whitelotus 2: College Students Should Study! (2)

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Chapter 2: College Students Should Study! (2)

It wasn’t difficult to find Luo Qiande.

At this point in time Student Luo hadn’t found love yet, so he spent all of his extra time training at the pool or the gym.

Well, at least you didn’t have to wrack your brain to figure out why this male lead had such an inexplicably good body.

Cai Lifang highly doubted that the author wrote this into the story, though.

Most likely, what the male lead did before he encountered the female lead wasn’t something the author bothered figuring out.

Cai Lifang approved that the Story World appeared to follow the most realistic and logical path when attempting to fill in the blanks left by the author.

Lulu and Meimei approached the campus’ male god, who was flanked on both sides by the pretty girls who were part of Luo Qiande’s unofficial fanclub.

Only, the girls were keeping themselves at a distance, so it looked a bit like a religious scene where the male lead was separating the ocean as he walked towards his destination.

Lulu took a breath and made her attack, ignoring the curious and even some hostile gazes from the surrounding groupies.

“Student Luo, can I speak to you privately?”

Luo Qiande frowned as a sweet voice called out to him.

He was always being called out to, but being asked to talk privately always led to troublesome things.

His buddies were already exchanging knowing glances.

“We’ll wait for you inside,” they said, but Luo Qiande shook his head and they stopped awkwardly.

Who didn’t know about this Young Master’s cold-heartedness, rejecting all the pretty girls who came up to him in a matter of seconds?

Luo Qiande looked down at the petite girl.

He didn’t know her at all, which made him even less interested in humoring her.

“If it’s not something that can be spoken of in public, I don’t want to hear it,” he said, and made to turn back to his buddies and go into the gym.

Lulu shivered under his cold eyes, as well as the jeers and glares of the surrounding women, but she took a deep breath, gathering all of her strength together.

“… Student Luo, I’ve liked you for a long time. Would you consider going out with me?”

Luo Qiande’s face darkened a bit and he turned around and bluntly said, “No. I am not interested.”

Lulu’s eyes filled with tears and Luo Qiande began to get irritated, but to his surprise, the girl didn’t cry.

Instead, she bowed her head and said, “Thank you for you response, Student Luo. Please do your best for the semi-finals!”

The petite girl stood firm and made a guts pose before backing off and letting Luo Qiande leave without further entangling herself with him.

When Luo Qiande and his buddies entered the gym, one of them slapped him on the back.

“Aw, what a cute girl, once again ruthlessly rejected by this iceberg.”

Luo Qiande wrinkled his brow.

“I’m not interested in a girl who would confess in public. I don’t like that kind of pressure.”

“Stupid, didn’t she ask you to talk in private, first? What a pitiful girl, she clearly didn’t want to make too much of a fuss, but look at what you did. Don’t you know, you could ruin a girl’s reputation like this!”

Luo Qiande’s brows wrinkled.

He had forgotten that he had forced the girl to confess publicly, so, okay, that was his fault, but why was this friend accusing him so harshly? In the first place, when had this friend cared about the girls that swarmed to confess to him before?

Forget it, let’s just make peace and go to the locker room for now.

Luo Qiande shrugged and simply said, “… Maybe that was my fault, but I still have no interest in dating someone I don’t even know. It’s better to shut it down right away.”

He was somewhat relieved that the girl earlier wasn’t like the others, who would continue to cling to him after he refused her, but that was all his impression of Zhou Minglu was: she wasn’t as annoying as the others.

Even if Zhou Minglu wasn’t starting in the negatives like many of the other girls, she was still starting from zero!

Luckily, the current Zhou Minglu was 100% uninterested in continuing to chip the iceberg.

Meanwhile, outside of the gym, many of the girls who had been following Luo Qiande in order to cheer him and the rest of his buddies on the swim team on during their practice, were still outside.

They were watching Zhou Minglu, who had courageously confessed to the campus’ male idol, but was rejected in an instant.

There were actually quite a few girls who had a somewhat good impression of her.

This little girl has guts!

Even though nearly every one of them become hostile when Lulu made her confession, after seeing Luo Qiande’s zero-hesitation rejection and Zhou Minglu back down so easily, everyone flagged her as a non-threat. Some of the girls were even secretly admiring her, wishing they themselves had the courage to just talk to their male idol, let alone confess to him.

Right now, they were watching Zhou Minglu’s dejection with some sympathy.

“… Hahaha, Meimei, I got rejected…”

Lulu approached her friend, barely able to keep the tears from falling.

