wfb: Chapter 100

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Chapter 100: It’s really easy for people to look in a mirror without actually seeing themselves fully

I fled the forge.

Desmond’s thanks regarding his sword Gaoithe wasn’t the reason.

Have you ever been faced with a wolf beastman who looks kind of rabid with red eyes just staring at you with a weird kind of fervor?

Once again, I fled the forge.

Even though Ragnall said,

“Aren’t you going to help Trelzt out more around the forge?”

You bastard, we both know that’s not happening with Trelzt acting like this.

I shot Ragnall a dirty look before I ran off, without giving anyone else a chance to say anything else.

Aaah, that scared me. If Helward gets that kind of devotion towards him everyday, there’s no wonder he ran off to the Labyrinth so ofte… ah, wait, I can’t go picking up his bad habits. I have enough of my own!

Anyway, I’m feeling pretty gross, so let’s go freshen up.

I think I sweat more within the half hour of fixing that sword than I have while forging 30 swords, no, 60. And that’s all without flames.

The mental pressure was also amazing.

It’s not unreasonable to want to run away from people badgering me with questions after all that, right?

If just repairing a broken spirit sword took that much effort, I can’t imagine what MAKING one would be like.

How would you even start? Do you start with an already-forged sword? An ingot? Metal dust?

Ah, no, that’s not the main problem here.

I need to focus more on training my magic, if I want to be able to make a sword like that.

Just now, I felt like I still had a bit of leeway, but I was stretched pretty thin with controlling the massive amount of magic, maintaining the barrier, and pinning the magic engravings on the sword together.

I mull the problem over in my head as I return to Woodrest.


First let’s go and change out of my sweaty clothes before I think about it.

I mean, sweat has totally seeped into my clothes, so it’s pretty gross.

As I walk back to my room, Hibiki-chan walks out carrying some parchment.

It’s Hibiki-chan and my room, after all.

Hibiki-chan jumps, her eyes wide.

“Jun-kun! Eh? You’re all sweaty! Were you training?”

She tilts her head to one side, looking me up and down.

“No, I was trying out something new in the forge.”

Hibiki-chan giggled.

“Hehe, of course that’s what it was.”

… What does she mean by that.

Of course I don’t mean for that to be a question. It’s completely rhetorical.

Come to think of it, I’ve been neglecting training my sword recently too, huh?

I’ve been spending way too much time in forging and smithing…

Even though this is a world with dangers around every corner, I’ve totally been slacking off on my sword practice. I wonder if I’ve gotten complacent with my cheat abilities…

That’s no good. A genius is only mediocre if he doesn’t train!

Both in magic and swords, I’ve been slacking off.

Weird. I was pretty on top of things when I was still in Japan. I trained, did my homework, helped out at clubs, and cleaned up around the house all pretty diligently without neglecting any of it in favor of other things …

In this world, smithing and swords have completely become an obsession, huh?

… Un. I guess it’s hard to imagine that I had nothing to do with swords in Japan. Ah, no, that’s not right. The neighborhood was well aware of Grandfather’s eccentricities and his backyard forge, and I spent a lot of time looking over sword stuff, but the degree of my interest is completely different in this world!

Setting that aside, I ask Hibiki-chan,

“So what are you up to?”

“Un, well, Hibiki was going to go get herb gathering quests from the Guild board in the Warden’s Post Headquarters. I was going to take the time to ask about what they’re used for. Seimei-san said it would be helpful if I documented the herbs that I see on this trip.”


Right. Although Hibiki-chan can’t use group chat or send items, she can still contact us through [Friend Chat]. Or like, Seimei-san has been talking to Hibiki-chan?

And since when did Hibiki-chan start talking in cutesy third-person? Although I’m happy that she’s not forcing herself to try to act like a grown-up, so I won’t point it out.

I put a hand to my shoulder and stretch my neck as I say,

“Right, good luck then. I’m going to go take a bath, and then maybe I’ll find you so we can do it together.”

I open the door to go into our room, but Hibiki-chan’s standing there with her eyes wide open.

“What is it?”

Hibiki-chan’s eyes stay round like saucers and she tilts her head to one side as she slowly says,

“Th-there’s girls in there right now, you know? I heard the Wardens have round-the-clock shifts…”

Oh? That’s right, the scouts are always coming in at different times.

