OVRMMO 082: Extermination

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

A/n: I feel like I gave too many hints, but this isn’t a mystery story, so this way is probably better.


The thrown Enhanced Oil fell to the ground, and an explosion occurred. And, from inside those flames …


Like that, a man’s scream was raised.
Good grief, because he was hidden he thought he wouldn’t be found, so he probably wanted to believe that me talking was just a bluff, na…

“Y,you bastard; what are you doing!?”

The man that became a fire ball rolled on the ground to extinguish the flames and then glared at me; his entire body was completely burnt black. If I ate a grilled-chicken skewer to show that I could afford to do so while dealing with him, then I would look pretty cool, but I, who easily tenses up, couldn’t possibly manage that.

“So the culprit really was a human, huh. A fighting method that’s used primarily for Raid Bosses, poison to weaken her, party-like cooperation, hypnotism … They’re all ways that humans use.”

I’m not sure whether he was manipulating the goblins, or otherwise give them instructions, but the answer may never be found. And anyway, this guy, he’s not a player it seems like.

“You bastard; you knew that much and you still acted that way!”

On the contrary, if I didn’t know then I wouldn’t have done that; I was certain about it, so that’s why I lit him on fire.

“As for you, did you do it for your own greed, or else did you accept someone’s request? As expected, I don’t know that much about the matter, but kidnapping/murder is one of the evil deeds a criminal would do, zo. Against a criminal, there’s nothing wrong with attacking him.”

It’s a response loaded with the intent to provoke him.
If this ordeal was only for his own purposes that would be better; if it was a request for a kidnapping, or otherwise murder, then the situation would be extremely bad.
Maybe, if I let him get away here, then it might take a turn to the worst situation where relations between humans and fairies progress in a bad direction, my fellow adventurers might receive harassment, and war between fairies and humans might inevitably develop.

If it’s about the triggers for war, for the most part, it’s the truth that many of them are from really small affairs in reality; for those to be enough for the possibility of war to develop is quite frightening.
And One More’s devs, this kind of development up to the brink of war, they might not be able to stop it; and so.

“A problem made by humans should be settled by humans; that would be the best way to resolve the situation smoothly, ne.”

For that reason, along with dealing with this idiot here, there’s a need to bring this information to the Queen.
If I don’t resolve myself to kill this 1 here now and afterwards ten thousand die, that cannot be allowed.

“D,dammit; then, I’ll seal your mouth here!”

So saying, he stooped his entirely burnt black body and charged.
There’s a good probability that he’s carrying a hidden knife, so I activate <Triangle Shoot>, leaving a mirage at that spot and leaping to the right.
Since there wasn’t a wall and I just kicked empty space, the power fell by 50 percent, but right now that’s probably fine.


With a truthfully simple yell, the charcoal man thrust out his knife. But, I dare to say.

“That’s an afterimage.”

He had aimed at the afterimage left by Triangle Shoot, and from behind the man thrusting out his knife, those words were said. Of course the knife pierced empty air, and from behind him the Triangle Shoot stabbed into him.
Gushya- that dull sound reverberated through the surroundings.

“Ga… ha-…”

The man who took the kick on the crown of his head fell forwards. Against this man who had collapsed, I readied my bow.

“In the end, I kept trying to think of this and that and all sorts of reasons to justify it, but because you pointed a blade at my companion and escort target, I can’t forgive you; that’s my true feelings, na.”

The collapsed man raised his voice towards me; so his mouth is the only thing that can still move.

“Bastard … I’m a human, and those are … fairies, you know …?”

I take a breath and give him my answer, as a gift he can take with him to the underworld.

“Whether it’s a different race or country, to me, any of them are fine. It’s whether you can walk hand and hand together, that’s all that matters. To walk hand in hand, whether they be fairies or dragons, I’ll take their hand. Recognizing each others good points and bad point and walking together, that’s the number 1 best thing.
On the other hand, if you’re going to cause strife, then even if you’re human, I will not pardon you.
And, if you don’t have the resolution to be killed, then don’t point your blade towards others.”

