response.”

“No way, do you think this box has a consciousness? Let’s test it out.”

Once the discussion was over, all of them stood one step away and stared at me. I,if you look at me with those black eyes, I won’t be able to calm down.
Mikene acted as their representative and took a step forward and conveyed their thoughts.

“Could it be that you understand what we’re saying?”

I was waiting for that. Of course I’ve already decided on a response.


“A, as expected, it doesn’t understand. It looks like it just selects suitable words in response to our voices.”

E-? Nononono!
Now see here. I can’t say anything other than set words, and I’m doing the best I can to cope.

“Too bad.”

“A, it’s true. It’s just reacting, and it doesn’t seem like it has any meaning. A-, that startled me.”

“Un, un, it scared me so I’m hungry again. This time let’s try something other than the fried meat-“

Eeeee-! Come on, try investigating it a little more!
You might discover all sorts of things, so keep it up!
But maa, I cheer them on in my heart, but without regards to my feelings they start eating again.

Ha… aa, but, I see. If I calmly think about it, this would be the normal reaction.

Ramis’ high sensitivity helped so it was possible for the understanding in the community to be that I had a will, but these guys have the obvious reaction.

“Then, I guess it’s okay to return with this magic tool box.”

“Oka-y.” “Fine with me.”

The approval was unanimous. I really want to fix the misunderstanding, but it’s fine for now. If they’re going to transport me all the way to the vicinity of the entrance, then I’ll be grateful for THAT, na. In the case that Ramis and the others come looking for me, they’ll be able to find me immediately.

“Right, then since Suko is injured, then us three will carry it!”

Mikene, Pel, and Shote crowded around me and put all their power that seemed like it should move me, but I only moved maybe about one centimeter. Now that I’ve encountered this situation several times, I realize how great Ramis is to transport me by herself.


“Ugaaaa, BUAAAAA-!”

“N,no use…”

The three flopped against me together as they repeated their heavy breathing. They might have enormous strength comparative to their small statures, but it’s insufficient to carry me.

If I went with them there would be no need for them to secure food, in case of an emergency I can protect them <Barrier>. Besides that, I’m a little worried that they’ll throw me away, or rather, leave me behind.

That said, it would be better if I changed into a shape that’s easier for them to transport. If I was the cardboard vending machine then they could carry me easily, I bet. However, the transformation time limit is two hours. I should save it for an emergency.

The other method is this as expected. One of the additional functions from the rank up; an installation of four wheels on the bottom.

“Are, isn’t it kind of taller?”

“Look look, underneath the box wheels came out!”

So they realized. With this I think I can be moved, but is it going to be ok?

Once again, except for Suko, all of them flanked me and pushed; slowly, more than I thought, I smoothly began to move. Here the path is level, and I’m glad there are no inclines or declines.

“It moved, it moved!”

“This is gonna be big money!”

“We’ll be able to eat our fill all the time, na.”

“Just this itself is a handy magic tool. If we sell it to Chain Restaurant, then we’ll be raking in the dough.”

Sorry to break your happy mood, but I don’t have the intention to be sold. And, I absolutely refuse when it comes to Chain Restaurant.

U-n, if they meet up with Ramis and the others, there will most definitely be a dispute. It’s a worrisome situation, but right now I can get closer to the entrance, so let’s not think about it.

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  1. he uses mesu, which is a nomenclature for a female animal, and corrects himself by using josei, which is a female human.

<T/n: Sorry for the delay. Japanese was just not making sense easily this time. I don’t know why. Guess I was a little tired.
So who else immediately googled pictures of Tasmanian Devils?>




  1. Formerly Dakon

    Pel took out numerous silver coins and inserted the coins into the slot one after another, then “brapid-pushed” the kara’age switch.
    Pel took out numerous silver coins and inserted the coins into the slot one after another, then rapid-pushed the kara’age switch.

    Good job and thank you.