I remember and nod my head.

“Ah, un. As long as Toel isn’t there, I think I’ll be … fine…?”


I tilt my head like Hibiki-chan.


As I stand there thinking for a moment, a mischievous smile spreads across Hibiki-chan’s face.

She claps her hands and laughs, saying,

“I never thought I’d ever see someone who was actually cured of their trauma with shock therapy!”

“… You’re thinking too much about it.”

But even while I say that, my face is dark because I was thinking the exact same thing…

Geh. Hibiki-chan’s still staring at me like she’s laughing inside!

“What, you want me to wear clean clothes like this?!”

I pretend to be mad and chase her off, but… now that I’m thinking about it, will it be fine?

Approaching the bath entrance, I take a deep breath, go inside, and…

… there’s no one in the changing area.

Give me back my five minutes of silently freaking out.

I go to a locker-type row of cubby holes with doors, but then I remember I have Inventory, so it’s totally not necessary. As I go to enter the bathing area, I notice a mirror hanging over there.

I didn’t notice it last time… no, it should be “I didn’t notice much last time”.

It’s a clear, silvery mirror, but how did they do it?

I inch in closely to see … mithril, huh?

It’s true that mithril won’t oxidize as fast as silver, but it still oxidizes and it’s mithril.

Who could afford to put a mithril mirror up?!

Ah, right, this one place here.

Let’s see, let’s see… there are also magic arrays on the edge of this large, circular mirror. Does it keep it from oxidizing, or from fogging up …

Using my less intrusive non-attribute investigative magic, [Trace], I carefully probe the arrays without activating them.

Hm … What the hell! It’s a divination tool!

An image of the female Wardens claiming the divination tool to use as a mirror when it’s not being used for its intended purpose crosses my mind.

… I’m honestly at a slight loss for words.

The female Wardens are using a high-end divination tool as a bathroom mirror. What more can I say?

I sigh and roll my eyes a little, looking over the beautiful, smooth, polished surface.

-! Whoa!

Because I was only looking at the surface quality of the divination too- ahem, the mirror, I neglected to notice that I was standing, naked, in front of the mirror.

The girl in the mirror flushed bright red, and my cheeks feel hot.

I’ve… never actually seen myself after waking up in this world without clothes.

Actually, come to think of it, except for that first time when I went to The Queen Mary, I haven’t had a chance to look in a mirror.

Or maybe I was unconsciously avoiding mirrors.

I can’t help but look around to see if anyone’s coming, like I’m doing something bad, before I step up to the mirror.

Ugh… My cheeks are still bright red just looking…


Even though there’s probably no point to them, based on my size, I think chest wrappings are in order… for my own sanity.

Ah, no, I, who avoids looking down even when I’m doing my business, am going to take a good look this time.

… As I thought, there really is no big difference to my face. The gloss to my skin is brighter, but I think that has something to do with acquiring magic and my current healthier lifestyle and eating habits.

Two months seems like enough time for the change to be noticeable, right?

My stature really didn’t change that much either. I might be tall for a girl back in Japan, but in this world I definitely don’t stand out. I’m just about average, for a human girl my age.

Which means if I was still a guy, I’d be on the short side, huh? Well, all the gamers are on the short side. Taku, who was tall for a Japanese man, was just about average in this world.

I look over my arms and legs next.

My limbs were also long and slender to begin with, but you could say that I’ve actually gotten a little more muscular over these last few months.

The muscle is a lot more defined so I’m kind of happy, but I don’t know… it’s not really a question of a girl’s arm or a boy’s arm.

It’s clearly the arm of a person who does manual labor for a living.

Although my hands are still slender and delicate-looking.

I don’t really understand why muscle development sticks but the development of calluses doesn’t.

I mean, with all the forging I’ve done you’d think that my hands would get rougher and more like a man’s hand, but it hasn’t changed.

It seems like my lifestyle has definitely had an impact on how I look, huh? I, who had always wished for some obvious muscles but was unable to develop them, am happy that there’s some kind of results from the physically intense lifestyle in this world.

Which is all well and good, but …

I gloomily stare at my waist, shoulders, and neck.

Just like before, when I first looked waay back when I came to this world…  they’re really womanly, huh?

