Nai’sSenses 000: The Arbitrator

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Prologue: The Arbitrator

In the middle of a pitch black room was only one ray of light. It rested on a woman.

Icy blue hair, with two sets of horns growing from her head and goat-like legs covered in dragon scales, she was draped in a bed sheet and lounging on an ivory settee.

Usually this woman just looked bored, but today, or rather, at this strange point in timelessness, she had an indescribable look of frustration on her face.

“…This is a violation of … well, everything…”

“It’s a violation of the reincarnate’s right to choose, as stipulated by the Earth-series’ God.”

A youthful, male voice broke in.

The owner of that voice, a young man with honey-brown hair, was sitting behind the couch, on the floor, analyzing several floating images at once.

The woman yawned lazily as she said,

“Right, what my slave-secretary said.”

“… Arbitrator, I’m here of my own will, so I don’t think you can call me a slave… tte, don’t go to sleep! Properly make a judgment!”

“Haa… it’s not like I can do anything about it… what a pain. I’ll be called in for questioning.”

As the woman, the Arbitrator made an even more displeased face, a new voice of an energetic, slightly airheaded woman broke in.

“Please! I beg of you! Let us take responsibility for this!”

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<a/n: A lot of stuff is going on…  More commentary sometime later….>


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