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Quick Transmigration as Cannon Fodder Dressed in a White Lotus Halo? Do. Not. Want!

Cai Lifang doesn’t hate white lotuses, but she is the least compatible woman to be dressed in a white lotus halo!
Traveling into different Story Worlds, Cai Lifang is tasked with helping unfortunate cannon fodders live acceptable lives, but this white lotus halo … Come on, System, giving a two-bit background character a white lotus halo? Are you TRYING to break the plot apart?

System: As the Host’s System, I am only assisting the Host in accomplishing Missions.

Cai Lifang: … Fine, you’re unreasonable, I’m unreasonable, everyone’s unreasonable!

  • MC, ML, FL – main character, male lead, female lead
  • quick transmigration – a genre where the main story consists of many different stories, where the MC world hops from story to story, usually taking the place of a character that was originally from that story’s plotline in order to change the plot in some way or other
  • system – personification of a story mechanic that directly forces the MC to do as the author pleases (this may be my personal interpretation)
  • halo – basically the Chinese term for plot armor
  • white lotus – an innocent, pure, kind, lovable woman whose traits may also include naivety and appearing weak, often inciting the desires and protective instincts of others, allowing her to often get through disasters completely unscathed. Basically, the innocent Marysue
  • a “white lotus” – aka green tea bitch; a woman who pretends to be a white lotus in order to manipulate others, often actively scheming to harm others by relying on her influence on more powerful people. Basically a ‘two-faced bitch’

Chapter 1: College Students Should Study!

Cai Lifang opened her eyes slowly, then bolted upright.


Her head throbbed painfully, to the point where her hot temper had come out despite her usual custom of squashing it.

… Usual custom?

Cai Lifang frowned, cradling her head.

F- no, um… Well, were was she before this?

Who was she?

Although she knew her name, Cai Lifang was disturbed that she couldn’t remember anything else about herself.

“… There’s something wrong when I can remember the Hippocratic Oath, how to dismantle and clean a gun, and play the guqin, but I can’t remember who I am?”

Cai Lifang wasn’t a fool; to maintain all of her abilities and knowledge but forget all of her past?

It was very suspicious that her brain full of knowledge was only missing all of her personal memories (at least, that’s all she seemed to be missing).

As Cai Lifang cradled her head, an electronic sound rang through the empty… space… non-space… void?

Congratulations to the Host, you have been tasked with -”


Without any hesitation, Cai Lifang acted on the uneasiness in her heart and karate-chopped the floating metal ball that appeared.

“…. …”

The little metal ball blinked at the injustice, but managed to maintain its floating posture.

“So? What are you?”

Cai Lifang rubbed the edge of her right hand.

It was metal, okay? Even if she hit it somewhat lightly due to reflex, metal things still hurt when you hit them.

Host, I am the System, and I am connected to Host in order to help the Host accomplish Missions throughout the Story Worlds you will be visiting.”

Oh, hell no.

Cai Lifang might remember nothing about herself, but the words ‘system,’ ‘host,’ ‘worlds,’ and ‘missions’ all combined together to make her very, very unwilling.

“Can I refuse?”

Informing the Host: participation is compulsory in order to maintain your current status.”

Current status? What current status?

… Wait. This metal ball… it doesn’t mean the status of ‘living,’ does it?

Cai Lifang felt like cursing at the top of her lungs.

As if not aware of Cai Lifang’s current mental state, the metal ball, the System, continued its precursory explanations.

This is the Host’s current stats. As the Host finishes Missions, the Host will be awarded Mission Points according to the Host’s performance and the number of SideQuests the Host accomplishes.”

Who cares about your explanations?!

Argh, what had she done to deserve this annoying situation?!

Cai Lifang was not fond of the idea of living other peoples’ lives and following the orders of some arbitrary metal ball!

A screen appeared unbidden before her eyes, giving her a readout of the ‘stats’ the System had been talking about.

Host: Cai Lifang

Story Worlds Visited: 0
Missions Points: 0
SideQuests Completed: 0

Halo –
Charm: 10
Luck: 10

Inventory: [null]

As this is the Host’s first Mission, the Story World chosen is of comparatively easy difficulty. Host, please review the plot.”

Despite Cai Lifang’s resistance, the plot appeared in her hand, and she was forced to absorb it.

Hey, wait a second, at least pretend to give me a chance to refuse!

