pharmacist 23: Handle with Care! Part2 (2)

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Cheat kusushi no slow life ~ isekai ni tsukurou drug store~
Author: Kennoji

Handle with Care! Part2 (2)

With the new drug in a small bottle, I returned to the tool shop, and Paula was plastered on top of the counter.

“Oi, Paula. Wake up. I did it. This should fix things in a jiffy.”

Her body shaking, Paula lifted her head and straightened her glasses.

“Nn …? What, it’s already done? Um, the repairs are over here…”

She led me to a small interior room.
There were tools of all sizes, and gauntlets that were in the middle of their repair, as well as tools prepped for repair work left within.

When I turned to call Noela over…
Right now she seems pretty busy, acting out both roles of a hero vs demon king battle.

Yeah, I’ll just let her do as she pleases.

“I’m having trouble with these gauntlets, see … they belong to that pretty, cool Leader-san, see.”

Anabel-san’s gauntlets were originally red, but they’ve been covered in scratches and gauges, so there’s only a little bit of light color left. But compared to a new pair, these have a cooler flair to them.

I could tell what needed to repaired right away. One of the red iron plates had split cleanly.

All of the pieces are there, so it can probably be fixed easily.

“Can you fix it in a jiffy?”
“Yup. Just watch.”

I opened the new drug’s bottle, grabbed a brush, a dabbed the broken places with it, sticking the pieces together.

“I-it stuuuuuuuuck!? Ueeeeee!? Why, whywhy? Instantaneously-! Amaaaaaaziiiiing-!”

[Super-strength glue: an extremely adhesive liquid that joins two objects together and solidifies.]

Instant adhesion … it didn’t quite say that, but after leaving it for a bit it won’t come apart.

“…. Ha!? But, wait, wait. There’s no point if it comes apart right away, right?”
“Hold this?”

I handed Paula the gauntlet while I seized the fragmented part.
We pulled together with all our strength.

“Rrrrrrrgh, grrrrrrr, nyaaaaaa!”
“- graaaaaaa!”

Haa, haa; both of us gasped for breath.

“I,it’s not coming apart at all … what is this, amazing….”
“This will raise my workspeed in a jiff, thanks, Rei-kun!”

Yah; when I recovered my breath and responded, the glue I had set aside disappeared.

When I looked for the bottle, Noela, who was wearing adventurer-esque equipment, was playing, sticking her forefinger and thumb together over and over.

Those movements, don’t tell me…

Stickstick. Stick … sti…. Stuck.

“Ru? ….~~~-! …? ~~~!!!”

Noela’s face turns red as she put some strength into it.
After repeating it for a number of times, she looked my way for help.

Her fingers are making a circle, like she’s indicating ‘OK.’

“Master… big trouble.”
“Looks like it.”

We’ll get in the way of Paula, who’s working, so the two of us left the small room.

“Rei-kun! I’ll come later to give you my thanks!”

“Master, Master. Fingers, my fingers are.”

Stick, stick; Noela touched me.

“This happened because you touched medicine that you didn’t understand, right? … Hm? Stickstick?”

I thought she was acting cute, but she grabbed my hand tightly with the hand that was making the ‘OK’ sign.

“I… can’t let go. … Noela, don’t tell me.”
“Can’t get away. … Master, stuck together with Noela!”

An unexpected secondary disaster!!

She seems kind of happy about it!

“Oooooi!? What have you done!? Whether it’s the bath, the toilet, or bed, won’t this mean we’ll be together for everything!?”
“Ru-♪ Master, together. Always together.”

Noela’s tail is wagging happily, and her eyes are sparkling.

“Even in the bath? Even in the toilet? Everything will be seen, you know?”

Noela thought about it for a bit, then lifted the OK hand in front of me.

Ah. So you mean it’s okay?

“Aren’t you using that conveniently.”

Looks like I’ll have to make a solvent already.

When we returned to the store, Mina had made dinner and was waiting.
When I returned for a bit I had handed her the kitchen knife, so looks like she was able to progress with her cooking.

“Welcome back, you two. What happened? You’ve been holding hands all this time.”
“Noela, with medicine, stuck to Master. Together, in the bath, toilet, and bed.”

“Eeeee~!? Th,that’s no good, that kind of thing! It’s perverted! T,t,together even in bed … perverted things are bad-!”

“Not perverted. This is, the one who’s thinking it is perverted …. Mina is the most perverted.”

With Noela throwing a straight ball of a remark at her, “Hau~~~;” Mina covered her face with her hands.

“Mina, just what were you imagining?”
“Perverted things with Master. Mina, imagining perverted things.”

“Aah, so that’s it. Even though she says it’s no good, the most perverted person is Mina, huh?”

“Fuaaaaaa. You two are bullying me~!”

Her tears spilled out, the perverted Mina stuck herself to the ceiling.
I think we teased her a little too much.

Naturally I didn’t want to stay like this, so I made the solvent, and Noela and I were safely separated.

The next day.
A blue-haired, smart-looking woman came to the shop.
She had glasses, and was wearing a neat-looking long skirt.

“Thanks to Reiji-kun, I was able to sleep my fill today, thanks-!”

Who is this onee-san? Glasses… blue hair…?

“Huh, are you Paula…?”
“Yeah-? What, what, did you forget about me-? We just met yesterday.”

Paula peered at me with a face free of worries.
So she’s like this when she’s acting properly.

“Iya – it’s like this, see. That work that I thought was going to take another two months? I finished it all in a flash! It’s amazing-! That medicine! That and Reiji-kun who made it so fast as well!”

Paula left some money as compensation, a bit on the hefty side, and right before she left the store,

“I’ll come by again when I’ve got time to kill-. Hehehe, see-ya!”

Paula left with a sweet wink.
She has a completely different impression from when I saw her at that store. She’s someone that’s like an energetic oneesan.

It seems like the Red Cat Group’s armor is fixed, and I’m sure Gramps’ hoe is also fixed.

Or like, I’d prefer her not to use my shop to kill time.

I feel like I’ve done a better job than usual, so I’m in a pretty good mood.
After finishing a simple job, I took my seat at the counter.

When a customer came, I greeted them.


Kirio Drug is doing leisurely doing business today as well.

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<t/n: (2/2) I would like to point out ‘kusuri’ in Japanese can mean medicine, or some other type of chemical agent… >


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