OVRMMO 094: The Ideal Existence, the Ideal Place

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

A dragon as a pet? That’s oppression, you know!?

The Ideal Existence, the Ideal Place

Before I knew it, the chibi dragon had *snore snore* fallen asleep.
In the first place, it had just been born, but on top of eating all that meat, it even ate the soup; a dragon’s appetite is pretty amazing as well, na.
I’m kind of at the point where I’d like to continue like this and go on a journey together with it, but … this is a matter where my hopes should not be fulfilled, na…

“Queen, my bad, but can you come over for a bit? If you do come, I’d like you to come quietly.”

I really don’t like making debts, but this time it’s the best solution.
A dragon that should not originally be here whose existence here is an exception to the norm; it’s not a situation that I can let drag on.

“Yes yes, responding to your call, it’s your partner in love, Queen-chan♪.”

She’s pissing me off quite a bit, but I have to be patient here.

“Sorry, but it’s an emergency … first off, take a look at this child.”

So saying, I pointed at the red dragon child, the chibi dragon.

“—Re,red dragon!? Wh,why is the kin of the Empire’s imperial family here!?”

So it really was a sign of a major problem, huh … I explained the particulars on how I ended up picking up this chibi dragon.

“I’ve understood your story; to be frank, this is quite bad, ne… Eastern and western dragons are so powerful in battle that they do not come out often in front of people, but the ones who control their powers in order to coexist are the eastern dragons, and the ones who abandoned controlling their powers and avoid coming into contact with others are the western dragons.

For that kind of dragon to be here means…

“I’m not sure how in the world that already dead group managed to whisk it away all the way to here, but isn’t this extremely bad!?”

It feels like my back is dripping in cold sweat…

“Yes, if by chance the western dragon imperial family came this way, was unable to find the child, or in the worst case possible found it dead, it’s highly possible that they would take out their wrath and anger on the entire surrounding area! If that happens, my Fairy Country would be wiped off the map of this world, ne…”

Oh yeah, there was something that was bothering me about what the Queen was saying.

“Imperial family … the red dragon is, are they the rulers of the Dragon Empire?”

For that question, the Queen replied like this.

“Yes; the Dragon Empire; there, successive generations of red dragons are the country’s symbol, and they are worshipped. This isn’t something that’s passed down much amongst humans or beasts, but for other races to see a red dragon is extremely, extremely rare. Even among the eastern dragons, the red dragon has the highest strength and magical power; with that great of a power difference, they are the existences with the most stringent conditions on being able to go outside.”

There’s no more doubt about it; my face right now is probably much more tense than I think it is.

“Wh,what should we do to reduce the damage!? If we do this poorly, it’s really going to be bad, though!?”

The Queen’s complexion is also quite bad.

“At any rate, we have no option other than to make the first move, ne. We can’t even think about fighting.”

At that time, the wind-element girl of the Queen’s close aides appeared; she began to give the Queen a report.

“Your Highness, so you were here! We have just confirmed it, but there are 2 red dragons approaching at high speed! What would you have… us …”

The moment she realized the red dragon child’s existence, her reporting voice became hoarse.

“Th,this stupid queen! Of all things, you put your hands on a red dragon child!?”

Uwaa, to call your queen stupid. She’s that upset, na.

“What do you mean stupid! This child was abducted and has been in Earth-sama’s care, that’s all!”

Thanks to the heated argument that began between the two of them, strangely, I recovered my calm; so it’s true that when your surroundings get flustered, conversely you will calm down.

“And? Do you know those dragons’ bearing?”

I try asking a question to the two arguing.

“They’re heading northeast, but…?”

In the middle of their quarrel, the wind-element girl turned her head to me and informed me.
That angry-looking face is quite scary, though.

“Then, could you transport me? — It’s the human who picked it up’s duty to clean it all up in the end.”1


The me right now is, with the chibi dragon sleeping on my head, sitting in an open field to the northeast according to the information we had about the direction the dragons were coming.
From this spot, it would be easy to see us from overhead, and it would also be easy to make a landing; that’s the two reasons behind it.
It seems that I’ll make contact with them in another 2 minutes, about.

“Now then, it would be great if negotiations went well…”

What I want to happen is simply return the child and wish that they would return home quietly; that’s it.
But with the opponent being a dragon, that terrifying quality is something completely different; if I just happen to mess up their mood just a little, a dragon’s breath would roast me whole instantly, I bet.
Even so, running away would be the absolute worst move; facing them here and talking should be the best method.