Cai Lifang sighed and rifled through the plot in her head.

The Story World is based on a college love drama titled, ‘The Day We Encountered Love.’ As fresh buds learned how to blossom in their classes and majors, the flowers of love started blooming wherever they pleased.

Scanning through the plot, Cai Lifang felt like Cupid had worked overtime on this X Uni, going in Rambo-style as he made everyone lose their IQs, unable to focus on anything but matters of love.

I dare ask, how did anyone manage to graduate from this elite university? Please answer in under 50 words!

As men and women chased after and swapped their partners, invoking avalanches of drama and enveloping the campus in a pink aura, the male god who stood out was the elite, rich, smart, handsome, a face with the perfect 5-featured physiognomy, with a voice that could make you pregnant and eyes that … this author sure is long-winded.

Anyway, the Male Lead was an Adonis that was worshipped by everyone, male or female, named Luo Qiande, and the Female Lead was a completely normal girl who looked like a flawless white jade, perfect peach blossom eyes, long legs that could put models to shame, a body that wasn’t HOT but men still couldn’t take their eyes off, and she had a tragic past where her parents died in a train accident, which was then blown up by a bomb, which caught the train on fire, leaving no trace of her parents, and she had to take care of her four siblings while working multiple part-time jobs to support the school fees, and is super smart …

Author, I wonder what your definition of ‘normal’ is.

Either way, the Female Lead was a cute girl named Gu Suchun.

As for their personalities, Cai Lifang couldn’t really understand it easily from the summary, but they seemed like two sheltered kids who didn’t know much about this love thing and were tossed and turned by the schemes of those around them.

Well, naivety isn’t a crime, and they were certainly in love at the end of it all, so maybe Cai Lifang will give them the benefit of the doubt.

However, perhaps because their love wasn’t bloody enough, there were all sorts of second and third male and female leads, entangling each other and the main leads in their love battles.

However, the body Cai Lifang was inhabiting wasn’t any of these nth leads’ bodies.

She was in the body of a girl named Zhou Minglu.

So who is Zhou Minglu?

Cannon fodder, loves the male lead, gets rejected right away, spends the rest of her life as a shut-in, dying of obesity.

… … … Cai Lifang had to stand still with all her might to resist cussing.

This was clearly a small part that was thrown into a pit just to prove the male lead’s attractiveness – pu!

Cai Lifang couldn’t help spitting in disgust.

Even a dog would roll over and howl at the unjust treatment of a cannon fodder that was introduced and then ruined in half a chapter, having her whole, sad end revealed in a single sentence, and never mentioned again.

“Oh, very GOOD. So, my mission is to make this kind of girl a big winner at life? System, you are not being kind!”

Even as she said it, Cai Lifang thought of something and rushed to a mirror.

Thankfully, you can’t raise the value of a gem with praises from a pig, so Zhou Minglu was certainly pretty enough, in a normal sort of way.

But compared to the jade goddesses that apparently roamed the street as common as cabbages, pretty wasn’t going to cut it.

Host, please be aware that the Halo will make up for any of the original’s deficiencies-”


The system quickly realized Cai Lifang’s displeasure and stopped talking, although it didn’t know why she was angry.

‘Deficiencies’? The original was a girl too, you know? She wasn’t worthless, she had her own self.

It’s just, if you want her to win over everyone else in the story, it’s like trying to tell a fish to fly.

Have her swim, not fly! Won’t it be so much better for everyone involved?

Cai Lifang was complaining about the mission, not the girl!

… Wait, what was the mission?

“… System, what is the mission?”

Informing the Host: To change Zuo Minglu’s fate and help her find true love.”

“… That is still acceptable. Fine, I can do that, but explain to me, what is this ‘Halo’ thing? Also, the Charm and Luck stats, how do they work?”

Actually, Cai Lifang had some suspicions about the Halo, but until she asked about the specifics, there was no way she could tell how bad it was.

The Host’s Halo is the combination of Charm, how attractive one’s appearance and temperament appears to others, and Luck, the probability of circumstances that make the Host appear more attractive to any observers occurring.”

Cai Lifang felt like smashing something.

F***! It was a White Lotus Halo!

It’s not like Cai Lifang hated white lotuses, as long as they were true white lotuses and not like sesame buns, dark inside.

Hey, they were so dumb, the heavens had to compensate them somehow or the whole race would die out.

