Wfb: Chapter 87

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Chapter 87:  Even if there’s Magic, it’s not like You can do Anything without Proper Preparation.

Dinner was delicious.

I’m not sure what a non-monster bear tastes like, but the meat of the Red Grizzly was soft and tender, but still had a nice consistency when chewed.

The meat of the roast was definitely firmer than the stewed meat, but no matter which you tasted, when you sunk your teeth into it, hearty juices flowed out and filled your mouth with the umami of the fat and the aroma of spices.

The stewed meat seemed to soak up the broth of the stew, and a mellower taste came out …

Haa, I seem to have become more sensitive to good food here in this world than in Japan. I guess that’s what happens when you eat convenient store food for every meal – that’s what Grandfather and I ended up doing when Grandma died.

Food also seems to be more abundant in this world than in Japan – or at least, in Nyl City it is.

Ragnall said that it’s because any city with a Labyrinth in it basically has food and supplies pouring out of the Labyrinth – anyway, my point is, everyone who cooks takes an effort to make the food good without skimping too much on anything, because the price of ingredients is pretty cheap.

Even if you sold it at minimal prices, if you cut too many corners on food no one will come to eat it because there’s always going to be better food around. That’s why everything I’ve eaten in this world, even food stall food, has been good.

Maa, I suppose this is only because I’ve been staying in Nyl City for the two plus months I have been in this world. Because people are greedy, I’m sure there are places where people don’t get enough to eat and the fact that the food is capable of being eaten is a restaurant’s main selling point.

Anyway, dinner was really good.

Apparently this waystation, the Lonely Bear, is well known for its food, so many people come for it.

Here at the Lonely Bear, lodging, the stables, and the bath are free, but food and the use of other facilities cost extra.

Although neither Orvowel and his assistant Leimon, nor Ragnall, Hibiki, and I have to pay for anything apparently, since we brought in the bear.

By the way, the “other facilities” apparently does include a forge.

I took the job without really thinking about it, but I was really worrying for a moment there that I’d have to improvise something with a campfire outside. Luckily, Orvowel informed me that there is properly a forge out back…

… Hang on. Isn’t this just a fire-pit with an anvil next to it?

“Well, I mean, it’s just for small repairs and the like … no one would really come out to a cabin in the middle of the wilderness and expect to find a facility like in the Guild.”

Orvowel shrugged as I stand, staring at the forge on the side of the cabin.

“…Nn, that’s true. I suppose it’s more like, I’m lucky to find this much out here.”

“Hohoho, Numinor always liked to put up travelers in his cabin since he started living out here. Then, as the years went by, he just kept adding more and more to it, and every year he tries to think of something that would increase the convenience for travelers. Before you know it, the Lonely Bear became well-known as a waystation, and Numinor has never been happier.”

Ah, I see. So this used to just be the bear-man’s house, huh?

It seems he added onto the cabin to expand it one year, redid the kitchen/eating area another year, put in the large baths, then added on the stables … although he’d always had the small hut for smoking meat and the area for tanning hides, it seems the “forge” was a recent addition that Numinor cobbled together within the last few years.

… Oh good, I see some bellows attached to the bottom of the firepit. It won’t be a complete hassle… I wonder if I can get it hot enough.

Un, I suppose it’s impossible to get out of using Barriers to regulate the heat, even with regular steel, after all.

If I return to Japan some time in the future, my abilities in smithing would be so poor, since I’m cheating so much with magic…

Anyway, the … “rustic” nature of this forge makes me interested in seeing just how far I can go with these facilities… ah, no. Ahem, that’s right. I’m properly making a decent sword on the cheaper side, yes.

But … un, this “forge” is only really for heating up metal just enough so you can make crude adjustments. Without the ability to carefully control the fire, I’d wager that the grindstone over there gets visited more than this forge.

Not that many people would come just to work on weapons.

Of course, with the forge being at that level, there’s no smelting furnace. Not that I expected it to begin with, but it would have been nice … since I basically have to return the… “sword” … to an ingot.

But first things first … I disassemble the sword.

