Wfb: Chapter 106

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Chapter 106: Good Kids, Don’t Text in Class~


Currently, Hyde and I are quietly drinking in one of two pubs in Merivolt, after changing into less conspicuous clothes and hooded cloaks.

Masa-yan is on standby with Lor back in the inn.

Although we gamers have gotten used to our clothes from Mourning Star, because they’re foul-proof and, as far as we’re aware, damage-proof, they stand out quite a bit.

I’ve taken to wearing my less-flamboyant mage outfits, but in the end… mage robes are designed to be flashy.

And, unlike Emi-chan and Rinrin (A/n: Emi: Storm Mage, Karin: High Knight), who are active in social events as well as PvP, most of us guys didn’t store much armor in our Inventories.

The vanguards had just DPS and defense sets on hand, with Masaki having an additional mana-regen set and Tacchan and Hyde having a speed set.

My sets were single-attack DPS, AoE DPS, and defense.

Although a mage’s defense set pales greatly compared to the vanguards’ defense … well, because this is another world, that’s the one that surprisingly has the most effect for me.

My life is more of a concern here, after all.

Mi-chan (A/n: Midori) was the most unfortunate, since she had cleaned out her Inventory before migrating to the event server. All she has on hand is a cosmetic barmaid outfit and a speed/dmg balanced set.

On the other hand, she has a lot of high-powered weapons and all sorts of different types of arrows.

I suppose we were lucky to have any other sets of armor. Mourning Star made it possible to switch armor in battle, unless specifically prohibited in PvP matches, so if this was any other game, we might not have had any.

Mi-chan was truly unfortunate.

At any rate, Hyde-kun and I have changed out our flashy, end-game armors for this world’s more normal clothing in order to remain incognito and eavesdrop on the demons.

The pub we’re in is exactly that of one that caters only to demons.

Not that the pub itself intends this segregation, but few humans would willingly drink with the demons, and the demons aren’t really tolerated in the other pub that well.

Of course, Hyde-kun and I couldn’t exactly be inconspicuous with just a change of clothes.

Ragnall-san was always able to locate any of our group due to our overflowing magical power, so I’d imagine that these demons would also be pretty sensitive to our MP aura… or whatever that is.

We’d be found out just by existing.

Which is why, underneath somewhat bulky gloves, Hyde and I are wearing a number of cursed rings.

Hyde just had to wear 4 before his MP started to decrease.

Like that, he could pass for a mana-less demon for about 5 or 6 hours before his MP starts getting too low.

As for me…

I thought it would be best to just wear my cursed necklace on top of the rings.

It was a pain to put on, since the demons are so sensitive to influxes of magical power.

Lor, who was very interested in the necklace, told me that it most likely worked by forcing my magical power to be expelled from my magic power store and artificially shrinking my MP store… well, I assumed it worked like that, but Lor’s fascination indicated that the people of this world haven’t figured out exactly how the MP store works and are therefore incapable of replicating such a thing.

At any rate, the danger was that causing a small magic power storm by expelling MP in the middle of town would be very, very bad.

For the farms, the demons, and our reputation.

After some difficulties, though, I succeeded in draining most of my MP in the wasteland outside of town through some powerful buff skills so that the effect of releasing my MP into the surrounding area wouldn’t be catastrophic and equipped the necklace.

Even though it’s a wasteland, I do feel bad about changing the shape of the environment.

Afterwards, Hyde-kun and I had to wait for the buffs to wear off before we could go sneaking around.

It was truly a difficult process.

Magic complicates things quite a bit~.

I ignore Lor’s mutterings about how it’s only because we’re incomprehensible people.

We have Masa-yan on standby just in case we need any firepower, since Hyde-kun and I are quite effectively magic cripples right now.

Masa-yan isn’t so good at sneaky things, anyway.

To be honest, Hyde-kun isn’t as well, but… well, I’d prefer having a bodyguard.

[These are amazing. They don’t notice at all.]

Hyde fidgets with the rings under his gloves as he sends that message over.

