Kujonin 002: Story 2

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Author: Hanakuroko

Story 2

The next morning, while looking at the map, I entered the opening to the sewers, opened the grate with the key I got from the town hall, and went inside.
The sewers are dark; without a torch you wouldn’t be able to see anything.
As for my case, my helmet has a light attached, so there aren’t any problems.
If this light runs out of battery, it’ll be all over.
Are they startled by being lit up by the light; large rats scurry off.
I guess those are masmascal.
The sewers are brickwork, so I was reminded of a European film.
I steadily continue forward along the path on the side of the sewers, placed the poison rat dumplings in the corners and in the shadows of the bricks, and finally went outside.

I ate my meal at a food stall and, returning to the sewers, although it was rather soon, 3 masmascals were dead.
I cut off the rats’ tails, the part that’s called the proof of subjugation, collected the dead bodies together and tied them in an unneeded cloth.
Later, pests are unwanted around because they can spread diseases, so I will go to a vacant lot on the edge of town to burn them.

Since it seems that my strength won’t hold out, I finish laying everything out before noon and end my work.
The sewers run throughout the entirety of the town, so they’re somewhat large.
When the light’s beams hit the masmascal I met, the instant their eyes were dazzled I stomped them or kicked them into the sewers to be drowned; I have taken down around 10.
Showing the subjugation proofs of the tails, I got 50 Notts.
“You were able to defeat 10 of them the very next day after receiving the request!”
The government official seems to be very surprised.
“Is there a tool that can make fire?”
When he heard that, he said,
“Isn’t it fine to use magic for that?”
“I haven’t been an adventurer for long, and I don’t have any ability for magic so I can’t use it.”
When I said that, he admired me with,
“Even though you can’t light a flame, you did well inside the sewers.”
“I want to burn the bodies of the masmascal who ate poison.”
“If it’s for that, toss them into the forest. The goblins and slimes will probably eat them.”
“Just in case, so that people who are troubled for food won’t eat them, please write ‘Poison’ on the cloth.”
When I asked, the government official, with characters that you wouldn’t see on Earth, wrote on the cloth containing the masmascal bodies while laughing.
Exiting the town hall, I go to the edge of town.
There is a forest across the meadows.
In about the middle of the meadow I throw the cloth with the bodies in it towards the forest with a long throw.
“Ma, I guess it’s fine.”
As of yet, I haven’t had any desire to enter the forest.
There’s goblins and the like, and the children-types of monsters crawling all over; it’s an insane place, isn’t it?
Moreover, it seems like for beginners, there have been incidents where they’ve had their heads split by an axe.
I don’t want to take that kind of risk.

The masmascal subjugation; there’s 8 days left.
Let’s do it patiently.

The next day, when I awoke, the morning sun was flowing in the window; I’m feeling really good.
It’s like I’m overflowing with power; thinking that I grabbed the doorknob, and just like that the doorknob broke off.

What do I do?

Anyway, for now I stick it back on.
When I told the receptionist, I was asked whether I had defeated monsters in the forest.
“No, I didn’t defeat any. Why did you ask that?”
And, when I asked,
“Breaking the doorknob is something that happens a lot to adventurers who don’t know their own strength when their levels suddenly go up.”
Was the reply that came.
When I showed her the Adventurer’s Card that was made when I entered the Guild to be safe, she said my level went up by 10.
Wait wait; in the first place, there’s a level system in this world? I leave that question for now and ask for an explanation about Status and Skills.
According to the receptionist, the living creatures in this world have levels; when you defeat a monster it seems like their experience points in full enter into you.
As for Skills, adventurers are endowed with Skill Trees; you acquire Skill Points when you level, and by allocating them you can learn Skills.
Immediately, I allocate the Skill Points from leveling up to the Language Ability.
My Status is
Endurance: 55
Magic Power: 28
Speed: 30
Strength: 42
Sturdiness: 26
Wisdom: Unknown
It’s like that.
Wisdom is unknown because I have common sense from Earth, and because it can change be changed quite a bit with equipment, the fox-eared receptionist smiled and informed me to not to overestimate or underestimate it accordingly.

