This is a blog for Web Novel translation and creation!

Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki by Shiina HowaHowa
Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta ore wa Meikyuu o Samayou by HiruKuma
Kojunin by Hanabokuro

Wizard with the Flower Blades
OriginStory the VRMMO: The advent of AxeBear
Kousei Ishikawa is Cursed
The Cheeky Fifth Son of a Noble (low-priority)
Nai’s 5 Senses (low-priority)

(For the curious: “Hon’yaku” is pun, switching the kanji from “translation” to “grilling books”. It’s a reference to my ability to butcher the literary process as well as using the Net as a medium instead of printed text. )

Rights to translations belong to the original authors.

OVRMMO and Wfb chapters come out the same day as Rotation 1.
VendingMachine and OriginStory come out the same day as Rotation 2.
Kujonin and Cursed come out the same day as Rotation 3
I tend to update [Rotation 1, Rotation 2, Rotation 1, Rotation 3] then repeat.

About Translation:
Using an online Japanese kanji dictionary and sometimes Wiktionary, I transcribe into romanji and then translate to the best of my abilities, using Google-Translate to double-check colloquial phrases (especially compound words and katakana).
I DO attempt to translate in a way to let the original author’s style come through, but in the end my own word choices will still come through.

I only translate the wn versions, not the ln versions, out of respect to the efforts of the authors, editors, and staff who get together to make a finished product for sale. Please support them if you are able.

I accept edits! I don’t use a proof-reader because I like posting asap, but that’s not because I don’t need one. Feel free to point things out. Even if I don’t decide to use the edit, I do seriously consider each and everyone posted.

*If you wish to use my translations, please let me know, please give credit to the original author as well as me, and a link back to this site. *
*DO NOT POST MY ORIGINALS IN ENGLISH ELSEWHERE. I will choose which sites to post them on by myself. If you wish to translate them, just let me know, give credit, and a link back to the original.*

The Author/Translator:
Feel free to refer to me as he or she, because I am purposefully not specifying my gender.
In my opinion, what gender you are can greatly skew how people will expect your writing to be and how your characters act.
Especially since my first original story on this site is gendbend; I didn’t want people to think that he/she is being portrayed one way or the other because the author is a guy who skews the way a girl would be or a girl who skews the way a guy would be.

Things I like: Slice of life fiction, isekai fiction, 2d animation, thunderstorms (as long as I’m inside), cooking, Hatsune Miku, thought experiments, fall and winter

Things I don’t like: bitter melon, bees


    1. yup it’s new, and i’m pretty new to webliterature in general.
      I used to be more of a comicker, but got sidetracked with rl. Been dabbling in writing lately after getting some of my creativity back.

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  1. Hi, thanks for tling OvRMMO.
    Do you use discord? I’d like to invite you to our discord server for Translators (and Editors & Authors). Feel free to come and ask for translating help, chat and make friends, or just lurk and listen to random TLers singing karaoke (and maybe join in if you wish). Just spreading the word~

    Instant invite: https://discord.gg/0nde8qN9kn396sLh


  2. I think im in love with your original novel XD Wtfb is just amazing i just found out bout it last night while looking up with OvRMMO was being translated by anyone and found this amazing piece of work honestly hope to keep reading WTFB for a long time to come 😀 hope your creative juices keep flowing.

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  3. Didn’t realize you were the author of Wizard with the Flower Blades until I read all the chapters yesterday! I definitely have enjoyed it a lot and was surprised I couldn’t find it on novelupdates.com. Please keep up the good work ^_^ Do you have a writing schedule you try to adhere to or is it random at this point? Either way, I’ll just check back periodically but I was curious.

    Thank you for writing and translating! =]

    Kind Regards,


    1. hehe, thanks. I’m trying to update at least every week. I always update together with Ossan VRMMO so neither gets neglected


    1. Thank you for posting the links, but since my goal for translation is not only to translate but also to learn how to read Japanese, the task of manually inputting the romaji to translate is important.

      Thank you, though, and thanks for your work with translations 🙂


  4. Hi,

    Thanks for Wfb!
    Are you interested in putting it into ebook format (e.g. EPUB)? They are nice to use with readers – I use Kindle.
    If you are, ping me on email and we can discuss details (I hope it is visible for you).