Hyde-kun and I both have <Friend Chat>’s text window up.

Our Otherworlder Skills are very useful at times.

[Unyaa… maa, Jun-kun’s super amazing~.]

The text chat makes it feel like we’re in-game, so my chat messages turn out like that, huh~.

[The shuriken + kunai too.]

[Now I can use my AoE and stealth-attack Skills.]

[Even tho OUR production skills…]

[Can’t be helped~.]

[Jun-kun’s a rl cheat, afterall~]

[Masa’s childhood friend, right?]

[Baka-tsu says she’s cute.]

… Er…

[Eeeetto… are you… “interested” in her?]

[You know… Jun-kun used to be a guy?]

In the end, Masa-yan and Jun-kun decided to fess up to the rest of the gamer’s about Jun-kun’s mishap.

Well, it was mostly Masa-yan who couldn’t stand the teasing from Tacchan and Hyde-kun.

Jun-kun is surprisingly unflappable when it came to that sort of thing.

[I’m interested, but I’m not “interested”?]

[Haven’t met her.]

[Even if I was interested, I’d only know him as a girl?]

[The ‘original gender’ thing is more his problem than mine?]

As usual, Hyde-kun is way more talkative in chat than rl.

[… Is that so?]

[Others might think differently~?]

[Well, I dunno, if I were actually interested then I might care.]

That’s true too.

Jun-kun’s completely separated from that kind of love talk, anyway.

Masa-yan said it was the same in real-life, ah, no, in the previous world, too, even when Jun-kun’s insides and outsides matched.

A teenage boy with a very thin sense of eros.

It’s like a rare species.

Even though he was probably quite popular before we ended up here.

Boys with pretty faces and delicate builds are still popular with women, even if they are mistaken as women, especially when they’re pretty athletic.


Anyway, because of the situation, I can’t imagine Jun-kun being any more open to that kind of relationship in this world, ne~?

Especially since he, she, doesn’t do the chasing, and the ones she’d be chased by are more likely to be men.

… It’d be impossible for me. Bleh.

Well, I wouldn’t make for a pretty woman, anyway, www.

When I think about people interested in Jun-kun …

For women, I don’t think that pretty Nee-chan from The Queen Mary’s was UN-interested, but it didn’t seem like anything was coming out of that.

Hibicchi … un, not happening. It’s a little sister relationship from Jun-kun’s side, and Hibbicchi completely sees him as a fellow girl, even going as far as to help coach Jun-kun through womanhood.

As for guys, Tacchan was interested until he found out Jun-kun was a guy.

Masa-yan had a big “nope” reaction right from the start. It doesn’t seem likely that THAT will change easily, even though they get along pretty well~. I suppose knowing him since he was a guy doesn’t help.

Lor is interested in a purely terrified, academic standpoint.

All that’s left is… Ragnall-kun? Un… well, that also feels like a different kind of relationship. A sibling relationship? Just friends?

If that’s going to ever change, the change would probably be initiated from Jun-kun’s side?

Ragnall-kun doesn’t feel like the greedy type, so he’d probably be content with how things are and not even think about wanting more unless Jun-kun wanted to change the relationship.

Which feels unlikely.

It’s quite possible that Jun-kun will never awaken to men afterall~.

Well, it’s not like it’s my business to begin with.

… In the first place, I wonder why our previous society always saw relationships between men and women through a love-love filter.

When I think about it… I don’t think I ever knew of a friendship between a man and a woman that wasn’t gossiped about, but maybe my co-workers and subordinates were just the gossiping type.

Anyway, I’m kind of bored since there’s nothing really going on in the pub.

I thought there’d be more anger and some scandals about the “mayor” considering how the demons are treated, but they’re rather subdued people.

I suppose there’s probably more to demons than just what we know about them, but in this dingy, cramped pub, all I can hear is complaints about work and particular supervisors.

But they’re just complaints.

In my former company, it’d be complaints like,

“Boss-san is the worst. Always giving work and never enough time.”

I was expecting more,

“Boss-san is the worst. Let’s sabotage him by…”

Of course, not obvious sabotage, but little things, like slacking off at work or something.

