VendM 48: The Maze Level’s Community

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Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta ore wa Meikyuu o Samayou
Author: Hiru Kuma

The Maze Level’s Community

For the me that was lost, the sensation of being carried on Ramis’ back is, honestly, if you ask me, this spot really does calm me down.
We’re within the transfer circle placed in the Maze Level to return to the direction of the community, but there is quite the large family here, na.

Ramis with Hyurumi. President Bear. The gatekeepers. The Fools of Whimsy Brigade with Leader Keryoil, Vice-Leader Filmina, the archer Shui, the red-white twins Red and White. Formerly the Demons of Gluttony Brigade, the Big Eaters Brigade’s Mikene, Pel, Suko, Shote.
All members said, it’s 14 persons and 1 box.

From now on, we’re going to stay in the Maze Level’s community for a little while, and then return to Seiryu Lake Level, it seems. They’re going to trace the map of the Maze Level that I displayed with detail, and work on recording the places like where traps are deployed, so I’m going to help out some.

You will be able to avoid the Maze Level’s convoluted paths and the vicious traps, so for the Hunters Association, even if it’s just a little bit, in order to raise the survivability, they won’t spare any effort, it seems.
Until that settles down, the Maze Level’s community will become my temporary residence.

The place and the activation conditions of the traps in the Maze’s main pathway has already pretty much been investigated, so although monsters sometimes appear, they are easily repulsed.
Particularly, without any of those so-called accidents, we reached the mouth of the Maze after two days.

At the entrance there isn’t anything like a gate, nor are there any existences like gatekeepers. Going forward a bit from where we broke out of the maze, I begin to see buildings here and there, but how do I say this; it’s a bit of a sad sight.
Past the Maze’s walls outside was desolate ground spread out; there wasn’t even a single weed sprouting.

The buildings too are just logs combined together, the log-cabin style houses, and rocks piled in square bungalows dotted here and there, and there’s not a protective fence surrounding it … I wonder what they do for monster attacks.

“This place is pretty dreary, ne. Don’t you think, Hakkon?”


“Yeah, I know. I wonder why it’s in decline without any life in it.”

“Ramis, ya don’t know? This Maze Level here’s got huge losses and dangers, but it be a place where that be offset with the expectations for the payout. The deathrate is weirdly high, but there also be Hunters that got their hands on the type of money ya can’t use up in your entire life.”

I heard that from each and every one of the members of the Big Eaters Brigade.

“It be that kinda place, so the company that comes to it gonna be the experienced guys with skill, or the ones who ain’t competent, the fools who dream of makin’ it big; those two types.”

There’s no particular meaning to it, but my line of sight unintentionally switched over to the Big Eaters Brigade. Looks like those four are getting along while marching and conversing.

“Hunters aren’t recklessly coming, but the Hunters Association’s gotta send out the bare minimum personnel to preserve the transfer circle. Even if ya say there ain’t much people, without institutions like an inn and eatery, it gonna be inconvenient, na. ‘Cause of that, there ain’t anything other than the Hunters Association, inn-and-eatery, weapons and armor shop, and a tool shop, about.”

“So it’s like that; Hyurumi’s so well-informed, ne. A, but, there’s no protective fence going around the perimeter of the community; what about that?”

“Seems like, for some reason, monsters don’t set one foot outside of the Maze. And, outside the Maze there this barren land that ain’t got even one living thing out here. It at the extent ya don’t need the walls.”

“For the Association’s part, we’d like to see a few more Hunters drop in to this Level, na. This is one of the places we’re struggling that I’m dealing with this time. Thanks to Hakkon’s map, I can see the potential; I thank you.”

The one who cut into the discussion was the Bear President. Because he was somehow keeping close and straining his ears so they stood up, he was able to pick his timing to mix into the conversation.

“There are far too many things we do not understand nearly enough about regarding dungeons to this day1. If we do not have some personnel claiming each and every level, by the time we realize abnormalities it would be too late, when we begin to take action will already be too late; we must be able to avoid that so-called worst case scenario. In particular, this time’s Level Ruler revival was a repeated occurrence. Whatever the case, it can’t help but give off a bad premonition.”

There are all sorts of things I don’t know about this world. For this me to encounter two Level Rulers in such a short time, this is something that is probably unbelievable normally.