I mean, with changing genders it’s to be expected that the hips and chest are different, but actually my hips, chest, and butt are only slightly more padded than they used to be.

The actual obvious differences, other than down there, are in the tight waist, narrowed and gently-sloping shoulders, and the slender neck.

Even though I have a basically-flat chest, it’s not possible to see through that I’m a man at first glance even with clothes on.

Well, I’m not one, anymore.

Dammit, it’s the game’s fault! Because it scans you with your clothes on, it apparently ‘beautifies’ your physique automatically, by 5% if you’re a man, 15% if you’re a woman!

Although I only found out when Seimei-san told me a little while ago…

And I kind of hate myself a bit, because I thought that my face isn’t really all that out of place on this body.

Dammit. Was Masaki telling the truth when he said people mistook me for a girl sometimes back in Japan, even after we entered high school?

I seriously want to know, why the hell was I not aware of it?!

While I’m staring bitterly into the mirror, I hear giggling and talking from outside the changing area.

Crap! People are coming this way!

Inventory, towel!

“Oh~, we’re not the only ones!”

“Ah, it’s the swordsmith girl that was terrorized by Toel last night. Don’t worry, Ms Swordsmith, Toel’s still on duty!”

“Ahaha… thanks.”

I’m relieved, Toel’s still on duty…

Because Toel isn’t here, despite the other women who are coming in, bathing is pretty uneventful.

I mostly keep my eyes to myself, and most of the women who are coming in are tired from a night shift, so outside of greeting me they don’t really pay me any attention.

Somehow, I’m beginning to wonder why I had made such a big deal out of it before.

…I don’t want to believe that Toel’s “shock treatment” worked, but…


The bath actually has a good feel to it, now that I notice. I like the smell of the hot water in cedar bathtubs, and the Wardens put in medicinal herbs in the water so it’s really nice to soak in.

You know, now that it’s actually quiet enough to notice these details this time.

I think it would still be awkward going into a bath with the girls from The Queen Mary and Hibiki-chan, but as long as they’re not into invading my personal space, I think I’ll be fine bathing with women from now on.

… Grandma, I wonder if it’s alright for your grandson to think that…?

Although I guess it’s ‘granddaughter’ now.

That image in the divi-mirror is 100% girl, although I still don’t like to admit it.

Even though I’m getting more muscular, should I be happy about that now that I’m really a girl?

I mean, when I was a guy I wasn’t into muscular girls, but do my preferences in girls as a guy matter in how I want to look as a girl now that I’m girl and not a guy?

Back in Japan, although I thought I had grown out of being recognized as a girl by high school (whether that’s true or not), I was at least aware that I was more on the androgynous side of things.

You know, being slender, being called a “beanpole”, all those types of things. Although it died down a little when we got into high school.

Because of that, I might have been overly concerned with becoming more manly-looking, like wanting to put on muscle and grow a few more centimeters

And it’s not just how I looked, you know?

I was into “manly” things as a kid, like wanting to be a hero of justice, looking up to samurai, and of course the swords, and all of that.

You could even say that everything I did was probably influenced in some way by my image of an ideal man.

When you think about it like that, can it be helped that I’m confused about things? Not just the physical change, but about where I want to go with my life.

What do I want to be as a woman, looking at it from the perspective of a guy?

I, who have not lived as a woman, who have not survived 16 years as a woman through the awkward ages of puberty, who only knows how men look at women, am I really capable of making a decision like that?

Of course I understand I’m probably making too much out of it, that men and women aren’t really all that different mentally, but it’s not that easy to come to terms with.

I feel like, rather than as a man or woman, I’d rather be seen as a “swordsmith”…

I sigh and stretch before getting out of the bath.

Being a woman is hard… well, I guess it’s more like suddenly having my gender swapped?

I still don’t know what I want to do with my new(ish) womanhood, but at least I’ve finally let go of the regrets of things I left undone as a man.

Worrying about whether or not I can actually be a woman while also clinging to living my ideals as a man; it was a really futile anxiety, wasn’t it?

