VendM 050: The Perimeter

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Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta ore wa Meikyuu o Samayou
Author: Hiru Kuma

The Perimeter

Hyurumi and the Big Eaters Brigade are riding on a cart-boar wagon prepared by the Bear President; to the side is Ramis, carrying me, and one young man walking.

“Haha-, that’s true.”

“But, we’re actually planning on investigating the interior of the maze, ne.”

“Ee, maa.”

“Ain’t it fine? We got a strong Hunter as our companion. If a one in a million chance situation happens, he can deal with it. We can rely on him.”

“Haha-, that’s true.”

“To think that we’d have this man, the singular Black Flash Mishael-san; it’s an honor, na-“

“Ee, haha-“

If you didn’t know about that previously mentioned event last night, you’d just see a young man interacting with a refreshing, easy-going smile, but … if you look carefully, his cheeks are faintly twitching; the words to your replies are pretty much identical, Mishael-kun.

In accordance with the Bear President’s request, we continued to the perimeter of the large maze. To the left the maze’s outer walls soar above. To the right is the vast, desolate land. Enemies don’t come out of the maze; outside there are no presences of living things.

It’s a request with quite the low risks, so it’s a request that is fine even with Ramis, Hyurumi, and the Big Eaters Brigade as the total work force. But recently strange things keep happening, meaning that you don’t know what could happen, so even though it was a sudden proposal, the addition of Mishael, a competent person whose name is well-known, was approved of – and that’s the circumstances.

“Hyurumi, about this perimeter; if nothing happens, it will only take about a month to go around it?”

“A year ago, seems like that’s what it was for them Hunters that were in charge of the investigation, but calculating with Hakkon’s picture as the base, it feels like it won’t even take three weeks by my reckoning, na. Ain’t it that; in order to inflate the request fee, they probably took that much time on purpose.”

A-, I see. Because it’s safe, the request fee handed over would only be made up of the number of days it took; it’s not strange that there would be Hunters who think about that.

“This time, this be the best task for us, who’ve got the infinitely food-providing Hakkon. Initially it was requested of the Big Eaters Brigade, who are acknowledged to have strong vitality, but there be the problem with food, na.”

The Big Eaters Brigade are suited to the investigation because they’re fleet-footed and adapt easily to the wilderness … at least they seem like they would be, but there’s that biggest demerit, the securing of food. Thus Ramis and I were made their companions, and furthermore, whether the maze walls have deteriorated or not, whether the surrounding area has changed or not, whether there are any signs of irregularities; Hyurumi is responsible for the state of those kinds of detailed investigations and analyses.

It’s a simple job where we’re just leisurely moving alongside the outer wall as if taking a stroll, but up until now I’ve been mixed up in way too many situations outside of my expectations, so no matter what, let’s be vigilant.

“Then, just to be safe, I will be in charge of the rear guard.”

The words were so sudden that I became concerned and I looked at the voice’s owner.

Like it’s natural, Mishael had moved from his spot to the last in line, but understanding that he’s not suited to be within anyone’s line of sight, he breathed out a sigh of relief.

Maa, he’s completely laid bare within my line of sight, but he doesn’t know so let’s just ignore that. But, if he’s this shy of strangers, then why did he become a companion for this time’s task?

I’m pretty sure he was going to propose buying me the vending machine to Ramis… is what should have happened, but something went wrong somewhere and it turned out like this. It’s not I’m at the degree of doubting him, but I still have suspicions about his behavior so let’s carefully observe him.

Moving to the very back, as long as no one looks over their shoulder to check on Mishael’s situation, he’s looking slightly down and walking silently. You have to watch his face to realize it, but his mouth is moving slightly.
Is he muttering something to himself? If I concentrate my attention there I can pick up his voice.

“Just this… one month … I can manage… unfamiliar … girls… pouch-bear-cats… can do it…”

Intermittent as it is, I kind of understand what he’s saying. In other words, there isn’t anyone else other than girls and those of the Tasmanian devil family; in becoming the companions of these members, he’s thinking about improving his communication disorder, even if it’s just a little, huh?

I understand that each one of the Big Eaters Brigade is pretty different from a human so it would make contact with them easier, but shouldn’t women make you more nervous than men? Maa, there are a lot of grim-looking Hunter men, na… with the gatekeepers Karios and Gols-san, they’re at the level of being able to make weak-willed children cry if met at night.

Fumu; if that’s the case, then I’ll lend a hand. When he buys things I’ll make sure to say something; it’s just a little bit, but it would be good if he could get used to a male voice.
Well, maa, I can only do that much; I look around our surroundings, but there’s nothing there, na.

Just the wall and wasteland. It’s completely the same view so it doesn’t feel like you’ve progressed at all. So this is going to be the state of affairs for close to a month. If I was alone I’d be fed up with it, but with the soothing Big Eaters Brigade and Ramis and Hyurumi here, it doesn’t seem like it will be painful.

