Wfb: Chapter 107

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Chapter 107:  Sometimes, it would be way easier to do things if you’re not smart


I certainly had my own opinions about the way demons are treated in this world, but Jun’s recent [Friend Chat] message has somewhat skewed my perceptions.

And that message was:

The Demon Lord crossed over and killed a bunch of demons before leaving.

It seems that the situation with the demons is a little more complicated than I had first thought.

Hm… this might become a little troublesome…

Of course I mean for our goals.

Some people might say I’m being unscrupulous, but I was hoping to be able to use the demons’ discontent at their current human… “overseers” to our advantage.

If there’s an opportunity, exploit it! – it does sound a little like a greedy merchant’s thoughts, but being over-concerned with your image and letting your plans fall through is yet another way of looking at it.

I’ll agree, roughly exploiting people and sowing seeds of future trouble is not only frowned upon but also just rather foolish.

It’s unfortunate, but not only have I seen that kind of foolish action in the corporate world, but I’ve also participated in making policies that only focused on immediate profit and ignored future sustainability.

However, it’s wrong to think that you can’t give benefits to the other side just because you’re taking advantage of the situation.

Although I was somewhat limited within the company, I personally feel that if you can’t produce a solution or fulfill a need, either partially or fully, for the other party, you aren’t properly optimizing your advantage.

You can obtain better results with a willing participant, after all.

To tell the truth, I somewhat envy the people who can act without thinking about the cost-benefits of a situation.

The world would be a much better place if there were less people like me – no, if there was less of a need for people like me.

Although I don’t like to admit it, for someone who climbed up the corporate ladder like me, there are a lot of things I got my hands into that I shouldn’t have.

Nothing too steamy or corrupt like office dramas would show, but I wonder how many times I fudged the data on the sales pitch or promised them the moon when I suspected our company might not be able to meet the expectations.

Or how many times I let mistakes pass through so someone else could take the blame for the failure, among other dishonorable things.

Is it any wonder I started to hide in a VR game, playing a flamboyant, crazy person to vent my frustrations … at myself?

When we first transmigrated, I thought, Finally, I can stop doing shady things, but in the end, the occupational hazard has even followed me into this world…

Well, at least this time, I don’t need to worry about widening the profit margin by any means possible, I suppose.

I am frankly and honestly jealous of Jun-kun, who has the leeway to do what’s right and good for others without worrying about what’s in it for herself.

A corporate ossan like me has already been too thoroughly tainted.

That’s why, since the others are just kids, I should be the one to deal with the nobles and the politics.

And so, to benefit this world by providing medicines at accessible prices, I’ve decided that I’m willing to get my hands dirty.

As Hyde-kun and I leave the tavern and step out into the night, Hyde-kun disappeared into the darkness.

He’s removed a couple of rings, slowly regaining his mana, and entered [Stealth].

Although it seems to be a bit different from Hibicchi’s [Shadow Stealth].

Hyde-kun’s [Stealth] completely masks his presence even in complete daylight, and he moves at 75% normal speed. Of course he’s added many trait points into it to make it possible at all. Normally the maximum movement speed is 50% normal speed, but … I wonder how he traited it to be so high… ah, no, that’s not important now~.

The downside to [Stealth] is that it’s easily interrupted, and you can’t move any objects that are in anyone’s sightline or it’s dispelled.

At night-time, though, Hyde-kun’s [Stealth] is in its full glory, so he shot off to do some reconnaissance on the village.

As for me… I’m going to wander around for a little while before returning to the inn.

It’s not often that I could slip the guards and walk around without people surrounding me.

Although it’s not like I’m an extreme introvert, it gets rather tiring to be followed around everywhere, ne~.

The village is dead silent at night.

Unlike the Carnus Capital and Nyl City, there aren’t magic lights or even non-magic lanterns in the night, nor is there any need for them.

There’s no red-light district, and the only place with some action going on are the two taverns, and even they are beginning to close down now that the moon’s rising in the sky.

Hyde-kun and I were some of the last ones out.

I suppose this is how rural places are.

The pale pink moon is nearly full.

How many months has it been since we’ve arrived in this place? 2, 3 times that the moon has fully waned and waxed?

Although there should be seasons in this world as well, we haven’t been here long enough to experience it.

Well, now that we’ve gone south, it’s said that the seasons don’t change as drastically. It’s a lot warmer, and somewhat drier.

The fact that it’s noticeable indicates how much of a difference the climate is.

Even though we only traveled several weeks south, at the pace of a horse-drawn carriage, for the climate to change so much, I wonder if this world is smaller than Earth.

No… if it was small enough to have that kind of climate change within such a short distance, we should definitely be able to see the curvature of this world just by looking at the horizon.

…Perhaps I’m thinking on a completely wrong line of thought, since I’m comparing Earth with a world that has another realm within it.

Although, now that I think about it… perhaps the horizon is somewhat curved?

This world has had mountains everywhere, so it’s hard to really get a good look at the horizon, though.

There are so many mountains, that, over the years, all of the places that didn’t have mountains automatically became the countries that exist today.

Or something like that, according to Lor.

