Kujonin 005: Story 5

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Author: Hanabokuro

Story 5

Starting from the morning, I read and compounded medicine the next day as well, ending in the morning hours.
Thanks to the level of Compounding rising, my medicine production is steadily getting better; at around the time I ate lunch, the level of Pharmacy had become 5.
Camilla was bitterly jealous, with “Even though it took me how many years to get to this point?”
When Pharmacy became level 5, the Skill Alchemy appeared on the Skill Tree.
However, Alchemy has already become level 10.
Perhaps in this world, chemistry and science fall under Alchemy.
Arithmetic has also appeared on the Skill Tree, but it’s at level 8.
In my student years, I wasn’t good at arithmetic after all.
As for Camilla, she’d be jealous again so I kept all of THAT a secret.

With the influence from manga and anime I thought that Alchemy is the kind of thing where you draw all those magic circles, but asking Camilla, for drawing magic circles it seems there’s the Skill called Magic Circle Studies.
However, you need both Alchemy and Arithmetic for Magic Circle Studies, so it’s said that it’s faster to get it by raising the normal Magic Skill, in which you wouldn’t need to do all of that.
Trying it out, when I raised Arithmetic up to level 10, the Magic Circle Studies Skill appeared.
For now, I’ll raise it up to 5.

With this,

Level 40

Language Ability
Life Magic Level 6
Fire Magic Level 1
Compounding Skill Level 10
Detection Skill Level 10
Pharmacy Level 5
Alchemy Level 10
Arithmetic Level 10
Magic Circle Studies 5

The leftover Skill Points are 6.

To the me who went back to reading once again, Camilla called out to me, with a daring grin,
“It’s hard to raise Pharmacy after level 5, after all.”
Hearing that, I immediately allocated the Skill Points and Pharmacy was level 10.
“Dammit-! This is doping! It’s an oppressive monopoly by high-level people!”
Ignoring Camilla’s voice, I made a large amount of recovery potions.
The Skill Points leftover have become 1, but I got a lot of different kinds of Skills so it’s all good.
Camilla has been staying cooped up in the pharmacy so it seems she hasn’t reached level 20, and it’s gotten quite difficult to avoid wasting Skill Points.
Listening to that kind of story about her hardships, I made a high-purity recovery potion, and when I made to put it in a bottle that was nearby, Camilla stopped me.
“You, do you think it’s okay to put this kind of thing in such a crude bottle?”
“It’s fine, right? I can make it again after all.”
“… At least use a washed and dried bottle! If you don’t, I won’t be able to accept it at all inside!”
And so, having that kind of incomprehensible thing said to me, I accepted a washed bottle and put the high-purity recovery potion in it.

I put it in the bag like usual and headed to the Guild.
For some reason, at that time, Camilla also pouted, “Handle it with more care!” while she sent me off.

When I arrived at the Guild, I went around to where they put out the alcohol in the cafeteria and dripped a small amount of recovery potion in the sake barrels.
If it’s a normal human or demi-human then you would only recover stamina, but if it’s a ghost terror than it should take damage.

The effect was instantaneous.
Just when I thought I was beginning to hear death throes all over the place in the Guild, one after another, the ghost terrors who had taken human and demi-human forms changed into their original spirit-like forms, and just like that were extinguished.
I was sitting in a chair near the reception desk, watching over the outcome.
All at once, after the death throes ended, it felt like the number of people within the Guild was reduced by about half.
Looking at the backside of my Adventurer’s Card, my level had risen to 57.

I entrust the recovery potion to the cafeteria’s obaa-chan, requesting her to drip a little of this in the alcohol casks if she thought that the ghost terrors had increased again.
I received 1500 Notts from the fox beastman receptionist and consulted with her about the day of the date.
We decided that the date would be in 4 days.
The forabbit skin seems to have already been received, so I paid 20 Notts and took it.

Returning to the Elf’s Pharmacy, I handed over 900 Notts for 6 months of rent, as well as 580 Notts for the medicinal materials, teaching, and miscellaneous expenses to Camilla.
Camilla was shocked, but there’s the borrowing fee for the books too, and without Camilla’s help, this time’s request wouldn’t have been completed; lifting her up like that, she bashfully said, “I see, I see,” and received it happily.
According to Camilla, the high-purity recovery potion I made is a product where 1000 Notts would have been too cheap, so she said, “I can’t tell whether you made a profit or took a loss.”
My Skill Points also increased, and my goal wasn’t money so it’s probably fine.
I’m looking forward to 4 days from now.

