Kujonin 46

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Author: Hanabokuro

Story 46

Early in the morning, we headed towards the center of the island.
The members of our party are Ayl, Black Dragon, and me.
All of us are wearing resistance badges I made on the chest, back, etc of our clothes.

All the way until we arrived at the cave the dragon zombie was at, there weren’t any monsters who attacked us.
I can hear the voice of frog monsters from a swamp nearby.
After that, I went around the swamp and exterminated as many zombified monsters as I could.
Using Search Skill, I confirmed the location of the dragon zombie.
The further you go into the cave the deeper it gets, but it’s not divided into levels.
There aren’t any monsters in the cave other than the dragon zombie; even if there were, they were only small monsters like masmascarl and poison spiders.
If it’s like this, then Plan A will be fine.
“If you had anything to ask your master, it’s now or never, so go ahead.”
“M,me, by myself?”
Black Dragon asked me.
“I think that way is better, but … I have preparations to make, and I don’t think it will end up in the situation where your master will convey his(her) will at the moment of defeat, so…”
Ayl as well, with not wanting to see Black Dragon’s master as anything but the target for subjugation as her reason, said “I won’t go with.”
“I’m watching with the Search Skill, so if anything happens I’ll coming running.”
After I said this much, Black Dragon agreed with,
“I understand,”
and headed into the cave by himself.

While watching the situation between Black Dragon and the dragon zombie with Search Skill, I went to the ground above the cave.
Reaching the spot I had decided on, I leveled the ground.

Looks like Black Dragon and the dragon zombie have met up.

Before Black Dragon starts coming back this way, I drew a magic circle on the leveled ground.
After drawing it, I took out the pump with recovery potion in it and equipped it.
While waiting for Black Dragon to come back, I made the last checks with Ayl.
Ayl’s sword had been endowed with Red Dragon’s blessing, so it was glistening red.
I began to knead magic power through my body.


With a slow gait, Black Dragon came before us.
Black Dragon opened his mouth reluctantly with a solemn expression.

“Kill me, was what it was.”


I bowed deeply, remembering Black Dragon’s words from last night.
“A stunning white dragon. Gentle, as well as strict. And also frightfully strong.”
“Even now, I can’t understand how (s)he lost to a hero.”
Ayl and I covered our heads with the hoods and equipped the masks.
Black Dragon left the magic circle that was drawn at our feet.
I loaded the magic circle with the magic power I had been kneading.


With that noise, the ground began to slowly descend.
What I had drawn was a gravitational magic magic circle.
Directly below us was Black Dragon’s zombified master, Light Dragon.

Black Dragon fervently watched the fate of the hole opening up in the ground.
As for me, I took Black Dragon’s stare straight on, loading the magic circle with magic power.

From the hole, with the exact roundness of the magic circle, I can see the morning’s blue sky.
As the hole gets smaller, below us we can hear the cry of a dragon.
At once, the dirt and rocks under our feet plummeted, and Ayl and I were free-falling through the air.

As I look below, the room is being filled with poisonous purple fog, and I can see two dark shadows writhing within.
By the time I realized that the black shadows were the dragon zombie’s neck and tail, Ayl plunged towards the neck.
The dragon zombie, whose body was buried in rocks and dirt, somehow got free and sprayed poisonous fog, raising a battle cry.


With a death scream the bisected neck and head fell to the ground, writhing even now.
I, who landed on the ground, sprayed recovery potion on the writhing neck and head, and it melted.

After that, it was just Ayl digging out and dismantling the buried body, and me melting them.
The poisonous fog was ventilated out through the hole in the roof.
I also gave Black Dragon a mask, so it’s probably okay.
When the entire body of the dragon zombie was melted, I went outside while spraying recovery potion on the small monsters within the cave.

Black Dragon was waiting outside the cave.
I handed the large magic stone that was within the dragon zombie’s chest to Black Dragon.

When Black Dragon took the magic stone, he faced the sky while trembling and gave a cry, turning into the form of a giant black dragon.
Clutching the magic stone preciously to his chest, he flapped his splendidly large wings and soared into the sky.
As for us, we don’t know what the relation between Black Dragon and the light dragon who became the dragon zombie was.
However, we can tell that(s)he was a precious friend to Black Dragon.
Ayl and I will never forget the tears that welled up in Black Dragon’s eyes.

Ayl and I went around the swamp, steadily searching out as many zombified monsters as we could.
If the two of us headed back, we’d definitely be asked about what happened to Black Dragon.
While we were harvesting instant-death poison from the aero frogs in the swamp, the humanified Black Dragon returned.
His eyes were red and his clothes were ragged.
“My apologies. I’ve forced an unpleasant role onto you.”
“No, it was my job.”
“… Thank you.”

Just now, the blue skies have been covered with clouds.
Underneath the cloudy skies, the 3 of us returned to ‘Black Dragon’s Cram School,’ where everyone was waiting.

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I can only make this single, batch update this week. July 4th… meh, the holiday kind of affected me, but if I had managed my time better I probably could have managed… my bad.>




  1. I can’t help but think that they could have tried a giant bowl of meat in healing soup… I mean, sue, the dragon was probably too far gone, but it would have been safer, and if it worked…


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