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<A/n: Thanks Calavante for the donation!
The results of Toel’s shock treatment was planned. The introspection on the meaning of gender and identity was not. Jun’s growing! *shock*
Although Jun still has growing up to do in the future too, so (s)he just has a working theory for now >



  1. Well, it took 100 chapters but Jun’s finally not in denial anymore ! You know Japanese male characters are pretty confusing, either they’re dense about women no matter how many of them are around to the point I wonder if it matters they have a dick at all or they’re complete rapists ! Or there are male-to-female characters like Jun and it never matters in the story which makes you wonder whatever was the point about the gender bender… ah whatever, it was a fun read, pointless rant aside.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Jun… Unless you *want* to be swimming in *male* suitors, it would probably be best if you avoided making yourself any more attractive as a woman…


  3. Poor Jun. Before he had fully learned how to be a man, now she has to learn how to be a woman, without the benefit of having the previous 15 years to think and practice and observe first. Lucky for her she hasn’t picked up any persistent ‘serious’ suitors (of either gender), yet. It’ll be really interesting if she finds herself in a situation where her femininity gets questioned or challenged by some catty woman or group. While her personality would generally ignore it, I could see her pride causing her to try and rise to the occasion and provide an entertaining (for us anyway) episode or two.

    I wonder if her Light magic is actually shaping her body into her preferred ideal (subconsciously maybe? ) when she’s using it like Ki. Not like swapping her gender back, but towards the body type she has admitted grabs her attention like the Elves and Half-Elves. I don’t think it’d be all that radical a change considering her physical activity levels.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Everyone applauds Jun for her(?) character growth, and here I am sitting and wondering if the wardens even know that the mirror is a divination tool…
    I mean… if one can look into the mirror from this side, one can do the same from the other, and chances are that there is something to hide the incoming image until the user properly “activates” the mirror.

    High-Magic perverts on the loose?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Gandalf: Merlin what are you doing?
      Merlin: I found an interesting use for that scrying mirror at Morgana’s place.
      Gandalf: Wait, isn’t that the one in her washroom?!
      Merlin: Yup. Here, check out her ‘magical talents’, kekekeke
      Gandalf: Dude, not cool. You know what Arthur’ll do if he……GREAT FLAMING BALROGS!!! I didn’t know she did that kind of grooming. You might be on to something here. I wonder if Galadriel would notice such a mirror……..

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Different versions.
        She been known as Morganna le Fey, Morgana le Fey Morgan le Fey etc, spelling being not that standardized in those days and it was only later that she was written as antagonistic, the early versions, she was allied to them.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. That is probably true, but there are many settings in which scrying upon another allows them to reciprocate if they are suitably capable, and others where all portals are inherently vulnerable to external access. It really just depends upon the setting though, and this is the first mention of scrying that immediately comes to mind so I wouldn’t care to guess at the rules, and Jun would have a better-than-average chance of knowing if such a thing were possible. More to the point, the fact that scrying devices exist means that people can spy upon others in general, so even if the mirror makes scrying easier, it is not as though they would be immune to prying eyes without it…


    2. That’s exactly what I was thinking as well. In some settings, divination mirrors are 2 way things and in others they aren’t…I wonder which one it is this time.


  5. Wow Jun actually has actually looked into the issue of her gender and acceptance as well has her neglect of survival abilities due to pure fixation on swordsmithing huh it only took 100 chapters and an insane attempt to repair a legendary weapon…

    And Jun identifying her gender as a Swordsmith… that would be awesomely hilarious 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think klinh meant that Jun wants others to know her skill with sword smithing not just as a woman,which will lead to others thinking lowly of her, as shown in the sword dropoff when the knight captain used her blade.


    2. To be fair, it was 100 chapters and a little over 2 months…
      … No. That’s still longer than practically most other people would take…


      1. What ivandead said… ppl are women and are gay irl so ya. (which is why I hate that throw away line “they are being affected by their hormones” crap)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hormonal treatments in reality have been known to cause a bunch of ‘interesting’ side effects in how the brain works, though, so I wouldn’t discount that throw away line entirely.


      3. I completely agree spend 16 years as guy and liking women just cause you get gender swapped doesn’t mean that has changed in the least. I really hope doesn’t do that kind of thing.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Well IMHO Jun never showed more then a “academic” interest with women, most of the awkwardness IMO comes from her societal expectations and personality not a sexual interest, like what I expect of a closet gay that doesn’t realize he’s gay,now with the gender swap straight(sort of)…I would love that like with “I was reincarnated as an automaton girl”(which has been in hiatus for months).


