Kujonin 45

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Author: Hanabokuro

Story 45

When I returned to the building, the lawn in the garden was gouged out, and the top was bare.
The path around it also looked like a downpour had occurred.
“I’m glad I slept at the church.”

“Welcome back.”
Red Dragon, sweeping the path with a broom, called out.
“Looks like something major happened. Where’s Water Dragon-chan?”
“Right now, she’s with Black Dragon-san, getting your boat. She was harshly scolded by Black Dragon-san.”
“That so?”
“Fumu … well, there’s also an excuse for Water Dragon…”
Seems like, a long time ago, Black Dragon had run a brothel in a human town.
And Water Dragon-chan thought that a cram school was the same kind of institution.
Red Dragon had said he wanted to learn humanification magic, so she took him to learn under Black Dragon, and she misunderstood that he was going to be staying in a brothel-like institution.
As for Black Dragon, he had said that he thought she understood when he said a cram school.
“What’s with that?”

After that, I tried asking why Black Dragon was in a human town running a brothel.
“He wanted to find out more about humans’ desire for power. If he wanted to be well-known among humans, which would be faster, running a brothel or seriously becoming a peerless holy man?”
I was told.
I remembered some people in my previous world’s Russia1.

“O, you’re back?”
Carrying a basket, Ayl walked out from the side of the building together with the dragon girls.
Looks like they’ve been picking herbs in the forest.
“Thanks for that.”
“This enough?”
“Yah, it’s good.”
I said, looking at the basket full of herbs.
“Where’s Velsa?”
“Inside, dissecting zombie flesh in an experiment.”
Quite the mad scientist feel, na.

“I’m back.”
“O, slept well?”
Experimenting on the floor amongst the tainted meat and recovery potions, Velsa asked so when she saw me.
“Ya, I slept at the church.”
“It was too noisy here, after all.”
“How’s it going?”
“Un, in the end, a concentration of recovery potion is the most effective. Here.”
So say, Velsa soaked a piece of tainted meat in a bottle of green liquid.
With a sizzling sound, the tainted meat didn’t melt.
“Can this be an antidote?”
“I tried it on a masmascarl.”
The masmascarl within the cage-like thing looks energetic.
“If you take it ahead of time, you’ll be fine even if you eat zombie meat. However, if the zombification has reached your brain…”
So saying, Velsa showed me a board with red liquid and brown fur stuck to it.
“It’s unable to be cured, na. If you get bit in the neck, it immediately spreads to your brain, so it’s better to be careful.”
“So I should use a scarf.”
“How are the zombies in town?”
Using the Search Skill to check the progress, I checked out the town.
“They’re pretty much all sunk into the sea.”
The zombies have been exterminated, but the original zombie dragon is still around.


My stomach sounded.
“Let’s have a BBQ outside.”

We roasted a whole snow fox on the lawn in the garden.
We stuck a skewer from head to rear and rotated the skewer over the fire to roast it.
It’s the so-called, “It’s so tasty!” style.
Next to it, Red Dragon and the dragon girls are gnawing on a raw white bear.
They’re saying,
“What is this! It’s delicious!”
and the like.

Around when the meat looked to be grilled well, you could see Water Dragon-chan heading this way with a sailboat when you looked towards the ocean.
Water Dragon-chan was pulling the sailboat, and Black Dragon was standing on top of the sailboat.
No nono, a sailboat?
The sailboat’s sail was torn and the hull was so worn out that it looked like it could sink at any moment.
This is, it’s basically a ghost ship.
To the degree that it wouldn’t be weird if there were ghost-type monsters on it.

“I’m back-!”
Water Dragon-chan, who had gotten onto the shore, is excitable as always.
“Hey! Properly apologize.”(Black Dragon)
“I’ve caused you trouble, so I’m very sorry!”(Water Dragon)
At Black Dragon’s words, the humanified Water Dragon-chan, with an unbelievably low voice and unthinkably stern expression, knelt and prostrated(dogeza).
Behind her, with his arms crossed and slick-backed hair, is Black Dragon.
“A, it’s fine, it’s fine. Aside from that, the boat, is that the one?”(Naoki)
“It’s one that had run aground the rocky place opposite us. I thought you could use it after fixing it up.” (Black Dragon)
“There aren’t any monsters on it, right?”(Naoki)
“Aa, no problem there. They’ve already been defeated.” (Black Dragon)
So there really were-?
“If it’s to the nearest human-inhabited port town, Water Dragon will escort you.” (Black Dragon)
“Is that so?” (Naoki)
“I’ll be with ya~” (Water Dragon)
Water Dragon-chan said frivolously.
“Hey!” (Black Dragon)
“I will gladly be in your care!” (Water Dragon)
Water Dragon-chan’s face is scary.
“My apologies. Right now, I’m in the middle of practicing my serious face. Could you not look at me with wide eyes?” (Water Dragon)
“H,haa… anyway, you guys want to eat?” (Naoki)
“I’ll have to trouble you.”(Black Dragon)
“Seriously, my apologies, I think!” (Water Dragon)
I take out white bear meat from the item bag and hand it to Black Dragon and Water Dragon-chan.
“N~ this is quite delectable.” (Black Dragon)
“N~ I have this face, but I think this might be delicious. Why!? Unbelievable!”(Water Dragon)
Black Dragon and Water Dragon-chan, who was screwing around, each gave their impressions, and then Black Dragon iron-clawed Water Dragon-chan’s face.
“I was being serious though~~!” (Water Dragon)