Oh good, it’s not just welded together… that was my next worry. I am able to twist the pommel off. Since the pommel wasn’t just welded to the tang of the blade, it makes me think that the smith didn’t intend it to be a cheap weapon with a limit to how much you can use it before you tossed it.

I feel a sense of sympathy towards the smith, although I don’t recognize the name of the maker when I use Analyze4.

Marin, whoever you are, my condolences for your creation to have ended up like this.

After twisting the pommel off, the grip … uwaaa. I tried searching though the leather bindings to see of there’s a pin or something that holds it in place, but the leather instantly loosens and the grip just about falls off the tang of the blade.

The wooden grip underneath the leather is … a splintered mess.


Can you even reuse this? I don’t really want to have to remake the grip for free…

Seriously, to reduce it to this state… somehow my willingness to make a sword for that kid just keeps going down.

“Sorry for that idiot’s impossible request. You really don’t need to entertain him.”

One of the older Adventurers from the owner of this sword’s group has come out from the cabin, and he apologizes for that guy.

“Ah… it’s not an impossible request, just an impossible request the way he expects me to magic this pile of rubble into a working sword again.”

Seriously, I should have just quoted him a ridiculously high price just so I wouldn’t have to do it.

Although the sword has no sin… I feel a sense of pain to leave it as it is.

I sigh as I sort the pieces of steel out from the wood.

“Just tell me this. Does that guy even know how to use a sword?”

The older Adventurer scratches the back of his head and returns my sigh.

“It’s not like he’s completely clueless, but the finesse of fighting an ice troll … ah, well, it’s simply too soon for him. I did say so, but … he’s the kid brother of one of our regular group members.”

Nn. Sounds like this man has to put up with a lot too.

A new Adventurer with no sense of how things work … surely even I wasn’t this bad 2 months ago.

I lift up the sword’s sheathe and fill it with magic to get a rough idea of the shape.

Un, with the acceptable tolerances, the dimension should be… fumu fumu, I see.

It’s just a normal longsword afterall.

“Somehow, despite your complaints, you seem to be enjoying yourself…”

The Adventurer said.

“I’m just putting aside the painful thoughts about dealing with the hilt for later.”

“Is that so… well, even though I have no idea what you’re doing, it looks impressive.”

… What is he saying. I haven’t even done anything yet.

I decide to ignore the guy and rinse off the steel shards as best as I can with a water stone, then dry them with some wind magic.

Hm? Orvowel and Adventurer-san are looking over here with wide eyes?

Hm… Ah, I forgot. Chantless magic is extremely unusual.

Um… …

Let’s just ignore it for now…

Now I take out what I’ll need.

Several tongs and a crucible. My personal anvil for plain steel swords … but I still bring out the mithril blacksmith’s hammer.

It just feels better when I wield it.


Although you could get ceramic crucibles made of a clay that can withstand anything but dragon fire, they didn’t sell those in Nyl City. That clay is supposed to be collected from a stream in Ploids Labyrinth, so it wouldn’t be too strange to be able to buy one when we reach our destination.

Although, strictly speaking, I hope that there won’t be many cases where I have to smelt ore like this while traveling.

This plain crucible I have is made better than most, but I feel like it’s not going to withstand this project. Maa, that’s why you buy quite a few of them. Sometimes you even have to break them open, after all.

In the crucible go the shards of steel~

Un, and then into the fire goes the crucible, carried with my tongs.

And then regulate the fire with the foot-operated bellows… Yeah, this is not convenient at all.

But, with a lot of magic “help” here and there, I manage to get the steel molten.

As expected, the crucible is only being held together with Barrier magic right now… there has to be a better way to do this… oh well. I’ll have to mess with that another time.

Regulating the rate the steel cools, I smash the already cracked crucible when the steel hardened enough to remain solid even without the ceramic crucible.

Alright, and now onto the sword.

The sound of the hammer and anvil ring out for a while around the little cabin.

After carefully controlling the final cool-down, since there’s no kiln that I can let do it for me, it’s already well into the night when I’m done.

… Eh? Orvowel has long since gone in, but that Adventurer-san and Hibiki are sitting over there, watching me.