And, immediately after finishing saying that, the arrow that was aimed at the man’s head pierced through.
Immediately after the arrow struck, the man, who didn’t even let out a groan, turned into light, dissolved into particles, and shattered.
— with this, I’ve probably put a stop to this time’s commotion.
Afterwards, I will have to report to the Queen about this time’s matter in its entirety.


Walking along the path back into town, for some reason, along the way, Zetan and Lady Meena are waiting.”

“I thought I said it was fine to go back ahead of me?”

I said to Zetan, but …

“Did you catch the mouse?”

Is how he replied. Lady Meena said, “A mouse, is it?” and tilted her head.
So he really did figure it out…

“I thought it was a mouse, but it turned out to be a rat. Just in case, I completely exterminated it to avoid having it spread diseases.”

At that answer, Zetan gave a grin. “I see; alright then, get on,” he said and squatted down to make it easier to climb on.
Shading my eyes at the world dyed in sunset, gazing at the long shadows of two people riding on a bear, we returned to the southern inward city.

“Aa, Meena, I’m so glad you’re safe!”


She must have been waiting impatiently in the inn; when her daughter returned, Lady Karen embraced her while crying happily.
The inn’s proprietor said, “What matters more than anything else is that she’s safe.”
It was actually kind of almost not-safe, but there’s no need to say that.

“Zetan-sama, Earth-sama, really, thank you so much.”

So saying, the Fenrir mother and daughter bowed their heads … but for me, knowing that the foolish actions of a human was the source, instead an apologetic feeling welled up in me.

“Anyway, it was fine since we made it in time. And, Milady, we’d like to talk about the compensation.”

Zetan cut in.
Just saying, for an adventurer who receives a request, firmly requesting the compensation is given, na.

“Of course; for each of the two of you, 100,000 glo will be prepared.”

As expected of nobility; I suspected it from seeing the daughter’s clothes, but they can take out an extraordinary compensation like 100,000 glo so easily.
Even if you say it wasn’t a simple request, they immediately took out 20 times the reward from subjugating High Rabbits. But that won’t be enough.

“My lady, I’m sorry, but there is one more thing I’d like to request as compensation.”

Was my own cut into the conversation.
Zetan said, “Oi, isn’t that more than enough!?” and Lady Karen also made a suspicious expression.

“Please be at ease; I don’t have the intention to ask for monetary rewards.”

What do those words mean? All three seemed to ask.

“It might be improper, but it seems that Lady Meena here holds a not-so ordinary interest in Zetan-dono. And so, the reward that I would like to request is that it can be arranged so that Lady Meena and Zetan-dono might be able to further their intimacy.”

To these words, Lady Meena’s face turned red, Lady Karen let out a, “Oh my~”, and as for Zetan.

“Ou, exactly what are you trying to do!?”

With that, he drew closer to me. Even so, this is how I answered him.

“Well I mean, just this morning you were saying how jealous you were of me having beautiful women, and how I should share the good luck, right? Wouldn’t you say that Lady Meena has more than enough strength and exquisite beauty? So I’m just ‘sharing the wealth’. Lady Meena doesn’t seem to be fully against it, na?”

To this rebuttal, gunuuu… Zetan could only groan as he was unable to reply.
Right then, Lady Meena perfectly snuggles up close.

“U,um, Zetan-sama … I’ll be in your care!”

At that moment, Zetan froze. Iya~ if I’m on the watching side it’s pretty amusing, ne, [if I’m on the watching side, that is].
And so I’ve gotten him back for that time when I woke up.

“Now then, I will withdraw, so please take your time.”

As for Zetan’s “Oi!? Hang on a damn minute!?” he raised, I’m going to ignore it~.
Now it’s the time for the two to get to know each other.

Returning to my room at the inn, towards the ring I say, “Queen, is now good?”, and soon the ring glistened and the Queen came teleporting here.

“For Earth-sama to call me out … what is it? A love confession?”

I just ignore everything she said and report on the earlier matter of the Fenrir’s young lady being kidnapped without hiding a single thing.

“And that concludes my report. It wouldn’t be wrong to be vigilant against it; for such actions, I apologize for the trouble they’ve brought.”

Finishing off the report like this, I bowed my head. Since it’s not wrong that it was humans who brought this trouble.

