Kujonin 27

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Author: Hanabokuro

Chapter 27

We’re at Velsa’s home.
“My father was the Lord of this region…”
While Velsa was gathering her luggage, she began to tell Ayl and me her story.
Ayl and I also packed luggage under Velsa’s instructions.
What Velsa told us was that it was said 5 years ago, magma flowed from the mountain of a nearby village.
At first it had pretty much no vigor so it was treated as a famous tourist’s spot, but all of a sudden it gushed out and the village began to be overflowed with it.
Velsa’s father also made preparations to protect the village, but he didn’t make it in time; the village’s trade had flat plains to dry salt, so the magma devoured it.
The Lord sent reparation money to the villagers facing reconstruction, but before it reached the villagers, thieves stole it. They sent it once again to the villagers, but that was stolen as well.
In the end, because it was a time when the territory was screaming with financial difficulties, the finances were tight so dealing with the villagers was slow, and so Velsa’s father’s abilities with crisis management was denounced and was made to resign.
And there the current Lord came from the Capital, she said.
The current Lord gave preferential treatment to nobles and held things like fighting tournaments; he rebuilt the finances at once, but was harsh on the populace and was hated and the like.
Velsa’s father is working as a noble’s aide in the Capital, but because he was able to do the work despite it being excessive, among the nobles in the Capital it was written in a letter to Velsa that why Velsa’s father had to retire from being a Lord was beginning to be suspected.
Velsa also said that after that letter came from the Capital, the surveillance from the current Lord became stricter.
“I don’t care, but it gets in the way of research!!! And my father also! He doesn’t send money! Naoki, is it fine for me to come along with you for awhile!?”
“Un, I also had that thought. I’ll be in your care.”
I shoved the luggage into the Item Bag.
Velsa lifted up a giant backpack and carried a potted plant.
In the backpack are Velsa’s precious research materials.
“I’ll carry all of this,” Velsa said.

Leaving Velsa’s home, we head to the shipyard.
We, who have suddenly become famous, wave our hands at the people in town, and are thrust bread and wine.
There was a crowd of people at the entrance of the shipyard.
They were pretty much all workers, peaking inside from the crack in the door.
“What happened?”
I said such, and everyone looked at me in surprise, then came begging.
“Please somehow, overlook this just this once!”
“This is the biggest gamble of Boss’ life!”
“Please! Please!”
The workers clung to me with that and the like, so for now I’ll have them calm down and explain the situation.
“Truth is, see. Boss fell in love with Teyl-san…”
“And right now they’ve got a good mood going…”
“We can’t get in the middle of it …”
“No, well of course we want to help Boss out and we want him to find happiness, but Teyl’s master is you.”
“So how about it? What price can we give you for her?”
The desperate workers also touched my heart.
When I conveyed that I originally was going to release her from slavery when she found a place to live, they began to get noisy.
“Oi! You guys, they got a good mood going on, right!? Don’t make so much noise!”
Ayl scolded the workers, and all mouths went shut, and once again they peaked inside from the crack in the door.
Using Search Skill I could see that the two were walking around the ship being made.
I sat on some wood left outside to wait.
“I’m glad it looks like Teyl found her place to live.”
Ayl said.
Velsa also lowered her luggage and sat next to me.
“Yesterday I had thought that it would be Ayl we’d be parting from.”
“Although I won the fighting tournament, it looks like fate won’t let me board that ship after all.”
So saying, Ayl drew the sword on her hip.
I knew from Search Skill, but about 10 people were drawing near from the harbor.
The men with rough appearances from the sea are each carrying their specialized weapons in their hands.
I gave them a glance, and then began to discuss lunch with Velsa.
“Which one of yous is Ayl?! We’re gonna guh-!”
The moment one of the rough men yelled, the back of Ayl’s sword exploded forth.
After that, when you think you’ve heard the men scream, there was the sound like hitting meat and bones crushing.
10 seconds later, Ayl had returned to my side, checking that her blade wasn’t nicked.

“With Teyl gone we’ll be troubled with food, naa. Velsa, can you cook?”
“Do I look like I can?”
Velsa said while resting her chin on her hand.
“That’s true.”
“It’d be good if we kidnapped someone from the Lord’s house.”
Ayl said as she put her sword in her scabbard.
“It’s indispensable for a journey, naa. Maybe I should really take that Skill.”
At the moment I muttered that, the workers in front of the shipyard raised a loud voice.
“Looks like it went well over there.”
“That’s great, that’s great.”

From the door Teyl came out and came to me to explain the situation.
She apologized that it was sudden, but could I release her from slavery? Is what she said.
I acknowledged it on the spot and erased the slave seal.

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<T/n: (3/3)
The next upload will also by Kujonin. I want to say it won’t take too long, but every time I say that or that updates will be faster, rl dumps a load on me, so let’s just not make any promises at all…>



  1. strange is the world of adaptation to other media, i think that the separation with Teyl was executed better in the manga, however the manga has no mention of Velsa at all so far

    Liked by 1 person

    1. the manga just change the order of event. in latest manga (raw) chapter 8, velsa finally makes her appearance. so she never got to meet teyl as she was released from slavery in c6


    2. i am definitely enjoying the difference between manga and ln for this one, because it’s SO different it’s like reading completely different stories.
      But then, I’m the weirdo who enjoys movies made from books even if they’re different af.
      Except what they did to The Mandarin in Ironman 3. That was abominable.


    3. In the manga the sequence is inversed, in the manga when they arrive to the town they go first to the shipyard for the extermination and Teyl release and after that the mc and Ayl go to Vesta’s house


    1. In the manga they had gone back and worked on the extermination for a couple of days with Teyl cooking for the workers each time. So there was time for the romance to develop. It wasn’t over a single day like it seems to have been here.

      The pacing is generally better in the manga.


  2. Velsa’s father “made” also made preparations to protect the village, but he didn’t make it in time; the village’s trade had flat plains to dry salt, so the magma devoured it.
    Velsa’s father also made preparations to protect the village, but he didn’t make it in time; the village’s trade had flat plains to dry salt, so the magma devoured it.

    Good job and thank you.


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