And then, after a bit longer, the sound of the wind began to change. Are they here!? The instant I thought that, I saw two red dots. By staring at them, I understood that they were the red dragons drawing closer. Huge.
About the size of 8-story buildings; if I was stepped on with that, it would be easy to be squashed flat, you know…
The two red dragons carefully landed, but with a *Thuuud* there was a subterranean rumble, their wings fluttered like a bird trying to escape, the ground shook, and the sleeping chibi dragon woke up.

『Child of man! State the reason you stole Our child away! 』

This is, rather than speaking words, it’s telepathy? The voice resonated inside my head.

“As for that inquiry, I will answer it; those that have stolen this child, who is your child, are no longer in this world, therefore that reason is unknown! Since I am not one who can speak with the dead!”2

If you respond in a strangely groveling manner3, the possibility that you will irritate your opponent is high; therefore I dared to respond confidently.

『If that is the case, then will you return Our child to Us!?”』

The one that I think is the male red dragon asked this question.

“As for that inquiry, I will answer it; my response is this! I am here since my aim is to return this child to you!”

Next is the female red dragon’s question.

『If that is the truth, then show me your bravery by placing Our child on my foot! If you can do this, I will recognize what you have said as the truth!』

Uwa-… so that’s how they’re doing this. But I can’t not do thiiiis.
To the chibi dragon that cries『Kuon?』, I say “It’s okay”, and after patting it on the head, I draw close to the red dragon that I think is female, who has her foreleg out in front of her.
Because I had stepped one step closer, the pressure from the bloodlust that the dragon couple unleashed is truly terrifying, but it would be unforgivable if I ran here.

Step by step, slowly stepping closer, I reached the front leg of the red dragon I think is female, and I carefully place the chibi dragon on the foot.

『Oo, Our child! I’m truly relieved!』

She’s most likely the mother; the female red dragon raised a delighted voice.

『Child of man, according to your actions, I will recognize your words as the truth! Furthermore, I have understood that you have given Our child something to eat! From Our child’s mouth, there is the scent of food!』

Their noses are also good, huh?

『Therefore, We apologize for our distrust in you, and also We give our thanks that you had lead Our child here; if there is anything you wish for, the imperial family will listen to it! Whatever is fine!』

Fumu, then it has to be THAT, na.

“Then I won’t be reserved. This time’s matter, it’s most likely that the Fairy Country had nothing to do with it! Therefore my 1st wish is, regarding this time’s matter, for you not to hold any suspicions towards the Fairy Country. And another wish would be to make this meeting at this place not happen!”

At these wishes, the male red dragon tilted its head.

『We will hold no suspicion towards the fairies according to your wish。 However, making this meeting not happen, what do you mean?』

And so, I explained my thinking.

“I am merely an adventurer. I heard it from the fairies, but red dragons only extremely rarely show themselves before other races. If the matter that I saw one is known, it can only become noisy again. Therefore, I’d like to avoid raising strange waves for the both of us, that’s what I mean.”

The female red dragon accepted the words and responded.

『──So it’s not that you had some hostility towards Us. Then let it be so. Furthermore, for Us as well, stifling the rumors of Us being seen isn’t bad. We will respect that wish.』

When she said that, the two red dragons and the chibi dragon clinging to the female’s leg, began to rise into the sky.

『Then, We will return to Our country from here. Fare thee well.』

Leaving those words, when they had risen a certain distance into the sky, they suddenly flew off. Their forms became small in no time, and then they disappeared…the moment I realized it had ended safely, my legs gave out and I sat.4

“Somehow, it has ended safely, ne.”

When I turn my head to look behind me, the Queen was there.

“Aa, somehow … I felt like I wasn’t alive.”

That was, a dragon. There’s no way you can win against that! To defeat that, there’s only a handful of heroes and braves who could!
Even though I understood it was VR, I was honestly terrified!

“However, thanks to you, it ended well without any collateral damage; as the Queen of Fairy Country, I give you my thanks.”

Maa, this is the best reward I could get, naa.

“I’ll be asking you for information control; you can conceal my presence, right?”

The Queen nodded.

“Yes; the red dragons dropped by here in order to recover their stolen child, they discovered the kidnappers in this meadow, and they snatched it back; I will also notify this to the humans.”

It’s not perfect, but that kind of thing is easy to drop.

“Anyway, as long as you don’t spread that I had anything to do with this time’s matter, it’s fine. Since this time is truly Irregular.”