“Is that so … actually, I am grateful that you were there to hold them in check. I will investigate this.”

To that I reply, “Please do.” … I hope that it was something only limited to this time’s incident.

“Then, for today, it’s about time to turn in, so I’ll see you later.”

Saying that to the Queen, I released my equipment and put it away in the Item Box.
… however the Queen did not go home.

“In other words, you mean to say that you want to sleep together” “I did not! Go home now!”

How did it end up like this again I wonder … after that, a noisy back-and-forth comedy routine broke out, and I was quite late to log out. On top of that, I was even forced to promise to go out with her on a date later…

[Wind-Blown Hunting Bow]Lv13
[Assaulting Kick]Lv22
[Small Shield]Lv 6
[Physical Ability Reinforcement]Lv31
[Chivalrous Thief]Lv22
[Fairy Language]Lv99 (Forced Acquisition) (Unable to be moved to Reserved Skills)

Reserved Skills
[Advanced Cooking]Lv10

ExP 4

Titles Possessed:  The One who Charmed Even the Fairy Queen, The One who Defeated a Great Foe Alone, Liberator, ???
“The Fairy Queen’s Husband-san”, “Chef of the Battlefield-san”

A/n: And so, as everyone expected, the culprit was “a human”.
Maa, it’s not a deductive-reasoning story, ne.

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  1. Technically, it’s “purification”, but in this case, it’s purification in the meaning of destroying the impure creatures, aka extermination

<T/N: check and mate, Zetan.>



  1. mmm… though about the unknown title:
    – The one entrusted by the Creators” (as it seems the devs know he has a close relationship with the first IAs but didn’t act upon it)
    – The one favored by the world” (since he seems to be one who have incredible good (bad) luck)


  2. “()on the ground to extinguish the flames and then glared at me”, um it would be better if you add “rolling” in the beginning, but that is just my opinion 🙂


  3. Thanks for the chapter.

    “Well I mean, just this morning you were saying how jealous you were jealous of me having beautiful women, and how I should share the good luck, right? ”

    One of those two “jealous” are not needed. Either one can be cut and the sentence will be fine.

    Not sure if you noticed it but the title of the previous chapter was referring to how Earch was riding a bear, not about the bear attacking. I left an image at the bottom with an example of a common image that a Japanese would think of when thinking of Kintarou. Either sumo wrestling, in which case he would not have an axe, or when rining his friend bear, when he typically will be shown with an axe set on his soulder.


  4. >> “D,dammit; then, I’ll seal your mouth here!”
    >> “Die”

    So, after respawn players can’t talk? Or they forgetting last ~30 minutes of gameplay, or something?

    >>> “Just in case, I completely exterminated it to avoid having it spread diseases.”

    And, if you die in PvP, it’s end? Your character would be deleted and player who died will be banned on server? Or he will be brainwashed and never act like a bad guy?

    I think author forgets that this is a game … completely.


      1. Ahhh … then yeah, half of what i said – wrong. But still, Earth is a player … how can you shut up and kill a player? They just respawns.


      2. I’ve been wondering for the longest time how NPCs treat player log-out. Does Queen realize Earth’s body is soulless when it sleeps? More importantly, if she does come to realize, will she lose interest in his sleeping form, or take his body’s cherry ///-///


      3. NPCs don’t realize that Players can’t die, they just think they haven’t died yet, a player can be killed, dead, but when they respawn, they managed to escape with severe injuries.


      4. Players can typically tell the difference between an NPC and a PC. For the NPCs it seems it’s harder to tell. The Fairys in the know seem to be able to tell based on things like, ability, gear, attitude, and if they have a Fairy companion. It is possible that the NPC human in this chapter had not come across a PC human before and didn’t realize that killing him would not have any real effect.


  5. on the ground to extinguish the flames and then glared at me;
    it feels like somethings missing

    “Well I mean, just this morning you were saying how jealous you were jealous of me having beautiful women, and how I should share the good luck, right?
    “Well I mean, just this morning you were saying how jealous you were, jealous of me having beautiful women, and how I should share the good luck, right?

    Good job and thank you.


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