Fluvia 22: Fluvia Returns Home

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Chapter 22: Fluvia Returns Home

“… That’s it. You’re good to go.”

Healer Martin smiled as he removed his hand from my wrist.

Although it would look like he was just checking my pulse if I were in my former world, in this one, the good doctor was circulating his Healing Magic through me to check the condition of my body.

I don’t really understand the details, but that’s how it works in this world.

It seems like there’s a limitation on magic and magical tools within the House of Healing, for fear of magic interference – whether it’s with the Healing Magic or the patients’ own magic.

Perhaps that’s why I didn’t feel like this world was all that different from my former one, albeit not as developed.

But now, as I’m being released from the House of Healing, I have some expectations towards the fantasy world outside.

I kind of remember that the maids often used magic in their household chores, but it feels like I’m remembering something from a book.

Can’t be helped.

I had the mind of a child back then, and then the brain fever muddled my memories all together.

Other than the things that made the most impressions on me, like my family and my room, I have vague memories of the other things.

I curtsied prettily to Healer Martin.

“I thank you very much for the care you’ve given me, Healer Martin.”

Healer Martin smiled and gently patted my head.

“On my side as well, it’s been a pleasure to have your company.”

Mother is sitting excitedly at my side, barely able to restrain herself from jumping up and down in excitement and impatience.

Where is Father?

… Haa…

Right now, he’s greeting the Duke.

Father, I know that you dote on me, but the very first thing you did after arriving at the Capital was come running in to see me?

Please go first greet the Duke, especially since he’s the King’s brother-!

Although nobility ranked Baron or lower don’t need to bother the Duke, we’re Earls, you know? Of course you would have to greet the Duke, if you’ve entered the Capital!

In this country, the role of the Duke is similar to a noble’s Steward, just over the whole country instead of one region.

The Capital, the King’s city, can also be considered as the Duke’s territory.

I suppose, technically, the other siblings of the King are also Dukes and Duchesses, but they all have ‘Honorary’ attached to them.

That said, their influence isn’t small, although I don’t know exactly how the Honorary Dukes and Duchesses fit into the politics of things.

Some of the King’s siblings also went into other branches of the government, so even though they are Honorary Dukes and Duchesses, they have other titles as well, such as one of the King’s sisters becoming Captain of the Royal Guard.

I am thankful that wasn’t born into royalty.

It’s a mess over there, with the sibling rivalry for not only the throne, but also the position of the official Duke.

In an Earl’s household, there are a lot more places for the siblings to spread out and still maintain some sort of authority comparable to the Earl title itself – and in the current Dellarose household, there’s even less of an issue since there’s only the two of us, Brother and I, and as the male, Brother is the de facto heir.

Mother is also … unfortunately, she’s past child-bearing age, so unless there’s a miracle, it is just the two of us as the Earl’s progenies.

Although having a wealth of children is highly valued… it’s yet another blow to Mother’s self-esteem.

I haven’t gotten the entire story out of Beth yet, but there seems to have been some drama in Mother’s youth, which led her to getting married so late.

When I think about it like that, I feel like it can’t be helped that Mother and Father dote on the two of us so much.

But, I also wonder about Father’s side of this story.

He’s quite a bit younger than Mother; there should have been other options?

If Mother couldn’t have children… ah, forget it, forget it.

I want both of my parents to be happy, both individually and in their relationship, so let’s not think of other things. It’s bad luck.

Before leaving, I gift Healer Martin with a potpourri pendant filled with lemongrass and lavender, and Mary with a small bottle of olive oil.

I had designed the pendant myself and hired a silversmith to make the delicate filigree urn before filling it with dried lemongrass and lavender.

The olive oil is currently considered an exceptionally expensive, rare good.

I don’t think it was too much to give to the two people who assisted me and kept me alive these many seasons.

And with that, my long stay at the House of Healing has finally come to an end.

Although I’ll have to come back for occasional checkups, I’ll finally be going home to my family-!

I look out the window of the ornate carriage Mother had brought over at the busy streets of the Capital.

I’m saved that Mother had thought better of my health and brought a low carriage.

These towering monstrosities trundling along the road with us make me nauseous just by watching them sway by.

Aren’t the nobles afraid of tumbling over?

A strong wind in the right place, and whoosh-! There they go.

And some of them are even covered in mother-of-pearl… a slight bump, and there goes your ‘paint job’.

Well, I guess it’s the privilege of the rich to be so wasteful with materials.

Most of the carriages are pulled by horses, but … are some of those unicorns?

Are unicorns common enough to be used as cart horses?!