Waving my hand carelessly, I told the Queen that.
If you just glance at the forums, there’s all sorts of infamy about me that stands out, na… if it’s found out that I’ve been involved with red dragons on top of it, it will become even more troublesome.

“Even if you say it’s a coincidence, we were truly saved thanks to you saving the dragon’s child.”

To these words of the Queen, I can only give a wry grin.

“I was agonizing over whether to ignore it or not, na… in the end I did the correct thing, huh?”

You really can’t be unprepared in this world.
Naturally I was exhausted, so I parted from the Queen and entered the north fortress city and went into an inn; like that I logged out.
Talk from the Queen about compensating me for this times matter did come about, but I politely refused.
Because ending it without many fairies dying is in itself a reward.

[Wind-Blown Hunting Bow]Lv17
[Assaulting Kick]Lv22
[Small Shield]Lv 6
[Physical Ability Reinforcement]Lv32
[Chivalrous Thief]Lv26
[Fairy Language]Lv99 (Forced Acquisition) (Unable to be moved to Reserved Skills)

Reserved Skills
[Advanced Cooking]Lv11
ExP 4

Titles Possessed:  The One who Charmed Even the Fairy Queen, The One who Defeated a Great Foe Alone, The One who is Involved with Eastern and Western Dragons
Second Names: “Fairy King Candidate”(jealous), “Chef of the Battlefield-san”

Always having existences that have the possibility to destroy everything without mercy; this is also this world.
The exception is Faust; the starting point will not be destroyed.

Furthermore, if there is destruction, there are also existences for revival.
And then, even if there is nothing, as more and more people come along a road, along that road it’s possible for new cities to be born; this is also this world.

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  1. to wipe the ass of – since it was generic and didn’t specify who he was cleaning up after, I changed the colloquial saying.
  2. Earth is breaking out the fancy language, if you were wondering why it doesn’t sound like him.
  3. basically, if you respond like a loser
  4. in Japanese it’s back gives out, English, legs give out

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  1. Yep its kind of a big reveal I guess…*monotone*

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      1. Its too ironic reading it haha~ so it seems his title collecting that is spoiled is all revieled either he won’t gonna get some new one or its gonna be all collected right?


  2. Meatbun Delivery~
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      1. sorry for bothering, and thanks for the info.
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  3. yay, new chapter :3 . Well, I look at the manga, but I prefer to read the novel, it’s more interesting. I look forward to the next chapter


  4. In the lick of “This is a translation of the web novel version of * Toaru Ossan in the VRMMO Katsudouki * by Shiina HowaHowa.”. The chapters were deleted. How do you manage to continue translating the chapters?

    Lick content of the profile page of the novel:

    Since this novel contains contents that violate the terms of use, it was deleted by operation.


      1. Or maybe he stopped writing after his story was taken down from syosetu, and therefore his story is still “ongoing” …if that is true, how do you feel reading/translating something that may never get finished?


      2. I’m going to ride it out until I run out of stuff to translate. 300 chaps is still an f*ing lot of chapters. It’s slice-of-life anyway


  5. This isn’t something that’s passed “dhown” much amongst humans or beasts, but for other races to see a red dragon is extremely, extremely rare.
    This isn’t something that’s passed “down” much amongst humans or beasts, but for other races to see a red dragon is extremely, extremely rare.

    『Therefore, We apologize for “out” distrust in you, and also We give our thanks that you had lead Our child here; if there is anything you wish for, the imperial family will listen to it! Whatever is fine!』
    『Therefore, We apologize for “our” distrust in you, and also We give our thanks that you had lead Our child here; if there is anything you wish for, the imperial family will listen to it! Whatever is fine!』

    And another wish would be “for” make this meeting at this place not happen!”
    And another wish would be “to” make this meeting at this place not happen!”

    “I am merely an adventurer. I heard it from the fairies, but red dragons “on” extremely rarely show themselves before other races.
    “I am merely an adventurer. I heard it from the fairies, but red dragons extremely rarely show themselves before other races.

    good job and thank you


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    However, the title clearly stated both type of dragons, so does that mean that he had been chosen to be involved with both since before?
    Thank you for the chapter!

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    1. I’m pretty sure the ??? title evolved in this chapter before being revealed to us. Earth’s other titles have also underwent evolution (most notably the Fairy Whisperer > The One who Charmed Even the Fairy Queen) so it’s an established mechanic already.


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