Today as well, it’s the sewers.
In the skill’s magic list there’s Fire Magic, so immediately I allocate points to it.
From my finger, when the orange-colored, flickering flame came out from my finger, I was moved.
If you overuse it, it can cause your magic power to run out, so I will carefully use it.
Turning on the helmet’s light, when I looked towards the wall, there were masmascal bodies all over the place.
The might of the poison rat dumplings are satisfactory; one after another I cut off the tails; the bodies go in a hemp bag.
For now there’s about 100 of them; once I gather their bodies together, I went outside.
When I checked my Adventurer Card, my level went up by 2 and became 14.
I can’t tell whether this portion is the experience points from defeating the masmascal with the poison rat dumplings, or if it’s experience points from monsters that died after eating the masmascal corpses that I threw out into the forest, but either way, through a method that gave me easy gains, I’ve earned experience points.
If I level up at this pace, then I can hit max level more quickly than I thought.
Thinking like that, I divide the bodes and tie them into a cloth.
Leaving the town, once again, in about the middle of the meadow, I threw the body bag.
The throw was about 10 meters, respectively; in total I threw 10 body bags.
If they’re eaten, then I can expect to see even more level ups.
Returning to town I go to the town hall, handed over 100 tails, and received 500 Notts.
The government official was surprised, but there’s more to come, I told him fluently.
Thanks to the freedom given with the Language ability, being able to understand even small talk is fun.

Leaving the town hall, I immediately head towards Camilla’s Elf’s Pharmacy to request that I be allowed to rent out the 2nd floor room.
When I presented 3 months’ rent all at once, Camilla’s was so surprised her eyes turned into dots.
Carrying this much money, I’ll use it by spending it all on things I don’t need, so let’s quickly use it for necessities.
When I was shown the room on the second floor, it’s completely become a storage room.
It seems it’s pretty much all unneeded things, so it was fine for me to use what I could use without permission; if I don’t need it then throw it away.
Although there isn’t a mat, it’s good that there’s a bed.
Throwing out the unneeded things, sweeping it out, and wiping it down with a dust cloth, it’s become a splendid living space.
For the bath there’s a public bath nearby; the toilet and kitchen are shared on the 1st floor in Camilla’s main building, so she led me to them.
For living on my own for the first time in this world, it’s not bad.
The landlady is also kind, so I feel reassured.

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< T/n:
First, this is a chapter 1/3 of a 3 chapter upload!
It should have been a multi-update for the first chapter, but I was in a hurry to put the 1st chapter out because I REALLY wanted to translate this one. Although I’m okay if other people take up the same project, I understand some people are NOT okay with it, so I didn’t want to get caught up in that situation.
It is also very straightforward writing, which meshes with me well, so I finished 3 chapters within 8 hours.
Admittedly, this miraculous speed is accounted by my not-washing of dishes and not-cooking and not-cleaning, and not reading my assigned books, so… don’t expect this TOO often. Just when I can’t contain myself and have to know what happens next (lol).
Also, I tentatively got Hanabokuro’s permission (after the fact. I don’t have guts to do things properly), so, yay!>



  1. From the looks of it, you may need an editor to clean up some stuff.
    It’s readable, but the writing style may need some work.

    Oh and thanks for the chapter, I read the manga and that was really enjoyable.

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    1. I cut the editor-stage in order to get releases out faster.
      To combat that, style aside (since I translate while trying to keep a semblance to the author’s original style), I encourage people to leave edits on things they notice in the comments.
      It’s more of a community project than just me on my own, I guess.


    1. Was feeling sick to my stomach, so eating was the last thing I wanted to do… kept myself busy translating instead lol.
      I’m back to normal. It was just 2 days.

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  2. I think that real rats are more intelligent than that. If you just poison them then they will figure it out pretty fast and only a few will die and the rest will stop taking free food. But then again, these are R.P.G. rats, which usually can’t think past “Let’s gather into endless groups of three to five and perform frontal attacks with a low chance of inflicting an annoying disease status! If it doesn’t work the first hundred times then the hundred-and-first is sure to succeed!” so it seems legitimate.

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  3. Translator-san hope that you will translate this novel frequently…why not put a donation for your coffe or something to eat…it will help you get your stamina once you are done translating a chapter.


  4. Hopefully it was not rats from Earth because rats tend to not eat what immediately killed others rats.
    What we use today is made for kill them with a delay so they don’t make the link between the poison and the death of others.


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