Now then, for the next 4 days I don’t have anything I have to do.
I’ve roughly assembled the goods for daily living, and the Guild’s request is also ended.
There is also no need for money, for a while.
While cleaning the pharmacy adequately, spacing out while thinking, I decided to stick my hands into Magic Circle Studies.

It was written in one of the books I borrowed from Camilla that something called powdered magic stones were needed for Magic Circle Studies.
Magicstone powder seems to be something that’s used as paint materials, or when you need to raise your magic’s might; in this world they are circulated as such, Camilla had said.

I went out into the town to look for a paint supply shop, but the guards in the middle of their patrol around town told me that first, this town doesn’t have something like a paint supply shop, and then, if I don’t go to the capital I won’t be able to find one.
When I asked, “Is it not possible to get magicstone powder?” they told me that if that’s what it is, then if I go to the accessory shop stalls and jewelers, they’ll be selling kuzu powder in a bag.
Going around the stalls, I buy as much magicstone powder as there was available.
One bag was about 10 Notts.
Once I had bought 20 bags, my satchel was stuffed to the max.
By the way, the satchel that I bought at a second-hand shop is a shoulder-bag type of a greenish brown color.

Magic Circle Studies is already level 5, so I already understand the effects and theory to some extent.
However, because I haven’t done it before, I don’t know the strength.
If I do it in front of people and a pillar of fire lights up, it will cause a fuss.
Now then, what will happen?
As I thought, I should leave town and do it in the forest, huh?
My level is already 57, and my Status is also around there, so I guess I can win against the goblins and the like.
It’s just, somehow I hesitate to step out of the town.
Is this coverall look ok?
If that’s the case, should I buy armor from the armor shop?
Should I also prepare weapons from a weapon shop?
Hang on, before that, what would my weapon be?
I didn’t take that kind of Skill, you know.
During the Adventurer’s Guild training I had a bad time of it, didn’t I?
In practice, even if it’s a goblin it might be able to do me in.

Giving those kinds of excuses, I gave up on leaving town.
With it becoming like that, it became a search for whether there are convenient workshops or deserted houses.
Once again I stopped passing guards and asked.

“A deserted house? What do you want to do in such a place?”
“No, well, I wanted to do experiments there…”
“Yeah, for Magic Circle Studies…”
“Magic Circle Studies? No way! There shouldn’t be any young people like you who have mastered Alchemy, I imagine.”
So he said.
Thanks to my former world, Alchemy was maxed just like that; originally, if you didn’t spend a long period of months and years, it wouldn’t level up.
“No no, it’s Magic practice. For Life Magic! Actually, I want to master Clean Up, see. I’m aiming to be a butler for an estate in the future!”
“I see! Is that so! If that’s the case, I know of a good mansion. On the north side of town, there’s a cemetery in the mountains, right? Near that there should be a mansion covered in ivy. If it’s there, I think you can practice when there’s nobody around. However, if it happens to have become a gathering spot for any bandits or bad company, please let us know at once!”
“Understood! Thank you very much.”
“No, no, it wasn’t much, it wasn’t much.”
The guards who parted from me went back to their patrol.

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<T/n: Multiple chapter update. (1/4)
Thank you Seren for your donations!
I was going to call Magic Circle Studies “Magic Circle Formation”, but I think that was a little too much “translator’s freedom” so I resisted.
I think I will post 2 Kujonin chapters to 1 Cursed chapter, so expect these in pairs. Unless something comes up, like being tired or something.>



  1. And so, having that kind of “thing” incomprehensible thing said to me, I accepted a washed bottle and put the high-purity recovery potion in it.
    And so, having that kind of incomprehensible thing said to me, I accepted a washed bottle and put the high-purity recovery potion in it.

    If the ghosts do come back, I foresee that cook gaining a lot of levels.

    Good job and thank you.


  2. Thanks for the chapter, well this is coming up to be really interesting. So why doesn’t he increase the points of fire magic????


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