5th Son

5th son 07: A Man with a Terrifying Display of Mana

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Chapter 7: A Man with a Terrifying Display of Mana

“Huff… huff… agh, oh my god, I’m going to die…”

Exhausted, Mosen fell to one knee, but he kept moving his hands mechanically.


The rhythm was much faster than he had ever had to shoot at before.

Even when eradicating goblins and bogeys, wh (more…)

5th Son 06: The Witch’s Apprentice

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Chapter 6: The Witch’s Apprentice

There were three categories of those who dealt with magic.

The [mages] are the most common, people who used magic for combat, production, or any kind of practical use.

The [wizards] are the most exalted. Learned, well-educated people who studied magic diligently, they made breakthroughs with new spells, new ways for people to develop their magic, and new ways to use magic. They also meticulously documented the past and present with regards to magic for the dreams of new breakthroughs. (more…)

5thSon 05: The Warden of Devil’s Pointe

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Chapter 5: The Warden of Devil’s Pointe

Southeast of Devil’s Pointe, in the largest border city on the east of the Baxter Duchy, a rumor was flowing from mouth to ear.

It was about a certain job commission that had been sent from the little farming community called Devil’s Pointe.

It was a commission placed by the Branch Manager of Devil Pointe’s Guild Branch.

Investigate the increase of monster and demonic activity of the miasmatic swamp a mere half heath away from the community.

Normally such a commission was routine. It was a simple investigation that any Hunter with an Iron tag could take, and one that would come about once a month or so.

However, despite the dangers around the community that led to its name, “Devil’s Pointe”, strangely, there hadn’t been such a job order in years.

Furthermore, the job required the Hunters taking it to have Silver tags or higher. (more…)

5thSon 04: A Doting Brother

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Chapter 4: A Doting Brother

Seconds before his outstretched fingertips touched the door, the body of a man flew through the door beside him, narrowly missing Clarke’s nose by mere inches.


Slam. Kathudthudthud.

From behind him, Clarke hears one of his comrades yell in surprise, followed by the sound of the body hitting the ground, tumbling over and over.

Before Clarke could even turn his head to confirm the situation, the door next to him was flung open once again, and from inside someone yelled, “Someone, stop him!”

As someone else came hurtling through the door, Clarke, with the reflexes he had honed long and hard, instantly flung his arms out to stop and hold the man back. (more…)

5thSon 03: A Reincarnated Person

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Chapter 3: A Reincarnated Person

(Prelude 3/3)

If you asked Yoshio Itsuki if he had any regrets, his immediate reply would be,

“The way I died was certainly regrettable.”

That morning, he had left his home normally, just like he had every work day morning for the past forty years.

Although many people told him that it was already past the time that he should retire, he would openly laugh at them. Why should he? He was still fit, had most of his hair, was sound of mind, and single …

… He would get depressed on the last bit, but the sentiment was still there.

Wasn’t he basically the same as a young man fresh out of higher education?

Thinking like that, like he had every morning when he left his apartment, Yoshio Itsuki headed off to work.

And then suddenly he woke up.

… Uh… huh? That’s strange. He should have been on the way to the office.

Did he fall asleep on the subway?

If he did, where … exactly was he right now?

Everywhere he looked, darkness stared back at him.

There was nothing around that could tell him where “up” was. (more…)

5thSon 002: The Acquaintance of the Gods

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Chapter 2: The Acquaintance of the Gods

(Prelude 2/3)

Inoel the Righteous. Fierla the Beautiful. Dragon King the Strong. Dione the Wise. Jastin the Inspired. Ulmino the Ambitious.

– The great Holy Pantheon that watches over the actions of the people.

Endurance. Clarity. Fury. Tempest. Life. Decay.

– The unshakeable Divine Order that governs the state of the world.

With these two forces, the world is whole. From these two groups the world will thrive.

Follow the Divine Order, pray to the Holy Pantheon.

And maybe you will one day hear their voices. (more…)

5th Son 001: A Handsome but Disappointing Man

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Chapter 1: A Handsome but Disappointing Man

(Prelude 1/3)

“This really is a small town… For a city right on the border, I was expecting something bigger. Would there even be work here?”

Rolfo, a short (but otherwise regularly proportioned) man, crossed his hands behind his head, strolling idly down the town’s main road as he remarked on the setting.

Together with him, weather-stained and worn from a long journey, were three other travelers.

They were all dressed in well-used leather armors with thick cloaks fastened at their necks and burdened with pack and baggage. (more…)

5th Son 00: The Scandals of Duke Baxter

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Prologue: The Scandals of Duke Baxter

Let me tell you a tale about the man called the Scandalous Duke in the country called Sylrona.

Out of the Five Dukes of the country of Sylrona, Duke Baxter was hailed as a fair ruler, an impartial judge, and a brilliant military tactician.

But it’s not his successes that adorn the housewives’ gossip.

Although his political life could be said to be a bed of roses, his personal life was the bed of thorns beneath the petals.

The sad fate of Norman Baxter began thus:

At the age of 16, Norman Baxter had fallen madly in love with the Lady Kerina, the second daughter of Count Perton, but at that time he had not obtained the achievements that led him to become the next in line for the Baxter House’s Dukedom. (more…)