Even evil scheming ‘white lotus’ bitches had their own right to make a living using their ‘abilities’ – only Cai Lifang had a personal distaste for them, since she also had a personal distaste for ambiguous relationships and unclear intentions being used to manipulate others.

But … to be a white lotus herself, this sort of thing… it really did not suit Cai Lifang’s personality!

Judging from her impulses to act more refined than she truly was, Cai Lifang wasn’t unfamiliar with acting differently to obtain the things she wants (probably).

However, Cai Lifang was definite that whoever she was, in the past or the present, she was definitely a woman who accepted the consequences of her action and didn’t like to rely on anyone.

Getting a white lotus halo?

Very detestable!

Also, turning a complete side character into a white lotus – if the world of ‘The Day We Encountered Love’ wasn’t bad enough, we’re going to add another little white lotus?

The Female Lead is definitely already a white lotus, there are a ton of ‘white lotuses,’ and now a “white lotus” was going to be inserted?

“… System, you don’t mean that the Halo is something that is going to accompany me into every world, do you?”

Not to worry, Host. This Halo is completely yours, and can be upgraded as the Host completes Missions.”

… That’s not what I meant.

“Hey, Lulu! You’re skipping second period too? I know you’re crazy about Luo Qiande, but don’t forget to show up to class!”

Cai Lifang sorted through Zhou Minglu’s memories.

This girl should be her dormmate, Jie Mingmei.

People used to call them the ‘Mingmings,’ and in response, Jie Mingmei started calling Zhou Minglu ‘Lulu,’ while Zhou Minglu called Zhou Mingmei ‘Meimei.’

The nicknames stuck, although Meimei got teased for being an old little sister.

Lulu and Meimei were very close to each other.

So why didn’t Meimei come console Lulu after her rejection and encourage her to live better when she got depressed?

Eh, the story is the story, this world is this world.

Who pays attention to these little side characters’ details?

After all, Meimei didn’t even appear in the plot!

How can there be people who did not exist in the plot?

Cai Lifang asked the System this question quietly.

This is a Story World, a world that has been made based on a story. There will naturally be many things supplemented to allow the world to exist as a whole. This story also had many holes, so the secondary and background characters will naturally have parts of their life embellished.”

… Cai Lifang sighed.

She’d have to sort through the memories later, to see whether this good friend really was a good friend, but for now, she couldn’t leave her hanging.

“… Not interested. I have some things to do.”

Why can’t she instantly understand all the memories? She actually has to process them for a few minutes!

… Well, spending a few minutes to integrate into another person’s life is actually not too bad.

Cai Lifang decided she had to sort through those memories first and decide whether that Luo Qiande was worth pursuing; haha, who is she kidding?

With a little cannon fodder like Zhou Minglu, it was more likely that she had to decide whether Minglu was worth being the chaser!

…Host, please remember to stay in character. It is even more important for the Host to adhere to the Original’s character in this Story World, as the Host is only temporarily standing in for the Original. Although minor deviations are acceptable, deviating too much will cause the Original to reject her actions and therefore cause instability in the world, possibly killing the Original, and failing the Mission.”

… Say these kinds of things earlier!

Cai Lifang grimaced inside, but before she could follow up on it, Meimei sighed.

“Stalking Luo Qiande again? Lulu, even if you like him, you shouldn’t waste the tuition your parents gave you…”

Meimei sounded a bit tired, as if she was used to saying this over and over.

Cai Lifang suddenly realized it.

Oh, I see. Although Meimei was a good friend, how long can you persist with your goodwill when it just falls on deaf ears?

Lulu must have worn down her friend’s patience, until this friend finally left her in the end.

Before Jie Mingmei could leave the dorm room, Cai Lifang spoke suddenly, in a serious tone.

“… … Meimei.”

Jie Mingmei paused.

“What is it, Lulu? We’re going to be late-”

“Meimei, tell me honestly, what do you think my chances are with Student Qian?”

Cai Lifang almost rolled her eyes at her own words; to think Zhou Minglu was calling Luo Qiande a pet name without permission.

This girl was too far gone. If Cai Lifang starts distancing herself from Luo Qiande without any rhyme or reason, it would be suspicious, right?

Meimei paused, a little hesitant.

“W-well, you know, there’s always a chance…”


Cai Lifang opened her eyes wide, staring straight at Meimei with a pleading look.

