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Chapter 112.5: Different Lifeforms have Different Gestation Periods

“Leaving in the middle of all that… what if we couldn’t handle it?”

Masaki chided Seimei.

It was now late in the evening, and the gamers had shirked all responsibility and fled to hide out in the inn.

It wasn’t difficult.

After easily causing the demonic horde to turn tail and flee, as Masaki and Hyde walked back to the inn, the townspeople naturally parted before them, keeping their distance.

Masaki had some concerns over how their OP flaunting would impact their business in this town, but the number 1 culprit was calmly sitting in their room, sipping on tea.

“If there were any problems, we have chat, correct?”

Seimei said with a smile.

Masaki’s head kind of hurt.

With the complete opposite emotions from Seimei, Lor is sitting nearby, holding his head in despair.

Across from them, with pink curls flowing down her back, an ero-cute girl, wrapped in an extra coat Seimei had bought back when he was in Carnus, was sitting, blinking innocently.

Two pale bat-like wings, a horn in the middle of her forehead…

“… She really looks like a demon, huh?”

Masaki said.

“Liliana is Liliana, desuno. Liliana is not ‘akuma’ or ‘demon’ or ‘devil’.”

The succubus had a clear woman’s voice, but she spoke in a sing-song matter.

Even though Hyde still hadn’t really opened up to Masaki, they still exchanged suspicious glances before Masaki said,


“That’s right. Although she looks and sounds like that, inside she’s actually… very childish. Liliana, how old are you?”

“How many ages? Liliana doesn’t know, desuno. Liliana only remembers living with Mommy in a dark, cramped place, and then some men came and everything was on fire. Then Liliana was in a dark, cramped place with bars. Then Liliana was hungry all the time, so Liliana doesn’t remember much.”

“I suppose being starved out of your mind doesn’t do much for mental development.”

Seimei sighed as he looked at the very adult, yet very much still a child, woman in front of him.

It Tatsuki were here, that girl-loving guy would suddenly feel very conflicted, definitely.

Masaki felt a bit of anger welling up within him.

Just from Liliana’s incomplete description of her life, it was pretty obvious what had happened.

Those demons, treating someone like a weapon and completely ruining her childhood.

It kind of felt worse than even the sci-fi manga, the ones with that raised kids to be human weapons.

After all, Liliana had been starved until she lost her mind.

How many years did they leave her like that, a feral child behind bars?

Even if demons have a shorter lifespan than humans, demi-demons might not.

But even if she had the lifespan of a demon, Liliana completely had an adult woman’s body.

In Japan, Masaki would guess she was in her early 20s.

She had to be at least be 10-15 years old, even as a demon.

And yet, she hasn’t developed past a human 5-year-old’s mind set.

How many years… how many years did she lose?

As Masaki was lost in thought, Hyde said,

“So? You keeping her?”

“Keeping… she’s not a dog or pet. Well… what does Liliana want to do?”

“As long as Liliana can eat, Liliana doesn’t care! Liliana likes Onii-san’s mana! Liliana wants to stay, desuno!”

Although he had mixed feelings about her clinging to his arm, Seimei was secretly very pleased that Liliana called him ‘Onii-san’ instead of ‘Oji-san’.

Later on, the gamers snuck out, avoiding the eyes of the townspeople, to consult with the demons’ head in Merivolt, Usadhen.

There they found out that succubus demi-demons mature quickly, reaching puberty within 5 years of birth, and then grow old slowly, so that it was likely that Liliana had been in captivity for less than a year.

They were assured that her mental development would catch up to her appearance in almost no time.

That Usadhen had been slightly cowering in front of Seimei and the others the entire time is a story for another day.

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<a/n: btw, Seimei is totally not into sister characters. They say people who have real sisters don’t see the charm behind it, after all.>


      1. So after all the comments on the first ship having been created, you wrote a definitive “NO” into the postscript of your very next chapter… by accident?