“And so, the extermination in the town is done, but the origin hasn’t been suppressed.”
After the meal, Black Dragon and I discuss the situation hereon out while drinking tea.
“Certainly, if it’s left like this, we might eventually become zombies… as I thought.”
“Yeah, I was thinking of going to defeat Black Dragon-san’s teacher.”
Black Dragon drank a mouthful of tea and let out a large sigh.
“Umu. Originally it should have been my duty, but the moment I saw my master, I fled.”
“What kind of dragon is your master?”
“A stunning white dragon. Gentle, as well as strict. And also frightfully strong.”
Black Dragon’s face stiffened for an instant.
“Even now, I can’t understand how master lost to a hero.”
“Just in case, to confirm the situation, is your master’s head also zombified?”
“Yes, half the head is festering.”
It seems there’s no chance of saving Black Dragon’s master.
“According to our monster scholar, it seems that the dragon zombie has a grudge, or otherwise some other kind of intent. It’s like that your master might have a last will to say. Would you like to come with us to see?”
“…umu, I’ll go.”
“Then, we’ll head off tomorrow morning.”
The sun is already sinking in the western sky.

After that, I met up with Velsa and Ayl and made preventative hoods and masks.
The dragon girls seemed very interested as they watched us.
Velsa won’t be going before the dragon zombie; she’s making recovery dumplings to use on the zombified masmascarl and poison spiders.
Watching Ayl wave her sword, Red Dragon bestowed the sword with a fire attribute.
“It will cut well this way, right?”
“You can do something like that!? That’s unexpectedly useful.”
To my surprised exclamation,
“It’s the blessing of a fire dragon. It’s different from your magic circles. I also want to help out, even if it’s just a little bit,”
the fire dragon said solemnly.
“Your serious face is pretty good. How about teaching Water Dragon-chan how to do it?”
“Get out of here!”
When the situation settled, the dragon girls also helped out, making recovery potions.
Even Water Dragon-chan, watching from a distance, was drawn in to smash and grind the herbs.
As expected of the physical strength that only dragons have; it was quickly finished.

The dragon girls and Water Dragon-chan, and come to think of it, Ayl too;
“Won’t you girls wear normal clothes?”
was the question I asked.
“ “ “N?” “ “
“No well, the exposure amount is vicious, so my eyes just go there.”
Even while I’m saying such things, my hands don’t stop making recovery potions.
“I’d heard that humans like clothes with high exposure rates, though?”
That’s, it’s definitely Black Dragon’s tastes…
When I stared at Black Dragon he said, “Come to think of it, there are women’s clothes in the dresser in this mansion,” and guided the dragon girls into an interior rom.
“Ayl should also take the chance to go along. Because you can’t come in bikini armor tomorrow.”
“That so?”
“You’ll get poisoned if the zombie dragon just touches you, and it also sprays a poison mist,”
Velsa explained.
“Got it.”
“We might also need a resistance charm.”
While we were discussing such things, we made high-purity recovery potions.
“Amazing skills.”
Since I have Pharmacy and Compounding Skills at max level, ne.
“Oh, that’s right. I was just thinking about zombification antidotes last minute, but would an ointment work?”
“N? Aa, come to think of it. That way would be more convenient to carry, huh? It’s better if it’s a liquid for drinking and applying it to the effected part, but for an adventurer it might be more economical when applying it to infected, small wounds.”
I can smell money in it.
“After we clean the current matter up, let’s give it a try.”

I can hear high-pitched voices from the inner room.
When I look out the window, the waves are swaying under the moonlight.
Night continued onward on the island.

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  1. I’m going to assume it’s talking about Rasputin (a ‘villainous’ ‘holy man’), or else there’s a Russian saying about it, but I wouldn’t know it.

<t/n: (2/3)
Fiddlesticks. Using ‘it’ for Black Dragon’s master seems really off, when they’re directly talking to other dragons, but I can’t tell if the master was male or female. Black Dragon uses ‘utsukushi’ (stunningly beautiful) to describe it, which is more often used for females, but given that it’s a light dragon, I mean, I’d use utsukushi for a male unicorn, so… I’m making no assumptions, only that Black Dragon would never call his master ‘it’, and Naoki would be a bro enough to also not call the dragon ‘it.’
I’m leaning towards the idea the dragon is female, due to Black Dragon’s attitude, but once again, the relationship is a little muddled, so that’s not a guarantee.

Please let me know if I missed any s(he) or him(her), etc, since I just randomly translated them until I decided on how to deal with it, which is replacing them with ‘Black Dragon’s master’ and the like.>



  1. If there is a question of gender on the pronoun, why not just use “they”? Gender non-specific, and while generally used as plural pronoun it also works in the case of a singular subject, depending on the wording.


  2. Pretty sure the meat is a reference to Monster Hunter. So in English it’s probably the so-called “It’s so tasty!” style. Not the so-called “It’s done deliciously!” style.


  3. I take out white bear meat from the item “back” and hand it to Black Dragon and Water Dragon-chan.
    I take out white bear meat from the item “bag” and hand it to Black Dragon and Water Dragon-chan.

    good job and thank you


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