Although the unicorns are all attached to the most luxurious looking carriages…

Un. Let’s just assume that unicorns are just fancy horses.

While I stare curiously out the window, it doesn’t take long until we reach our estate in the Capital.

“Fluvia dear, we’ve arrived!”

Mother excitedly clasps her hands together as she impatiently waits for the carriage to stop in front of the mansion’s doors.

As I’m helped out of the carriage, a burst of a trumpet-like instrument startles me.

Before me, a pale pink carpet was rolled out, and the estate’s servants line both sides.

What a celebrity-treatment!

It doesn’t feel too bad … wait, no! Isn’t this too extravagant?!

“” “Welcome home, Young Lady Fluvia!”””

All the servants bow together, as Mother and Beth escort me from the carriage to the door.

Directly within the mansion’s doors is a wide hall, two stories tall, with two sweeping staircases reaching upwards to balcony hallway that ran around the borders of the hallway.

It’s a luxurious, European castle-like mansion…

Standing between the two stairways are a lot of important people.

Bolther and Sir Edgar are among them, and I assume the others are some minor nobles of our territory, the Head Butler and Head Maid, and …

Your Highness? Lord Minister?!

Oi, what is the Queen and Minister doing here? Especially the Queen?!

Then, the three children and the man next to the Queen, seated in her wheelchair, are…?!

What is the Royal Family doing?!

Same thing for the Lord Minister-! Although he didn’t bring his family with him.

But, right up front and dead center, are Father and Brother.

With a cheeky grin, Brother runs up with a large bouquet of silver and white lilies.

“Sister, welcome home!”

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<A/n: A bit of a short, ‘filler’ chapter, but I felt like being released from the hospital deserved its own part. Btw, it’s technically not ‘home’ for Fluvia, but, meh.>



  1. Even a Hollywood “action” movie is like 80% talking. There’s no reason your stories can’t have some down time between the… Actually, now that I think of it, isn’t this story basically slice of otherworld-noble-life? Then this chapter is part of the main storyline!

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  2. Typo?
    “I am thankful that wasn’t born into royalty.”
    that “I” wasn’t?

    Fluvia uses Political Intrigue! KlinH takes massive damage!
    KlinH uses Royal Attention! Fluvia takes massive damage!

    At the end of this brutal war, the only winners will be those looking on from the side-lines… which would be us readers! Yay!

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  3. behehehe

    Well that’s one way to get royalty into your home apparently … making an assassination attempt fall through.


    Thanks for the new chapter!

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  4. Hey, it just came up to me while I was re-reading this but your supposed to address the king and queen as ‘Your Majesty’ while the prince and princess as ‘Your Highness’. I think I read it somewhere that it was considered rude or an insult to address the king/queen as ‘Your Highness’. Unless you’re using some other form of address…? But still, great job and I’m always so very glad to see you updates this.


    1. I’m using a ‘crap which one was I going to use?’ problem, so that’s why there’s some… issues.
      But the noble hierarchy in this world works a bit differently, so I AM purposefully ignoring real life (British) rules.


      1. Huh. Can you tell us your reasoning for the adjusted noble hierarchy? I can understand the titles for ranks being different, but then so would the language be, and ‘translating’ the story to English would require you either make up the whole language so you can use the original terms (Klingon?), or translate titles to their closest English equivalent.

        Inb4 you meant the rules of conduct / there’s not even supposed to BE a separate form of address for the king/queen/royalty in this world.


      2. the ranking order is more or less the same, but it’s actually more like the government system is different.
        Country-wide legislation/rule:
        Duke and Ministers
        Rulers of territories(earldoms) within the country:
        Rulers of smaller regions(shires) under the Earls’ Territories:
        Rulers of cities within the Viscounts’ shires:
        Rulers of smaller towns within the shires:
        Town Head
        Rulers of major cities independent of Barons’ (and sometimes Earls’) rule:


  5. Thanks for the chapter!

    Necroposting here, but wanted to call out Modo for asking about typo’s in the ranking system based on british rules when author-san clearly stated that brit-rules were not being used. That kind of conduct just confuses people.

    While writing this comment, and before I continue to read ahead… Viscount is the lowest?! wasn’t that the rank of the Piermont(spelling? the villainess who bossed around Fluvia in Yabukoi) as mentoined in an earlier chapter? Looking forward to finding out how the Dellarose family fell(in a altvers chapter maybe?) or the Piermont family rises to be able to boss around someone who currently is a MUCH higher rank…


    1. viscount is kind of independent from the hierarchy, since they’re rulers of independent cities.
      They don’t have barons under them, but technically aren’t under an Earl.


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