Meimei averted her eyes, standing silently for a moment before she finally opened her mouth and said, “… Lulu, Luo Qiande is number one in the school, comes from a rich, well-established facility, and is very good-looking. I don’t think…. I don’t think just anyone can catch his eyes.”

“Meimei, tell it to me straight, please. I… I …”

At her friend’s tearful look, Meimei’s heart throbbed.

“Lulu… I don’t think you’ll suit his taste.”

Lulu’s face fall, tears welling up in her eyes, fists clenching, making Meimei feel frustrated.

I didn’t want to say it, but you told me to say it!

Meimei was suddenly startled as Lulu flung herself forward, burying her head into arms and wailing.


Meimei was distressed, all thoughts of second period flying out of her head as she sat next to Lulu, trying to comfort her awkwardly.

Soon, Lulu’s sobs died down and, amid her hiccups, she stammered, “I-I actually knew… but Meimei… Meimei… it’s so hard to let go! I hate that I’m not rich and beautiful, I hate that he’s not a normal guy I can approach, but … I love him! Meimei, what am I supposed to do?”

Meimei’s heart swelled up, feeling great pity for her friend, and she hugged Lulu tightly.

All this time, she had thought Lulu was losing touch with reality and was deluding herself, and since anything she said went in one ear and out the other, Meimei had given up trying to open her eyes.

But it turns out, Lulu actually understood, but was trying to delude herself because of her pain!

This lovesickness, it really was a sickness… poor Lulu.

Cai Lifang: I deserve an acting award for this.

System: The Host’s Halo is in perfect working order.

Actually, the original Zhou Minglu might have believed she could make her love work.

When Cai Lifang sorted through the memories, Zhou Minglu had many future plans to catch the attention of Luo Qiande and seemed to have prepared for a long battle, but it hurt her more than she expected when she faced the actual rejection, so she rolled over and played dead right away.

The girl understood her disadvantages, but was too scared to admit them – then Big Sis Li will do it for you!

After Lulu finally stopped crying, Meimei patted her on the back.

“Lulu, can I speak bluntly?”

Lulu’s body shivered and she looked at Meimei fearfully, wrinkling her little red nose and widening her eyes, but she nodded.

Meimei hugged her again, finding Lulu’s appearance very pitiful, but she hardened her heart and said, “Lulu, the wound from giving up now will be very painful, but if you continue to chase after Luo Qiande, the thorn of love will be embedded even further into your heart. I … think you should give up now. I hate seeing you like this now, I would hate to see you in the future if you can’t give it up. I want you to have a happy time in college.”

Lulu trembled, closing her eyes.

“… Meimei, can I be alone? I … I want to… think…”

Meimei looked closely at Lulu’s face, detected that, although she didn’t have a good look, she also didn’t have a bad look, and decided it was okay to leave her for a little while.

“Okay. Lulu, do you need anything?”

Although she was already late for second period, Meimei thought it was a cheap price to pay for her good friend’s sanity to come back.

After Lulu shook her head no, Meimei smiled gently and left the room so Lulu could be alone.

As soon as Meimei was gone, however, Cai Lifang sighed.

“System, how much deviation is considered minor, furthermore, how much of my act will be transmitted back to the original Zhou Minglu? Surely every thought and emotion aren’t transmitted, or else the girl will develop schizophrenia.”

Host, only what you display outwardly will be transmitted. That is why it is important to act within the Original’s character. Otherwise, the Original will not be able to work out her own understandings of the situation and self destruct.”

“Okay, that’s fine then. It seems my acting abilities are top notch, but if I had to even act inside my head, I will go crazy.”

Keeping up appearances, Cai Lifang squatted on the bed for a little while longer before dragging herself in front of the computer.

Although she was aware of the plot of the story, as the System said, once the story became a full world, there was bound to be some details that had been missing before.

She had to see what she could exploit~.

Her fingers tapped briskly over the keyboard, looking up information on Zhou Qiande and the Zhou family.

She was surprised to find that the Zhou family was a group of well-established hotel and restaurant magnates.

Usually the male lead’s family is given some kind of illustrious job like business conglomerate or governmental office minister or some other nondescript-but-fancy-sounding thing, but … perhaps this author didn’t specify why the family was rich and well-established and the world supplemented its own interpretation.