But there is absolutely none of that.

Are demons just that hard-working and well-behaved?


If that were the case, they’d be viewed a little better than they are… maybe?

Still, if all that work draining my MP goes to waste listening to what sounds like the grumblings of old grandpa’s upset about the government, I’m going to be somewhat irritated.

[Sei-chan, table around the corner across the room.]

Hyde-kun suddenly sent that message.

I strain my ears as hard as I could, but…


[I can’t hear them.]

I type that message, somewhat depressed.

Even though a normal person wouldn’t be able to hear that table, talking quietly all the way across the crowded pub, I’m still depressed that I can’t hear them.

Hyde-kun, with his high Perception in-game, has apparently come into this world with exceptional senses. His hearing and sight not-withstanding, he even has the ability to sense presences.

Hyde-kun’s build in the game was to assassinate assassins, after all.

But all the other gamers, even little Emi-chan, got a physical boost too.

As for me…

WHY did I go full magic?!

If I had known I would have been transported with the stats of my character, I would have made it at least a LITTLE more balanced!

That said, even while knowing Hyde-kun’s hearing is boosted, it’s still amazing he can hear them.

If he boosts his senses with magic, I wonder how many kilometers he can hear from.

And even though most of the demons are speaking a different language, probably the demons’ language, Hyde-kun has <Translate>.

He is an absurd cheat of a spy.

By the way, we’re all learning to manipulate magic from Lor.

“I want to at least be able to do what Jun-kun does to support her physical abilities.”

When I said that, Lor said,

“… It’s best not to set your sights on that kind of ridiculousness.”

Even though she hadn’t actually built her character yet, Jun-kun might be the biggest cheat out of all of us.

I tried hard to replicate her <Augment Body>, but…

My first ‘success’ was vetoed by Ragnall-kun, surprisingly.

He refused to come near us, since I was wastefully releasing so much magic as a by-product.

It was to the degree that even non-demons could sense it, even if only a little.

Is it a question of efficiency, I wonder?

I feel like people like Jun-kun, who operates on intuition, do much better with magic than people who need to formulate their plans, like me.

I never thought I’d ever regret playing a mage-!

Either way, I don’t dare attempt to bolster my hearing, due to my forcefully reduced MP and my apparent inability to fully control it.

All I can do is rely on Hyde-kun’s play-by-play.

Which quickly turned into paraphrasing.

[Blue-hair and Brown-hair with vest: hate the humans and demi-humans. Don’t know why they need to follow all the laws.]

[Basically, a rant on being treated like slaves.]

[They’re saying some dangerous things, like subjugating humans as prey.]

[Well, I understand their dissatisfaction.]

[But human ranches are …]

[I don’t have that kind of interest, so it’s a little off-putting.]

[Basically that kind of talk.]

[They’re wary against someone named Usadhen hearing them.]

[Oh, someone named Munatias is helping them?]

[That sounds kind of bad-ish, right?]

Usadhen and Munatias.

Although I don’t know all the languages of this world, the humans and demi-humans of this town, as well as Nyl City and Carnus, have more European sounding names.

Although it’s possible these names could be from other countries, I wonder if they aren’t names of demons.

With some circumstantial evidence, I feel that it’s highly likely that Usadhen is the name of a demon.

If they’re on guard against someone, chances are he (or she) lives in this town.

If it’s a name like ‘Usadhen’, it wouldn’t be a local human or demi-human, but more likely a demon.


Looking around, a lot of the demons in the pub vary from the ages of 17-40 (at least, that’s what it looks like), but around that table, I don’t think anyone’s older than 20 (in appearance).

Conversely, there are only a few younger demons among the others outside of that table in the pub.

Those younger demons are also sitting in a corner, a little ways removed, quietly whispering while stealing glances around them every once in a while.

Of course, if you didn’t think about it, it doesn’t look that suspicious.

Youngsters trying to keep away from the ossans… that kind of hurts, you know?