      5. Kumo desu ga, nani ka has a gender swapped(reborn as female when last life was male unlike the magical male to female in here) he now she realized she had fallen in love with her best friend(spoilers)


      6. The simplest and most direct answer to “why did they not have an intense interest in females” is “they do not have an intense interest in females”. While “they actually had more of an interest in males but were unwilling to express it, even to themselves” would be a possible scenario, it is generally best to go with the most direct assumption. Also, they didn’t exactly cultivate a strong association with males either, which somewhat refutes the idea that they desired such things. I mean, they only had the one male friend and didn’t seem to go out of their way to loiter in their presence…

        Jun also maintained a respectable level of mental discipline, it could have been that they didn’t respect urges that are inclined to overwhelm them, get them into social and physical trouble, and compel them to give inappropriate attention and credence to advertisements.

        Katia was, apparently, always a bit interested in males, and thus fit into the role, but took years to do it. Even if someone was ragingly interested in pursing males but was prevented from doing so due to social pressures, and suddenly finds those pressures gone, will not likely completely change their behaviour overnight.

        And then there are the narrative problems. Fictions tend towards ideals and the ideal of romance tends to be all-consuming and irresistible. It isn’t really possible to appeal to the romantic crowd without either segregating the consequences of the romance from the story, which defeats the point of including it, and may as well be told as side-stories or fan-fiction and such, or making all consequences dependant upon the romance. It kind of ruins a story when every other paragraph mentions that they are regretting that they are not completely devoting themselves to their romance at that precise moment because they have to spend a few moments apart in order to save a city or else their happily ever after will be compromised, or celebrating that they are letting the city burn so as to spend time with their one true love…

        Romance can be good for a story, depending upon the romance and the story in question. Many many stories work just fine with no romance at all and are better for it. many stories are all about romance and that is the primary appeal. Some stories are shameless power-fantasies and unlimited access to romantic success adds to their audience. Some stories manipulate romances as elegant plot devices to drive the story in ways that would be impractical without them. Personally, I feel that romance is overrepresented in fiction. It is really really difficult to find a story in which the main narrative doesn’t end up being compromised by an invasive and forceful infection of romantic imperative. Forcing characters into unfounded alliances and sacrifices and forcing objectives that can only be met by a specific individual, rather than a dynamic situation of many possible alternatives for acquiring the necessary resources. It just seems to incite heavy-handed simplistic stories and shatters everything subtle in its presence.

        So I, for one, would be thrilled to see a complete absence of romance in the story, but I trust the author produce a satisfying story regardless of what path they pursue, and even if they don’t, I can move on and no doubt there will be many who will appreciate the change.

        Liked by 2 people

      7. While I agree that romances in power fantasies, and sudden obsessive behaviour towards an individual said person is in love with is a massive negative point. I expect KlinH with Juns character growth that was unplanned and seemed very real will not inject unnecessary and/or bad romance in the story. Usually I’m like you I dislike romances in fiction for the same reasons as you and I stated above.

        In order to add to my Jun is denial about his being gay(now straight but more character growth needed for more solid theories) is that Jun spied on the Elves and Half-Elves exercising and was startled and embarrassed to be called out on it. More evidence(IMO) was that Jun has listened in on the conversations of the Girls Nagitana club discussions about their preferences in men. It goes to show that they treated him as a girl and were comfortable enough with his presence to discuss such topics with him nearby. I doubt girls will discuss such things with a male in earshot especially how judgemental Japanese culture is(if what I heard from some who’ve been to Japan over the internet is true).

        If Jun is/was really a “hotblooded”(which I think means sexually interested in females or rambunctious) male as she describes themselves he’d of explored his now female body and would’ve likely taken advantage of the Queens Marys’ girls offer on taking baths together. As Jun said in this chapter he was constantly busy with various things, and was in constant denial of his appearance in high school. He never said he had a crush on anyone in his school life which could be explained by him being busy with various things as stated above. His disgust and horrible experience with Toel in the bath could also support my theory, Jun also quickly took to being treated as family by the Queen Mary’s girls if you ask me. The girls would likely notice that Jun was interested in them but it wasn’t mentioned other then the blurb that Solyana said that ” in a past life Jun was weak to women”. All their interactions seemed to be familial in nature. But his “trauma” and subsequent suppression of the memory, at the guy ‘coming onto’ her could be counter evidence to my theory. Did I miss anything and what are your interpretations of my points?


