wfb: Chapter 112

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Chapter 112: Another Transition Chapter puts an Abrupt End to Everything – Even though it was planned, somehow I feel apologetic

*Seimei Side*

It didn’t take much to entice the succubus over, with magic just radiating off me.

Several demons closer to me seemed to grow quite pale, but no one collapses like Ragnall did that one time.

It seems that Ragnall was truly … ‘sick’, compared to full-blooded demons.

Although it was simply explained as an inability to absorb his own mana and the MP of others’, which leads to mana poisoning, I suspect that his ‘magic immune system’, so to speak, is quite a bit weaker than a normal demons’.


I’m mildly surprised to see that the succubus truly absorbs more mana faster than my MP regeneration can handle, but perhaps that was to be expected.

She’s a ‘High Succubus’, after all.

Although I’m still not sure exactly what that means.

“Nn… mm…”

The crazed light begins to fade from her eyes as she slightly moaned.

Although it seems like she’s coming to, I firmly keep her from moving.

“… nnnm… Mm… Hm?!”

She makes slightly protesting sounds, but until my MP stops reducing, I hold her fast.

Finally, our lips separate, and she swoons into my arm, face flushed.

She absorbed less mana than I thought she would, or is my MP regeneration faster than I thought?

I’m not sure which it is, but to take out that much MP… even if it hasn’t reached half, this is rather useful.

Although, of course, the situation will be different if she’s not starving, and I’d much rather make sure to get her consent next time.

I replace my rings, as my MP surges back to full, and smile pleasantly at the horde as I retreat back behind the barrier, taking their trump card with them.

It’s so quiet, you could hear a pin drop.

“Well, I’ll leave the rest to the two of you.”

I carelessly say, talking to Masa-yan and Hyde-kun over Friend Chat.

“…Sei-chan. Ecchi.”

“… So, you’re going to keep her…?”

I ignore Masa-yan’s clearly embarrassed tone, as well as Hyde-kun’s comment, tinged with double meanings.

I smile as I walk back towards the self-appointed Town Chief, princess carrying the unconscious succubus.

“So, about that farm…”

The man’s face was pasty white, and his eyes swam desperately.

I just smiled, shifting the woman in my arms, and said,

“I expect to hear good things from you.”

After displaying so much power, I’ve played all my cards, and now I’m waiting for both the Town Chief and Usadhen to make their moves first.

I suppose I’ll return to the inn.

Lor’s reaction when he fearfully opened the door to me carrying in a succubus nee-san is something I can probably leave unsaid.


*Jun’s Side*

We made it!

I want to stand on top of our cart and yell at the top of my lungs, but because the place we finally arrived at is pretty populated, I restrain myself.

Before my eyes, a bustling city, one that reminds me of Tokyo, is sprawled between giant trees.

It probably only feels like Tokyo because the streets are so narrow so it feels more crowded than it actually is, but it’s a magnificent fairytale city in the woods.

Stairs were carved into tree roots, and stores are embedded in the giant trees, but at the same time, there are well-paved streets and pavilions, as well as stores and bustling bazaars on the ground.

It’s like a mix between a fantasy elf city and a western medieval city that you see in fantasy pictures in my previous world.

Even though the sunlight is bright, it’s streaming through the leaves of the trees, so there’s a light green color dying everything in the city.

“Man, it’s been a while.”

Ragnall actually looks pretty hyped up to be entering the Labyrinth City of Ploids.

We’re parked at the Adventurers Guild, Ploids West Branch.

Ploids City is so big that there are three branches of Adventurers Guilds.

At Nyl city, there was just the main one – ah, no, I guess now there’s a small one near The Queen Mary’s, isn’t there?

Anyway, that’s how big Ploids City is.

It’s about 3xs the size of Nyl City, and with the winding streets and bustling population, it feels like it would be kind of dizzying to try to find anywhere.

Of course there are elves everywhere, but the population is actually a pretty big mix of different races.

Compared to the mostly beastkin and human Nyl City, Ploids is just full of every race no matter where you look.

You can easily find dwarves, elves, beastkin of all sorts, and humans no matter where you look.

I bet there are also plenty of those ‘hidden’ races, like Pelma.

I make a mental note to not look around randomly with Analyze or Analyze4.

Troublesome things are troublesome, after all.

Orvowel and Ragnall finish tying up all the loose ends to reporting our finished quest at the Adventurers Guild, and then Ragnall, Hibiki-chan, and I say our goodbyes to Orvowel and his manservant-apprentice.

By the way, we sold the cart and carthorse(?) to Orvowel for cheap.

Have a merchant do the selling; it feels like that’s the most basic of basics, na.

“Although we finally made it here, should we rest first before we go look around?”

That’s what Ragnall said, but he’s looking restlessly around all over the place.

“It’s only mid afternoon, right? In the first place, are the three of us people who could get tired from traveling so easily?”

Hibiki-chan giggled at my words as we walked down the streets of our second Labyrinth City.

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<a/n: Ah, mou. I hate it when chapters work themselves out to be too short. Luckily the extra followed it, so 2 pt update.>


  1. Holy shit I was expecting this to happen after they went to the deep elves, what happened to that plot line? I mean I know that Desmond is exiled, but apparently the avatar thing is a big enough deal for that to be forgiven.


  2. This is a tangent of a question but Has Jun ever consider making a full blade set to equip herself? Like a Katana, Washizahi, a tanto, and a Naginata? (though a naginata might be a little redundant since she already has a nodashi.)


  3. Best chapter yet! oh and minor change needed:
    I replace my rings, as my MP surges back to full, and smile pleasantly at the horde as I retreat back behind the barrier, taking their trump card with me.


  4. “Lor’s reaction … I can probably leave unsaid.”
    Ahem, this seems to be an error. Most of us are perverts who only log in to see Lor get tortured. We expect explicit details!

    “Compared to the mostly beastkin and human Nyl City, Ploids is just full of every race no matter where you look.

    You can easily find dwarves, elves, beastkin of all sorts, and humans no matter where you look.”
    Two sentences in a row with the same ending. It would probably be more elegant if it were otherwise.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Man, I am a fan of how this chapter ended for Seimei. I kind of wish it was Jun that got to do something cool like that. But oh well.


  6. You know. I didn’t really care for Seimei’s side of things until this chapter. He rose up rather quickly as an interesting character with that last bit. I think now he has a girlfriend, that will also be able to keep his mana from going crazy. Imagine their kid! This does make me look forward to him starting up a succubus empire.


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