But now that Hyde-kun pointed it out, I’m noticing how they’re seated, as if to make sure they can see everyone around them.

That is, they’re being very careful of anyone listening in on their conversation.

[Coup d’etat?]

Of course, their precautions are useless against Hyde-kun.

[Rather than a coup d’etat, it seems more like a civil-war-type dispute.]

[How can you tell?]


[lol, right.]

[Muu. Don’t take me lightly just because I’m an ossan!]

[Don’t worry. I’m taking you lightly because you’re Sei-chan.]

A bad mouth as usual.

[Well, I would like to talk to a demon about their current situation.]

[Even though we had our own ideas of what was going on in this town, it seems like things aren’t exactly how we thought~.]

[It sounds troublesome~.]

[Maa, although we wanted to find out that rich man’s weaknesses, it would be more troublesome if there’s something dangerous going on and we buy land here.]

[… meaning?]

[If it’s too troublesome, we’ll go somewhere else.]

[Wasting our time negotiating just to get involved in something annoying; no thank you.]

[There are other farming communities.]

[But I would like to understand the demons a little bit more.]

[I think not interacting with them will be impossible.]

[Since they’re needed as workers in the herb farms.]

[Can’t we ask that demon dude with Masa’s childhood friend?]

[There’s that too, but he said he didn’t live in a community with demons, so, y’know?]

[Also, Ragnall-kun is half-demon. I dunno if demons are against that sort of thing, so mind your words~.]


And besides, we’ve really been relying on Ragnall-kun a lot, you know?

I really wonder if it will be alright with how much he knows…

Maa, he’s pretty deeply indebted to Jun-kun, and Jun-kun seems to have trusted him alright since the beginning.

According to Masa-yan, Jun-kun’s instincts aren’t something to be ignored.

If I had known Jun-kun in the previous world in rl, I think I’d be wondering which shounen manga he’s the protagonist of.

Anyway, we’ve also confided quite a bit into Lor.

I’m not on Jun-kun’s level, but after weighing the pros and cons, it seems like it would be a waste of energy to continue to be so wary of letting our secrets around.

After all, in Carnus, they’re all already trying to take advantage of us even without caring about our origins.

Of course, completely not caring and babbling about being from a different world would most likely have less-than-desirable outcomes, but I am unwilling to hide things that would be to our advantage.

Certainly there might be people who are trying to wheedle out our origins in the hopes of making an alliance between Carnus and our country, but in that matter I can only wish them the best of luck.

Futile as it is.

In the first place, they’re looking for a mythical Japan that has mages and magic swordsmen.

Although believing we’ll be alright just because we’re powerful sounds like a good chance for an Achille’s heel situation, I also think it’s not prudent to act beneath our abilities.

As for the balance between secrecy and recklessness… I suppose as the oldest, or rather, as someone who’s climbed his way up the corporate ladder through both the best and worst traits of human ambition, I should do my best to help the other gamers deal with it.

Since it’s completely impossible to help guide/direct Jun-kun, she’s on her own, though.

At this moment,



I accept, but …

[My bad~. Can’t talk right now, but I can type~.]

[“Oh, well, is it a bad time? I can call back later.]

Jun-kun says.

[No, I’m free~]

[Just can’t talk easily]

[“… Okay. Well, just reporting over that we’re finally leaving Warden’s Post tomorrow. Hibiki-chan and I are doing well as usual.”]

What a dutiful reporter. Jun-kun phones over at least every other day like this.

[That’s good~]

[The demon situation over there is solved?]

[“Ah, un. Well, more like the Demon King came over and whacked the others off.”]


Hyde-kun blinks and almost says something before he stops himself and sends,

[Sei-chan, you okay?]

Of course not.

Jun-kun, I’d like some context.

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<A/n: … Seimei is thinking more about Jun-kun’s gendbend than Jun…
Why has Jun’s character turned out to be so strange?
Also, Seimei wasn’t supposed to feel so inept at magic, but it’s amusing, so let’s run with it.
Now that my course is over, let’s hope for more frequent updates~.
Fluvia chapter 11 updated>



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