While I was thinking about things like that, another [Friend Chat] message popped up in front of me.

[Hyde-kun? What’s up?]

[Sei-chan. The alley directly to your left, two streets over]

[Something’s going on.]


Arara. No rest for the weary~.

Sending back over a [Hoi~], I went off to search for a path that would lead directly to my left, but two streets over.

If I could run across the rooftops like Hyde-kun and Tatchan, this would be much easier, mou.

Well… this little village is pretty small and there are a lot of spaces between the buildings, so it’s not like roof-running was necessary.

Pretty soon, I spot the small group of people that Hyde-kun had indicated.

Although I don’t have [Stealth] or [Shadow Stealth], none of the five people noticed me at all as I kept to the shadows and moved quietly.

They were in an extreme state of agitation, after all.

Although they’re speaking in the demons’ language, as usual, [Translate] is quite the cheat.

“Hiwot, Hiwot! What do we do? She’s at this stage already; pretty soon she’ll.-“

“Tsk. She did well to survive until she was 10-years-old. It can’t be helped.”

“What do you mean, can’t be helped?! We’re just going to let her die like this?!”

“There’s nothing we can do –“

“What do you mean, nothing we can do?! She just needs to suck some human’s mana, right?! So we just –“

“Just what, Ilshant? Just go and attack a human for mana? Do you know what will happen afterwards? We all knew this day was coming for Hiwot. Endure it.”

“Endure it?! In the first place, why are we enduring?! These humans, they don’t do anything for us, so why don’t we just –“


An older man demon smacked the younger man demon across the face.

“Don’t ever utter such dangerous words!”


The younger demon, a little younger than Hyde-kun’s age, holds his face and glares at the older demon.

On the ground, quite nearly unconscious, was a young demon woman, looking around 14-years-old or whenever girls go through puberty, being supported by a middle-aged woman demon. Standing to the side was the final demon, a man somewhere in between the ages of the rebellious youth and the angry ossan. He was helplessly opening and closing his hands.

Well, I’ve heard enough to somewhat understand the situation.

“Old man, you…”

The dangerous growl in the young man’s voice as he began to turn on the older man made me pretty definite that he was about to start swinging.

Clap clap!

“Hai~, that’s enough.”

My sudden intrusion brought the result I had hoped for.

All the demons stopped their movements, with confused and suspicious looks on their faces.

The old woman demon hugged the girl’s body closer to herself.

“It seems that you are troubled over something. Could I hear the details?”

“What do you want? Piss off!”

“You appear to be a demon from another country, or a misshapen one? Either way, this is a personal matter, so please be off.”

The younger man snarled at me, while the older man responded more politely.

But to be mistaken as a demon, huh…?

Is it because I’m able understand their language despite not speaking it? Ah, perhaps also because I’m not emitting any MP.

No, more like the second one is the most likely~.

“However, it seems like that one over there is lacking in mana…”

Because I don’t know much about it, I end up keeping my words kind of vague, but it doesn’t seem to matter.

They have a loose-lipped member on their side, after all.

“We can catch monsters ourselves if it was that easy. Hiwot can’t take in anything but people mana. If you want to help, why don’t you go kidnap a human?”

The young man’s sneer provoked the older man once again, and the older man grabbed him, raising a fist to punch him out.

“Ilshant, you idiot –!“

The older man’s voice is filled with an extreme amount of rage.

“Aah… it seems I’ve forgotten to introduce myself.”

I interrupt them before the violence breaks out.

Unequipping my necklace and take off my gloves, I stuffed them into Inventory while ignoring the suspicious looks on the demon’s faces.

I don’t even bother explaining where it all went.

As I took off my rings, one by one, the expressions on the demons’ faces changed quite quickly to shock and terror.

My goodness~. Even though it took so much effort to empty it, enough to hollow out a valley, my MP has filled up in no time at all~.

I’m reminded again of how much of a cheat Jun-kun’s crafting can be, keeping my MP in check.

Hm, it’s my fault too?

Who would say something like that~.

Hm… come to think of it, my MP is beginning to fully radiate – rather than taking the rings off, I should be putting the normal amount of them back on.

It’s scary to think of how dependent I am on these.

As I replace the rings, I addressed the group of demons.

“With this, you should understand, correct~?”

Ah, oops, the tone of my inner voice came out.

At times like these, I wonder which is my real side.

My business face or my VRMMO face?

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<A/n: … … …
I was wondering whytf it takes me so long to update now, when I used to be able to post pretty often, and it occurred to me: how large is my word/chapter count?
A: 3500-4000 words.
So basically each of my posts is now a full novel chapter length, which means if I include a Fluvia update, I’m writing two full book chapters every post.
By the way, this is apparently 2-3 times the length they used to be. I wonder why I can’t post as often as I used too… *sarcasm*
So… yeah, Imma shoot for 1500-2500 words and make them a little shorter to see if I can get these updates out faster. So glad I’m a novel-blogger and can just change stuff like this on a whim.
On the plus side, I have half of next wfb written up for next time… unfortunately I overshot again so it’s the second half of the next chapter, which means I still have a lot of work to do on the first half.
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