Author: klinH

whitelotus 3: College Students Should Study! (3)

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Chapter 3: College Students Should Study! (3)

Cai Lifang heaved a large sigh inside.

If it were up to her, she would just leave and let these girls argue themselves to death. But if all of the blame for this was going to be dumped onto her own head in the end, it’s not like she could just walk away, right? (more…)

fluvia 74: Fluvia and Progress

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Chapter 74: Fluvia and Progress

“Public baths?”

“Yes, now that beauty baths have become popular among the nobility and wealthy, there has been gossip among less wealthy citizens implying that they’d like a public bathing facility. The Roseat City Committee has sent in a request to consider helping to fund this, as well as secure land for the project within the city limits. What do you think about that?” (more…)

baiyuyi 30: Unsolicited Exposition

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Chapter 30: Unsolicited Exposition

Nestled behind the storefronts on the main street, accessible only by a narrow alleyway you could only just get a moped through, Yuan Chenglei was experiencing the very odd experience of drinking tea from plastic camping cups with a bald, large-framed man in an eerie abandoned apartment building’s front lot.

It was strange that the man, who had the build of a body-building foreigner, somehow managed to give off a heart-warming impression as he struggled to drink the hot tea, blowing on it many times in an attempt to cool it down. (more…)

pharmacist 25: The Hunting Festival (first)

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Cheat kusushi no slow life ~ isekai ni tsukurou drug store~
Author: Kennoji

The Hunting Festival (first)

The delicious scent of dinner floated out from the inner rooms of the store.
When I looked outside, it was already dusk, or more like it was about nightfall.

I wonder what dinner is tonight.
While I was thinking like that I was closing up shop, and she came in.

“Reiji-?” (more…)

pharmacist 24: The Cheat Pharmacist Commits to Results

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Cheat kusushi no slow life ~ isekai ni tsukurou drug store~
Author: Kennoji

The Cheat Pharmacist Commits to Results

While I was relaxing in the living room after closing shop, I could hear Noela and Mina’s voices coming from the bathroom.

“Noela-san … … my THAT has gotten a little not so good…”
“Before, didn’t have. Mina, squishysquishy.”
“St-, please don’t touch it~” (more…)

fluvia 72: Interlude III: Lady Patricia

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Chapter 72: Interlude III: Lady Patricia

I was the daughter of a rather well-to-do merchant trader, whose main business is moving the stock of others about and exchanging money.

To be honest, it’s not unexpected for a woman with such a background to end up the wife of someone with some sort of status, but being selected to be the etiquette instructor and an attendant of the Earl’s Lady herself was something I had never imagined before in my life. (more…)

kujonin 97

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Author: Hanabokuro

Episode 97

Merumo and I reached Gnomefield and reported about our work in Nokking Hill.
Our employees that were working in Gnomefield reported on making the windmills and pump.
They said that the windmill I thought of making was raising water up, little by little.
It’s just, although it was expected that the amount drawn up wouldn’t be much, if the wind stops the windmill will also stop.
Ashley-san said she wanted to try out all of the windmills I had drawn up designs for.
I was thinking we’d help out, but I was refused with, “Your salary won’t go up even if we had you help out more than this.”
“It’s alright. With my husband and children, we’ll have enough work. It may just be a little bit at a time, but this village will prosper.” (more…)