The richest family? Well-established in the early days of industry and luxury?

If you were only worried about meeting those two criteria, hotel and restaurant magnate wasn’t a bad choice at all.

Cai Lifang had only two words to say about that: very lucrative!

Zhou Qiande himself was known to be a good heir, bright, promising, and a swimmer who could compete on the national level, however his personality was cold, like an iceberg.

He wasn’t interested in women, but that all changed when the female lead appeared, and then he couldn’t help but be entangled with many people afterwards … aiya, this novel really should have been set in high school, when people are at their most hormonal.

Well, despite the entanglement, he stayed ‘true’ to the female lead throughout the drama. Even if he was attracted here or there, in the end, the other female leads were pushed away before they became … ‘involved’.

Cai Lifang sighed.

No matter whether it was status, money, appearance, or temperament, Zhou Minglu was completely unworthy to chase this man.

All of that might even be negligible if she had the determination, but … alas, Zhou Minglu didn’t even have that.

As for the female lead, who cares about her?

At this point in time, Gu Suchun hadn’t caught the public’s eye yet, and if Zhou Minglu broke off her obsession with Luo Qiande now there would be no point in worrying about her.

Besides, looking up an unknown girl for no reason… that would definitely be ‘breaking character,’ right?

Cai Lifang drummed her fingers on the table thoughtfully.

When Meimei returned to the room, carrying hot soup and sandwiches, she was met with a resolute Lulu.

“Meimei, I decided. I’m going to confess to Senior Luo.”

Meimei stayed silent, unsure of how to feel about her roommate’s sudden declaration.

“Just… afterwards, you have to comfort me, okay?”

As she spoke, Lulu’s lips trembled, but she forced a smile.

At that, Meimei understood.

Lulu was ready to give up, but she wouldn’t be able to without trying a little bit, at least.

Cai Lifang: Oh, I already give up. Completely give up. But I have to be inconspicuous about it… how troublesome.

System: Host, the thing you are planning to do should not be considered ‘inconspicuous.’

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<a/n: I can’t help it. This just happens when I get super stressed: new stories just pop out.

This was the brainchild of a terrible idea that I couldn’t drop.
The initial vers was a slapstick parody where the white lotus halo is the MC’s main antagonist, plaguing the MC with unwanted attention from the opposite sex, men coming in like mindless zombies, and her main goal was ‘screw the missions, I want to live as a hermit,’ but there was no way that could be a story with any sort of longevity, so it was just a silly idea I had that made me laugh. How it actually turned into something I could work with, I have no idea.

Obviously, this iteration isn’t as extreme, but the main premise is still concerning an MC whose worst enemy is her white lotus halo (sort of).

For those who like quicktrans stories, counterattacking is not the main premise and there’s only one ML that also transmigrates (although he’s only in the arcs where the MC takes over after the original char dies).
For those who have no clue about quicktrans stories, you probably don’t care about that, but these are important for us quicktrans readers to know, okay?

Arcs I’ve decided on (not in order):
college soap opera
emperor’s harem
virtual gaming
standard mmo gaming
cross dressing general
entertainment industry
complicated rich family (modern day)
zombie apocalypse (a proper zombie survival theme, dangit)
beast tamer/summoner

I’m not keen on doing the typical arcs of prehistoric beastman, vampire, mermaid, space battles, or matriarchy, but I’m still considering various arcs.
I seriously don’t want to do a vampire arc… >


    1. first: have fun
      Second: …Yeah, I have no idea how to explain the craziness that is quicktransmigration stories. Basically, typical Chinese ln plots, but waay condensed, and a lot of them. Most have the MC replacing characters in each world they visit, trying to accomplish various missions that are forced on them. Many are not well written, but they’re a guilty pleasure for someone with a short attention span like me


    2. I totally agree with your sentiments for the prehistoric beastman genre being oop, too. That’s why I dislike it; it just seems so freaking out of place among the other arcs, and it usually feels half-assed, like the author just threw it in so they could check it off the list


    3. The Chinese dynasties tended to screw with the historical record even before the current mainland regime. I wouldn’t be surprised if their anthropology programs and generally available records were even weaker and crazier than what we have. So they might be putting together their pop prehistoric models from fiction in other genres. Instead of fiction and the scum of humanities like most of us do*.

