OVRMMO 094.5: Extra Edition; Forums

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Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
Author: Shiina Howahowa

Speaking on the situations of others.

Extra Edition; Forums

Forums Misc Thread No. 94

144:This is sudden, but aren’t there a lot events recently?

145:That really was out of nowhere, lol. By event, you mean from the devs?

146:It’s probably not those events, right? Isn’t he talking about the random occurrence ones?

147:>>146, yeah, those. It’s like, whenever I go off solo, a whole bunch of those hit me.

148:A-, for me, a big tiger came up to me and said, “My child’s been kidnapped; please help me” and I cooperated.

149:What!? No way, was it fluffy?

150:>>149, yes, even if you say ‘no way’, it was fluffy. When we saved it, the saved child was also fluffy.

151:Lucky-; so there’s those types of events.

152:Moving solo, or with 2-3 about, will run into them often; try it out.

153:Right right; for some reason you won’t meet with any with a large group of people, ne.

154:Here I had a weird guy with a small bird in a basket; as soon as he saw me he attacked.

155:Good job with that lie.1 This game doesn’t have PK.

156:No, that wasn’t a player, though…

157:>>155 good job with making that crappy assumption.1 What 156 is talking about is an NPC. So, you’re supposed to flip it around and kill him, though.

158:There’s all sorts, ne. Maybe I’ll go solo for the first time in a while and try it out.

159:After that, a stupidly huge parent bird came and got its child(?) out of the basket, gave me its thanks, and rewarded me.


161:Fire magic sword… … one that has become frail.

162:For reals!?

163:Oi oi, a magic sword came out!?

164:If it’s like that, it will break so you can’t use it though, ne. You gotta go to a blacksmith player you’ve made friends with.

165:To get it repaired?

166:To borrow the words of a blacksmith, it’s not repairing but restoring, it seems.

167:I’m just going to go take a solo walk in the field now.

168:Going solo has it’s difficult parts, so properly make your preparations –

169:Hasn’t the attraction of moving with a party been reduced? With this.

170:If it’s with 2 or 3 people than it’s fine; just not full member parties.

171:What’s that restored magic sword like?

172:I’ll try contacting my guild member~

173:>>171, it’s several levels below one from the Challenge of the Dead, but it’s more than enough as a sub-weapon.

174:If you encounter one of those with a reward attached, it’s delicious, na.

175:If you had a number of event-ish signs but ignored them because it’s troublesome, it counts as a fail~!

176:Isn’t choosing between tedious things or being at a disadvantage an MMO staple?

177:By the way, a tiger and bird came out, but what other kinds have there been?

178:There have been like, bear, or fox

179:hedgehog, mole

180:You might not believe me but, wyvern…


182:Wyvern!? Do you have a screenshot!?

183:Yes to the screenshot. It hasn’t been touched up at all

184:This, it’s not some other game, right?

185:At the bottom of the screenshot, the date and One More letters are properly there.

186:I want to ride iiiiit!

187:This person depicted here, did it let you ride it?

188:Un, when it’s child was safely returned, it gave its thanks by letting me ride it for just a short time; when I was riding it is when I took the screenshot.

189:Uoooo, I’m so jealous!

190:How lucky-, I’m beyond jealous.

191:For wyverns, I guess it’s something that will come out far into the future, officially.

192:Of course it will come out! Why would they even have it if this is all they’re going to use it for?

193:They also don’t have a pet system, ne, though there are fairies.

194:If there’s tamers, I want to ride on a tamed wyvern, like this

195:But you know, those guys who are abducting all sorts of animals’ children, what are they?


197:An evil that defiles all that are cute!

198:Evil, na

199:No, I get that they’re likely evil, but what about the specific characteristics…?

200:Speaking of that, on their black cloaks, there’s an upside-down cross embroidered in it, ne.

201:Aa, just saying it but their outfits are all different, except that part that’s the same?

202:For me, there was just one person with a black cloak, na; I don’t know about the embroidery though.

203:Isn’t it possible to confuse it with a player that likes using black cloaks, that trait?

204:Those guys always seem to go out in a group; when they see you they immediately draw their swords, so I can’t say it’s possible to confuse them at that point…

205:If that’s the case, that’s fine, ne; looks like the popularity of black cloaks will fall, oi.

206:Do you think this is the prelude to some kind of event?

207:Like if they aren’t saved after some time, the fail is determined and then they just disappear without anything happening?

208:If it’s these devs, then there’s no way they won’t do something; for example there’s the Liberators 20 people battle; they’re going to turn their attention here.

209:And scheme something behind the scenes, you mean? Uwa, as expected of the devs here, how dastardly.

210:Dastardly … those are words of praise!2

211:The origin of that is nostalgic, na; how many years ago was it.

212:I got it! You are also an oss-n

213:Don’t say it! I’m already quite aware!

214:We kind of got off topic, but … [Be aware of companies with black cloaks embroidered with an upside down cross; they should be subjugation targets] is ok?

215:I think there’s no problem with that.

216:Or rather, it will be bad if you don’t subjugate them, I think

217:Since there’s some reluctance to attack people, na…

218:Nna, I think it’s fine not to say that? The opposing side attacks without mercy.

219:True that; they’ll understand if they experience it, I think

220:And, those guys are carrying off stolen animals that you’re looking for, so that pretty much settles it.

221:I wonder what their objectives are.
222:Maybe, don’t you think they have the Tamer Skill? And, they’re stealing the children for combat potentials.

223:In the one in ten thousand chance that you’re right, then it’s even more of a bad thing if we don’t defeat them.
224:There’s nothing that refutes that, ne-, from now on I’ll take care that I defeat them when I find them.

225:It’s become a horribly shady story.

226:This game’s developers and management have black souls, deep down.

227:You’re only saying that now?

228:You’re only saying that now?

229:Now you say it, na-

230:I only drop in once in a while, but I’m lucky to get some good information

231:What we’ve been talking about; won’t it be good to spread it around? Not everyone reads the forums.

232:That’s true; I’ll try giving my Guild chat a shout.

233:I will also give a shout out.

234:Then, let’s all go in that direction.

A/n: It’s an extra, so no skill writeup
Other players have also run into all sorts of things.

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  1. Uso otsuka, kimetsuki otsuka:
    Otsuka – slang (with wrong kanji) for ‘thanks for the hard work’, but very sarcastically. So basically, ‘Oh, you worked hard on that lie, huh? (rolls eyes)” and “You spent a lot of effort on figuring that out, huh? (not)”
  2. kitani wa… home kotoba da!
    I dunno. I think it’s ‘meme-d’ from a skill description from FF11 mmo, kitanai ninja class.

<T/n: Thank you Raist and SilverWolfCurse for your donations!
I am so braindead… really had to force myself to finish, lol.
BTW, please remember not everyone reads the manga, so while I don’t mind if you discuss the manga here, no spoilers.>



  1. 224:There’s nothing that refutes that, ne-, from now on I’ll take care that I defeat them when I find them.”s”
    224:There’s nothing that refutes that, ne-, from now on I’ll take care that I defeat them when I find them.

    good job and thank you


  2. Thank you for the chapter!!!
    It’s interesting to see that there’s another background story to the kidnapping incident~


    1. The game was designed to mess with Earth as much as inhumanly possible XD
      Other solo players are simply being affected by the afterwaves.


  3. Since the kidnappings are more widespread than just the dragon hatchling, starting to wonder if the tournament that Earth didn’t want to be in and the black cloak kidnappings are going to intersect in some way.


    1. hopefully they don’t start taking these down too, but we’ll see. The old stuff is all digest chapters on this site, apparently.


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