In reality, however, Cai Lifang was tired of having to force her tears.

Any actor will tell you, getting into the mood to cry is a very frustrating process, even if you’re ‘good’ at it!

Still, she knew Lulu’s good friend would be suspicious if she didn’t have some grievances at being rejected, so Cai Lifang just had to bear with it.

Meimei gave Lulu a hug, saying, “You did your best, Lulu.”


Lulu buried her face into Meimei’s chest, and a few tears leaked out.

Cai Lifang: Rather than Zhou Minglu, isn’t Meimei a better candidate for a counterattack? These have to be C, no, D cups!

System: … Jie Mingmei wasn’t even in the story.

The majority of the other Luo Qiande fans were content to quietly leave the rejected girl alone to give her some space to cry, and besides, they still had to go cheer Luo Qiande on, but unfortunately, there are always the ones who aren’t content to go with the majority.

“This thieving cat, what do you mean, making a move on Qian-ge!”

A stunningly beautiful girl stepped forward, her hands on her hips.

Lulu and Meimei, as well as the rest of Luo Qiande’s groupies, looked over in surprise.

Eh? Thieving cat?

… The thieving cat got nothing in the end, though…

Cai Lifang turned her head to look at the woman, who was dressed in a form-fitting dress and showing off her legs and cleavage.

Although it looked like Lulu’s eyes were wide and uncertain, looking quite pitiful, Cai Lifang was actually just speechless.

Does this woman have a hole in her brain? Why pick a fight with the loser?

Cai Lifang wasn’t even trying to be mean about it – she really had no idea why this girl was picking a fight with her.

Host, the Halo’s purpose may be to generate good opinions and sympathetic feelings towards the Host, but with women who are susceptible to jealousy, these opinions and feelings tend to trigger outbursts of hatred and jealousy.”

Cai Lifang: This service – do not want!

Cai Lifang heaved a silent sigh and quietly requested the woman’s information from the System.

Informing the Host, this is one of the supporting female leads, Shen An. She has an engagement with one of the supporting male leads, but wishes to break it and marry Luo Qiande instead.”

Oh, right.

Shen An’s fiancee was named Zhang Lei who was interested in the main female lead’s main rival, Qing Xuerong.

After a few messy attempts to break up the main male and female leads, Shen An was able to give up before she was completely ruined and decided to honor the Shen family’s marriage arrangement, but who would have known she would have to fight off that green tea bitch, Qing Xuerong!

After reviewing the story, Cai Lifang decided that Shen An wasn’t so bad, just spoiled and inexperienced with relationships, but Qing Xuerong… aiya. What a messy love history, throwing flowers here, there, and everywhere.

Cai Lifang had to pick her battles carefully.

If Lulu gives up on Luo Qiande here, she and Shen An should not have too many intersections in the future, so it was better for Cai Lifang to try to end this as peacefully as possible.

The only question was if Shen An would let her.

“… I have good feelings towards Student Luo Qiande and just…”

Cai Lifang wasn’t certain exactly how Lulu would react to Shen An’s attack; honestly, the original would probably just run away crying. Cai Lifang herself, however, wasn’t accustomed to backing down – or at least, she didn’t feel like it, so that was probably how she always was.

Anyway, she wasn’t willing to just roll over and play dead when someone was attacking her, whether it was verbally or physically.

Still, she had to ‘stay in character,’ so she just said something neutral, neither aggressive nor submissive.

Shen An, however, took it offensively.

“Just because you have good feelings, you act so presumptuously? Did you take a good look at yourself? Who are you, that you can even appear in front of Qian-ge?!”

Ouch. Even if the previous words weren’t enough to send Lulu running away in tears, these words now would certainly do it, hitting her right in her lack of self-confidence.

Well, Cai Lifang wasn’t Lulu, though, so she was able to maintain her calm.

“… O-of course I know that, but … I had to try or else I couldn’t give up.”

Shen An surveyed the little girl in front of her.

She couldn’t help her lip curling in disgust.

Petite, easily moved to tears, and incapable of understanding her own place; Shen An had an irrational hatred for these types of fragile, delicate damsels-in-distress. She neglected to consider the circumstances as she made her judgment, forgetting that most people who are ruthlessly rejected by the person they like in front of a crowd would naturally be going through enough to move them to either tears or anger.

If Cai Lifang knew what Shen An was thinking, she would be furious: Who looks weak!? Come say that to my face!