      (It makes even more sense when you remember that the PRC thinks it can command an economy to function by having people study STEM, and does not feel the so much interest in the humanities. It has raw force and technological censorship, why does it need to fund a lot of rubbish social science research into how command economies are the best? Okay, I do have critical opinions of my own, but don’t want to risk making people uncomfortable talking politics here. It might be WIP, but I really like talking about 1988 and Romania right now.)

      *Seriously. Most academics are pretty rubbish outside of their specialties. In part because the stuff they hear about from other fields is often the fraudulent and outdated stuff. So crowd sourcing opinions you think will make you look cool to academics gets the sexiest bad results from each discipline. Getting your education through journalism and *redacted* majors tends to result in Fred Flintstones archeology, etc.


  1. Ah, a genre I haven’t heard of.

    Looks interesting.

    If not vampire, Werewolf? Mummy? Invisible man, frankenstein, creature from black lagoon, phantom of the opera?

    Space battles could have some hilariously doomed situations. Boskonian henchman in Lensman, collateral damage on Mesa in the Honorverse, collateral damage in the Skylark verse, Case Ragnarok in the Bolo universe… Gundam and Star Wars type can also have some interesting types of situations. Problem is, the scale of the worlds might be a bit hard to build up to in this type of story.


    1. lol, I wish I could just replace the vampire arcs with some other random horror monster. The ‘typical’ vampire arcs are based on the ‘sexy vampire’ style of vampires. If I could come up with something that is genuinely interesting to me with a vampire world I’d do an arc, but … yeah, not likely.
      Since the MC usually wakes up in a coffin and freaks out the first time she’s a vampire in a vampire world, just once I’d like that to happen so the readers go, oh a vampire arc, then .. surprise, zombie!
      Except that wouldn’t be sexy, so I can’t see someone doing this, and I’M not interested in doing it myself, so…


      1. Your character could Leap into an Elvira-expy who has been impersonating a vampiress, but has now come to the attention of a cult of people who believe that she (and they) are real vampires.


      2. You could always have these “typical sexy vampires” (This seriously a thing for this genre?!?!) come into contact with a “real” actually horrifying vampire. The arc would be over super quickly because everyone dies and the system could go opps there was a bug and then skip ahead to another arc. 😉


  2. *quietly arranges intervention with author-kun’s local chapter of Story Starters Anonimous*

    I think I’ve started reading a few of these and dropped them.

    There was one where they ally with the bad guy from the movie “the mummy”?

    They all seemed to get bogged down in ludicrously overcomplicated overarching plots, not to mention the unpleasant parts of various Asian cultures coming out in full force after a while.


    1. the chapter counts tend to get into the ludicrously large range, and it’s definitely a quantity over quality kind of thing…
      I tend to just go through and pick out the arcs that I like … or rather I should say I skip over the arcs I don’t like. Just mental junkfood


  3. I think more context is required in the story description. Like, what the heck is a “white lotus halo”? If it’s something made up for this story, then I guess the audience is supposed to figure it out as they go (this chapter was not helpful in that regard as the term is used, as far as I can tell, as both an object and a type of person And as such was very confusing), if it’s something pre-existing that comes from the genre, please realize that strange unexplained terminology that can’t be easily understood from context or the construction of the term that is made central to the plot is one heck of a big barrier to entry.


    1. yeah, sorry. I definitely wasn’t thinking about it at the time, since I’ve been reading too many chinese ln, and terminology clarification completely slipped my mind.
      I’ll slip the full descrip in later, but for a quick explanation, white lotuses are women who are delicate and pure, often incurring the protective instincts of those around them, in particular men.
      “white lotuses” (in parentheses/sarcasm) are women who appear that way, but are actually doing it on purpose to manipulate people around them.


  4. “For those who have no clue about quicktrans stories, you probably don’t care about that”
    As a matter of fact, I have no idea what any of those terms mean. Still, I guess it’s like a game-ish version of Quantum Leap?


  5. “…Lulu, Luo Qiande is number one in the school, comes from a rich, well-established “facility”, and is very good-looking.

    Good job and thank you


  6. thanks k.linH.
    it’ll be the first fast-transmigration novel I’ll read. Usually I avoid them like the plague…Something in the summaries made me think I would not like the theme.
    For this one I dived in only “for you” 😉

    Current starting chapter made me want to know what happen next. (maybe the VRMMO action team hoping from one game to the other help open that bgate)

    thanks again.


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