When it became noon, everyone bought products from me, and each person ate where he or she wished. Though I said that, they just split into three groups.
The childhood duo Ramis and Hyurumi. The Big Eaters Brigade. And, Mishael.

Like that it gives the lonely image of Mishael being left out. Ramis and Hyurumi had sociably invited him to eat with them, but he, who is extremely shy of strangers, gently refused while guarding his true feelings with a smile as his perfect guard.

Not yet; it seems like eating together is too high of a hurdle. It would be great if he could get to the level of eating normally with them within this one month’s time.

Even though you could say that quite an ikemen is in close proximity to Ramis and Hyurumi, I’m not irritated or flustered. That his speech and conduct up until now haven’t been threatening is a big part of it, but how do I say it; seeing his speech and conduct makes me want to give him support.

“A, tomorrow, let’s take my meals 1 meter closer, un.”

When I heard these words slip out, riding on the wasteland’s fiercely blowing winds, I feel like wanting to cheer him on more.

On the surface he looks like he’s looking around and smiling while eating, but he’s actually constantly watching the others’ lines of view while putting up a smile.

I think it would be preferable to reveal that he’s weak to human interaction so he can relax, but I guess he can’t do that and that’s why he’s putting on the false face, na. Just what kind of family environment was he raised in to become something like that?

When the meal finished, once again we began leisurely following alongside the outer wall. How peaceful. I’ve acknowledged that carelessness is prohibited over and over so I don’t have any intention to pay any less attention than necessary, but having nothing happen is the best.
And then the first day really came to an end with nothing occurring other than walking.

This level isn’t cold at night, and the temperature throughout the year changes very little, so every one of the Big Eater’s Brigade lay on top of the ground, their full bellies exposed, and hearty snoring resounded from them. Let’s use the security camera and record it.

It looks like Ramis and Hyurumi are sleeping in the covered wagon; their faint sleep-breaths can be heard. The left over Mishael and I are standing watch together, but he spent the whole day today constantly minding the others’ lines of sight so his mental exhaustion seems to have come out; he’s sitting cross-legged, but his consciousness seems like it will fly off somewhere; his nodding head has fallen forward a number of times.

“Ha-, not good, not good. Hakkon is watching guard for everyone so it’s okay. Even if they say that, though. Haaaa, mou-, my nerves are sho-t. Those two are gorgeous, and all of the Big Eaters Brigade are adorable. I was soo desperate to tighten my expression. A, that’s right, supposedly… this magic tool box is supposed to have a consciousness, na.”

Maa, I think it’s normal to not believe it right away. Those two girls’s judgments are too good, and the Big Eaters Brigade are just strung along by food, na.

Tapping his chin with his hand he drew close to the degree of analyzing a painting, staring as if he was trying to see inside me; this is embarrassing.


“A, yes. Welcome. G,good evening.”

Rather than his normal ikemen mode, I like this simple, timid state better. I could believe it if you said he’s a young man who’s afraid of people because he came from the countryside.

“Uum, maybe I’ll buy something. Come to think of it, that sweet, relaxing drink, it really was delicious. Usually just buying something would be nerve-wracking, but if it’s this magic box tool I don’t have to worry about people’s eyes so it’s great.”

Un, un. It’s not like I don’t understand about getting nervous in front of a shopping attendant, ne. Being able to freely shop is another one of the vending machine’s merits.

At a time like this, while clutching the cocoa and breathing out a relaxed sigh, Mishael’s profile, staring off at nothing, looks younger than his age.

His slack expression when he lets down his guard is an older-lady killer. I can even state that if it’s someone that likes shotas, then they’ll fall for him with one look. He has a beauty that would normally make you jealous, but it’s most likely a natural virtue of his that you feel like wanting to support him when you watch him.

From then one week has passed; there really wasn’t a single battle, nor did problems arise; the days were passed pleasantly. Mishael seems to have closed the distance just a tiny bit.

It’s probably the result of the meritorious efforts of the Big Eaters Brigade’s cuteness and Ramis’ sociability. That said, he’s still distant, so he hasn’t had a conversation in his true manner even once.
I’ve always been wary of that sort of Mishael, but today it’s Ramis that seems off.
Her eyes are distant and her steps are heavy. It looks like just walking is taking everything she’s got.

“Oi oi, what’s wrong, Ramis? If ya ain’t feeling well, Hakkon and you can ride on the wagon together, na.”

Un, un. This isn’t a task we’re in a rush for, so there’s no need to be unreasonable.

Leaning her body out of the wagon, Hyurumi beckoned with her hand. That girl’s physical abilities aren’t up to par so her place is always there, but Ramis hasn’t ever gotten on the wagon even once.

“N-, it’s okay. I’m full of energy-“

She raised her hand to show it, but she doesn’t look okay. The usual vigorous, energetic smile has a shadow cast about it, you know.