“Oh, Hibiki. Why are you out here? Won’t it be difficult for you to get up in the morning?”

Like most of the other gamers, Hibiki doesn’t have Resilient Body, and so she can’t operate on only a few hours of sleep like I can.

Hibiki quietly shook her head.

“It’s okay. We’re staying here tomorrow night too, so we don’t have to get up early.”

Ah, I vaguely remember Orvowel saying something like that earlier…

But isn’t just sitting out here in the cold watching me work kind of boring?

That goes for the Adventurer-san too – ah, oi. What’s with that face of frozen shock?

Realizing that both Hibiki and I are looking at him with concern, the Adventurer-san snaps out of it.

“S-sorry, it’s just … um… was that … was that Mana Forging?”

Mana Forging; the art of circulating your magic in order to help regulate the heat and the intensity of your hammer strikes according to how you imagine the finished product. Well, it’s actually a lot of high-level spells all rolled into one and used simultaneously.

“Um… yeah?”

Even if Mana Forging smiths are rare, seriously, how else did you think I was going to do this without proper facilities?

Or, put another way, it was impossible to forge a blade in a place like this if I COULDN’T use Mana Forging, right?

“Um… is it … can I see it?”

The Adventurer-san nervously held out his hands.

Un… normally I wouldn’t let someone else touch the client’s sword… but with that kid, I kind of don’t care.

The Adventurer-san took the naked sword blade and looked at it this way and that.

Aaah… yeah, it’s definitely a grade above the 25,000ecrue price…

… M,maa, at least it’s at the degree where, if you aren’t really into swords, you can’t tell the quality by looking at it…

… I’m just going to call this a success.

With just the blade, no hilt, it would probably be worth somewhere a little less than the 75,000ecrue range, but if you compare it to what I started out making, it’s a vast “improvement.”

It’s at the level where I can sell it to more experienced Adventurers. I don’t think I could stomach making a sword for a beginner Adventurer.

The Adventurer-san carefully inserted the blade into the scabbard several times, then frowned and looked at me.

“Are… you really okay with selling this for 25,000ecrue?”

“Whether or not I’m okay with it… that price didn’t include the hilt, you know? I’m not really sure what I should do with that.”

I gesture at the pile of leather and wood shavings.

The Adventurer-san thought silently for a minute.

“Hang on, I have an idea.”

A sly smile creeps across his face.

It’s a secret that Hibiki and I kind of drew back from him a little…

Anyway, I found out that the Adventurer-san’s name is Gurtis, and the kid’s name is Safr.

Their party, the Rogue Wanderers, come from far in the north-west, just south of the Dwarven territories, so they should be used to fighting ice trolls, but this time, Safr begged his sister to be taken along. Which they allowed on the condition that he stayed in the back.

It was only supposed to be observation for him.

As you’d expect, and impulsive guy like that … well, in the end, he got in over his head, and his magic-swordsman abilities just weren’t high enough to protect his weapon.

He was lucky that he was at least able to protect his life…

What were you thinking, bringing someone like that to hunt frost trolls-!? Each troll requires a 6-man party of C-ranked Adventurers!

I have to resist yelling that out.

I mean, Gurtis himself was against it from the very beginning.

While he was talking to us, Gurtis was testing the blade’s magic conduction and the ability it had to hold the basic skills like Keen Edge.


With a satisfied look, Gurtis replaced the blade into the scabbard, and then walked into the cabin.

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    1. No need to pull a fast one. My bet is he hands the hilt-less blade to the kid and says that’s what he paid for. The kid whines about it being useless without a hilt. Girtus offers to give his current sword to the kid in trade (and maybe asks for something else of value to ‘equal out’ the deal). Girtus then pays Jun to finish off the sword properly and gets himself a better than average sakura-mon marked blade. Kid will think it was a fair trade until he gets to Nyls and finds out just who Jun was and Girtus tells him that it’s payback for him being a fool.