  2. I’m baffled as to why you chose to translate 3 of the four words in fukuro-kuma-neko-ma description, but left the part that REALLY let him figure out what they were in romanji… also, I didn’t want to comment about this, but it has been eating at me every time i visit. I am dissappointed with this 5th son and origin story additions. I was apprehensive with just origin story, but with all this going on… I’ll be back in a year or so when you have finally added more than five chapters to the story I bookmarked this site for. That is, if the site is still up then. I hate to be this harsh, but I’ve seen this happen to sites I found enjoyable before more than once. Either learn to focus on what earned you your fans or be content to watch them leave you one by one.


    1. y’know, I don’t mind if you take off for a while to come back and read stockpiled chapters, but to say the website will be down in a year because I’m writing too much content…
      Well, one of the things I’m fighting through in order to update is depression. I’m not trying to neglect anything, but sometimes it gets hard to want to sit and think about someone else’s (my characters’) actions and feelings when all I want to do is curl up in a bed and sulk.
      This is why I don’t have a schedule, because feeling like I have a deadline overhead turns me off of enjoying doing it, and I don’t want to get anyone’s expectations up on something I have no confidence in delivering.
      This means sometimes I will take days off to focus on making myself feel better. But if I’m not allowed to do that, it’s better to distance myself from activities that will only hurt my mental health.
      And that is why I will take your feedback as “please write more as quickly as possible”, but I will say, for me, this blog is about the things I enjoy doing to be shared with people who enjoy me doing it. I’m not going to expect people who find it frustrating to wait for every chapter to do so, because it IS frustrating. That’s fine. Come back in a month. Come back in a year. Come or go as you please. I will just keep writing.


      1. Speaking of things we’ve seen happen before.

        I’ve seen multiple translators and writers close shop because of harsh comments that made them feel bad and ill-appreciated. I know getting hate can kill you a little inside; I’ve spent 18 months moderating Dueling Network before and you better believe people cursed at me for enforcing site and game rules.

        KlinH-san, although you probably know this, there’s many of us who think everything you’re doing is awesome. I can’t imagine writing such compelling stories as WFB or OriginStory myself, and the translated works are appreciated as well. This can never be said enough, but remember that for each word of criticism you may receive there’s plenty of people who love your work.

        I’ve expressed concern for you burning yourself out with series before, but it’s entirely your choices that have brought all your followers here. Do what you desire and know many people appreciate you for it.

        Best regards from behind the safety of a computer screen,



      2. Oh, just to clarify, I’m not trying to start a witch hunt against Lynkz. I’m just giving my two cents on the subject matter.


  3. Hhha! I’m glad Modo. I didn’t mean to come off as hateful, but after reading your comment I scrolled up… 😦 sorry. I’m glad people like you will be here in my absence. KlinH may be batlling depression, but at least battling is better than what I did. I gave in. Gave in to my frustration, and chose to leave for a time. That, however, is not why I left that comment. I really did say those things out of concern. I my own story(not to say this will happen to everyone. May the sun shine and the moon glow upon you eternally). Way back in the ancient times of livejournal I had a comic that I ran about a browser game called Vagabond’s Quest. Long story short: New games came out that I enjoyed so I started writing comics for them too(still continued my VQ comic without changing release schedule) I didn’t mind hate mail. it comes with being looked at by more than one person. It was the silence after eveyone had left that caused me to delete the account in a tearfilled, drunken breakdown. Now I have vowed to only read what others write, and never subject myself to that again. You know what…. writing this has just made me hate myself for being weak and abandoning KlinH… I’m not leaving forget what I wrote on your coffee!!!


    1. 🙂 It’s fine, I wasn’t offended too much because I also understand the worries. I’m a WN reader too, and there are just times you want to wait a few or more chapters before jumping back into the story. Then there’s the times a translator takes on, like, 5 stories at once and you’re left worrying whether any of them will continue.
      I understand the worries too, so…


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