“I will be having you accompany me for several days for the map production, but let us pay separately for that view from above.”

If it’s that I won’t have any complaints. No, well originally I didn’t have any intention to complain, though. For me, I was plenty happy just that you came with Ramis together to rescue me. Even if that was also for your self interest.

Even so, to receive an additional reward, honestly I don’t know what to think about it, but with the other party proposing it and me without the ability to skillfully turn it down, let’s just stay quiet and receive it.

With that kind of conversation continuing, all members’ feet suddenly stop. So this here is our objective, the Maze Level community’s Hunters Association.

It’s different from Seiryu Lake’s Level; it’s appearance is way too small, and I can’t see it as anything other than being converted from a two-story private house. If you say it politely, it’s a commoner’s taste; poorly speaking … you didn’t have enough money, naa.

When you open the double doors and enter inside, by the wall there’s a counter, there’s two round tables, and several chairs. Aside from that there’s one bookshelf. That is all the furniture in this room.

Facing the counter there are two women who seem like personnel, but other than that there’s no one at all. Before we arrived was there too much extra time; one party is reading, and the other is nodding off.

“E-, a, President Bomi, you returned quite quickly. Have you already found him?”

She took her hand away from the book quickly; in a panic she stood and bowed her head towards the Bear President.

At her voice the other one nodding off also woke, and turning her head from side to side she surveyed her surroundings, and then, like the colleague next to her, she bowed her head.

But you know, the Bear President is called President Bomi. It doesn’t really suit him, so within my heart I will continue to call him Bear President.

“Kesha, Uriwa. I understand there’s a lot of down time, but please be a little more alert.”

“M,my apologies.”

The receptionist woman who was reading has a three-strand braid and black glasses; Kesha. The other one who was nodding off would be Uriwa, na. She has a short haircut and as an athletic feeling.

“The Maze Level President is above?”

“Yes. He’s in.”

“Then, Leade, Vice-Leader, Hyurumi, and then … let’s have Mikene come to be on the safe side. As for the others, please take it easy here.”

Ramis set me up in a corner of the hall. It’s been a while since I spent time in a place with a roof.

If it’s a break, then it’s the time for the vending machine to shine. I’ve gotten a good understanding on what products all the members like, so I slyly lined them up. They’ve come to buy them so many times before, so with practiced motions they purchased products one after another. When they finished their purchases, they set them on top of the round tables and relaxed.

“U,um, what is that?”

The two receptionists had come closer before I knew it; without trying to hide their curiosity, they began talking with all the members of the Fools of Whimsy Brigade.

“N-, A-, about Hakkon. Uuum, it’s a wonderful, mysterious magic tool where you put in coins, select your product and buy it. The taste is exquisite and you can eat your fill, so I suuuuper recommend it.”

As expected, of the most excellent person of the Fools of Whimsy Brigade, Shui. Thank you for the standard praise.
Seeing everyone eating like it’s delicious, a gulp sounded from the two receptionists’ throats.

“Guess I’ll try and buy. We’re always just eating at the eatery.”

“That’s true. It’s not like the flavor is bad, but I’m tired of it, ne…”

Since this community only has the one inn-and-eatery, na. Of course you’d get tired of it. Come to think of it, I wonder if the management of the inn-and-eatery is holding up. It’s likely that it’s actually being supported by the Hunters Association or something like that.

After investigating the other peoples’ products they bought, for the black glasses it’s milk tea and canned oden. The other party bought corn soup and cup ramen.

Smelling the scent and poking the can with their fingers, they ascertained this and that until they had reached some kind of understanding about it for the moment. Nervously, they sipped it, and then their eyes opened wide.

“A, it’s more delicious than I thought it would be!”

“What is this, the feeling of it going down your throat is also good; this sweetness is something I think I can get addicted to.”

I’ll take that high evaluation. Looks like I got some new customers; let’s check my points while I’m waiting. Won’t the points have further increased after defeating the two Level Rulers?