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      1. I know this is late but if I had the ability to like I would right now… It would be glorious and also educational for the fool 😀


  1. If it comes down to it, couldn’t Jun just melt down her far above average quality “failures” to forge it into a blade suitable for the price? I mean, a blade with a quality worth 3 times the offered price… Unlike the bows made by Earth from OVRMMO, Jun could recycle the material used for the blade, with no changes in the cost from her end, aside from time spent.

    Also, I just randomly had my imagination wander a bit. and I felt that said imagination took a weird turn. I wonder what would happen if one day, down the line, some careless fool decided to try and flirt with Jun at an inn they stay at. I can just imagine Jun having the blood drain from her face, her complexion turning blue, Ragnall realizing “oh shit” and quickly making an excuse to drag Jun away before Jun decides to slice the offender in two for trying to come on to her. Then, Hibiki, confused, has it explained to her (to an extent) by Ragnall about Jun’s trauma when it comes to flirting.

    … My imagination is WEIRD…

    Anyways, putting all that aside, I haven’t said the most important thing:

    Thanks for the chapter!


  2. Might have gone a bit farther with the corrections this time… Thank you for the chapter!


    >but the meat of the Red Grizzly was soft and tender, but still
    I recommend changing the second “but” to “yet”, or something like that.

    >because I staying in Nyl City
    I was staying

    >Because people are greedy, I’m sure there are places where people don’t get enough to eat and the fact that the food is capable of being eaten is a restaurant’s main selling point.
    “capable of being eaten” → “edible”
    Furthermore, I recommend making the point clearer by saying “is edible at all” or “the fact that it is edible alone”.

    >there is properly a forge out back
    “a proper forge”

    >I don’t recognize the name of the maker when I used

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  3. Bit of a comment on an earlier chapter.
    IIRC 82.
    Pelma’s origin story. Seems to describe the birth of an elemental while Pelma (when Jun hit her with Analyze4) had as race Deva,

    Also is the maker of the magic crossbow + bolts (from the save the caravan chapters) perhaps called Chekov?


  4. Not that I’m complaining, but western-style swords are traditionally made with blade and hilt in one piece. Separated blades and hilts are technically knives. Quite different from Japanese katanas.

    This is second hand knowledge I read some time ago, so don’t ask me about swords in other cultures like Indian or Chinese.

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    1. uh… well, I know the tang is often welded to the grip, guard, and pommel on western swords, but they are made of separate pieces put together… not sure exactly what you’re pointing out.
      Anyway, this other world culture has already figure out how to make screw-tops, so you can change out damaged parts…

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      1. You’re probably right. I thought I read it in wikipedia, but can’t find the reference anymore. In fact, their sword-related articles mention the tang in quite a few places, strongly implying a separate hilt.

        I know I read about the difference between swords and knives somewhere, but either the author of that article wad wrong, or he may have been writing about a special case.

        BTW, what is the difference between a sword and a knife? Is it just the size? If so, what’s the cut-off point?


      2. as Wikipedia is frequently wrong or unsourced let me settle this once and for all as a western style sword-smith myself. by and large before forge welding was used in western sword construction be it knives swords or otherwise the handle and guard were made as 2 parts and the tang inserted through the middle then hammered out at the end after cutting or grinding the tang to size. nearly 90 percent of the early to mid era western swords were made in this way. far less common were the multi part rivet assembly and the screw on pommel holding on everything as threading was extremely uncommon and rivets had a tendancy to cause the handle to come apart with the heavier sword construction preferred in western regions. hammering out a handle as part of the blade was also infrequently used in most mideival eras but would create an inferior weapon due to weight issues.


    2. They’re made with blade and ‘tang’ in one piece. The hilt itself goes on over the tang and the pommel is screwed on the bottom of the tang to hold the hilt in place. In some show-blades (ie blades not designed for actual use) the tang was welded onto the sword. Such welds wouldn’t be used normally except for display swords and the like.