        You must really dislike love stories.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. These jumps from one style of narrating the story to another (first person in most chapters, third person in some) and switches of POV mid-chapter aren’t making the story flow better, you know?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The third-person in this chapter seems necessary to me, though? Since with a first-person style, you can’t show the thought processes of different characters shortly after another without switching POV, and both Masaki’s and Seimei’s thoughts are shown.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. There’s always a POV – whether you’re narrating in third-person or in first-person doesn’t matter. In third-person narrative, if you have a scene with, say, 5 characters in a discussion and write what each of them thinks you’ll end up giving off a feeling that the reader is mind-reading everyone in the scene. There are two narratives you can do properly in third-person: 1. the narrative that takes the point of view of one of the characters and continues until the chapter ends. You can write multiple POVs in the story by adopting the POV of a character for the duration of a chapter and then selecting a different character to show a part of the story from their POV.
        2. the narrative where you have a specific person narrate the whole story not as it happened to them, but as it has been told to them by others. The POV stays always with the narrator in this case and if any of the character’s thoughts are expressed, it’s done in the same way you would express other characters’ thoughts in a first-person narrative (meaning it’s possible to do under certain circumstances)

        The difference between first-person and third-person narrative styles is that in first person you also stylize the story as a memoir or as a play-by-play commentary and it lets the reader immerse themselves better into the role of the protagonist. Switching to a different narration style is akin to shooting yourself in the foot, which wfb and many similarly written stories do a lot. It’s a shame to see that because the story itself is interesting.


      2. I write web serials for the freedom of stylistic expression.
        I like switching 1st to 3rd in order to make forceful/jarring breaks in the story, but I probably would not do that (or at least not do it as often) if I was writing a novel or something with more literary weight to it.
        I do a lot of stylistic experimenting in my originals because I can, and because it’s fun for me. Some experiments are better than others.


  2. Lol, even when the Succubus drains him to half mana… a few seconds later, he has to wear the rings again because his mana is full.

    That said, Seimei and Jun are totally going to attract a harem of succubi who want their endless font of mana.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jun not so much. Only several million mana. That was why the increments when Jun asked Seimei how much mana he had were in the millions. And IIRC only 3 rings to get the regeneration rate to be negative. It’s the difference between a level 1 player and a (close to) max level player.
      One starved succubus took half a billion mana to get to full.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s a starved succubus though. For general feeding, Jun might be enough to support a few.

        Demons apparently don’t need to eat that often.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. jun = fine aged wine
        seimei = bottomless beer keg

        The rest of the crew = Zima

        Together the demons are stuffed, the invasion buffet canceled due to japanesse takeout, and out heros oddly unsatisfied.

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    2. does he even need the rings anymore? he’s already busted, people know he has a ton of mana.
      well, when he goes back to the country he wants to underestimate him he can at least NOT prove any rumours they probably heard.


      1. … did I forget something important?
        I thought Ragnall was the only one who would be effected in any way beyond fear.
        Which chapter is this from?


      2. It is all over. Right now, he doesn’t want to contaminate the farms, which require a low-mana environment to grow. It is why the demons tend the fields, demons don’t pollute them with mana.

        Seimei may have tipped his hand here, but not everyone will believe it, and not everyone will hear about it, so he can still avoid quite everyone from knowing how much mana he has, and just hiding the exact amount is also an advantage. And just generally, mana pollution is a thing and Seimei is a source of it, so he is being a conscientious citizen and limiting his harm to the environment.


      3. While we only saw Ragnall’s reaction, Ragnall did comment on how its weird that Jun was fine, even knowing how overpowered Jun is. Meaning there is some reaction even without Ragnall’s allergy, one strong enough that most would at least struggle under Seimei’s output.


  3. I love what you did here. HE BECAME A DAD (who will never get a girlfriend because he has to kiss his daughter to feed her… Lol)


    1. Well, he is a noble of a big country. And after word of his ridiculous super-weapon level magic power gets out, political marriage will certainly be in the cards.


    2. Well if he runs a political marriage such that he has the support of demons, humans, elves, dwarfs and other races it’d be really interesting.

      If he just gets 300 little sisters that also works.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. @klinH and Jay of the Void:
        What? She’s now female and younger than him. Clearly an imouto candidate in Seimei’s burgeoning harem.


        Imouto charas can be competent too! #notjustanimouto


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