Vending Machine Hakkon Rank 2
Endurance: 200/200
Strength:  0
Speed:     20
Dexterity: 0
Magic:     0
PT:        517,654
Refrigeration, Heat Insulation, Omni-directional Sight, Hot Water Dispenser, Cup Ramen Support Mode, 2 Liter Support Mode, Rod-Shaped Candy Dispenser, Coating Change, Boxed Product Support, Vending Machine Security Camera, Solar Panel, Wheels, Electronic BBS, LCD Display, Oxygen Vending Machine, Magazine Vending Machine, Ice Vending Machine, Dry Ice Vending Machine, Natural Gas Vending Machine, Balloon Vending Machine, Vegetable Vending Machine, Egg Vending Machine, Cardboard Vending Machine, Coin-Operated Vacuum, Power Washer
Divine Gift:
The Coin of the Eight-Legged Alligator

How do I say this, the <Functions> have increased too much; I’m not really sure what kind of existence I am anymore, na. Most of the functions are useful and I’ve used them, but the Electronic BBS is a miss, I guess. If you could choose the words freely, and if you could choose the sound based on the words freely; it didn’t match up to my imagination.
One day I might be able to think of a different way to use it, so let’s not forget about it.

Aside from that, Endurance and Durability are raised quite high, but with this I’m not able to get an actual feeling for how hard that is.

Ramis’ running jump and body blow’s damage goes through, but I understand that it’s because of her super strength. I’d like to try and take a normally strong opponents attack once, but will there ever be an opportunity where it could happen?

Now then, it’s about the beloved points, but 510,000, huh? When I defeated the eight-legged alligator I got close to 1,000,000 points, but this time it increased by about 500,000. Is this because Flame-Big-Bone-Demon just has fewer points than the eight-legged alligator, or is it because this time, before I finished it off, it accumulated some damage; I’m agonizing over the possibilities.

Whatever the case, it’s only certain that I don’t have enough for 1,000,000 points. If I had reached 1,000,000 points this time, then this time I definitely would choose a Divine Blessing. Yep.

I will keep the lost hope secret in my chest; being in an environment that’s not exposed to the wind and rain, my tension loosened suddenly; for the first time since I fell to the Maze Level, I choose to sleep.

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  1. The meaning is the same, but the sentence structure has been so thoroughly destroyed… well, I basically rewrote it entirely so I felt guilty and had to denote it, even though I do think it was the best way to translate it. Keep in mind, Bear President also speaks kind of old-timey, in a cultured way, so I have to deal with that too.
    Literally, ‘The dungeon to this day, our understanding that does not reach enough in the fields, is too extensive and too many.’
    It means, for all the different topics about dungeons, their understanding is far too incomplete for each topic, and there are far too many topics that their understanding is too incomplete for.

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    1. I wonder when he will get a meatbun vending machine function so we can send meatbun in another world and spread the love of munching a meatbun, tearing it piece by piece and savoring the taste.

      Well his food is sorta made of magic from thin air so no cats would be harmed… probably.

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  1. I’m worried about the loss of money from the economy. Even a slow loss of money over a long period of time can cause a resource based economy to strain. The amount of gold and silver in the society will fluctuate based on purchases from the MC causing a likely decrease in value of silver with an inflated value of gold due to decrease supply.


    1. There was a chapter that addressed this. A pair of financial workers actually came to Hakkon and exchanged a single gold coin for change to reinvigorate the economy.


    2. If it’s like some world with labyrinths the monsters have a chance of dropping coins when they are killed. This would lead to a natural increase in the number of coins of various types being around and eventually a reduction in their value. Having Hakkon erase some coins would actually help counter that.

      His presence had reduced the number of silver coins in the one level to a troublesome level at one point though. Then a money exchanger came by and bought a bunch of 1 silver products using gold coins and he gave back a bunch of silver as change. They found it really handy that he was able to supply the smaller denomination of coins so easily.


  2. Wouldn’t it be funny if all [Telepathy] did was allow him to say “welcome”, “too bad”, and other normal vending machine quotes directly into the minds of anyone in an area and nothing else?


  3. I wonder if at some point, a king or emperor will look at the statistics and see Hakkon has swallowed up 1,000,000 gold pieces and also has a Boss Monster Coin inside. It’s time to cut open the golden goose for the good of the empire/kingdom. That money doesn’t belong to some box, it belongs to me the Emperor!


  4. I love this series! Is there some kind of mailing list that I can subscribe to so I know when there’s an update?


    1. it’s listed on novelupdates. Other than that… uh… I think wordpress has an automatic rss for each site, but I’ll have to doublecheck that.


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