System: The Host’s Halo would naturally make you look delicate. It is only natural for hostile opponents to assume you are weak.

Due to her disgust, Shen An sneered and found fault in Lulu’s words.

“You wanted to ‘try’ it out? You think you can ‘try’ to become Qian-ge’s girlfriend, like just ‘trying’ on a new pair of shoes? Aren’t you taking him too lightly!? I see how deep your affections are!”

Cai Lifang: … …

She was suddenly bored with keeping this Big Missy company.

If someone just wants to tear your face apart and is finding fault with everything you say, then there’s really no point to trying to defend yourself.

Shen An’s not listening to reason, anyway, so why bother?

Remaining silent, Cai Lifang looked away from Shen An, trying to signal that they were done with this conversation, but unfortunately, her cold stare and unhappy face was subverted by her halo.

To the others surrounding her, Lulu wasn’t a calm woman trying to pressure her opponent into ending the conversation. She was a timid girl, so hurt by Shen An’s words that she had to look away to prevent herself from crying.

Meimei exploded in anger.

“What do you know about how much Lulu likes Student Luo? She liked him so much, she couldn’t eat or sleep, and her grades dropped because she couldn’t give up on him! And now, she finally decided to confess to set her mind at ease, so why are you being so aggressive?! Shen An, you think you have claim on Luo Qiande just because your cousin used to be on the same swim team as him?”

Some other girls on the sidelines nodded.

Shen An didn’t have too great of a reputation among Luo Qiande’s unofficial fanclub.

Most of the girls were content to just ogle their campus’ male idol, cheering him on and celebrating his handsomeness.

Although they would get jealous if girls approached him with ulterior motives, they would never forgive themselves if they obstructed Luo Qiande’s happiness!

Of course, there were many of girls who hoped that Luo Qiande’s preferences might eventually fall onto herself, but they weren’t going to act like evil groupies and harass every girl who showed affection to him. They weren’t still in high school after all.

And besides, do you know how many girls want to date Luo Qiande? Who had the time to go around and harass them all?

That said, most of the girl fans didn’t like Shen An.

She often acted like she was already Luo Qiande’s girlfriend, aggressively going off on girls who were too obvious in their pursuit of the campus’ male idol and even insulting the other girl fans for following him around unwanted.

As if she wasn’t doing the exact same thing! Who does she think she is?

She might be the Missy of a decent-sized company, but compared to Luo Family, her status wasn’t much better than anyone else’s at this college!

Because of that, as Meimei said the exact things they were thinking, a number of girls couldn’t resist joining in.

Furthermore, that little girl who confessed, she looked so pitiful being torn into by Shen An; they let this bitch go for so long already, but look at how she bullies others!

“Shen An, don’t be such a bully! You’re not Student Luo’s girlfriend, what right do you have to be angry that she confessed to him?”

“Actually, isn’t Shen An Missy the one who’s taking him too lightly? Doing as she wishes without caring about how Student Luo feels about it, isn’t that a lot worse?”

“That’s right. Actually, isn’t Miss Shen more pathetic? Even though you swagger around like that, you don’t even have the guts to actually confess yourself!”

Shen An’s eyes bulged in fury as voice after voice came out and attacked her, and she yelled, “Who’s pathetic?! Who do all of you think you are?! Aren’t you all just talking about yourselves?!”

She was doing her best to win Luo Qiande’s affections, but this girl just came up and confessed without actually laying the foundations for a relationship; what was wrong with what she said? Aren’t these idiots blind?

The problem with Shen An was her arrogance and quick temper; if she had answered more calmly or thought better about what she said, things might not have blown out of control, but her aggressive words ignited the anger of the other girls, and soon there was a group of girls screaming angrily at each other, with Shen An being everyone’s target.

Cai Lifang’s head swirled a little at the sudden change in atmosphere.

Just what happened all of a sudden? Why was everyone attacking Shen An? Shouldn’t they be neutral at best, since she confessed to everyone’s idol?

While being bewildered, she suddenly realized it and silently asked, “System… … is this … the effect of the Halo?”

Answering the Host: the Host is correct. Although many of the girls are certainly jealous for Luo Qiande, due to the Host’s Halo, in the event that the Host is not the only target of jealousy, hostility will be slightly shifted towards the other target, as long as the other target does not also possess a Halo.”

That was actually quite uncomfortable to think about, but Cai Lifang was unable to stop her Halo from wreaking havoc, so she could only helplessly shrug her shoulders.