    P.S. As a suggestion from an IT guy – use throw away email. 🙂


    1. At the moment I’m not looking to “publish” anything since there’s still a lot of editing that everyone’s catching here and there, so it will be something I will leave to consider in the future.
      But thank you for bringing that option to my attention.:)

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  5. Ah, you misunderstood me, I am not talking about publishing. 🙂
    There are people like me, who like to read using different devices. For myself I have already made ebook, so I thought why not make it a better quality if you want it.


    1. I’m under the impression that it’s difficult to edit ebook files after releasing them, so for now I’m going hold off on it. I AM sorry that it’s not as convenient for ereaders atm, but since turning them into pdfs/epub is essentially like publishing them, I will wait until some time later in the future.


      1. It is not that hard, but it does take some work to do. But here I am suggesting that I will do it, because I like your work. After all I already did it for myself, but low quality.
        But again if you don’t want it, I am not going to force you.

        Again, thanks for your work! 🙂

        P.S. I also don’t need anything for it. For me this would be something for fun.


  6. Oh WFB is original? Nice! The art looked like some of the Korean webtoons I’ve seen so I originally assumed it was a Korean series or something. I do like it quite a bit tho.


    1. lol, my art has been called many different styles all over the map, but that’s the first time someone said it looked like Korean art


  7. Hi,
    I wanted to ask, if it would be okay, if I translate Wizard with the flower blades into german on our website.
    I think this stroy just to interessting and I also want to share it with people that are bad in english.


    1. As long as there’s a link back to this site and credit, and as long as it’s a translation, then it’s fine.
      (But just to put it out there for other people, I don’t want anyone re-hosting the English/original version anywhere.)

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  8. Hi.
    I am from an Indonesian Light Novel translations team, and our site is http://hildatranslations.xyz.
    I am looking for a good LN to be translated to Indonesian, and then i stumbled across this site.
    If your work still have no Indonesian translator, i want to apply to be one.
    Thanks for your consideration.

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  9. “Sorry for the delays… there’s … a lot of stuff going on … and I will prob rant about it later in t/n…”

    Rant! Nay, in fact, get your stuff in order /then/ rant! Lending you a virtual ear is the least us worthless leechers can do! Wahahaa! (Yes I include myself in there)

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      1. No thanks, I’m trying to reduce the chances of getting a stop notice (but I’m not stopping anyone from posting links)


  10. about :https://honyakusite.wordpress.com/2016/07/13/ovrmmo-057-traps-and-thief/
    7 tools, i think i know that. because this : http://i.imgur.com/NVzuw4b.png got nearly same name, and when i see : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swiss_Army_knife.
    small type swiss army knife got 7 Smaller tools:
    Multipurpose hook
    2mm slotted screwdriver
    Corkscrew or Phillips driver
    Mini screwdriver (designed to fit within the corkscrew)


  11. Since i dont know if the last chapter of OVRMMO is the right place to put this i will put it here too, i want to ask you for the permition of use you translation to translate the novel of OVRMMO to the spanish, ty in before hand.


    1. that’s fine. just make it clear that you’re translating from a translation, just in case I make mistakes.
      And please link to this website


    1. Perhaps because it’s a bit of a grey area, you’ve only thought about it but forgot to respond… or you just haven’t read my message yet. Put simply, the suspense is killing me. This is a thing that i want to do, and while I’d be comfortable not being allowed to do it, I would really like to have some sort of answer. Even a yes or no would suffice, so please.


      1. Sorry, I didn’t have internet access last weekend, and then, like you suspected, I forgot.
        I guess I’m ok with it. My only thing is that the perfectionist in me would like to go through and edit everything, but since the procrastinator in me will probably do it a decade from now, there’s no point in waiting for it, so go ahead.
        I only ask that you put the link, give credit, yadayada, BUT ALSO, keep at least 10 chapters behind my updates, as an incentive for other people to check out my site.
        That last part might be weird, but please just humor my neuroses, lol. Otherwise, I don’t really care about the little details like monetary crap, although if I ever get my sht together to make an ebook out of it, I would ask for you to link that too… well, that’s so up in the air that it might be pointless to mention now.


      2. Oh, wait, all my originals? Um… Can you start with just one for now? I’m not too comfortable with everything going out for now.


      3. Your request is far from unreasonable, I even considered it myself for the very same reasoning(I talked about this on my podcast but I can’t recall which specific.episode atm).

        As for the other matter, I like to do the readings blind, and since I’m already reading(and loving) wfb, I’m really only left with one option.


    1. To minimize the time it takes me to post new chapters, I do not use editor.
      Instead, I ask the community to post edits in the comments


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