Kujonin 004: Story 4

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Author: Hanabokuro

Story 4

When I looked at the forabbit furs at the store, it’s somewhat cheap but they were used. It’s been a while so let’s go look at the Guilds requests.
Even though I’ve taken Guild requests, I haven’t put any requests out.
Everything’s an experience, and there probably isn’t anything to lose, so I went to the Guild.

Looking at the inside of the Guild with the Search Skill, I understand that it’s swarming full of monsters and the like.
The adventurers who utilize monsters are many so it’s not like it’s a rare thing, but this is way too many.
Furthermore, when I enter, the monsters are sitting in chairs with self-important faces, drinking alcohol.
Their appearances are exactly like human, beastmen, and subspecies, but I guess they’re something like ghost-type monsters performing mimicry.
The Guild leaves it alone, so I guess it’s no problem.

I go to the receptionist and tell her I want to make a request.
“What kind of request is it?”
“I want forabbit furs.”
“If it’s that then you can buy them from the town’s clothing stores and furniture stores.”
“No, I want unused items. The quality can be just as good as they can manage, though.”
Fu~n, maa, that’s fine. How much will the quest reward be?”
“Would 30 Notts be too high?”
In the store 30 Notts was on the expensive side.
“Even if it’s unused goods, recently there are beginners bringing them in as subjugation proof, so how about around 20 Notts?”
“Then, make it 20 Notts.”
“Understood. Your Adventurer’s Card please. We have to make records of the requester, see.”
When I handed over the Adventurer’s Card, the receptionist looked at me suspiciously.
“Did your level go up again? And have you looked at your status?”
There’s a 40 written in the level field on the back of the card.
I imagine that some monsters ate the poisoned corpses of the masmascal in the forest.
If a monster that preys on the corpses dies from the poison, I really do get the experience points, so it’s a snowballing effect of experience point gain.
What an extremely convenient level up system.
Looking at the contents of that status, I quickly put out the request.
The receptionist pinned the parchment with my request on it to the board.
“Is it okay to leave all these ghosts around?”
I asked it without any sort of intentions, but the receptionist turned blue.
“What is it?”
“You can see them?”
“No, well, of course I can see them. There’s this many, after all.”
“Truthfully we’re quite troubled over it, even if we want to subjugate them they immediately erase their forms or dive into the ground, so subjugation is quite difficult.”
“I see. Then, what about sprinkling them with holy water?”
“It is effective, but pretty soon they come gathering back here again, and the Church and the Guild are on bad terms with one another so it’s a situation where it’s difficult to get our hands on holy water.”
So the receptionist, whose eyebrows are shaped like “ハ”, told me.
“And if they drink recovery potions?”
“Recovery potions, that expensive wound medicine?”
“A, it’s expensive?”
“It’s really expensive. Of course it is, it can instantly revive a person on the brink of death!”
“If it’s the ghost-types, it seems it would be really effective, right?”
“Well yeah, it would, but the Guild doesn’t have that kind of budget.”
“By the way, is that a request that’s put out?”
“The Guild puts it up, but the ghost terrors immediately tear it down.”
The ghost terrors, that’s the name of those monsters, I guess.
“How much is the remuneration?”
“1500 Notts and all-you-can-eat from the inn’s cafeteria.”
I don’t need the all-I-can-eat, but the 1500 Notts has some appeal.
That’s 10 months of rent.
I have the 3000 Nott remuneration from the masmascal subjugation in full on hand, so I’m not troubled for money at all, but I pity the people who work at the Guild.
When I ask about it, it seems like the high-ranking adventurers and the Guild superiors tried to defeat them once, but they spring up one after another and they aren’t that harmful so they were just left alone, she said.
“You’ll do it!? You might be nominated to do requests for ghost exterminations, is that fine!?”
“N-theeen, I guess I’ll do it~.”
“You’re eager, aren’t you?”
“Un, I don’t need the all-you-can-eat, so could I get some other remuneration for that?”
“For example?”
“Let’s see… like a date voucher?”
“D-d-d-d-date!!! is it?”
Breathing roughly through her nose, the receptionist looked at me in surprise.
“Weell. I don’t even know the name of this country yet, and I don’t even know where the next town over is. So that’s why I’ve been wanting someone to teach me, but I haven’t had a chance, ne. I heard books are expensive, and if I’m walking with someone through the town, asking questions about this and that, I thought, wouldn’t that be nice.”
“A, a, if that’s what it was…”
The receptionist, with upturned eyes, nodded.
Got it!
“Then, 1500 Notts and a date voucher!”
I left the receptionist and finally left the Guild.
If this goes well, then it looks like I’ll be able to go on a date with an animal-ear girl!

