Bookstore with the White Jade Wings (Baiyuyi)

Bookstore with White Jade Wings

A modern-day college student, the good-natured and rash Yuan Chenglei, is hired to work part-time at a bookstore with a beautiful boss with a big, big secret. Cultivators exist?! As Yuan Chenglei gets to know more and more about the world of cultivation, the world of cultivation gets to know more and more about him! Are both sides able to handle the culture shock?

Chapter List:

  1. The Mysterious Baiyu Yi Bookstore
  2. The Mysterious Owner’s Suspicious Visitors
  3. Chapter 3: The Rash Store-hand
  4. Culture Shock
  5. The Mysterious World of Modern Cultivation
  6. The Girl in the Case
  7. The End of the Surging Waves Sect
  8. To Cultivate or Not
  9. This is… Cultivation?
  10. Shopping in the Mortal World
  11. Danger Detecting
  12. An Old Friend
  13. Two Beginner Cultivators
  14. The Verdant Crane Flies West
  15. One Unique Constitution… or Two?
  16. The Eight Fists Technique
  17. Reasons for Cultivating
  18. High-Class
  19. Over Eating
  20. Out at Night
  21. Two Bad Friends
  22. The Shrinking Turtle Breathing Technique
  23. Chenglei’s Observant Friends
  24. A Wild Expert Appears
  25. Ghosts and Adventurers
  26. Cultivators Come in All Kinds of Flavours
  27. Sparing the Rod Spoils the Child
  28. #toexpensivetoacceptplshelp
  29. Unfortunate Coincidences
  30. Unsolicited Exposition
  31. One Step Forward…
  32. Morning Training
  33. Passing on the Technique
  34. Something’s Up
  35. Possessed