Besides, this effect wouldn’t trigger unless the others didn’t already harbor hatred towards the unfortunate other person, so maybe this would be okay…

Warning the Host: it seems that most of the recipients of the extra hostility can somehow sense this effect, and they may often blame the Host for their misfortune. How much they blame the Host is often directly correlated to the amount of shifted hostility.”

… As expected, there was NOTHING good that could come out of this Halo.

So even though it was the other girls that were picking on Shen An, Shen An was going to blame Lulu for it?

Cai Lifang wanted to roll her eyes.

This was out of control. Don’t these girls understand that they’re causing trouble for those around them?

Gods, all I wanted to do was separate myself from Luo Qiande, why is there now a giant catfight going outside the gym?

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<a/n: iyaaa… I completely wasn’t thinking and just posted the last chapter without any definitions of Chinese wn specific terminology…
Mah bad. I guess that just shows how busy I’ve been, that common sense kind of fell through the cracks, lol.

I’ve since posted the immediately necessary definitions, but if you missed it,

  • MC, ML, FL – main character, male lead, female lead

  • quick transmigration – a genre where the main story consists of many different stories, where the MC world hops from story to story, usually taking the place of a character that was originally from that story’s plotline in order to change the plot in some way or other

  • system – personification of a story mechanic that directly forces the MC to do as the author pleases (this may be my personal interpretation)

  • halo – basically the Chinese term for plot armor

  • white lotus – an innocent, pure, kind, lovable woman whose traits may also include naivety and appearing weak, often inciting the desires and protective instincts of others, allowing her to often get through disasters completely unscathed. Basically, the innocent Marysue

  • a “white lotus” – aka green tea bitch; a woman who pretends to be a white lotus in order to manipulate others, often actively scheming to harm others by relying on her influence on more powerful people. Basically a ‘two-faced bitch’

For those interested, this WN here was my first quicktrans that got me into the genre (which was a bit of a shame, because it’s one of the better written ones with a character that remains mostly consistent throughout all the story arcs so my expectations for the rest of the genre were a little too high, but now I like reading the trashy ones too, so oh well lol).
I’m mostly recommending it because the first story arc also gives you a good idea of what a “white lotus” is due to the female antagonist being an extreme stereotype, and therefore by antithesis it also gives you a good idea of what an actual white lotus is.

Not gonna lie, I’m mostly writing THIS story as a kind of a parody to poke fun at a lot of the Chinese-female-MC-novel tropes and will probably use more chinese wn language than I normally would, so read at your own risk.
Well, there’s properly a plot and stuff, so maybe it won’t matter if you don’t read those types of wn, but considering I forgot I was using a lot of terms that not everyone understood, I don’t think I’m a good meter for gauging that.
I will properly attempt to remember to include definitions in-story for now on…>


  1. Don’t worry, it’s not like your next arc of this will be vampire mil sci fi space battle that requires the reader have an engineering degree to follow the technical problem solving subplots.

    *tries to hide hopeful expression on face*

    Okay, it turns out I actually want the rest of the readers here to lynch me. Or I need to go to bed.

    Do you think WWI and ACW not being standard settings for quicktrans has anything to do with it being a modern Chinese web novel genre, instead of a 1960’s men’s magazine subgenre mostly written by old pulp hacks?


      1. Yeah, I was up past the point where I should have been talking. Mostly silly thoughts and not enough filter.


        I liked the chapter, and I wouldn’t have thought I would like a chapter about a confession and a bullying scene.

        I’m not sure what you are doing to make this story work, but whatever it is, you’ve got enough in place that it functions.


  2. As pointed out The Halo is another name for plot armor. But now I’m curious, does anyone know a story (or stories) where male characters have halos or have their power referred to as halo?


    1. In some of the quicktrans I read both the male and female leads of each arc are said to have halos so things work out for them, but … yeah, I don’t think most male MCs would be depicted as having halos.


  3. Gotta admit, I’m reading this story for my education. My understanding of women’s (group) politics and dynamics is only enough to allow me to recognize that they exist and to do all in my power to stay out of them. I can only hope that this story and others like it might make slightly wiser on the subject.


    1. I can’t super suggest that. Chinese ln women politics is kind of like watching Mean Girls and assuming that all teenage girls are like that. Or kind of like assuming 50 Shades of Grey is an accurate portrayal of bondage.
      Like, the basic idea of a conniving shrew and girl politics is there, but it’s been cranked up to 11.

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