OVRMMO 091: And on the Day of the Transaction

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

And on the Day of the Transaction

“— Good grief, you’re certainly energetic.”

Since I had finished the bow for Ayame-san, when I conveyed that I’d like her to come to the designated spot, she really jumped on board. It seems like they’re really at their wits’ end with capturing this Under Dungeon; it’s a situation where’s it’s really a close game.
That said, on the Under Dungeon exclusive thread on the forums they’re saying, it’s all too hard, or you can’t see any way to clear it; no matter what weapon, it seems like they’re all having difficulties.
As you might expect, I have no intentions on sticking my hands in that kind of dungeon … for now.

“I, I’ve kept you waiting!”

She ran it seems; at our meeting spot in a not very popular house, Ayame-san arrived.

“You said it was ready, so … definitely please let me see the finished bow!”

Noah-san is also somewhat excited; in that case, I hurry and let them see it through Rental.

Composite Longbow, Light Metal Line
Quality 7

The instant they saw it, the 2 froze. Well, yeah, since its abilities have gone up by about 2 times.

“— F,forty-seven…!?”

When Ayame-san restarted from her frozen state, she let out an absentminded voice.
Right after, “Wh,what is this~!?” the two girls’ shriek echoed through the room … thanks to that my ears hurt.

“Noisy! You 2, calm down!”

I couldn’t help yelling.


From then, 10 minutes have passed.

“Have you calmed down? For crying out loud, to have even screamed from it …”

Saying that, I glared at the 2. Ayame-san seems to be ill at ease and unable to calm down.

“E,even if you say that, for you to completely blow past Ayame’s bow’s abilities in a few days, there’s no way we had that expectation!”

Noah-san is kind of blaming the victim here. Ma, there is some truth to it, na.

“Maa, fine. So, will you buy it or not?”

At that single statement, the two immediately calmed down. The 2 began to mutter a discussion.

“Noah, sorry to ask, but how much do you have on you…?”

“Ayame, you’re not going to tell me you didn’t bring enough money, ne?”

“Nu-uh, I properly have enough, but … if I buy that bow with that ability for 80,000, the other crafters will kill me…”

“Aa, that’s true, ne … with that ability, it wouldn’t be weird if it was 500,000, ne; I never would have thought he’d make a bow that strong… If we’re going to say something, then how much should we say; even though with my expectations, I said 80,000 was too high…”

“Un, as expected, I as well didn’t have the expectations that such a great item would be made…”

“Right now, 100,000Glo is all I can hand over, though? Ayame.”

“Un, then let me borrow that; I will somehow get it back to you as soon as I possibly can.”

“Nu-uh, let me use it through Rental every once in a while. To be honest, if we pass that bow up, our recommended 2 guild alliance dungeon capture will…”

“If we buy it, we will see a light showing the path to capturing the Under Dungeon, ne … Then, let’s make this a mutual purchase from both guilds…”

Muttermuttermutter… this discussion is extremely long, na. And then, finally the 2 turned towards me.

“Understood, please let us buy this; it’s just, you have displayed craftsmanship in this performance beyond our expectations, so show our respect, we will take it for 300,000Glo. This is also for the reason that, if by chance it got out that we bought it for 80,000Glo, it would be dangerous for both parties.”

That is what Ayame-san came forward with, but there are some more conditions I have to set.

“In addition to that, I have a few other things to ask of you. First is, I don’t want the two of you to tell anyone that I, Earth, made that bow. I’m not asking you to put a stop to other peoples’ guesses, but please do not confirm anything.”

To this the 2 nodded their heads.

“Second is that I’d like you not to direct bow making requests to me. This is, I no longer have any materials on hand is the reason for this.”

To this as well the 2 consented.

“And the last is, right now don’t invite me to the Under Dungeon. Because I’d definitely prefer for you to stick with your current members. If you have that bow, the potential should definitely reveal itself.”

That’s all I had, but is that ok with them?  But to that question as well they replied immediately with, “Understood.” With that, we immediately performed that transaction; I received 300,000Glo and handed over the bow.

“Un, if it’s this bow, then we’ll definitely…”

With the sold bow in hand, Ayame-san checked its condition. Watching it jealously is Noah-san. Right then, I should repay their respect with respect.

“Now then, I would also like to pay my respects; it’s just a bit, but let me return the favor, huh?”