But really, I wonder what happened all of a sudden. If it’s a cold she hasn’t had a single sneeze or cough though, nor sniffed her nose. From time to time she rubbed her abdomen, so I bet her stomach hurts. Getting food poisoning from my goods is impossible, na. Then, what is it?

“Ra,ramis-san, it won’t do to push yourself. It’s better to rest your body here.”

“E-, hya-!”

Mishael tried to carry Ramis, so I changed into the cardboard vending machine. With this he will be able to carry us, and will even be able to carry us to the wagon with a light step.

“Hakkon-san is lighter than I thought, ne.”

No, no, it’s because I became cardboard, you know? If it was the usual vending machine, at this time you’d be embedded in the ground.

Ramis is trying to resist it but it seems like her strength isn’t coming out, so just like that she was hoisted onto the wagon. It seems like she doesn’t have the energy to put up a strong rejection so she gave up and sat down.

“Hyurumi-san, can I ask you to nurse her?”

“Yah, leave it to me.”

Whatever you say, leaving it to this girl who’s good at taking care of people is reassuring. When I am removed from her back, I’m put softly outside of the wagon. I turn back into the original vending machine; let’s provide only a sports drink for refreshment just in case.

When I dropped it into the opening, Mishael responded immediately with a “It’s a refreshment from Hakkon-san,” and placed it on the corner of the wagon.

“Fer cryin’ out loud; like always ya gotta push yourself until your very limits. Let me take your clothes off and help you change.”

“I,it’s fine. I can do it myself…”

“Don’t try to stay cool when ya about to fall over. Other people’s kindness is something ya should accept obediently.”

Stomping and resisting sounds are able to be heard, but from just the sounds it seems to convey that Hyurumi is getting the upper hand. Ramis seems to really have gotten weak. She should rest quietly for some–

“Ooo-! –tte, there’s blood, ain’t there-! Ya damn fool! Why didn’t you say someth…ing… a-!”

“A, a, a, a!”

Hyurumi’s panicked voice continued, Ramis’ voice that was only able to repeat “A” reached me.

“Ramis, is this blood your period-?!”

“Moooou, you idiooot!”

Just what are you blurting out in such a loud voice? Ramis is raising up a scream of despair; how pitiful.

Mishael averted his eyes, placing his hand over his mouth in surprise, but for me I suddenly understood why she was feeling weak and light-headed.
There’s this kind of day that happens about every month, na. I’m sorry I didn’t realize it.

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  1. > his chicks are faintly twitching
    > Then, just to be safe
    There’s a missing quote mark at the start of this.
    > The words were sudden that
    “were so sudden”?
    > you could = say
    random =
    > I’ve been always wary
    “always been wary” sounds better

    Thanks for the chapter.

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  2. If you didn’t know about that previously mentioned event last night, you’d just see a young man interacting with a refreshing, easy-going smile, but … if you look carefully, his “chicks” are faintly twitching; the words to your replies are pretty much identical, Mishael-kun.
    If you didn’t know about that previously mentioned event last night, you’d just see a young man interacting with a refreshing, easy-going smile, but … if you look carefully, his “cheeks” are faintly twitching; the words to your replies are pretty much identical, Mishael-kun.

    Even though you could “=” say that quite an ikemen is in close proximity to Ramis and Hyurumi, I’m not irritated or flustered.
    Even though you could say that quite an ikemen is in close proximity to Ramis and Hyurumi, I’m not irritated or flustered.

    Good job and thank you


    1. Even if he is a she, it wouldn’t add anything to the current story. The trap character seems like a common setting (fanservice?) that this novel doesn’t really get involved with. We don’t have the standard tsundere either, after all. Although the big breasted loli is present…


    1. man, this is not the first comment I wanted to see after a 21 hour drive.
      Well, I’ve constantly had other things on my schedule since Feb, so I do get that I’m going kinda slow. There’s nothing scheduled (yet) from now until Nov, so maybe I can pick up the pace after I get some sleep.


      1. Well, I just got into this series, so I’m not savvy of your situation.
        I am grateful that this series is translated at all.
        You could have a friend with a common interest to help out.


      2. You choose to somehow squeeze translating this (and the others) into your busy life, and we readers are (or at least should be) eternally grateful for your generosity. You kindly provide a link to the raws on the index page, so if people want it faster than can damn well translate it themselves.


  3. Well, looks like Hakkon will be unable to help Ramis out this time since the guy never bought feminine care products, condoms, and underwears. But it would be funny if he was a huge anime fan and bought the anime-branded female care products (sailor moon tampons, sailor moon napkins, etc). If only he had worked in a major japanese clinic where the pharmacy pills are dispensed by machines. Then he would definitely have pressed all the vending machine buttons for many drugs including opiates, antibiotics, Cialis, Levitra, Stendra, and Viagra.


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