Quickly, I return to Elf’s Pharmacy, taking the things that look like they could be used for recovery potions from the medicine left on the shelves.
“What the, what the? You intend to make recovery potions?”
The old-lady form Camilla asked me.
“Un, that’s right. Camilla, would you teach me the compounding proportions?”
“So you’re asking me to teach you the secret techniques of the elves?”
“No, if you can’t then I can go buy a book, and if I raise my Compounding Skill to level 10 I can manage I guess, is what I was thinking, but I thought asking a professional would be best.”
“You, have you raised your Compounding Skill to level 3 or higher?”
“Un, right now it’s 5.”
“Then, the Skill called Pharmacy should have appeared, it should.”
In the Skill Tree, there’s that Pharmacy.
“A, I see! If you level this one, it’s the recipes.”
“Maa, it’s like that. After that, I’ll lend you some of my books.”
Camilla retreated into the main room and returned carrying about 10 books.
“Actually, the Pharmacy Skill level can go up by reading books without using any Skill points. If you don’t want to waste Skill Points, proceed by first reading books.”
“Got it. Thank you!”
I accepted the books and went up to my room on the 2nd floor.
I raised the Compounding Skill up to level 10 and afterwards I read books; and that is how I passed the day.
I read 3 books, with Camilla teaching me the details, learned the method to making recovery potions, and when I made it my Pharmacy Skill had increased to level 3.
It looks like Camilla was displeased that my compounding was too good so she was pouting, but one way or another she came and assisted me.
Because it was already the middle of the night, I retired for the day.

For now, this time the Skill values are
Level 40

Language Ability
Life Magic Level 5
Fire Magic Level 1
Compounding Skill Level 10
Detection Skill Level 10
Pharmacy Level 3

The leftover Skill Points are 13.

It’s like that.

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<T/n: In the writeup it’s Detection Skill, and in the story it’s Search Skill. It’s done on purpose.
Anyway, learn the name of the country he’s in or mofumofu date. Priorities.>



  1. Thank you very much for 3 chapters update.
    Can you also include the arc title in it?
    After I checked the raw, they all have arc title each.


  2. Wait, wait, wait… An isekai story where the MC posts a guild request himself? What is this nonsense?!

    And hoo boy was that bold, a date voucher! This MC is the kind we need, but don’t deserve.

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Amazing!

    Search skills are fine.
    探知 is “Detection” and “To explore and know what is hidden or what is not easy to know”.
    I use metal detectors at airports, but I also use it when finding treasure from the ground.
    In Japanese, “search” is used mostly only on the web.

    Does it make sense?
    Sorry, I can not speak English very well.

    I wish for your health.


  4. “Understood. Your Adventurer’s Card please. We have to “records” of the requester, see.”
    “Understood. Your Adventurer’s Card please. We have to “make a record” of the requester, see.”

    I imagine that some monsters “at” the poisoned corpses of the masmascal in the forest.
    I imagine that some monsters “ate” the poisoned corpses of the masmascal in the forest.

    I raised the Compounding Skill up to level 10 and after read books; and that is how I passed the day.
    I raised the Compounding Skill up to level 10 and read the books; and that is how I passed the day.

    I read 3 books, with Camilla teaching me the details, learned the method to making recovery potions, and when I made it my Pharmacy Skill had increased to level 3.
    I read 3 books, and with Camilla teaching me the details, learned the method for making recovery potions, and when I made it(one?) my Pharmacy Skill had increased to level 3.

    Good job and thank you.


  5. Of course that his aim is the date, the thing about learning is just an excuse to make her low her guard, this guy knows what he is doing!!!!!!


  6. I read this shortly after you put it up… You posted so many in one go… And I’m here, alone in a house for the next 2 weeks looking for things to read with this being the most interesting character start that I’ve read in a while… And I feel like “Did a chapter get released yet?”; even though a small flood of them happened… Welp, to raws it is then! (Thanks for finding this one)


  7. to bad he not get even a title for his amazing job IoI, i am the Author, i will add a title like Rat Exterminator, Rat Nemesis, Mass Killer, Poison User, Food Poison Master, Outbreak Spreader/Outbreaker, Biohazard Creator and so on to make it more interesting ahahahaha 😀

    thx for the chapter ^^


  8. seeing this spit out a few chapters the day after my birthday made for a great late birthday gift… Thanks for the hard work post a good series.


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