Kujonin 007: Story 7

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Author: Hanabokuro

Story 7

Explaining the circumstances at the Guild, when I conveyed that a swarm of vespahornets had appeared at the mansion to the west, the Guild staff members made a huge fuss.
It seems that vespahornets are strong monsters, so they said that the only ones capable of suppressing them are high-ranking Adventurer parties.
However, currently the high-ranking parties have gone to the Capital so they would have to be called back, and further more we’ll have to warn the citizens not to get close; like that, the receptionist was frightened.
From the adventurers listening around us, I heard the rumor that the old man in charge of the cemetery had been missing for 1 week, so isn’t the cause the vespahornets?
Regarding the two slaves, they’ve already become ownerless so it’s become the case where they are the property of the person who found them, that is mine.
When I said, “Then I would like to release both of you from slavery,” I was begged, “Please spare us from that.”
It is difficult for former slaves to get a job and make a living, so it’s far better to be a slave, it seems.
“Then, I will have the intentions of releasing you after you find a job and can live a life without any problems regarding the necessities.”
So saying I return to the Elf’s Pharmacy for now.

Towards me, who brought an emaciated old man and a female slave home, Camilla was mad with a “What have you done!?”, but when I explained the circumstances she understood.
I was going to push the issue with the Gekko Tribe female slave onto Camilla, but she handed me a needle for acupuncture and returned the issue to me, saying that if I stabbed her with a needle covered with high-purity recovery potion it should naturally heal.
I only brought out soup and bread for the two of them, but I think they were grateful.
Suddenly the old man stopped the hand he was eating with and asked for my name.
When I replied with, “It’s Komuro Naoki. Komuro is my family, Naoki is my personal name,” Camilla was startled and said, “You have a surname!?”
Come to think of it, I might not have told her my full name.
The old man is Balzack, and the Gekko Tribe girl is Sera; that was their names as they introduced themselves to me.
“We will be in your care from now on.”
“Even if you say so, naa. This is the first time for me for slaves and the like, so I don’t really understand how it’s supposed to go. My intentions are to go about it gently, so don’t expect too much of me.”
So saying, I direct the two who have finished eating to my room to immediately began performing acupuncture on Sera.
As soon as we were in the room, I made high-purity recovery potion and dipped the needle in it.
The two of them watched me work while looking dumbstruck.
Because I couldn’t concentrate while standing, I sat on the bed.
Oh yeah, what am I going to do about both of their beds? Thinking about that, I pierced Sera’s shoulder and arm with the coated needle.
Once I had pierced her, in the blink of an eye it healed up.
“Let me serve you for the rest of my life!”
The fully healed Sera prostrated herself and made that declaration.
“No, well, like I said, my work and lifestyle is…”
“If you are unable to, then kill me on this spot!”
“N-. I get it, I get it. I guess right now you’d definitely be feeling like that. It’s fine for you to attend to me at my side. It’s just, I don’t really like that kind of stiff formality, so don’t do it again. Be more frank.”
“Balzack too, na.”
“Frankly, is it? OK!”
Balzack with his thumbs up is quite frank.
Is it because of the accumulation of his life experiences; he’s flexible in his interactions.
Sera glared at Balzack.
“Master, punishment-!”
“No, no, this much is fine, so Sera should copy it.”
“Affirma … o, OK!”
Sera also replied with a thumbs up.
“Well then. You’ve eaten a meal, so now it’s clothes for both of you and beds, na.”
“I don’t mind if we stay like this! Even when it comes to sleeping we can sleep outside under the eaves.”
“If we do that, then Master will look like an idiot, you know.”
Sera and Balzack each stated their opinions.
“No, well, maa, I don’t mind being called an idiot, nor do I intend to make you sleep under the eaves. It’s just, this house doesn’t have any other rooms that aren’t in use, so I was thinking that we might live in some other place.”
“N,no way! If we do that, then what’s the point of being slaves?”
“Let’s go casually around this neighborhood. I intended to buy a house if it was necessary. Before that, we might find a place for you guys to work. And so, let’s go buy those clothes I mentioned before!”
I use Life Magic’s Clean Up on the two, and with their bodies clean we went outside.