      That said, we all know the pommel is secretly the strongest part of any longsword if you wish to end your foe rightly! ( )

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    3. just to clarify a bit more threading was used mainly in knight quality swords in the late medieval era. (it is also one of the better assembly methods quality wise just made a bit later then most western styles of assembly)


    1. I think that the background is meant to be stone, probably grey, but it is all flesh-coloured on yours. I think her forehead is meant to be skinny rather than white, and her eyes should probably have white? Her expression seems to have lost something, I am thinking it is probably mostly her eyes and teeth losing distinction. The python’s eye is much less distinct, perhaps a much deeper colour and a shine mark? If that only took 5 seconds then it is a very nice tool if you are in a hurry, but I don’t think that it is really enough by itself.


      1. Given that this is the art of the person who used the tool to color Klinh’s art: (sorry if we aren’t supposed to post links here) Paintschainer is nothing like her own skill level, but given that it’s a computer coloring instead of a human, it’s easy to feel satisfied if it even fills in the lines. xD (I’ve played with it too and results tend to be better the more simple the lineart is. ouo)


  5. “surely I wasn’t even this bad 2 months ago.”
    I am finding this phrase a little awkward. I want it to be “surely even I wasn’t this bad 2 months ago.” or “surely I wasn’t this bad even 2 months ago.” but that is probably just my personal preference. I am probably just too tired to parse it properly right now…

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  6. I thought the kid was buying a new sword from the dwarf? And didn’t Jun say she was hiding her inventory from everyone? Thanks for the chapter! I can’t wait for the next one!


    1. That also got to me, but then I remembered that the biggest problem was the stasis effect. So long as it looks like common dimension-jumping/warping magic it should be okay, probably. So far as I can tell Jun only removed nonperishables and smaller items, and probably has some sort of trick to fake it being common magic. It would be different to stow a bear that was larger than a house and was still uttering its last gasp…

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  7. Just a thought. Jun should be grateful for the game system she has. I remember some of the older games where crafters could only sell weapons to those who had the corresponding levels for the weapons. If she had to work in that sort of framework, just how many people could qualify to even buy her ‘normal’ swords?

    I’m also looking forward to her arriving in Ploids. There’s gonna be all kinds of hoopla when it’s known that an A ranked weaponsmith (with horrible pricing sense) is wandering around.


    1. Her crafting isn’t anything like a game system though? The only thing that are like a game system is the status and inventory, which is why all the gamers were freaking out at first


      1. Her crafting skills are based off of the game’s skills, then morphed (for lack of a better description) to fit that world. The only caveat was that you had to have some knowledge before hand to give the skills something to work with. The other gamers had the skills, but since they didn’t have any of the knowledge from their world, they couldn’t craft anything. I’d bet if they took 6 months to a year to take a basic smithing course from a trained smith, they’d be able to use those skills too.


      2. Nope her crafting skills is based off of her real life knowledge merging with mana forging which is not a game skill. The crafting skills from the game stopped working completely


      3. I don’t think they stopped working, just that they can’t use them. If you don’t have the basic foundation all the other stuff doesn’t matter. Since she had the foundation, she had something to build on and therefore use the skills. Example; If you had never used a needle and thread, even if you had super measuring and stitching skills, you still couldn’t even hem a pair of pants cause you had no foundation as to basic sewing. I’m taking this stance based off of the problems they had with their inventory traits. None of the other gamers could access any of their money because they didn’t know how the wallet feature worked. As soon as Jun told Seimei what the deal was from her experimentation, they could access all their cash. I’m inclined to think their crafting skills are the same. Not that they don’t work, but that they haven’t the foundation to use them, yet.

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      4. I was wondering whether I should reply to you for a while, finally I decided to. Jun does not have any game skills. The only things he has from the game are: inventory, status, analyze IV, and friend chat. Those are literally the only things he has from the game. Therefore your whole point about game crafting skills is moot, because Jun doesn’t have game skills.


  8. I’ve been reading your stuff on royalroad. I didn’t know you had a website. I just spent way too long binge reading extra chapters and your translations. It was mesmerizing!

    I kinda feel like a lazy sack of potatoes though.

    Thanks for writing!


  9. this story is so interesting, it’s been one of my favorites since it only had like 12 chapters. thank you for updating! ^^


  10. You big old tease, you have chapter 88 listed as done but you don’t post it. I check regularly due to impaitence I can’t wait for the release. Thanks for all the hard work


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