So saying, I pulled out some crafted, leftover Twist Arrows.

“This arrow is an arrow with an arrowhead attached that I thought up with the goal of piercing through as the primary objective. Whether it’s the joints or neck, whatever part you aim at and shoot with this, even if we’re talking about the Under Dungeon’s armor-wearing tank type’s armor, I believe it would be able to pierce through. Actually, it was able to pierce through the armor of the tank type War Goblins in Fairy Country.”

Ayame-san reacted to those words.

“You can even craft this kind of arrow!?”

She replied.

“It’s laborious to make, so its greatest fault is that it can’t be circulated easily on the market, ne. If you combine it with the early Bow Skill <Arrow Twister>, it produces quite the piercing ability; this comes from my personal experience. I am only transmitting 500 of these to you.”

So saying, I took out 5 quivers of 100 Twist Arrows each.

“This is … the arrowhead is twisted like a tornado, desune … so it’s designed to make piercing easier.”

Ayame-san spoke her observations. Even though I went through all that trouble to make them, naa.

“You showed me respect by personally attaching a 300,000Glo price, and though only a little, you even thought to cooperate with me. This time I am offering this to you free of charge, so please take it.”

After they get to know its effectiveness, from hereon they’ll probably wish for them, na. Once that happens, they can pay a suitable price then.

“Thank you so much. Ayame, today, after this, let’s hold a council of war! We have to redo the plan for breaking through the dungeon!”

“Yes! With this our chances will go up! Really, thank you so much!”

Saying those things so soon, and in high spirits, the 2 took their leave. It was a troublesome request, but I’m glad it somehow ended safely; whether it plays a great role or not after this is all up to those 2; I am not going to a lend a hand further than this. Other than praying it will go well, na.
I won’t pray to a god, but to those 2 people’s wills to never give up.

[Wind-Blown Hunting Bow]Lv16
[Assaulting Kick]Lv22
[Small Shield]Lv 6
[Physical Ability Reinforcement]Lv32
[Chivalrous Thief]Lv25
[Fairy Language]Lv99 (Forced Acquisition) (Unable to be moved to Reserved Skills)

Reserved Skills
[Advanced Cooking]Lv11
ExP 4

Titles Possessed:  The One who Charmed Even the Fairy Queen, The One who Defeated a Great Foe Alone, Liberator, ???
Second Names: “Fairy King Candidate”(jealous), “Chef of the Battlefield-san”

A/n: Add some omitted sentences

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<T/n: Thank you RS and anonymous for your donations!
I think there’s an epidemic going on in my household. Every week, SOMEONE’S sick.>



  1. As you might expect, I have no intentions on sticking my hands in that kind “for” dungeon … for now.
    As you might expect, I have no intentions on sticking my hands in that kind “of” dungeon … for now.

    I am only “transmittiny” 500 of these to you.
    I am only “transmitting” 500 of these to you.

    Good job and Thank you.


  2. Uggh..Earth, you’re just too kind..
    While it’s worth 500,000 Glo, you only got 300,000 and yet you gave free 500 arrows? (-_-|||)
    Thank you for the chapter and hope you’ll stay healthy! ^^


    1. He only valued it at 80k to start with and mentioned it was closer to 150k when he finished. Being given double it’s cost is probably why he handed out the arrows.

      Remember, he doesn’t know the value of bows on the market, he makes his own so they only cost him the time and energy to collect the materials. It is likely he has never looked at what is available and their costs, he was stunned to learn that the top end bow used by the leader of the largest bow guild only had an attack of 29.


      1. if you think about its not that weird since he is the premiere expert and pioneer in the bow crafting so he had to able to make better equipment since no one was making anything better than the beginner bow sold at npc shops


    2. Well, 500 was entirely too much in my opinion but the gift of some arrows would’ve been a marketing promotion strategy, which makes sense in that game. Since Earth is aware of that, he’s at least better as Jun…


  3. Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the Chapter ( ●w●)

    Didn’t earth said it was around 150,000 glo in the previous chapter? Did the ecomony inflate within a chapter?!

    PS: take care of your health~

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The economy didn’t inflate, Earth just failed to understand a game’s economy (top class weapons are 10% better as the second best, cost ten times more). Or he quoted an estimate based on material and work cost. Something like that. I think. Maybe.

      Meatbun! *nom*

      Liked by 1 person

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