At the second hand store, with the clerk’s assistance, I aimed to buy 3 outfits each and a weeks’ worth of underwear.
By the way, because this world doesn’t have bras, it’s a chemise.
“If there’s anything you want, let me know.”
“Then, this hood…”
When Balzack came holding a yarn hat-like thing, Sera got mad.
“It’s fine, Sera. I’ll buy that too, Balzack. Is Sera fine? Then, lets buy this ribbon.”
So saying, I added the hood and a ribbon that was on the shelf and bought them.
It seems that recently Balzack has been balding, so he was extremely happy with the hood.
Sera didn’t know what to do with the ribbon, being hesitant, so I bundled up her short, golden hair and tied it.
Her face turned bright red, but she seems pleased so it’s all good.
As for the beds, I decided to let them sleep at the Guild’s inn.
Balzack accepted it graciously, but Sera told me that she didn’t want to leave my side no matter what with tears in her eyes.
The Guild seems to be busy due to the vespahornet issue, so for now I book Balzack into a private room and have him come to the Elf’s Pharmacy in tomorrow morning.
When I gave Balzack 20 Notts to use in case he got hungry, as expected of Balzack, he refused with, “There are no longer masters who would go to this extent. The slaves will be thought to be spoiled, and in addition the master will be made out to be a fool.”
“I don’t care if I’m thought of as a fool. Rather than that, I’m more concerned about Balzack’s stomach,” I said, and forcibly stuffed 1 silver coin (10 Notts) into the pocket of the newly bought clothes.
Balzack saw us off all the way outside, and until we went around the corner in the road, he kept his head bowed the entire time.

On the way, at the secondhand store I bought forabbit furs for Sera’s use for her bed, and at a stall I bought 3 people’s worth of food.
Dinner is meat and vegetable stirfry with a na’an-like bread, and one bottle of wine.
Sera silently followed me.
Arriving at Elf’s Pharmacy, it was right at the time when Camilla was closing shop.
“It looks like pharmaceuticals for insect repellant was needed in great quantities.”
Camilla, who was already de-aged, received one person’s worth of food while saying that and closed herself up in her personal compounding room.
Insect repellant is for use against the vespahornets, I bet.
We also returned to our room.
When I set two peoples’ worth of food on the table,
“Master, what on earth is this? I’ve never heard of slaves sharing a table with their master.”
“Well then, this will be the first dining table shared by a master and slave, na. Come on, I bet you must be hungry, eat!”
Once again, Sera stood upright and rigid, unmoving.
“Sera, sit on the chair. This is an order.”
“Affirmati… OK!”
Sera carefully sat on the chair.
“Thanks for the food!”
Even though she said that, Sera didn’t start eating.
“Food tastes better when eaten together. I’m begging you, just eat.”
“However, Master!”
“Stop that ‘Master’thing too! Because it makes me remember a different kind of shop. Naoki is fine.”
“However, that’s…”
She calmed down with calling me Naoki-sama.
When I said to her that I didn’t need a slave that couldn’t move because she refused to eat dinner, she began eating with amazing vigor.
When I told her that taking care of her wellbeing was also an important job, with her mouth full she began to sob.
When we were done eating, I laid out the forabbit fur on the floor.
“Naoki-sama, what is this?”
“Sera’s bed.”
“Please wait! I did say that I didn’t want to leave Naoki-sama’s side, but it wasn’t because I wanted this kind of treatment. In the first place, for a slave to sleep in the same room as the master…”
“Sera! It’s been a pain for a while now! Listen! I don’t really know anything about this world, nor do I know anything about the relationship between slaves and masters. Frankly, I don’t care! But see here, right now you’re my slave, right? Just shut up and listen to me! Got it?!”
“… I got it.”
“Right! Now sleep!”

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  1. Anyone else hear a giant “snap-twang” as his last nerve broke all over Sera? Can’t blame the guy though, it’s annoying having people tell you how to be the boss instead of following the boss’s orders.

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