  6. “that men and women aren’t really all that different mentally”
    Well, there is some research that points out that men are unable to really understand the thinking process of women. We can recognize that if X happens, women tend to react way X, but we do not really understand all the reason why this is so.
    Of course, Jun has no way of knowing this, so there’s no way to blame him for being so ill-prepared for his circumstances. If I were in her circumstances, I am 70~80% sure that I would also identify myself as my profession, rather than my current gender.


    1. Let me make this clear:
      I don’t believe women are impossible to understand, nor are men too aggressive/pigheaded to try to understand.
      People can’t figure each other out with a good accuracy rate across different salary ranges, generations, and level of schooling, let alone gender.
      This is literally why we invented language.

      And really, THIS line of thinking is the reason Jun is trans in this story and why s/he is having a hard time; because he was a product of a society where men saw and joked about women being mysterious creatures, and women complaining that men can’t get them.
      Also, as someone who was gender-confused as a teenager, I’m pretty irritated every time someone, male or female, says that the other gender is impossible to understand. Asking questions tends to clear the mystery up.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I agree that that is over used that the other gender is something your own gender cannot understand.

        But it is shown that men and women’s brains have different things they excell at. So our brains do work slightly different. Again though that is generalized and some can excell where thier gender tends not to.

        But that really is not the main inhibitor to understanding what (my opinion) really would help is communication with the person who you want to understand. For example one of my sisters I am really close to and could reasonably guess how she would react ro certain situations and in the other hand while I can most or the times guess how my brother responds I am not as sure as with my sister. Fyi am a male… so ya in general I may understand males better, my sister i understand the most. i feel that is there is only so much you can generalize then you have to know them personally to really know them. And by me talking about them reacting i mean how they feel or their reason behind acting the way they do.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Scientifically, there’s very compelling research out there that pretty much breaks down the idea of male vs. female brains and the gender binary. There’s a large scale study that even did MRI scans of 1400 brains from kids to elderly people and found that only 0-8% of people have something that can be called a fully “male” or “female” brain, and even then, definitions of “male” and “female” are shaky since most people have brains that are equally “male” and “female”. In that light, the gender binary seems pretty artificial.

      Much of what we observe as typical gender binary conforming behaviors is more likely to be the product of our societal system than any biological reason.

      That said, the use of “she” for Jun is uncomfortable for me as well (more than using he would be) when I read this webnovel (that I like a lot regardless) because it seems to be like Jun doesn’t really identify as female and neither do they want to. Yet if they’re not outright identifying as male either, I’ll just call ’em by “they” until I see Jun (or Klinh) express what pronouns Jun themselves would feel most comfortable with xD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Klinh says Jun uses “boku” but it seems Masaki uses gender neutral pronouns now when before Masa used male ones. And everyone else refers to Jun with female pronouns which Jun doesn’t refute SHE accepts the pronouns more then ever now that Jun accepts that she is indeed female


  7. Glad Jun is keeping it together! They’re faring better than many transgenders, whose full body mirror reflection would trigger nausea inducing dysphoria even if they’ve been living with it for years or since birth really.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  8. thanks K.linH.

    I’m glad you reached both chapter 100, Jun’s real acceptation of his new body gender, and Jun’s introspection on the meaning of life now that he is female.
    (that last one was IMO necessary due to too many ppl saying “”nobody reacts like that” :)” and not being able to understand that everyone (real or imaginary) can have different thought processes than what they expect unless you describe it, black on white(greenish) ! )
    (okay, that last sentence was long and confused…. sue me 😉 )


  9. Thanks for the chapter.
    Sorry for the really late reply, I read the chapter the day after it was released and had the idea that the reason why the mirror is in the woman’s bath is because to prevent the men to use it to peek on the women in the bath. Which can be used in a story when the a bunch of “sexy” men bath so is there suddenly allot of women heading to the baths to use the mirror…
    Imagine Jun walking in on that situation and trying to ignore it but can’t stop minding that women are more carnivorous than he realize…


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